Geek Out Fridays 12-2-22 AI Smackdown – Examen de 4 outils d’écriture d’IA GoCharlie

Geek Out Fridays 12-2-22 AI Smackdown – Examen de 4 outils d’écriture d’IA. Dans cet appel #geekoutfridays, nous passons en revue 4 écrits sur l’IA …

Perfect uh welcome to the call this is geek out Fridays it is December 2nd and we’re going to do an AI Smackdown uh we got four AI riders that we use we’re gonna go head to head with them and we’re going to ask you which one will win

So let’s get ready to rumble and we’re going to watch it live so the challenge we’re going to do one block with at least 500 plus words I’m going to use five keywords or less and less than a 60 word summary some of the AI tools require that a summary and

We’re going to try to spend the goal is 15 minutes or less so you can kind of get a flavor for each of the AI Riders what they do well what they uh could probably be improved upon but I want to show you the the full spectrum of what

We use why we use it so what I’m going to do is I’m going to start off with the topic I put this in Facebook we didn’t get a lot of votes but I went ahead and made the topic with it and the blog topic we’re going to be

Looking at today we’re going to build blogs on four different AI tools using the topic how to convert your garage into a home office this weekend uh so I went and did some research on Aras I also have a surfer SEO product and these are the keywords that it

Recommended convert garage to home office you can kind of see the keywords along here that we’re going to be using with it and here’s the content summary now I have to admit I used a little bit of Jasper to help me write a summary and this is about 61 words uh basically are

You tired of working and cramped and comfortable home you can kind of read that from there but Dan Kennedy helped me write it so I think it sounds pretty decent for just a Blog topic summary okay now here are the challengers we have article forge on the left

And then we have phrase kind of the Ernest Hemingway approach then we have the new dog on the Block which is go Charlie and then we had the big boy uh Jasper so I gave him kind of images I thought kind of represented each of them and ALT said the record that

Rumble I needed to do it myself so let’s get ready to rumble guys so let’s talk about the pros and cons of each of these and then we’re going to step into the demo and I’m going to I want to try to keep this under an hour

But I’m going to allow up to 15 minutes after that Wayne’s going to cut me off on each of them so uh the pros of article fours this is our key ingredient inside of RSS Master we’ve written a lot of software to use this we have over I think 10 or 11

Accounts right now we believe in it the quality has gotten a lot better so here’s the kind of Pros I can it easily automate you can easily automate articles with their API we’re pretty good at using apis and we’ve got it integrated fully inside of RSS Masher

The content quality uh if you were to ask me about it two years ago when I first started with it it was um it was like an ESL uh English Second Language it was a little bit better than that but it it just didn’t impress me

And then article Forge 3.0 came out uh almost a year ago and it it was significantly better Article 4 article Forge 4.0 just recently came out three weeks ago the quality is really improved even from version three they have transitional sentences they have conclusion uh sentences concluding paragraphs they

Even have like an opening Series paragraph to kind of have the entire article flow together so the quality has improved significantly um over the last 12 months and especially over the last two uh you only need a keyword and sub keywords if you really want to define the article

And to create a full article and the thing I like about it is you can do 250 words up to 1500 plus words and they will put in subheadings images or a featured image and a video embed from YouTube which is really real it’s it’s a very relevant related video to

Your your title or your your main topic okay so the cons we use the API in fact I’m going to use the the regular input method today but for the most part all I ever use is the API so I sell them actually go into article Forge um

You can get if you’re doing 250 000 words and you’re doing a medium length article which is 500 Words that means you can get 500 articles it takes about three to four minutes to do an article through the API so that means in lesson in less than two days you can actually

Burn through all 500 articles if you’re doing a medium Series so with that said we have set up our scheduler so you can run it like an hour a day two hours a day or you could run it full blast we run them full blast and

The reason is is we let our masher and scheduler actually post the content so we can burn through these uh in less than three days that’s why we have I think 11 we’re going to go up to 15 accounts by the year in uh but we’re

Also using that for our pbn Network now another con is the recent price increase that they had it’s it was 324 a year for a standard license if you call if you have a previous license reach out to support they’ll price that standard for you again

Um but if you’re coming in new it’s probably going to be a little bit more now there is a difference between standard and unlimited you get well I don’t even think they do unlimited but the top tier is not what you need you just need a standard tier

Because all the tiers the maximum you can get is 250 000 words on the API if you’re going to use it for automation okay uh it’s not flexible I’d say it’s not flexible enough to be an AI riding assistant that’s the that’s the big downfall for it so what is the

Difference between an AI writing assistant and a fully rendered blog post well I’m going to show you on the demo but primarily is if you want something to to really be tailored around a topic subheadings titles everything that and you want to control it yourself you need

A writing assistant if you want to hand it a keyword and it can’t gives you a document that you’re going to just post automatically you need it automated and you wanted eight uh to run through an API okay so that’s article Forge let’s talk about phrase this has

