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Voyez comment j’ajoute des liens internes et externes à mon contenu WordPress en utilisant Link Whisper. Link Whisper est un plugin payant créé par …

Hi and thank you for joining me again on my channel I’ve got a very busy day ahead of me today lots of affiliate marketing and things to do and one of the things that’s on my schedule today to do I’ve noticed is update some of my internal links now

It’s really important that you update your internal link structure within your website within your content if you’ve got a really good internal structure between all your posts it’s kind of like like like the web imagine a web with lots of little strands coming off of it

What that does it gives you a lot of link juice so when Google comes to your site to crawl your pages it makes it a lot easier for Google to find all the relevant pages and index the pages it has that has good link structure it’s really important that you make it as

Easy as possible for Google to do this they’re having a good internal link structure between all your internal content and also going out to some external relevant sources and relevant links also mix it in Google’s eyes a good thing to do it really likes that and it shows that you’ve taken the time

And the care to find some of these relevant resources to give your users an overall better experience and the better experience the better user experience you can give for your readers the more they will click through read over articles and overall it will increase your rankings and demeanor thority so

Definitely internal linking between articles is something you all should be doing so to do that I use a program called link whisperer I’ll put that on the screen now a plug-in a piece of software that was developed by Spencer has a really well-known affiliate marketers been in the business many many

Years and is he’s a software and program that grew out of frustration for him being really struggling to remember what articles he’s written and which ones it linked to which ones it connected and linked out to it’s really really difficult once you get above kind of 20 30 articles to actually remember what

You’ve written it seems silly but you know I’ve got content on my website that sometimes when I okay I think did I write that I can’t actually ever writing that because you get so many pieces of content coming through especially once you start outsourcing some of the content and some

Of your articles to writers you kind of lose track of what you’ve got so Spencer Haas had this kind of similar predicament he’s websites and absolutely huge some of them and he’s got a lot of content on there and this plug-in came from a frustration of him being able to keep

Track of his internal linking and he found it really really difficult when he was writing a piece of content to know what to link out to so he’s designed and developed this plugin which is called a cocoa link whisperer and I use it across all my platforms on my website it makes

Life so much easier so I thought seen as I’m updating my link bring you along on the journey so if you want to stay with me I will head over to the computer now and I’ll show you it’s not going to be huge tutorial I don’t like telling you

Guys how to do things I would just prefer to show you how I do it if you find it helpful gray I hope you get some benefit out of it I’m not here kind of to teach you everything there’s some fantastic people out there that do a

Great job of that on YouTube and on the internet I’m here just to show you kind of my journey what I do on a day to day basis and I hope you find it interesting and if you do and if you like it at the

End of the video please give it a like give it a thumbs up it really does help me out it’s a new channel trying to grow it and appreciate all the support I get from you guys so without further adieu let’s head over to computer let’s take a

Look and I’ll show you what I do inside one of my dashboards using link whisperer So here we are in the back end of one of my niche website and if we take a look at the menu on the left hand side you can see the link whisper is installed here you have five sections on here up the reports Auto linking URL URL changer

Settings and license all this is a license part is where you’re going to activate your API key once you purchase the product but for now if we just simply keep click the link it takes you over to the dashboard as you can see here on the right hand side this is

Version one point zero four which is the latest version like assessments horses and does a really good job of updating the product and it’s constantly improving and this is one of the latest improvements which is the dashboard so if we quickly look over here you can see

The link stats you can see pulse crawled is 125 articles links found within these articles is 856 internal links is 257 often post is 69 and there’s no broken links and there’s not four or four errors so if we look at these off and post 69 that means the 69 opportunities

Within my content to link internally or externally there you can see the most linked to domains is obviously so I’ve got a lot of product reviews on there linking out to then you’ve got the Hutchins cage comm which is this website which is 257 internal links and then we’ve got

Some smaller referring domains where we’re linking out to so if we take a look at the link report so once you land on the internal link report it will show you all your content and it will show you three columns inbound internal links outbound internal links and outbound

External links now what these are is the inbound internal links that’s links coming into this content from your content so as you can see this article here egg your color this is an article or about keeping chickens backyard chickens you can see here that it has two internal links so two other articles

Are linking into this and then as an outbound internal link some linking out from this piece of content to another one of my pieces of content and then it’s got the outbound external links of three of them which is then leading out away from my website to either other

Pieces of content that other people written as a reference source or to a product and Amazon or another affiliate product so if I click this you can then see what those links are so you can see here that we are linking out to Wikipedia linking out to a educational

Post there for some reference and then we’re linking out to an affiliate product that’s that’s the three links a leading outbound if we then look at the outbound internal links so I’m linking from this article here egg yolk color and I’m sending them through to a level

One of mine which is this one here about feeding guide to chickens and then if we look at the inbound internal links click here you can see we’re linking add two coming into this article so i have a an article here that can kind of chicken

Produce an egg without a rooster and i’m linking from that article into this article and there’s two of them linking into this article surgically it shows you exactly how many links you’ve got within each piece of content and you can easily find content that you have not

Got any links to which if you bear with me now I’ll just find one of those for you so here we haven’t gotten here what to feed chickens and as you can see it’s showing the zero inbound link so if I were to add a link

To this all I simply do is click this Add button and you can see that it brings you over to the inbound links suggestions so this is for this article here what to feed chickens naturally and it’s suggesting these links can now be fed into that part

So it suggested that we have an article here on chicken food and that is a perfect link to go into this article and it’s even suggesting where that link should be so it’s suggesting that a chicken feed article should be linked into this word here chicken feed which

Will appear in this article here which is it’s perfect that’s a great link so we’ll have them add that now if we wanted to change this link so if I didn’t want this word linked or I wanted all this sentence linking edit the sentence you can do it directly from

Here so you simply click this and I could change the word so I could change the word the formulation of chicken feed I could change that to formulation of chicken food by simply clicking edit and changing this word here so I just wants to link the word chicken feed so you can

See I’ve just highlighted that put a little tick in the box and then we continue through all the suggestions that it’s giving you and select the ones that you want to link so you can choose several link to come in to this article and then once you do that you simply

Click Add link and as you can see that don’t that link is now added and we can return back to the main report then go back to the dashboard and you will see that internal links has increased by one that’s now 258 internal links and it updates obviously depending on how many

Links you apply to your content so guys there you go that’s how I use link whisperer the program and software has come along in recent Monte’s let Spencer Haas has been updating it regular and this is the latest dashboard and it’s it’s much easy to use the original one when it first

Came out wasn’t quite user friendly but this dashboard now is so much easier a simple quick and easy I can update 30 40 articles we’ve a half an hour something like that so it is a really handy plugin especially if you grow in if you got

More than 30 40 posts on your website you know easy so difficult to keep track of them internal and external links so without using a plug-in or a piece of software like this there you’ll really struggle and you won’t get the benefit of all them internal link juice that you need so

Google can crawl your site better so it guys if you like this I will leave a link in the description below to link whisper I think it’ll just be link whisper calm I do have an affiliate link and if you use that thank you very much it does

Help me out I will make a small Commission if you do so so I appreciate that but I’m not bothered if you use my link or not you know Spencer has a great guy I’d love to promote these products anywhere I trust them I use them I

Believe in them so I’ll only ever recommend something that I really like and I use on a daily basis so hope you liked it guys hope it helped you out and I’ll see you in the next video lots of new content coming soon I’m recording quite a bit at the moment now and

They’ll be out in the next few days so stick with me and there’ll be more content coming soon

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