GPT4 sortira dans quelques jours ! Jasper AI

Microsoft Allemagne vient d’annoncer qu’il publiera GPT4 la semaine prochaine (entre le 12 et le 18 mars 2023). C’est une grande nouvelle pour…

Major news in the world of AI it looks like gpt4 will be coming out between the 12th and around the 18th of March so that’s next week 2023 so this is big news and this could be really big changes and improvements to both chat gbt and Bing chat on 9 March 2023 during

A special Microsoft Event in Germany called AI InFocus digital kickoff Andres Braun CTO Microsoft Germany and Lead data and AI sdu stated that the release of gpt4 was eminent bronze specifically stated that we will introduce GPT for next week there we will have multimodal models that will offer completely different possibilities for example

Videos Holger Ken Chief technologist Business Development Ai and emerging Technologies Microsoft Germany further explained that gpt4 will be a multimodal AI which means that it can translate text into images music and video video Microsoft Representatives also warned that the AI is still not a hundred percent reliable issues of

Hallucinations would still exist but that they’re working on different ways to continually improve the issue so these enhanced AI capabilities will also mean that the AI can now do things like spoken word speech to text so this is really powerful because imagine where it can take in the spoken word

Put it all into text and then summarize for summarize it all together for you and then give you information about it so you could ask it questions about that text you could ask it questions about that speech so this would be really powerful for things like call centers of

Course but also Imagine interviews that are conducted so in Academia imagine doing actual qualitative research where you do in-depth interviews to get sort of an understanding of the participants ideas or their you know the phenomenology of what what occurred within their experience imagine doing those deep interviews and then turning

Over that captured audio to the AI where it can now transcribe it for you completely as well as give you a summary as well as even go through and do an initial pass at least for identifying themes identifying patterns all this that was what the new AI will be able to

Do so again lots of possibilities and applications here for I can Academia these new possibilities and capabilities makes a lot of sense given recent papers and Microsoft announcements this was also highlighted by fellow YouTuber and AI researcher Matt wolf these other research papers and announcements expressed specifically how AI can

Actually fully understand video and images that’s presented to it meaning that you can ask it questions you can ask questions to the AI about the media contents it would be able to answer questions about what it sees what it understands in the video itself and again this creates all sorts of other

Possibilities and applications for use in Academia another YouTuber and AI researcher AI explained in analyzing multiple recent AI research articles predicts that some of the main gpt4 improvements will be in in specific areas such as general reasoning understanding physics some improvements in math comprehensions comprehension of alternative human yes no responses

Reading in comprehension more advanced coding capabilities as well as just general improvements in speed of output the fact that gpt4 will be released a mere three and a half months after Chad gbt even came out is really really sort of pushing the envelope here and really making us see the lightning Pace that’s

Going on with these improvements with this advancement of of chat GPT and AI in general so this really highlights the Need For Us in Academia to start to understand this to really be helping our students AI literacy is a must we have to be incorporating it we have to be

Pushing it for our own sake as well as to really help our students to be able to to cope and to deal with the ever advancing ever improving realities that they face right now and remember learning is for life thank you

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