Actually become one of my favorite ways to write a long-term post to write helpful content and listicles because it’s really good the quality of the Articles especially when you’re using the templates and I’ve suggested a few templates out there uh Peter Hathaway and Matt Zimmerman make some really good AI templates

They use a proprietary AI engine which uses serps and uses their own data engine database I think they’re tapping into gpt3 but that’s not how they write their articles so the plagiarism is oh what I would say lower on this particular software than any of the tools using gpt3 okay you

Only need a keyword to get it started that’s another thing I like about it it does have a very it is manually operated but it has a good easy workflow to make content briefs as well as articles that are ready to publish we use this exclusively to do our

Helpful content and our list listicles uh occasionally I’ll I will go over to Jasper and and add some more to the listicle but I’m actually creating the brief inside of phrase now cost of phrase um if you got it on appsumo hopefully you did you still need the SEO add-on

And I was hoping that they would do a half price sale like they’ve done in the past but they didn’t uh so the SEO add-on I think is 35 dollars per month if you’re if you want some high quality articles you want helpful content you

Want listicles uh you don’t want to do a lot of work yourself this is the tool I would recommend um it it does not have an API that is set up for automatic automatically creating content they do have an API but it’s non-functional as far as what we can consider doing Auto posting

Okay go Charlie uh this is the new dog on the Block not the new kid but it’s got something it’s got some Advanced one-click blogging uh this is the thing I kind of like about it I’m always looking for how can we get a really a long form content out of a single

Keyboard or a group of keywords um this it does a pretty decent job I’m not going to say it is the the highest quality I still think fresh and maybe what you can do with Jasper is probably the highest quality but it does a decent job for one click key one click block

Okay it has um something I didn’t even realize until I started using it uh and in fact one of the customers one of the people on the call here has said uh have you checked out their their YouTube repurposing I said no so I went in and grabbed a few

Short videos and it translated and rewrote the script for me they weren’t my videos guys so you could do that and then use that for blog posts you could use it for uh you know social media posts whatever you want to do uh it isn’t a very interesting tool

Uh they have a rewriting and summarizing function that if you’re swiping uh or borrowing uh good content and you want to rewrite it or summarize it they have a pretty decent tool in here similar to what you might find in phrase or inside of Jasper but it is one click

Functions uh that’s what I kind of like about and they have a IR is included in the price they I would say it’s it was and I don’t know if that long-term deal is still on but if you were buying a long-term deal this is a great AI tool

For beginners uh to get a long-term deal and I I bought the long-term Bill 99 it’s limited on the number of articles I can create I think it’s 30 per month but I’m not going to create that much I use this to kind of supplement content but

I’m going to use it a lot for this YouTube uh repurposing and uh rewriting and summarizing uh so this is it’s it’s definitely worth the money is it the best tool out there no but it’s one of the tools in our toolbox okay it does not have API automation I

Don’t know if they’re ever going to get it but they’re catching up they’re they’re software is not the level of some of the other tools out there but they are the the features that they’re adding the uh what I bought it three months ago and since three months ago they’ve added a

Lot of new features kind of like what we do with RSS Masher was constantly adding uh content so that’s the thing I really liked in supporting the software gpt3 version It’s it they’re fairly new out there so they don’t have the data correction the data engines that some of the big

Big boys do so occasionally you’re going to see repeats repeats of the questions repeated words or it looks like they just had a brain fart uh and help you and give you unrelated content I’ve seen it happen you just have to be conscientious delete it uh rewrite it and keep on going

The AI art generator it’s good it’s not great um it’s not as robust as Jasper is I don’t know what Jasper is doing different but using the exact same phrasing um art phrasing the quality the art on Jasper is so much better than it is uh on go Charlie um

In fact I I would equate it it’s the difference between a six-year-old doing art and a 17 year old doing art and in school okay so I’ll save and I I I’ll go ahead and call it as far as a writing assistant this is the best that I’ve ever used uh

It’s one of the first AI riding tools out there now I put this in as a bullet point most Equity funding seems like all the Wall Street money came in at one time in fact they’ve had two fundings and they’ve all gone into Jasper which means they’ve hired a lot of

People and they’re hiring data science scientists meaning that in addition to what is coming out of gpt3 they are creating their own AI writing language and data sets meaning you have better quality content and they’re also pattern they’re patterning and modeling some of the best copywriters in the world

And by doing that you get some really good sales copy or if you’re writing blog content with a convincing tone you you get a pretty decent article now you’re still going to have to massage it and play around with it but that’s what an AI riding assistant does is it’s not

It’s not the fastest in the world but it’s a lot faster than staring at a blank screen coming up with a blog post um so I this is kind of the pros they’re constantly improving the writing tools it’s they’re adding some templates occasionally but the templates they have they’re all getting better quality

Um so you don’t see a lot of repeats you don’t see it going off in left field with some unrelated article so like I said this is the best writing assistant I’ve ever used so people ask have you tried writers in copy Ai and all these other tools yes I have tried

