Compétition Kryptex vs HoneyMiner 24 heures – Miner Cup 3

Qui ça va être, Kryptex ou Honeyminer ? Qui a miné le plus de Bitcoin en 24h… Découvrons-le ! Abonnez-vous pour plus de super…

So who wins in a 24-hour mining challenge cryptex or honey miner let’s find out Shane here crypto fish YouTube channel thank you for clicking on and watching this video so today kicks off the third of minor cuff series and in the first quarter final is going to be cryptex burst honey minor they’re

Gonna go head-to-head for 24 hours and we’re gonna see who actually won if this is your first time here be sure to subscribe click that notification bell and if you like this kind of content hammer those likes now let’s get into it alright so as most of you know I do a

Mining series called miner cup or this is the third installment of it I usually wait three to four months between these actual competitions to give these various miners time to release new updates maybe they make them a little better sometimes they don’t so I’ll actually test them head-to-head for 24

Hours and we see who wins in the end nice hash is one the first two so they will be sitting in the finals waiting for either honey miner cryptex better hash or Kudo miner alright so I’ll just show you each miner real quick and then we’ll get into the actual results of the

Last competition and then this competition alright so here we are cryptic script Oaks mines cryptocurrency and pays you bitcoins or real world money be it dollars or any other currency in and of course here’s money miner now honey miner has not updated their miner in probably four or five months

Now if I’m not mistaken is still in version 6.5 I believe so it remains to be seen if triptychs will actually beat it out in the first quarter final let’s go ahead and pull up my actual miner cup to challenge this is results of my last ones critics for his money miner honey

Miner did in fact win buck cryptex mined eighteen thousand eight hundred twenty-six satoshis compared to honey miners thirteen five three four so critics definitely beat in that aspect but what kills cryptex is their actual withdrawal fee which is very high compared to the other miners now taking

Over a 30 60 day period it might be a different story but this is a 24-hour mining challenge but it did add that new category which is most BTC mine which I will keep going forward so it’ll give you guys an idea of which miner actually

Mines the most in a 24-hour period real quick are any of you guys out there using cryptex or honey miner just comment below cryptex or honey miner I’m always interested in you guys feedback and I like interacting with you guys so do that real quick before we move on Alright so here we are on miner Cup Challenge 3 24 hours as you can see cryptex mind 839 satoshis but again that withdraw feed killed it only netting you ten thousand eight hundred and thirty nine in a 24-hour period now again over a long period of time

Thirty days sixty days that might not be that big of a deal about in this 24 hour competition it is so let’s go ahead and check out honey miner again these ran for 24 hours honey miner only took home 14,000 172 Satoshi’s so let’s pull up the calculator real quick two zero eight

Three nine we’re gonna go – one for 172 so it mine 666 thousand seven more Satoshi’s than honey miner did cryptex mind a lot more Satoshi’s but again that would kill it honey miner had less of a withdrawal fee giving it the win with 13,000 172 Satoshi’s taken home in a

24-hour period now like I mentioned earlier I am including the 24 hour competition most BTC mines so cryptex is sitting on top right now handily over honey miner now our next quarterfinal is going to be between kudo minor and better – kudo minor is ex running right now as I’m making this

Video so 821 tonight I will stop it and then tally up their actual total mind and then the final BTC mind – withdrawal fee then of course I’ll get started on better hash and as you guys know from my last winter cup series better hash and

Nice hash have a zero withdrawal fee to coin base in other words it’s free to a draw and sent it to your coin base account so that is a huge advantage for both of those miners over 24-hour period one last thing unfortunately there is no Bitcoin Fridays this week because

Bitcoin has gone down below 7000 as you can see right here sitting at 68 25 63 and when I do Bitcoin Fridays has got to be at least 7000 or higher I don’t think it’ll be below 7000 for too long it’ll probably be back maybe next week or two

I would imagine there’s some bad news going around about some banks I think overseas which is why Bitcoin did in fact drop so I’m sure I’ll bounce back in due time but until then until it gets up over 7,000 Bitcoin Fridays is on hold for now so my apologies in advance for

That if you guys should happen to have missed my last minor cup series dead links should be popping up here shortly if you guys have any additional questions or comments be sure to put them down below I will definitely get back to you I like interacting with you guys

Again if this is your first time here consider subscribing clicking that notification bell and if you did like this video camera those likes if you think anyone else out there would be interested in these results or this competition please spread the word send the link to this video out to your

Various social media I would appreciate that be on the lookout for the video with cuda minor and better hash should be coming out on probably thursday or friday which is two to three days from now i want to thank you guys for watching and i will see you in the next

One take care bye

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