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So before you start as judges we decided to change the rule a little bit which is that there’s a bonus for whoever presents in English sorry to drop down on you man hi Jerry start hi my name is the colonel came from to another I will talk about

What is the world graph and how to business with it before the start I introduce myself and the team to another I have finished PhD candidate our Indian language processing and I have work experience more than 10 years till boring enterprises Sochi and text mining system to Samsung and national

Intelligence service jean order has five members or members helper are also specialty in enterprise search and elearning and machine learning so we are pretty much engineering to the team what graph is a network awards as you can see the word password is related to many other words we also know that toward

Password is related to many topics such as computer finance language and memorization if we have good autograph chromatogr can understand the topic of web content so we are to use this what graph maybe you say contextual advertising is not good what graph can improve this kind of job I’ll give you

One example the topic of this program is come to security but project investment and BB couture are listed if you are sure about the topic of this blog oh we will remove only relate to do a detachment many companies are making what graph main method is to utilize big data and

Motion learning there are many successful results however I think there are many rooms to improve i’ll show you another example which one would you like i guess most people will choose cola i googled the count of a document which have pizza and the color design the beer and pizza in the coffee surprisingly

This is all two shows kitchen the coffee is more popular than pictured color which is not what we behavior I believe big data analysis with machine learning is not sufficient so what is the solution if machine learning fails the only option is a human I’ll explain more

About to know the solution as four steps as a first step 1002 built what graph using big data analysis we analyzed the photo a bite of the data using natural language processing to make this word graph all words are related with others at the second step we build popularity

Test based on this ward graph t node generated a similar word clusters from photograph and made water association test like this this test showed two options with three related words and asked to choose most closely related words to not provides many exams including tweak top or is it a ninja re

The size of already is almost 20,000 reaches enough to test native speakers at the third step to note is providing many benefits to people to not open this website for free already with this service test takers can check current rank score and the level also to note send customized words

Every day to help language learning and exam preparations as a final step to not collect how people associate words in mind test takers get study materials while T not get big data about how people associated words so we can build more sophisticated what graph that is being updated by the director

Participation of people in the world this makes it possible to analyze trends and different thought patterns on Parisian poker a test is not single source for collecting human thought patterns we plan to launch many services with partners including mind map and what association game in the near future we will challenge to contextual

Advertisement okay now start time to not build autograph using big data analysis on top of that we are providing vocal test and collect human thought patterns T not utilized it to make good word graph and the two visions with it to know the business model is not limited to

Education we can make revenue in many areas we are hello ah we are looking for investor to full believer in order also we are looking for partners who can share revenue with earth thank you for your time and attention

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