Everything that has come off appsuma I believe I have bought and most of it I’ve refunded because what I’m trying to replace this is running me a thousand dollars a year so if I can replace a thousand dollars a year with a ninety seven dollar product off of

Um appsumo I’m certainly going to do it and I’m certainly going to tell everybody about it but writers in copy AI they’re good tools they’re they’re absolutely good tools but you don’t need all of them if you need the best writing assistant out there to do your own

Pillar post to write your own sales copy Jasper’s one I would say that um I I can’t I’m not going to give you numbers but Jasper alone this year we’re in has helped us probably generate in the five figures with sales copy and probably by the end of the year it

Will be in six figures with just the sales copy that we wrote off off of Jasper so guys if you’re serious about marketing this is the tool it is now the consign there’s no API for automation we we are signed up to be their beta one of their beta testers they’ve already seen

What we’re doing with article four so they’re really excited about it and they said uh don’t call us we’ll call you and that’s kind of sad because I think we have a really good tool to automate AI um it is one of the most expensive options especially if you’re in the boss

Mode uh that and I would recommend you go with the boss mode get everything they have um if you’re going to do that okay it takes more time to write with this tool than the other tools the reason is is this is I’m trying to be a convincing sales copy

Um in the right tone of voice the right format um I want to do it right so I’m using Jasper’s editor is really good now they allow up to I think H4 tagging so you can go H1 to H4 I believe and you can rewrite on the Fly you can

Give it commands instructions and put images and it also has scoring with with the surfer uh so but it does take time so I’m I’m hopefully hoping to have a really good article in less than 15 minutes on Jasper okay so you’ve seen the competitors we’ve got

We’ve got article Forge we got phrase we’ve got go Charlie and we’ve got Jasper which one’s going to win okay uh Wayne any questions up to this point yeah we had um can you mentioned the template Builders again for um phrase and I’ll type them in yes um Peter hatherly

And let me see if I can I’ll pull up rocket link and I’ll just drop the link in here for you okay and he Peter Hathaway and Matt Zimmerman and they’re in in fact the Facebook group Facebook group for phrase is very active as well as Jasper so if you want

To learn how to do any AI riding those are the two best groups to be in article Forge the they’re okay they do some posts but I’m I’m learning all the time and I’ve been well Wayne and I have been doing article AI writing since I was like number

120 on jazz or when it was conversion AI I was one of the original people in fact if Tim Parker’s on the call he’s probably uh one of the top 10 or he was one number 10 uh coming in on on conversion AI we really do like it but

I’ve been I’ve seen a lot of progress and a lot of uh Innovation that changes that have come out since the original conversion Day Out okay let’s go to link see if I can pull this up My my rocket link always is is slow here I’ll I’ll show you when we’re in here uh because rocket Link’s not working on me it’s already cracked I think it’s about then I’ll put them I put the names in anyway okay good good I think I’ve spelled them right

Yeah Peter Hathaway is in New Zealand and I think Zimmerman is in uh UK um his Zimmer Matt Zimmerman’s templates are free but he has a good training that’s like 97 is really good training um Peter hafley I think you could get all four templates

Uh that he uses for I want to say like 169 or 200 a lifetime deal and they are absolutely incredible um now and I’ll just have to show them to you I can’t find the link right now okay let’s go in and do it’s Smackdown time so before we go to the links

Just jump over here okay I’ve got all these up and uh I’m gonna go in and create a new article with article Forge I’ve started to China okay we are going to do um how to convert your garage into a home office so I’m going to come up here and

Put in my main keyword up here convert garage to home office and let’s make it a medium sub keywords I’ve got some ones we’ve researched and excluded topics this is new I don’t have any excluded topics right now um I’m going to add an image add a video

I don’t I’m going to jump through that you can Auto post to your WordPress you have to integrate it in and it’s it’s fairly easy to do we like them coming through RSS Masher because we’re going to add helpful content to them uh add rewriting powered by word AI you can do

It here or if you’ve got word AI inside of integrated in with RSS Master we’ll do that for you okay so I’m going to skip this we’re going to just get one version and create new article okay that’s what it takes to write an article on article Forge now it will

Take a couple minutes and then we’ll come back and look to see where we’re at and it will put post it in here when we’re done okay so let’s get up here should be working and now let’s go to phrase okay on phrase I’m going to create a new document

And create new content Target search query I’m going to do convert garage to home office when you’ve got second clock you’re going to clock me on well the first one was about 1 minute 20 and you was talking about how to do it so this is convert garage to home office let’s go

Now as this is working it’s going to go out to the service it’s going to find the top 20 search and while that’s working let’s go over here and go Charlie welcome to go Charlie and I’m going to go over here to blogs one click block

Title okay I’m going to grab the blog title this time instead of the keywords co-owners DIY and I even put in here work from home work from home okay SEO keywords I’m going to come in and grab all the keywords I have this is why you want to kind of do the research

