GPT 4 (Open AI) va-t-il remplacer Google ? Chat GPT Jasper AI

GPT-4 (abréviation de « Generative Pre-trained Transformer 4 ») est un grand modèle de langage développé par OpenAI. Il est conçu pour…

Foreign guys today I’m gonna talk about chat GPT uh many people are saying it’s gonna replace Google very soon is it so so what is the difference between what is the basic difference between this chat upd chat Tubidy is basically a bot okay it’s like a bot uh it’s like just like

You’re talking to a person you’re talking to a computer okay it’s a robot which has artificial intelligence and you’re gonna talk to it you’re gonna ask questions who are you all those questions you can ask it it is gonna give you the answers just like the way uh you know

Um Alexa or OK Google gives you the answers so it is similar kind of uh technology but in a text manner okay but one beautiful thing you can do with this text uh conversation with it is this is a very simple thing let me just quickly

Show you how the basic outline and how the thing works okay you can ask this like uh write a song uh okay write a new song write a hit song uh for my wife so it says so you can see it will write its own song you can see it it’s just

Behaving like a poet but there are issues with this so you can see how fast uh everything is being written here and you can add such things I’m talking about to begin with I’m starting to talk uh ask questions with it with respect to Arts right you can see even the core is

The bridge the verses everything is coming in detail okay so I’m not singing this but chatgibility has this unique way of doing things for you you can ask a very good questions so this is basically like as I told you interaction you can ask um but this data what the AI has trained

Is not the current web it is only valid till 2021 okay this does not have the entire details of the current internet right what is going on but in 2023 something is coming up it’s called as chat instead of chat gpt3 we have GPT 4 coming up uh people are many people are

Saying it’s gonna blow our minds it’s gonna come in 2023 in Spring probably uh and uh wish something uh amazing is gonna come out of this um you can see in this particular uh chat GPT we can also ask questions like uh um what can we ask we can ask many things right

What is your source code is it available is it open I just want so it says okay traditional okay so it’s just saying what it is uh let me you have to ask the right way you have to manipulate it show your open source code let me ask ah

You can see it I’m sorry I don’t have the source code in the traditional sense as a language model I was created by processing and analyzing large data set of text and learning to predict the next World a word in a sentence based on the previous words I do not have a specific

Program or a code base that I was created from oh that’s interesting uh then why is it not our why are you not showing it that’s the question and we can um ask many things like for example some of my students could not take the LCM

They had issue I just asked uh you can ask like a human form to answer like you have some basic mathematics questions for your especially for students on neat and say you have those questions so I can ask this uh ask chat GPT to give you the step-by-step answer so you can see

One by four plus one by two this is just a calculator stuff even the fractions so if you can ask for it to show the steps um maybe you can take some kind of a neat question and put it post it it can be physics chemistry mathematics biology

It doesn’t matter you can ask it and it’s gonna what basically is happening with this GPT is uh it takes information uh as in the source which is available as raw and it is gonna merged with other informations and it basically is a machine okay you give it an input and it

Will search for other forms of uh you know um similarity and you it merges and it will throw you out the output so that’s what it’s basically doing it here so it’s kind of a massager right now it’s massaging the information and giving you a very beautiful set of answers so chat

GPT is so cool many people are saying it’s gonna blow away Google we never know it may happen one day uh it it looks very interesting I am very excited since chat GPD I came to know about chat gbt I’m 24 7 with it I have never uh you

Know okay I have opened in different windows so you can actually open it with your Google accounts okay to just log in and just sign up with your Google account this is one another Google account which I have never signed in with and I just wanted to share with you

Guys so I don’t want to say what are the things I have shared and whatever things I have done with my last 24 hours so this are the things you can do you can do a lot of cool stuff just like you can ask him to write or write a poem uh

Write a poem about Earth so so you see it’s gonna write and I you know you can even ask your homework assignments English assignments whatever you’re gonna ask like for example uh you would have asked to write a review about a novel you read you can just ask it to

Write the summary of a book so for example which Dad Poor Dad is one of the famous book so you can ask it to write the some uh summary of uh if you don’t want to read the entire novel then start and Port ad candidates

So you can see it will give you the answer who wrote it what what is necessary if it can give you answer still thousand words it’s it can write your essays so that is the coolest part right you always have needed some kind of an assistant

Uh uh to help us to do our writings maybe you need not just copy paste this there are similarity in this there are softwares which are gonna come for looking for plagiarism or you have a copied in future it may not be present right away it may not be accurate uh

Presently but as the days goes by I think uh it will be like but if you can take few sentences or you can ask if you have written a bad sentence it’s just like grammarly or any other software which will correct your sentences so you can use chat GPD to rephrase your sentences

Words for example I mean some of the words which uh you think are looking good but uh the structure is not coming so well you can ask it to correct the grammar and refresh it so that if you are writing something your writing speed is gonna increase dramatically okay and

Yeah you can do a lot of cool stuff with writing and you can ask it whether it can compose music compose or compose music or the poem on Earth so whatever Earth poem we wrote let us ask you to compose a poem on it that’s like music for it

Okay you can see people who know music what is CG all those things you guys know all right better than me I’m not a musician so I’m just seeing what all things cool stuff can be done with uh this beautiful chatbot you can ask multiple stuff you can ask such kind of

Questions it is composing new music it will be like a new thing you you can keep this as outline it will be like a artificial intelligence is assisting if you have a brand new idea and artificial intelligence will give you a very beautiful outline of what to do and

