Entonnoir SAM – Examen et conseils de l’entonnoir de la machine d’affiliation secrète

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Hey hey so the big question is what is this Sam funnel all about or what is a secret affiliate machine funnel all about guys i am scott from start funnels in this video i’m going to share with you what this is I’m going to give an

Overview of some tips the pros the cons and we’re just gonna dive right into it so stay tuned I’ll show you the good stuff oh my goodness there’s so much hype going on about the Sam funnel okay guys the secret affiliate machine what is it k overview just simple terms what

Is the secret affiliate machine the secret machine really is just to help people get started as an affiliate marketer okay that’s one thing number 2 is to help users get familiar with click funnels to become a user and while you’re becoming a user you can also then reap promote the secret affiliate

Machine and that’s a source of revenue right there for you and it really is kind of a franchise thing you really can make money from this is real I’ve seen other people do it I’ve successfully done it on others and guys you can as well alright so because there’s a lot of

Hype about this I think there’s a great opportunity another awesome reason why I think it’s a great opportunity is because of the layout of the funnel and and I’d say mostly just of the sells copy so these videos that the owner of this created which his name is Jordan

And he has been an absolute stud I’ve been chatting with him on Facebook very nice very cool very helpful he also has a Facebook group that you can go into and learn more from him all about about this okay so here I’ll do a quick little thing here so cool footage just really

Explains things clearly he says you need to follow step by step I highly suggest you do need to follow step by step and as you do you literally can be successful let me tell you how successful you can be so this were recording this April 19th 2019 14 hours

Ago this happened so this guy literally did the Sam funnel over here it was this Glen Carey and he said that he did solo ads with this guy named Marcus and that he now has 11 trials guys 11 trials K so let me back up what does 11 Charles mean well if those

Trials be coming to paid customers that’s 38 so you can get a commission for every user is 38 dollars and 80 cents per month so 38 or the eight times 11 that’s four hundred eighteen dollars a month that that guy could potentially be getting it’s pretty awesome right so

Maybe you’ll say only like five of those sticks so five times 48 that’s 240 dollars guys click funnels in and of itself is an amazing program if you’re getting gonna get into affiliate marketing or if you’re selling any product online I highly suggest click funnels I’ve been using it for I think

Almost two years now it is a stellar program it cost $97 for their basic package if you can get five people you’re already not only gonna pay for click funnels but you you’re gonna be getting more passive income month after month after month after month okay so

This program is total digit it just kind of helps a total beginner get started I also seen gurus also promoting this kind of thing and yeah so that is my overall thoughts about it I love Jordans videos the videos on this step 1 step 2 step 3

All the way there’s like five steps throughout this funnel it’s all great and yes you can get a dream car I know multiple people that have received a dream car after having a hundred Systeme io users under them you get $500 payment from Systeme io towards a dream car or something that

You desire so now that we’ve gone over kind of the overview once again the pros are if you are an affiliate the pro are these videos and the reason why is because Jordan is not showing his face you know and he’s not like teaching you

How to do this and then when you get the system do you use Jordan’s face no you don’t with this platform you can literally just keep the videos in place no one knows who it is it is a system and that’s what makes this cool really cool really awesome so that is the

Biggest Pro that I see is that you really don’t have to change much in this funnel so within this funnel as you watch the videos it took me about an hour I did this about two days ago and it was really impressive until the whole

Thing kind of studied it it he says to only change step 3 there’s a link that you need change and timeout it is not step 3 in a step 2 of where you need to change the affiliate link okay there’s a buttons yellow change that to your affiliate link 4

Click funnels that way when people click on it they will become your trials and your paid users alright guys also I have learned a lot of other cool stuff some pro tips since I shot this video this morning so I will share a little bit later in this video some really cool

Updated tips that I just learned so stay tuned time back in that is the biggest most important length you need to change if you don’t change that then you could potentially be reprimanding trials or signups under you so that is a huge thing biggest thing you definitely need

To change but some tips are you definitely do want to change other links that will long-term help you for the better okay so we’re going to be going into those right okay so if you have not yet seen or even have heard of Systeme io yet this is

What the back end looks like you can go right here this is all the steps of of the funnel of this secret affiliate machine and there’s five steps k so you go to here to the step one I already created this okay I can change coolest

Funnel ever see it so this is how quick funnels works you can literally add you know all sorts of stuff you can add a pop-up image here you know it’s so editable so cool it really is an awesome program so I am a huge advocate of Systeme io I highly suggest it

Especially if you are going into affiliate marketing or are already in the field of marketer but and if you want to sell anything literally digital products or physical products you can do it all within click funnels so that’s a little little two cents there if you

Don’t know what it is so this is it here’s a little tip if you want to change and make a an auto email responder you’ll definitely want to go ahead and change this to set up an integration so I’ve already done that I use the active campaign email

Autoresponder so I’ve already done that as you can see it added two lists called Sam people so that is one thing that I would suggest doing if you want to have an automated email system go out to these users that are signing up with you okay so that’s number one number two

This is step two I guess it is step two is where you definitely want to change your affiliate code okay so you go here you click on settings needs click on take action you’re going to want to add your affiliate link right here to signups and I will show you how to get

There right now once you go ahead and get to the affiliate center of Systeme io this is what it looks like you can scroll down you can see it I’ve got seven affiliates already signed up here wish I had more but that’s okay move on all right so you go here to the