Ahead of time and I need to put some comments in here garage home to home office building a room garage and garage and garage conversion plans okay so I got commas in there now I’m going to hit right and there’s Charlie walking down the street kind of thinking about his blog

So it’s going to take a few minutes so let’s come over here to Jasper now I’m going to go into Jasper they have a new document Builder um and I’m going to select the workflow right here and I’m going to do a blog post workflow okay now before I get it started let’s

Go back to a new article over here on article Forge okay so it’s still still processing now I’m done here so I’m going to go ahead and create an automated and automate a Content brief and I’m going to take out guidelines because we’re actually going to write an

Article people also ask I’ll put that serps topics topic clusters headers yeah let’s look at headers questions I’m going to leave off questions well I’ll go ahead and grab them um I’ve got people also asked statistics and hyperlinks I’ll include hyperlinks but I’m going to skip all this now if

I’m doing helpful content I’m going to do hyperlink statistics questions and people also ask but let’s go in and build a brief okay now while that’s cooking I’m going to come over here and Charlie he’s still walking down the street here okay uh blog post intro paragraph now

We’re in Jasper so I’m going to take my title better here on a notepad I’m just going to copy it homeowners work from home and DIY okay tone your voice uh let’s do uh smart convincing and constructional put that in there and let’s have let’s see if Dan Kennedy can come

Out of retirement and help us okay and I’m going to go to step two okay that looks pretty decent I’m gonna hit next uh blog post outline so here’s the top topic tone of voice and let’s hit generate okay here we go we got five things

And if you want to regenerate you can always just hit regenerate so this is going to be a our little content okay keywords to include let’s just go ahead and I’ll put some commas real quick in here okay now you can do all this manually but I’m I’m just going to go next

Paragraph generator okay so we’re right here’s the title here’s kind of the the intro paragraph here’s the first section purpose let’s do let’s make this maybe a secondary so this is going to be an H3 okay and I’ve got grammarly attached in here so let’s give it um let’s go ahead and

Give it a second paragraph here and this time I’m going to say steps needed to to convert office we can generate a paragraph okay come on looks like it’s kind of starting to repeat so I’m just going to go ahead and hit regenerate see if okay well we’re going to use that

Okay choose a location and let’s put this down here let’s make this maybe it’s H2 right now we’re making an H3 picking italics and we’ve got another long form article and let’s go ahead and just go next nope files to convert so this is going to be a long form

Article right now we’re at 617 words and I was trying to just get it past 500 but it looks like it’s going to do a long form post for me now this is what I would consider a draft you would want to go in and change that okay

And I’ll just go ahead and hit next and looks like I got two more paragraphs to write so let’s go um weekend version project so we’re up to 1100 words right now well that’s doing that let’s see if I can make this into a H3 get italics okay come down here

And that’s that’s a really long form so I’ll just go ahead and hit next and finally let’s do garage conversion floor plans this is one of the ideas that they had in the in the keyword research see how that came out that setup workspace and make this an H3 metallics come back here

And we’ll go ahead and put this in next okay kind of looking at the title it looks like it may be going a little South on me okay from that here and let’s write a conclusion on it okay it looks um read more we want to go to our website garage conversion

Websites not spout right yeah it won’t come back just in case you didn’t catch it convincing I’m gonna hit generate so let’s take a little bit of time so we’re still probably got about five minutes left on our timer and I want to finish this out at least

Get it to the brief and then I’ll go back to the other one if it will finish okay while that’s working let’s go ahead and gun over go go Charlie okay so go Charlie already cast one in here how to convert your garage into a home office this weekend why convert your garage

Into a home lot the benefits of having a home office easy steps to convert ideas to get the most out of your new home what you need to consider before converting your garage into a home office things to do after how much does it cost and here’s some facts

And a wrap-up pretty nice I kind of like this look at that and I’ll just go ahead and give it give it some love there and I’ll just save the content and I’ve got a word count of two 2005 words so we kind of kind of did a pretty decent job I think

Of it uh you got some rewriting tools up here you you can write more if you want to write more on each of them uh this right here will copy and then you can move things down and you get your regular editor here so go Charlie’s done article Forge is done

And let’s now it’s article four just still working it looks like okay make sure I have I’ve got prepaid words available so it’s looks like Arctic Forge is still working normally it’s done by this time that’s strange perhaps that I’m off building a new server just for us

No I think it’s it I think it’s done but it just hasn’t come up on the by our my article’s database yet so I know it’s a processing query okay so it’s still still doing the the processing when you go that’s why they can give away Unlimited

Uh because it does it does take time to generate them so you’re not going to sit there all day long and generate unlimited articles but um yeah when when this gets over here hopefully it will be done in 15 minutes but I guess we get priority when we’re

Using API with it okay so we’re on uh phrase right now so people also ask here’s the serps top 20 topics and we’re good to go there we got some headers okay so let’s go back in and we’re just going to answer some questions okay

So I’m going to leave these up here but I want to work with this here let’s go down to serps there’s some topics topic clusters okay so I’ve got a pretty good idea headers and here’s some external links okay now as I’m going to write this article I’m using this content above

