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Ancienne épouse du «roi du rock ‘n’ roll» Elvis Presley, Priscilla Presley rejoint Piers Morgan Uncensored pour discuter du nouveau film tous …

Well welcome back i’m delighted to say i’m joined by somebody who knew the king of rock and roll elvis presley like a few other people in the world priscilla presley married elvis in 1967 and were married for six years she remained a constant in his life despite all the

Controversies she remained loyal to him to the end priscilla joins me now live from los angeles welcome to you priscilla thank you thank you pierce priscilla i was just imagining that the movie is just exhilarating and fantastic i want to play clip first and then come to you i’m going before the show

And nobody’s gonna remember I need to get back to who i really am And how are you awesome I just got to be making the most of this thing i can’t this could be over the flesh [Applause] presenter i found it unbelievably exciting to watch this and i never knew elvis presley you were married to elvis presley what was it like for you to

Watch this movie not least because as a character of course playing you oh well um to be honest with you i was very nervous about it because it’s baslerman and as we all know baz you know has his own unique style which is good but i just didn’t know how he was going

To portray elvis and i was concerned very concerned wanted myself and jerry schilling who used to work for elvis to go to new york at the gala mets gala and also to go to cannes film festival and i hadn’t seen the film yet so i bowed out gracefully and said there’s no

Way i can see it because obviously i don’t know anything about what you’re doing so he arranged a a screening for jerry and i at warner brothers and we didn’t speak for i guess three-fourths of the movie and i bend over and said to jerry well it looks like we’re going to can

It was good it was good i have to say i i was i was completely engrossed in it as as well as jerry um boston austin austin butler did an amazing job it was i mean he had elvis down to a t literally he um studied him for two years

You see that’s fascinating because i i just assumed he had him down to a t uh you would know better than the most because elvis is such a unique performer people have tried to emulate him over the years i think with varying degrees of success do you think austin butler

Has got him better than anyone that’s ever tried hands down better than anyone anyone my daughter was quite emotional when she saw it as i and went my god i i mean he’d have he just it was like watching elvis his movements his smirk his walk his attitude his temper

I mean it was it was like reincarnation i mean it was it was beautifully done beautifully and olivia deyoung plays you were you happy with that portrayal yes i was i mean i never we never talked baz did all the talking of course um but

I i thought she did a a very nice job she was sensitive to him which i was always to him and his needs and what he was you know trying to do with his life and what he wanted out of his life so i thought she did a very nice job

Elvis was without a doubt one of the most brilliant talents that the world of entertainment has ever seen that’s unarguable he was also quite a controversial figure in many ways do you think you would have survived this weird cancel culture that we now have to endure

Wow that’s a good question i think of that often you know what would elvis think what would he wouldn’t believe what is going on right now to this country or to all over what’s happening to this planet um he was very concerned about our presidents uh who was ruling the country uh

He um and people would never believe that but he was an avid reader as well and not just um you know religious books but also he was reading what was going on in the u.s what would he have made you think of what is currently going on in the u.s

I’m sorry what would he have made you think of what is currently going on in america oh no he wouldn’t believe it i mean he truly you know i don’t believe it i don’t think any of us believe what’s going on right now we’ve never been through

Anything like this and it’s pretty much global but us as a country it’s baffling it’s truly baffling i’m for the first time worried about my future for not only my children my grandchildren as well very unpredictable and elvis would probably go to the president like you did with nixon yeah put his

Foot down and say what’s going on what is it that you find particularly saddening or worrying oh my gosh the state that we’re in i mean my gosh i don’t know what happened to freedom i don’t know if there is freedom here anymore you know no one says what side they’re on

Republican or whatever you want to be um being very careful what you say how you say it uh i think we’re in a very dangerous time we’re at a strange stage priscilla where even high-profile women are scared to say what they think a woman is that’s true that’s true how sad is that

And i mean uh it’s uh to watch this going on being very young in the limelight and knowing a lot of people who are in the limelight their fears on what’s going on not not that they’re just in the limelight but i think it’s it’s spread quite a bit uh in this

