Créez des idées de blog et des articles complets avec l’IA en utilisant Shopia

Si vous recherchez un moyen simple de créer des idées de blog et des articles complets, vous devez consulter Shopia. Avec notre simple mais …

Hello everyone welcome to shopia today i’ll be walking you through shopia’s powerful ai article generator if you own an e-commerce store you should be thinking about starting a blog because it’s really an effective way to drive traffic into your site and ultimately convert that into sales when it comes to blogs

Both quality and consistency are key and we know firsthand that this can be both time consuming if you’re doing this internally and costly if you’re hiring content writers but with a tool like shopia this process can be a lot quicker and a lot cheaper so let’s have a look

To get started click on add new article and the first step you need to do is to write a brief description about your article now shopia’s ai is powerful enough to know what you’re trying to talk about from just a short sentence however the more detailed the description you

Provide the more precise the results are going to be for this demo let’s say we want to write an article about how to lose weight the next stage is writing a title for your article you can either write your own or generate one using shopy as ai

To generate one click on generate and you’ll get five different options to choose from so here we can see the ai’s generated titles such as how to lose weight and keep it off but let’s say we like to lose weight without stopping lose weight the healthy way and if none of them are

Clicked you can regenerate these titles of course the next step is creating an outline for your article this is where you define the sections and subtopics you want to cover and just a quick note here you can edit the title if you want to but just like in the previous step you

Can either write your own outline or use shopia’s ai to generate it for you generating an outline can be very helpful for you to explore different ways to structure your article so click on generate outlines and shopia will generate six different outlines to choose from each with its own unique structure and sections

You can edit individual sections if you wanted to or add additional ones once you’re happy with an outline for your article click on select to go to the final step where you can begin generating text for your article once you’re in the final step all you need to do to generate your

Final article is just to click generate article at the top and give it a few seconds while it starts generating this text for you so as you can see within a couple of seconds it’s completely filled up your introduction the basics of weight loss and all the different sections that you’ve defined

Of course this is an editor so you can choose to write or delete or do whatever you want with the text that is created or if you’re not happy with it you can choose to regenerate certain sections and if it hasn’t generated enough text for you you can click on add more to

Generate additional text once you’re happy with the final output all you need to do is to click copy article to be able to use this wherever you need to and there you go thank you for watching

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