But I’m just going to put some lines here for me because I’m going to start writing my article just straight from here so I’ve kind of got an idea of what I want to use uh let’s just go into topics here so you can see the outline there

Okay here we go here’s the topics so what I’m going to do is I’m going to start pulling some how to convert your garage into a beautiful home office okay that’s what I want I’ll start with this and getting the basics right but before I do that I want a

Kind of a pair a template so I’m going to use a template in here and I’m going to come in here and just do um intro generator this is the RT stands for Matt Zimmerman and I don’t know I don’t know why that works like that

But okay so I’ve got the title in there convert home office that will work I guess and hit run template okay then that looks pretty decent so I’m going to come down here and let’s start looking for some subheadings I can put in here um okay benefits we’re going to go ahead

And copy that over and make that H2 like this H1 make this kind of the subheading so I’ll just do that make fun italics and take off the notes there okay now I’m going to come down here and benefits of having that this is where

I’m going to get smart I’m going to use AI is the authored intelligence this is the Peter Hathaway so I’m going to benefits of having a home office in your garage let’s write something that an AI professional no I’ll do concept new AI professional I hit the up Arrow grabbed it and run

Template now the reason that I have all this up here is if I’m passing it to a VA or a copywriter or anybody to tune up the article they have everything that I have but I’ve been here but the actual draft that I’m working on is down here at the bottom

It should come up shortly these templates don’t really take that long okay I don’t like that last sentence so I’m just going to take that out now let’s find another so we’ve talked about the benefits um we don’t need more benefits six ways to convert okay this is good I

Want to list in here like that in H2 and now I’m going to come over here and do a I’m just going to type in listicle with paragraphs okay this is Matt Zimmerman’s I’ve got them bookmarked they’re my favorites here listicle ideas generators list of questions let’s do a list of one and

Run Temple Wayne any questions at this point yeah we had a good one um uh doesn’t Google frown on posting straight AI generated content with their new content update no yeah exactly there’s there’s probably techniques in the algorithm that they can detect that it may be AI generator but the

The main Google search guy I forgot what his name is came out just in fact two weeks ago and said that they’re not looking for AI written content they’re looking for low quality content is what they’re going to be uh not not necessarily DNC de-indexing your site

But they could be the end that I mean the indexing the page they could be de-indexing the site so you want high quality content meaning you you want to inform the customers you want to educate the customers or entertain the custom the the viewer coming to you

Um so you know give them what they’re at their ask stats list you know put all the helpful content you want in there but if you have an AI article that you wouldn’t read yourself that’s probably that’s probably a good indication that it’s not going to be read by anybody

Else either so you if you learn something from your own article treat that as the um as the standard okay if you learn something somebody else is going to learn something if it’s something that you won’t even go past the second sentence because it doesn’t even make sense or it it it’s

It’s not it doesn’t look right or read write to you it’s it’s the same for everybody else so if you want people to read it you want you want the rankings to help you need something that is entertain educate or inform people and that’s helpful it’s answering their serp questions

Okay so we got six ways to convert a garage into a home office okay use the space for storage create a separate room make sure there’s plenty of light add a window and okay I don’t need this one how to get rid of bed bugs so for some reason it started riding

Somewhere else so you got to use a little bit of your own intelligence Okay so we’ve got we’ve got six ways to convert a garage and let’s see what maybe the cost so I’m just gonna Um eight tips and tricks uh turning the garage into home office need to know when converting okay um why shouldn’t what should I think about when converting okay maybe that’s a good article to put in there at the very end let’s go here and give it an H2 this would be the last

One we’ll do but I wanted to show you another template that I like um you can hear a template and let’s go with not listicle but maybe authored intelligence is what I’m going to start with so I’m gonna go over here to conceptual author this is one of my favorite ones because it’s

It really it rewrites it and then rewrites it itself inside it internally so it gives you some really thirty thousand foot Concepts to think about Um whenever I have a a strategy question or topic question I want to use that conceptual author what I’ve found with this is there’s very little editing that you really need to do you do need to check your stats your your numbers if you’re quoting any prices or anything like that you

Definitely need to check it hopefully you’re informed sometimes my BA in the Philippines in fact uh I think somebody might be on the call that would recognize he doesn’t know who won the the Super Bowl or doesn’t know who won the the hockey championship and I

Wouldn’t expect him to but he does know how to format and use the the templates uh so you know kind of briefly go through this reading it so if you’ll notice is I’m actually talking to the code I’d like to start off saying that a garage

Has a lot of storage space so this is more um talking for me first person to a customer more informal uh way of going about it okay so I hope you enjoyed reading thanks for listening until next time remember uh until next time website free conversion blueprints okay now this is

Going to take them over to an opt-in this is all I this is the whole reason for this one blog post is check out for free version blueprints that is going to be a link that I’m going to build into it okay thanks for reading okay now I have a a really good

