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Hi there this is brennan woodruff from the go charlie.ai team and today i wanted to walk you through the blog wizard tool uh as you can imagine we want to create blogs longer form content and it’s very important to create blogs for seo strategies uh to help you rank up in your

Google search capabilities so for us we enter a blog title here here we enter our target audience and then some of our seo keywords if we’ve done the research to figure out what those should be and then we have a goal so we can inform explain persuade curious and entertain

Today we’re going to inform and we’ll click fetch outline so what charlie will do is take all these inputs and it’ll create an outline for blog so we get six points here these are all great points why go charlie’s best ai writing tool how go charlie can help you with your seo so

Uh we can make edits as much as we want in here so uh let’s say the future of content creation i think that looks great this is actually a pretty good outline we’re going to go ahead and fetch talking points so talking points will be one layer lower than that blog outline and

That’ll really help you get to the crux of what is each paragraph going to do in the core of what are the sentences that build each paragraph that then build into the the blog as a total complete piece so charlie will go away he’ll fetch talking points now he’s done all these different

Paragraphs each one of our outline points has been blown out but with a little bit more context and then we’ll press to overview fetch blog so now charlie takes everything into consideration that we’ve given him so far and he is able to come back with a more complete blog across all the topics

With the topic talking points that we put in there based on the outline we put in there and based on the intent and the target audience for this blog now what you’ll notice is that the longer the blog the longer it typically takes for charlie to generate the content

But what you’re seeing now is a much more robust concluding uh product so we hope you have fun making blogs with charlie you’ll be able to use the rich text editor to make edits once you’re here but let us know in the comments what you think could be an improvement for this

Product thanks

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