Démo Scalenut : le seul écrivain IA à écrire des articles de blog complets ? GoCharlie

Démo Scalenut : Dans cette démo Scalenut, je teste l’affirmation selon laquelle l’IA de Scalenut peut créer un article de blog complet en moins de 5 minutes.

Today is a good day because i found an ai writer that i will use over and over again it’s not just an ai writer it’s got some amazing features i’ve not seen anywhere else before and it does that holy grail it can write complete blog articles i found it on captain

Let’s just jump to that for a second here it is the site that reviews all software and in a writing software it appears number two 4.8 out of five on the reviews really positive reviews and i think the only if you look at all these softwares it

Appears above that are quite well known i think the only reason it’s not number one is possibly it’s not quite got the multi-language um capabilities just yet but that’s where i found it just before we jump in and show you everything that scale nut can do have a look in the description

There is a seven day free trial and it’s not just a free trial where you can only use limited features you can use all of the features in the pro version and it’s quite generous with the words you get five 5000 words per day to try it out so

I suggest you uh try the free trial click on the link in the description and try it for seven days and if you love it you can give me a like on my video let’s jump in and let’s have a look at scale nut okay so here is scale not here’s the

Dashboard here is where you start and like all of these programs when you use them for the first time they can be quite daunting because there’s so much that you can be doing but what i like about scale is it gives you um getting started with scale and things

That you should do at first so it says you should create try creating a blog in five minutes with cruise mode generate an seo report explore the ai tools use the ai templates include the content grade and the topic clusters now um we are going to try and create a blog

In five minutes all right that’s what we’re going to do and then we’ll probably try and improve the content grade of it as well so and i’ll probably make a series of videos going through everything on scale not but just just to show you this so the keywords i want to

Rank for are reviews or i’ll let’s make it software reviewer okay and i want to rank in the united kingdom so let’s press start and now it’s gonna i’m gonna pause this now and it’s gonna be a brief description of what i want to write an article about that’s going to do well

Be high scoring seo that looks and reads well i’m back i didn’t want to waste time you’re just watching me type away uh so i’ve just put my paragraph in now and it suggests that you’re going gonna write about um you would you do up to 500 characters so i’ve said i’m a

Software review gives honest appraisal software for entrepreneurs small businesses are influencers i love software that saves me time and or money and i’ve also the additional keywords the software software demonstration software demo okay so i am going now so it reckons that a good article to include those words would be

Around 800 to 1000 words so let’s go next and it’s automatically going to create a title here are the top ranked titles software review on wikipedia software reviews discover the best business software there’s the top ones so i am going to try and do something similar to that generate some more so i

Wasn’t happy with any of them sometimes when i do this i go oh yeah that’ll do but i wasn’t too so the best software to save your your time how i became a software reviewer so this is about me being a software review and not telling other people how

To become a software reviewer um best software to save you time and money as a freelancer or business owner that’ll do yep and it’s generating headlines review for the best time set timings money-saving software we’ll have that one oh so this is doing everything here i can have another

Headline uh let’s see some more accelerate and improve i’m adding all of these onto the list is that right yep so it’s giving me headlines for my article popular software categories we’ll have those and then frequently asked questions yeah we’ll have that one yeah where’s the best deals

Best for billing yet we can have that one so you can see that it’s formula i’m loving this software um obviously there’s been lots of a writers but this is actually using cruise control to create a full article that’s fully format formatted with the introduction um with other headlines and frequently asked

Questions under conclusion so are you ready let’s go to next i think it’s gonna start writing it now so okay so here we go it’s going to do some writing points so review the best say time saving software yeah we’ll have that next steps find the right software yeah we’re happy with

Them accelerate improve your software selection process utilize cloud-based solutions choose the right software for your software for your job use automation so yeah i’m happy with all of this but if i wanted to get rid of one popular software categories if i wanted to dump that just press delete

And we’ll leave the rest in so now we click next he’s going to write the first draft now it’s right in the first draft it’s populated it could you see that as i speak here now do not fear i know it can say it says content grade either don’t worry

Because we’re going to try and improve that now so we are right within the word count there but we’re on an e and we want to try and improve that so we click next and there is our article uh the best software to save your time on money as a freelancer is software

That helps you both this blog is all about reviewing the best time saving and money saving software i’ll be covering different software categories including software for entrepreneurs that is what i wanted to say i mean i can change it about if it doesn’t make sense or if i want to

Change it slightly but that is the gist of what i wanted to say so now i’m going to export it to editor okay and i want to improve this score i want to get that e up better so how do i do that well key terms email is not appearing in it so

We’re going to include email now watch this now this is where i was impressed or i am impressed because it’s just inserted email into the list we want software reviews to appear in the list so we click that these are key terms that we want to appear

In our article or the ai’s as we do and did you see what happened there so it is changed the article it is improv it’s included the key phrase software reviews and now my content grade score has gone up to d i want to include the word reviewer

So we’ll click on that again and it takes a bit of time this but it’s fine and it’s taking the content score up to c so you can see that the more you play with this the more time you spend adding those words because ai isn’t quite perfect yet once

You’ve got your completed article read through it do a bit of old school editing and change it about but in i would think yes less than five minutes we have created a thousand word article that we can then either export as a pdf or a document we can

Copy and paste into our blog post we can share it with other members of our team or even give them access so they can change it as well um and we’ve created an article we will do more videos on scale nuts i’m going to jump out now wait a second

Uh we will be covering all of the air tools just let me show you very quickly in this video uh the ai tools that are available just let me show you this oh sorry i didn’t mean i meant the ai templates so there are a plethora of templars there’s the one we used

Before create a blog in less than five minutes but product descriptions e-commerce product descriptions answering questions uh paragraph generator you can rewrite sentences put a sentence if you want to rework it and reuse it again create your blog title so like all of these ai softwares uh you can just about create everything

Video titles video descriptions uh catchy email subject lines google description you see so um it’s got all that but what i love about scalenote that stands out for me is the way that it’ll just write that full article that’s where a lot of the ais are missing so let’s jump out

Just for a minute there’s going to be more videos on scale but i’ll tell you what i think about it and i am very excited because i use some of these ai writers and i just don’t quite get them whereas i felt with scale not that just

Using that create blog in five minutes and a few of the other features that we’ll get into in later videos that there is something that i can use now and the proof was in the pudding in the articles it is creating i’m thinking yeah that’s ba that’s more or less there

You know compared to some of them when i think that doesn’t really make sense sure read through the article make some subtle changes make it look really good that it’s not been written by artificial intelligence that’s the goal isn’t it that you want it to look like you’ve actually created the article

Yourself so i am recommending it have you have a look in the description link that link will give you a seven day free trial and on that seven day free trial you get five thousand words a day and you can try everything that i’ve tried

Out here you can try all of the features it’s not limited so do click on that link and um hopefully you’ll enjoy it as much as me hopefully you’ll follow me as well uh click the notification button if i ever find any good deals on software i put

Them up very quickly so if you click that notification button you’ll get a little email saying phil’s got a brand new video about this and i will see you with another review and more on scale not really soon

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