Um this is probably a thousand words it’s got some good items in here I would probably come in and make this into a numbered list coming down in fact I just show you how to do it about that make it numbered and then I’m just going to reformat it

Because even though it looks numbered it’s not really numbered as far as HTML goes and you’ve got enough you got to use the tool to make an HTML numbered list and what I’m doing is just hit hitting delete and then modifying it and phrase I’m not I don’t remember if

They have an actual um WordPress tool but this is we we actually do an import for helpful content and if it’s formatted correctly it looks beautiful and you can add it to the bottom of all your blog posts so how to convert your garage into a beautiful home

And so I would go through here with grammarly and I’m going to fix this so I can serve this done it’s a final draft it’s ready for for edits just like all the others so this one looks that’s probably a thousand word and I’m going

To add images into it I’ve got my one call to action down here I may even put a video in here with it uh I may break it up a little bit okay so phrase is done looks like we’re still working on this one okay go Charlie’s done let’s go about

Over here and looks like that one’s done for a conclusion so we would hit huh I guess it’s already established in ground rules blog posts see what happened to that okay all right finish okay so this looks this looks really good this is something that I can work with

Now in Jasper Jasper works really well with grammarly so I would just start reading this paragraph and I would break it kind of break it up into a couple little paragraphs and then I can put images in I can reformat it I can both do lists or I can do numbered

Lists but I’m going to read through it make sure it sounds right but this is this is a draft it’s not ready for uh instant publishing okay so I’ve accomplished this so I think this looks good um so I don’t know what the purpose of your home office

Okay so I’m gonna hop out of on let’s go ahead and give it a title how to convert to garage in the home office okay so this document is ready for a final review using grammarly uh you can bring it in word uh Microsoft Word Google Docs

Or you can edit inside of here I like editing inside of here because if I need to I can come in here and go um okay let’s take that sentence right there and I can come up to here and do a rephrase a rephrase okay that looks good or I can just spin

It again rewrite it so I’ll use that so it’s really easy to add to it or to rephrase it but I can sit here and put the cursor right here and I can hit Ctrl enter foreign control J in Jasper we’ll just start writing okay so I’ll make that into its own paragraph

And so I just added a paragraph very easily into it and it’s about staying focused from a home office which may not really work with this but you can kind of see where I’m going with this so I’m going in here and using grammarly I’m fixing things

And I try to the first pass I do is I want to do grammarly I want to fix it up so grammatically it looks okay then I start looking at where can I do a paragraph break because I only want two or three lines for each paragraph so I’m

Going to do a paragraph break as I’m reading through it so it may only take 10 minutes to get to this draft but I’m going to spend another 15 20 minutes maybe even up to an hour if it’s a pillar post if it’s something I really want on page one and

I want to send a lot of content to it maybe even some paid content so this is why I call it my best writing assistant is if I need a paragraph I just click you know Ctrl J if I want to rewrite it I can rephrase it and coming over here

Is I have templates this I use these templates all the time the aid framework a Content summarizer so you could take a paragraph in fact I’m going to take the content summary I had originally copy that code content summarizer post that in there and hit generate and it will start making bullet points

Still two two options here okay so you can put a up to a 12 000 word article in here to summarize that’s why I kind of like this but it’s gonna it’s gonna make bullet points with it okay so the other templates I use all the time uh content improver

If I have a couple sentences and I just just write it out without even thinking about it I’ll put it into content improver let Dan Kennedy J Abraham maybe even Frank Kern uh chime in and tell me what actually would make it sound better this I probably use this two or three

Times a day if you see me writing a blog post or putting something on Facebook group I guarantee it’s been through this right here With a Little Help from Jay Abraham or Dan Kennedy okay um so you can see you’ve got a lot of different things that you can do with this um

They do have ai art I’m not going to go into that we’ll we’ll talk about this on another day but this is why this is the most expensive it’s got the most tools it’s got some of the best tools in here go Charlie they do have some tools they

Have a Blog wizard a Blog ideas block title if you’re doing that content repurposing we talked about here’s your audience and this is where you put your YouTube or URL not necessarily yours but it could be anybody’s URL right in here okay um let’s see and here’s their

Uh they got some little Charlie’s playpen this is just an open format uh to doing things uh tricks you can rewrite and summarize you can even do content scoring these these they work pretty well and for a long lifetime deal this is a pretty nice little program uh images

Social media if you want to do some social media if you want to just do image creation variation image to alt text right in here uh copywriting I haven’t I haven’t tried this slogan but I I do like kind of using the simile and defining who’s my audience okay so

There’s some interesting stuff in here that you don’t see anywhere else uh a motto I didn’t even know that exists that’s that’s new accompanied bio press release you can do ads email website Content Library um so I I like this it is more on the simplistic term

But it doesn’t it does a pretty decent job phrase if you were to read this article going all the way through you would think it’s just you and I sitting around the fireplace talking about well how do we convert this garage into a home office