Then based on it you can develop and do big things you can just stick to the outline because everybody has access to the outline that doesn’t make any sense take that outline create something big so many people are thinking their jobs are gonna go away no this is just an

Assistant to your jobs that’s what I feel like it’s gonna be assisting you if you’re stuck somewhere if your ideas are blocked chat jbd is like your assistant who is like doing your brainstorming with you brainstorming session with you and it will come up with ideas it will

Throw through back these ideas towards you and you can do a conversation and keep the conversation flowing and then you will have ideas on how to make it big so don’t feel that this is gonna take away all the jobs this is just gonna help you in assisting

In your jobs that’s what I feel it’s gonna be a very good assistant I may be assistant jobs are the ones which may come in scrutiny but I think this will be a great thing like for example if you want to write a email for

Example you are in a hurry you have to write an email to your professor you can ask it to write uh uh for example you are applying for a job application of say let us say for a factor deposition uh write a mail um right email for an application for

Fact okay write an email um for the faculty position so so under your employer I’m writing this you can see it you have to search for Department name University name on the employer name and your degrees and the number of years you have experience what all the Publications you have done

All these things you can do and uh yeah so it’s gonna give you very beautiful sincerely then write your name that’s it what are the good so it’s gonna put these brackets you have to just fill in those parenthesis Square pair and this is the rest of the email is already with

You it just gives you a professionalism okay it will help you to do multiple for example if you’re writing multiple emails you need professional emails you have to draft one it’s gonna take a lot of time in that it’s gonna save a lot of time for you guys to uh do these things

Especially if you are trying to apply for PhD positions or some other positions or proposed operations abroad you will be sending it to multiple universities for that you need a outline or a draft structure for that case this is going to be an ultimatum okay and a very exciting one too and you

Can also um ask it uh for it to explain some of the like you can ask it what is quantum Computing in simple language it’s gonna tell you what Quantum uh Computing is all about in very simple language it’s like a basic Wikipedia it’s uh but in

Very simple language and uh yeah it’s gonna help you in writing some of your essays where you need an outline for it so this will be amazing to do and this is the like like all the information is becoming more and more like a conversation so if you need

Informations like you’re asking a person to give you the information and the person is giving the humanly kind of answer that’s what this AI is doing this artificial intelligence is doing so it’s just a very very amazing thing to have and it’s a lot of fun uh doing this and

You can ask it can write codes for you for example you you can ask it to develop a app uh code for example bubble wrap is uh uh one of the famous uh game right bubble wrap uh game code in Python I think many of us use Python

So I’m gonna ask it in Python for a rapper bubble popping yeah so you can see the code is being generated all you have to do is just run the copy of this code and run the code and then maybe up if you know how to apply Graphics to it you can apply

Graphics to it and make it a very beautiful setup by itself so simple right very very simple so I wonder whether the future software code is will be replaced by this AI I think majority of the codes can be written by this Ai and you can ask for some mathematical problems also maybe

Um very complicated math problem you can ask the code let me try this I don’t know whether it works code for infinitely and python some of the unsolved questions whether it’s going in that direction or will it give a okay okay so it’s just gonna give you the output

As yeah so it’s just saying reaching the maximum iterations Infinity is not a number right uh yeah it’s basically uh it’s just giving you how to talk about Infinity with by running random numbers with maximum iterations uh so it’s a good thing that you can talk to you in

That context it can tell you what exactly is going on you can try to uh maybe in the future once it has enough data and knowledge maybe it will help us to cure cancer and bigger problems uh because you are able to interact and develop it in a very quick manner so in

The so this will be one of the groundbreaking things that’s coming up so chat gpt4 as I told you is coming soon uh it will be launched um somewhere in 2023 spring uh so I’m looking forward to it many people are saying it is it’s I’m already feeling blown mind blown by this

Particular technology but they are saying chat jpt4 is gonna blow my mind further so I would like to I’m setting my pre-blowned mind to get cloned up once more so until that I hope you enjoyed this video uh and don’t forget to share like comment subscribe and you can also

Comment we will have a discussion in the comment section of what do you think about charity Beauty and uh yeah many bloggers are using this in a very intensified way there will be a lot of competition and a lot of fun with it you

Get to read a lot now and yeah this is an exciting era to be alive right so we will have fun and make sure uh that we keep enjoying and keep this technology era uh Kaboom kind of an expression that will be zoomed in uh by this chat GPT uh

I think Google is in deep trouble I don’t know whether it’s gonna happen soon but uh I think there is a potential here where Google can be kicked out and charged if it is gonna kick in and many people majority of the people might be using I think you know the majority of

People used using chat GPT is in very large number scale uh the growth I’m talking about the growth uh I think uh initial five days it was the highest number of users than any of the social media apps ever you take Facebook or any other apps uh this is this had the

Highest number of uh user logins since the day of the Inception as it went live within five days a lot of people started using this I think this is like after internet they say no internet was one of the break and after Bitcoin was a big breakthrough like all these things uh

Created a big Market opportunity I think charity is gonna create a bigger and bigger bigger Market opportunity we don’t know yet there might be a lot of business ideas with chat jpd coming up many of you might be the startups um big unicorn startups from chat jbt

Might be some of you who are listening to this video are sitting and viewing and you might get out a flash of inspiration of how what to do and that would be fun if you if this video made you know about chat jbd and if you get an idea please do

Acknowledge me okay so just kidding uh kindly share a like And subscribe this Channel and keep supporting me for more content See you in the next video Until then this is madukashyap astrophysicist signing off thank you very much

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