Exploitation minière sur RTX 3050 | Essais Kryptex | ETH+RVN #short

Commencez à exploiter avec Kryptex – La carte graphique RTX la plus récente et la moins chère de Nvidia – RTX …

Rtx 3050 the latest and the cheapest rtx graphics card it has eight gigs of video memory it offers decent performance in video games but what is it like in mining right stock settings first ravencoin 12.2 mega hashes per second 130 watts and 76 cents per day ethereum

12.6 mega hashes per second 80 watts and 55 cents per day let’s overclock this puppy i added plus 1 000 megahertz to its memory clock and fixed its square clock at 1150 megahertz ravencoin same hash rate and profitability but at only 80 watts ethereum plus 1.2 mega hashes

And minus 25 watts unfortunately lhr bypass is not working for 3050 for now write your opinion in the comments down below and download cryptex

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