This has the best styling the best uh in in my opinion um what I’m going to do is I’m going to take all these articles and I’m going to put them onto a Google doc so you will know which one they are I’ll put this is from phrase I’ll put

One from go Charlie and one from Jasper and I’ll I’ll clean it up a little bit but I’m not going to rewrite it I’m going to show you what the the the final draft looks like but maybe the grammar is cleaned up okay so you can see these and you can compare them

What I would say is new article okay this one’s almost done it’s taken forever I guess we get low priority when we’re using prepaid temp uh prepaid credits so um I’ll put each of these into a long Google doc and I’ll post that inside of the Facebook groups and at the bottom of

That is I want to tell I want you to tell me which one wins the contest the AI Smackdown contest I know I’ve gone over 15 minutes on some of these uh one the one I didn’t expect to go over 15 minutes is this one here but I guess they’re busy right now

Um but I want I want you to see the differences between a finished item like go Charlie’s giving us and like article Forge has given us versus final drafts that phrase and Jasper are giving us okay so I uh when any questions at this point uh

I don’t think there’s any new ones okay I was hoping this one would finish so we could at least look at it oh it’s nearly there what’s unusual that’s unusually slight to be fair yeah because our our articles really come out pretty quickly um comparatively this it’s usually three minutes

While that’s working let’s I’ll just show you some other articles that we’ve generated uh I was there oh there we go okay let’s take a look at it okay so you got your building building a room in garage garage conversion plans okay um first thing you need to do is to survey

Your garage you should also make sure your garage is insulated okay so this this doesn’t look too bad how we converted our garage into interior okay so these typically these articles we’re creating subheadings with ours but this is what goes into our blog automatically so we started with keywords and

Basically you would put a keyword list into RSS basher send it to article Forge and it goes to the master schedule then gets put onto your WordPress or your master sites uh so this one will be in the Google Docs so these two they’re done these are

Briefs and I think our Smackdown is done I know if I’m if I’m coming over here to template I’m looking at the documents here command the documents this is the one I did today but I thought I named it okay I have named it down okay cool um

This I think this one will be a pretty decent one to to work from but again either I’m going to edit it or Wayne’s going to edit it or we’ll send it off to our ba to edit it um typically I I will I will use this to write like I said

I’ll write sales copy using this tool and on the blogs I’m going to use phrase um I’m also starting to use go Charlie a lot but primarily we got this thing running 24 7. got a lot of Works running through article Forge um and and they do a pretty decent job okay

So let me go back over to our presentation here okay so here’s the links um put these I think I can put this into the chat mode here okay those are the links we make a little bit of money on some of them and some it’s just a straight uh redirect

Link over to them are there any specific questions I can answer about about what’s going on with with these um I started with I’ll come over here here’s my notepad and you’re going to get this link right here this is the slideshow review that in the chat mode also

So if you want to see the slides I just made with the pros and cons of each it’s in there for you but I always start with the title or a topic now sometimes I can get a better title with Jasper or phrase I can just you know suggest a title uh

Phrase has some of the templates that they can do sit here fresh has its own AI Rider so if I want to come over here and go I need a title okay prompt offer ubp headline authors go blog H2 generator questions I guess they don’t have a title

Generator most of them have title generators the co4 but you can do a lot with the with the blog headlines you can do headline subheadings off of it um but I primarily use Jasper for that but I’m going to probably start using trying out this also coming down here to

Uh slogan simile and motto I’m just dying to know what this motto is here it’s brand name describe your motto so I guess it will rewrite your motto uh call to actions interesting stuff in there but in here is you can come over here to templates and blog

And one shot blog post listicles fact generators if I’m searching just for titles blog post title meta descriptions so these are optimized title tags headings uh and heading it’s not in there but anyway you you can see you know there’s a lot of things that you can do with this blog post

Intro content improver and this One-Shot blog post are the things that I’m using right now but a lot of times I can just go into documents create a new document and these workflows they keep adding to it so you can do an email campaign a rewrite content social media campaign

Workflow or you can just start from scratch or you can start from any of the templates if you want okay um this is all we have today I’m going to let you all vote on which one wins the one click blogging contest the smackdown and I’ll put all this in a document and

Then just ask you to vote on it okay when any other questions we can answer uh yeah this one if you have to choose just one content AI tool to generate good General content for the blog which would you choose no API necessary no API I would use Jasper

And well let me rephrase if I had an extra thousand dollars or whatever the price is a year I would go with Jasper if I’m under a budget and I needed a just a lifetime deal I don’t want to pay any more money I would probably start

With go Charlie if I don’t have any other tools so between the two I would do either go Charlie or Jasper now with that said I have phrase that I got off appsumo and I’ve got all those templates I can write some really good blog posts and helpful

Content so it really depends on what you’re trying to do Jasper is a it’s probably the best writing assistant for sales copy and blogging phrase is definitely the best one for writing more personal blogging um helpful content listicles based on their templates and even writing some fiction books uh you might

