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Hi i’m devin and i’m a ceo i’d give a phantom buster a five out of five for more reviews just click the button below yeah so before phantom buster um really ev everything we did was uh link reaching out on linkedin one by one or manually trying to connect with

People and message and otherwise connect and it was a long and uh time intensive and burdensome process and phantom buster made a lot quicker simpler and easy all right chose phantom buster simply because it was the option that came along that looked like it had the features of allowing us to automate

Things make it simpler easier it was a reasonably cost and integrated with the other crms and systems we were using so it seemed like a good choice for when we wanted to kick off the project so to get phantom buster up and running it was pretty easy um we used it along

With the crm it was originally with hubspot before we migrated it over we’re also doing it with zapier and it was one where it integrated pretty well and then pretty streamlined um phantom buster also had uh there are quite a bit of uh helpful materials as

Far as how to get things set up and guidance so it made it a pretty seamless process to get it up and going yeah so anybody that’s considering using phantom buster i would say you know most or probably on the forefront is to do a bit of your homework less on phantom

Buster but more on the avenues that you want to use it for outreach so if it’s linkedin or social media or whatnot is you know rather than just using it as a tool do a little bit to see how it works best what works best with your business

And otherwise integrates well and kind of what messaging and the types of workflows you want to use and if you do that homework on the front end then it becomes a great tool for your business

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