Exploitation de GPU avec Kryptex #ethereum #bitcoin #mining

Exploitation minière avec Gpu #bitcoin #ethereum #gpu #gpumining #mining #money #makemoneyonline #computer #msi #radeon #nvidia …

Hey everybody this is fred we’re going to talk about mining today i have a couple of uh gpu mining rigs up running uh ethereum uh converting it to bitcoin let’s check it out right now i’m using kryptex as a mining program i tried nice hash i tried kudo i tried awesome miner

Um so far the ones i like is uh the one i’m using right now kryptex miner seems like the payout is pretty good and um i tried awesome miner with a nice hash pull and that uh seemed like uh that paid out pretty good too and i like also minor because you can

Actually change uh what coin you want to um be mining so you can go back and forth and say mine different coins so that’s uh pretty neat with that program but let’s take a look at um what we got right now so right now it looks like this mining

Rig have a it’s a couple of 108 dollars and uh this one has a pretty sure of two or three on that computer right now yes in this video i’m going to show you how the process me uh building the rigs in a way it’s gonna be jumping through the videos

And you’ll see uh i’m saying the progress uh the wires are a little messy right now so i gotta wrap that up and i gotta i’m saying uh fix up the mining i’m actually getting another mining motherboard and uh sometime this week so we should uh be cleaning everything up and hopefully

Just running two or three computers not a four all together so right now i’m running three so i’m gonna get a fourth one uh motherboard i’m pretty sure that holds uh eight gpus and i have the other two hold five and then i have one i don’t like to hold three

Gpus but every time i put a third gpu and uh it cuts out so i can run two on that one for now thinking something to do with the bios but well we’ll consider another day but right now the profitability is up right now a lot and you can see it’s

Actually probably four days out the first video you saw and yep everything looks good you can see i changed it up move this computer took the case off it’s overheating so everything’s running cool thing pulling it down and yep i’ll be hanging more gpus all together when i have 12 pretty sure running

So should be about 250 i believe 300 mega hash so looking good

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