You know if you’re into that um go Charlie it’s the new kid on the Block so again it’s I like it because the of the cheap lifetime deal and some of the that one click blog writing that’s pretty slick if it can do it all

In you know a keyword and and as fast as it is uh I’d say that that was pretty good um but if it if you said I need to automate it there’s only one I’d choose it’d be article Forge when do you have any conclusions that we can talk about here um

I think somewhere I mean this there was some extra information coming over uh Walt was talking about a um a Content checker for to detect whether it was um AI written apparently there’s a there’s a new tool yeah um basically my thoughts on that are

Well I know that most of our content is AI written so even if that tool tells me it’s AI written I’m still going to post it because the quantity that we need I’m not going to write it myself so I’m gonna have to use the AI content

Whether this tool tells me it’s AI or it’s past the AI check um so it’s kind of a tool that we wouldn’t really use but I could see why it exists um but but I believe Google won’t penalize AI good AI content because if they do

In in six months to 12 months time they’ll have nothing to index well and Google is writing their own AI um writing system they’re so in gpt4 guys I’ve seen some of the some things that gpt4 is doing and I’m like oh man this is this is scary it it is so realistic

That you you unless I told you specifically uh that it’s AI you would not know it all it’s it really is that good and it’s because it has a such a wider range of content that it’s consumed than gpt3 but they’ve got more transitional phrasing you know the

Common language for each of the other countries you know what is the common language for U.S versus the UK so you know you’re you’re writing for a certain dialect and it’s it’s amazing where AI is going with this I’m I’m excited because if you can automate AI you can keep up

With the big boys and if you pass the and the plagiarism and all that’s taken out then you write good content you put good images good videos in there and a great title uh you’re competing against Fox News and in professional journalists it may not be as good as the

Professional journalists I’m not going to take that away from any of them but it’s better than the junk that that is being written by um ESL and you know third-party Riders or it’s getting as good as that um yeah Garen mentions and just some notes Here uh Garen green has been in

Publishing business for and it’s a lot a very very long time and owns several newspapers and uh has been very active in publishing content um and I always respect everything he has to say about publishing and he has a workflow that it looks like he’s using Jasper’s Chrome plug-in

As kind of to supplement the the workflow uh and that’s brilliant their very first beta version of the plug-in was kind of goofy it was covering up other uh plugins yeah I see I think that’s about all we have and and definitely if you get the um

I’ll just go in here to real quick if you’re in praise to to get the additional uh templates I think one is called uh in fact let’s see here authored intelligence this is the Peter Hathaway and Matt Zimmerman’s I don’t know what his website is but his uh templates are inside the marketplace

And if you wanted to find additional templates let’s just go over here phrase come up to AI right and these are all the templates over here and I’ve and if you find some that you like just bookmark it compared to community here’s some Community this is the RTS they’re all Matt Zimmerman and

Then uh Peter he has some like abbreviated versions so you can kind of test them out uh if you like them just uh bookmark them and then they’ll show up uh in your Rider but they have some really good um really good uh article uh they even have like uh answered the question

So paragraphs from keywords this is a really good one right here is if you’re just you know you get in here and you go benefits of having home office and then you can just you you find the title and I find my titles over here in the outlines um

So I’m looking for you know headings um any of these outlines here is I can just click on them and save them over to my brief and then just get started from there this is really how I I build my briefs is uh in fact and this is an interesting one

Here I just how much does it cost to convert a garage into an office this is a great question so I want to answer that question and you know just what I would do is maybe um let’s do the agency writer with the up Arrow paste that in there and then run template

So look for questions that you can answer when you’re building your blog post and then you can come in here and I know this is probably not right but fix the number correctly okay so you’ve you kind of have an idea this is a question that people are asking it’s in

Their mind so that’s why we want to put these in questions in the Q a section of a frequently asked questions because it supplements your content but we’re and in master sites pretty soon this will be a snippet so it will be a frequently Asked question

Uh um that’s a snippet so we’re going to be trying to rank for how much does it cost to convert a garage into an office as a question snippet so in addition to ranking the entire site or the entire page we want certain subheadings to be right

And that’s why we’re building all these um uh schema.orgs to put in here is we want to rank our subheadings okay guys this is I’m about an hour and 20 I’m my voice is about gone hopefully everybody has enjoyed this uh oh yeah Brandon says Matt is ranking tactics

And I will put that in the chat mode and definitely if you have phrase in the SEO buy these templates buy the training I mean it’s not that they’re really not that expensive after seeing what you can get with it it’s it’s really absolutely incredible um okay let’s just go over here

And so looks like we’re pretty much done for the day here there we go back here and put this up here so guys thank you uh for joining us on call we’ll have the replay up shortly and we will see you in two weeks and we’re going to be going over some RSS

Masher workflow procedures we’ve had a lot of people ask well can you just kind of mind map or you know give us a workflow of how all this works in two weeks we’ll do that for you okay thank you and we’ll see you on another call bye-bye see ya bye

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