Free 14-day trial space he suggests Jordan the creator of this funnel suggests to do the short trial page you’re gonna go here and then that’s your link right there boom you might want to add something here like Sam B you know Sam funnel because you are promoting click funnels right here this

Is a click funnels link trial okay you need to copy this link like that and then you want to go over to step 2 of the funnel right here and go here back to this and copy and paste that link right in there okay so that’s the

Biggest step of the Sam thumb okay the biggest step of the Sam funnel step number three of the funnel is right here so you don’t have to change this you don’t to change this or or that you definitely do not change because it there’s no need to it’ll just take up

Time if you think you need to because you don’t but this is the button actually that will take you to the affiliate Center that I was just on okay so that link will take you to the affiliate Center website you can grab your links I think the Sam funnel

Explains that okay let’s go back but you definitely I think it’s probably a good idea to change this step a and the reason why is because this is like your import funnel and if you import if you don’t change this it will import all of the creators stuff

Jordan stuff so tip number two definitely change that to be your share funnel of my secret affiliate machine okay I don’t have time to show you that today I’ll go into that further further video comment below if you are injured and I can reach out to you okay so that’s that

The next step is okay this step I’m little I’m not gonna lie skeptical okay so on this step he talks a lot about or he shares how to then get clicks to this right it’s all about getting that a hundred users under you if you do if you

Get a hundred users you get that $4,000 a month recurring revenue which is so awesome not only that be then get five hundred dollars towards your dream car guys this is legit once again I’ve seen lots of people literally do it you can go to click funnels and check it out

Okay so but in order to get those hundred people you got to send your Sam funnel to others and once they sign up and you can get paid right so if you don’t have a service 100 people then this right here this video goes all about that it’s this thing called

Traffic for me calm so once you click on this right here sending send traffic to the machine you’re gonna go to this okay and you’re gonna log into an account and this is solo ads and this is how you then promote the Sam funnel guys this

Should be legit I just have never used traffic for me so I’m not familiar with I don’t know how it’s going to work if it’s gonna be quality leads or not okay guys time out again here is new updated stuff okay so once again I have yet to

Do traffic for me calm and run so that’s with this K but Jordan the creator of this suggested for me to do a certain solo ad that I have yet to do but this girl Shannon this is real stuff this is Ross she has and she updated this result let

Me get to it I did a screenshot of it on my phone you guys are gonna think this is unreal she has run it for 14 days and she has is currently at 17 trials I hope you see that there 17 trials guys that’s only in 14 days that is stellar

So cool I know that she did traffic for me okay so that is huge that is a great testimonial so my gray area I think it’s becoming more white of an area and I think that traffic for me seems legit okay another key tip that I wasn’t sure of and

Actually shot this video not sure about it but now I am sure so guys you can become an affiliate for traffic for me you actually get 30 percent commission for those that click on the link and order up solo ad from traffic for me so you guys will get 30 percent of that

User ordering it up okay and I will show you how to do that right here I’m going to dive right into that and then we’ll get back into the main video and guys this is a pro tip right here that I’m not sure if other people are teaching

About this so I highly highly suggest you change this within step four of the funnel okay so this is how you get your affiliate link for the traffic for me so once you log in and create an account logged in here’s brand new account we’re gonna click on this purple button says

Tell a friend you scroll down this is your affiliate link so go ahead and copy and paste this and once again it says we will start you out on the 30 percent commission it’s pretty awesome so copy that and then you’re gonna paste it and do step 4

This section right here so go ahead and click settings set action go to website open a new tab paste that in there hit save and that is how you will get paid okay this is the last step of the Sam funnel so he just thinks and congratulate you and and then all of

This stuff down here are literally affiliate links you guys can swap out your links for this if you have a Systeme io account affiliate marketing account then you can just literally grab these and the affiliate center of click funnels and put your links in there instead of whoever whoever created the

Funnel that you signed up with okay so do that and then this one right here is a course called affiliate secrets by Spencer Meachem I have the course I followed it I am a huge believer of it of his content it’s super legit so if you’re an affiliate for that you get 50%

Commission of the course and I think the course is like 500 bucks that’s $250 in your pocket pretty sweet and then of course this is Jordans group where he really gives some great training so I think I’m gonna leave that but literally you can add whatever else you want here

You can add a link here that says like free coaching you know something like that so that is step 5 and guys just overall my review of this is two thumbs up I think it’s truly is a great platform a great funnel that is a system and I think that Jordans videos really

Spell it out make it fun make it make it exciting and simple it’s really cool to see all the hype that’s going on right now so once again total thumbs up I am really gonna dive in and trial it I’m gonna show you guys what my process is

Of ordering the solo ads and show you my results so that way I can just totally be transparent and be helpful and provide value to you okay guys so once again that is my video thank you for watching please subscribe if you’d like to see more videos like this and tip

That Bell notification if you’d like to be notified when I release these videos overall thank you for watching check out the comments below you can sign up for the Sam funnel now and I will add some bonuses I’m here for you I want you to succeed I’m gonna be helping you coach

Oh I’ll chat with you one-on-one so please sign up below if you haven’t yet I’d be happy to be your mentor and coach during this Sam funnel process so guys have an awesome day and I will see you in the next video

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