Country about where we’re headed uh and i often think like you asked you know what elvis would think you know what would he do he he just he wouldn’t he wouldn’t believe it he was a die-hard american he was america yeah he he loved this country he loved it

But it seems to me it seems to me priscilla there is a there’s a kind of movement not just in america but i’ll talk about america about this there’s a movement to try and trash everything that’s come before and that’s why i was curious whether you felt elvis whether there would be a

Campaign to try and cancel him for you know inappropriate statements inappropriate behavior whatever it may be inappropriate lyrics we’ve seen it time and again now with so many people that’s why i was curious what you felt because it seemed to me he would fly in the face of so much of

What this weird culture represents well per the movie if you saw and you did see the movie you know a long time it was um stated that elvis you know uh was um a racist he was not a racist he’s never been a racist elvis had friends black friends friends from all over

Um he loved their music he loved their style he loved being around you know black musicians i mean that’s domino when he was in vegas he was in the lounge playing and he would always we would always go and hang out with him sammy davis jr the same thing but always come

Into the dressing room and he loved loved being around blacks and being around anyone actually he was just not prejudiced in any way so and not racist in any way so i don’t know you know this is a very frightening time um for someone i don’t it’s almost like

You know we’re looking for something from everyone that we can somehow dispose them in some way yeah and that’s why it’s so frightening right now was elvis the great love of your life yes he was he obviously he obviously sang about love so many times when you’re on your own perhaps is there

A one song that elvis sang which resonates most with you oh my gosh you know there’s so many songs um gosh that’s hard to pick that’s a that’s a hard question that’s the hardest one you’ve asked me um [Laughter] gosh what’s the one when you hear it

Come on the radio and you think and your heart flips a beat when you hear it well i think it’s being in las vegas watching him do the shows and um i think you know the songs that he’s saying that people were all drawn to

Uh and and i think that you know all of us are attached to a song there’s so many with him um i can’t even i can’t even tell you it’s now or never probably it’s now or never because i heard him sing that in germany actually and and that was given to him

Through the record label of the company and uh to watch him sing the song and try to reach the notes in perfection is what he was looking for to perfect those notes because he his tone his his his uh pitch was not as high uh in in that particular song so he would

Always try to reach it and mess up and then hit his leg and try it again and again and again so watching him kind of rehearse and trying to get it right is is was an experience you can imagine perfectionist do you wish priscilla in a way that you had

Never got divorced from elvis and do you think that his life would have been different if you’d stay together um gosh um to be honest i think we were better not married um we had a great relationship um he would come over to my home at all

Hours of the night talk it could be two o’clock three o’clock um i would have my daughter i’ll wake my daughter up be with us at some of that my mother the same thing although lisa had to go to school uh he would come alone sometimes and

Sometimes bring charlie hodge one of his guys that worked for him or someone else and we would just sit and talk and he’d bring him books and he’d read books to me and he left me with quite a few books as well but we see everything just seemed to be more

Relaxed more at home when the tension wasn’t there now remember i’m with elvis presley and um watching the girls running up to him wanting kisses from him running to the stage coming backstage uh it’s a you know it’s listen being who he was and having all the women you know jump him

Excuse me um i’m kidding i’m really kidding i think you’re already half kid against experience literally just about um anyway no it was it was it was an eye opener for me and um i’m being married to probably one of the most famous musicians or singers in the world

I love everything there isn’t anyone that doesn’t love elvis right and i love how affectionately you talk about it you know not many divorced spouses would talk with the kind of love and admiration that you have for him so many years of course after he sadly died

He was a great human being he really was and he tried so hard you know at what he did to be perfect and in many many ways you know he wanted a movie career a good movie career that was one of the problems as we know you

Saw the film that elvis had him tight i mean that colonel had him tied up with a five-year contract with hal wallace of all people you know hal wallace did more cutesy movies girls on the beach as we know um never really gave him the part that he longed for

The james dean part uh that’s really what he longed for and you know what priscilla he had he had one of the greatest careers that the world has ever seen in entertainment and he was a true icon and the movie is utterly fantastic i’m so glad you loved

It as much as i did we said i’ve got to leave it there but i could talk to you all night thank you so much for your time i really appreciate it thank you thank you so much you

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