Comment vendre le mode GoHighLevel SaaS pour les débutants (FREEBIES)

Comment vendre le mode SaaS GoHighLevel pour les débutants [GET] Mon cours SaaS de haut niveau GRATUIT + modèles lors de votre inscription (ou …

What’s up you guys jason wardrop here and in  today’s video i’m going to show you how to sell go   high levels saas mode get more clients be able to  scale your business and for those of you guys who  

Are unfamiliar with go high level and unfamiliar  with saas mode go high level is a software   platform for digital marketing agencies and it  basically helps you run your entire business as   well as all of your clients businesses so it’s  a great software that you can white label and  

Then for one low monthly price you can bring on  all of your clients and then something they just   recently released this past year was something  called saas mode so saas s-a-a-s stands for   software as a service which the cool thing about  this they’re one of the first ones to do this  

Is you’re able to go through white labeled  their software platform and turn it into your   own software company so if you already have  a digital marketing agency or you’re looking   to start your own digital marketing agency a  great thing to do is to bolt on saas or software  

In addition to the services that you’re  providing with your digital marketing agency   to scale things so much more because honestly  at the end of the day with any marketing agency   you need software you need tools so what if you  had your own white label software and tools you’re  

Able to go through and scale so anyway what  i want to do in this video is um share with   you guys several free bonuses which if you guys  smash the like button drop a comment down below  

I’m gonna hook you guys up with all this  stuff 100 for free like i do on all my   other videos and for those of you guys brand  new here the channel my name is jason wardrop  

About six almost seven years ago now may of 2015 i  started my own software company in the real estate   space i was able to scale that business over 15  000 paying clients exited that business this past  

Year and now i am just leveraging this youtube  channel to share with you guys what has worked   what hasn’t worked mainly what’s work because  we don’t need to talk about what doesn’t work   right we just want to talk about what works so  you guys can shortcut your path to success so  

Let’s take a look what i got in here for several  of these bonuses right here um so the first one is   i’ve got several bonuses as far as going through  and getting started with go high level saas mode  

And no there’s no paywall or anything like  that it’s just if you go through and sign up   with go high level and upgrade to their saas plan  under my affiliate link i’m going to hook you guys   up with my training my templates everything  that i went through and did to go and build  

My own software platform and then we have these  kind of broken up into two different categories   and honestly guys um i’m gonna be adding more in  here for you all because uh this is i want to go  

Through and add different ideas but being able to  sell saas or just remember saas right here stands   for software as a service right so it’s just a  software without demo so if you like don’t want   to get on the phone with anybody here are two  great examples so russell brunson funnel hack  

Selling is click funnel software which a lot of  you guys probably are familiar with that but i’ve   got if you click in here i’ve got the entire video  right there that you can go through and check out  

And then also i have my own selling my arsenal  mkg real estate crm software um didn’t scale   as much as russell brunson did but i sold over  six million dollars with this exact webinar   so you guys can go through and check this out  and i believe if this is not the exact one  

Um i have one where i’m actually instead of  demoing my arsenal software i’m demoing the   um go high level software to kind of like show  you interchangeably how to go through and demo   that piece of software right because my software  is not really you can’t go and white label it but  

A lot of the functionalities and capabilities that  you could do with the arsenal software you can   do inside of the go high level platform when you  white label it so i if that’s not the one exactly  

Right there you guys will have to let me know  and i can add that in there and then now sell   saas with demo so let’s say you want to go through  and get people on the phone and sell your services  

And be able to demo things one-on-one maybe  sell a little bit higher ticket because right   here what russell did is he was selling a 997  dollar program which bundled in six months of   the software plus training plus templates all  that good stuff and then after the six months  

They rolled into a monthly recurring subscription  model just like most softwares do and then in   my webinar what i do is instead of doing the six  months i actually pre-sale three months and i was   selling um 9.97 or three payments of 367. so  then after the three payments um then it would  

Just because it’s three months access everyone  would roll into the monthly recurring software   right so you guys can go through check those out  those are the exact um webinar templates videos um   go check that out and then selling saas with demos  i have podium so podium is a big time software  

Company valued over a billion dollars out of  utah and honestly this is what go high level has   modeled a lot of their software after a lot of the  features a lot of different things that it does  

And so here is a i think it’s like a 45 minute  long webinar we have 35 34 or 40. um so basically   they’re going through and pitching their services  and then having people book an appointment book a  

Phone call so you guys can see how podium does it  which you know there are obviously over a billion   dollar company and then um what else do we got  here um this is a perfect saas demo i believe  

Paulson put this together so i just pulled that  and so like i said guys i’m gonna be adding more   here um so if you guys want these bonuses all that  stuff like i said just smash the like button helps  

The youtube algorithm get this video out to more  people just like you looking to start their own   digital marketing agency or software business  white labeling the go high level platform and then   um i have several additional resources of how i  you know i went through and got over 15 000 paying  

Clients saas mode website templates real estate  saas funnels how to get your first five saas   clients in 30 days um how to start real estate  marketing software company with no experience   and then um how to create a highly profitable saas  offer so guys i’ve got several things in here and  

If you are brand new here make sure you subscribe  and hit the notification bell because if you guys   have been here with me for a while and watch  my previous videos you know i’m consistently   making content just like this and honestly  pretty much all of it i’m just hooking you  

Guys up with for free so i want to be able  to go through and help you guys with your own   marketing agency your own software business and  basically just cut to the what is actually working   and so you don’t have to have all the trial and  error there’s enough difficulties in business  

Where even if you have the exact blueprint  you know exactly what to do there’s going to   be things that come up that are roadblocks and  so i want to be able to eliminate as many of   those roadblocks as possible by showing you guys  what actually works right so anyway there you go  

Um that’s how to basically go through and sell  go high level saas platform up to more clients   and uh hopefully that was helpful obviously this  is just kind of like a tip of the iceberg and this  

Little um free training program is going to dive  deeper into everything that we kind of went over   on this video today so anyway guys thanks so much  for watching and i’ll see you in the next video

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