Comment utiliser Dropcontact sur Zapier avec Phantombuster ?

Dropcontact est enfin disponible sur Zapier. Pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas, Dropcontact est un outil d’enrichissement qui va …

You might have been expecting it, Dropcontact is finally available on Zapier. For those who do not know at all, Dropcontact is an enrichment tool which will allow you to enrich your leads based on the information that you already own. To celebrate, in this video I will

Show you how I use Dropcontact and Phantombuster on Zapier hoping it gives you some ideas for creating your own automations. As you know I have launched a newsletter on marketing automation and No Code and for increase conversion rates,

I decided to simplify as much as possible these forms by requesting only the fields which are really essential. It is for this reason that in my forms in general I only ask email and I will use tools contact enrichment that will allow others to recover

Information. This can be the last name the first name of the person or his company, but not only. If you’ve seen my video where I will presented my 3 automations you know it. To improve this experience, I set up a

Automation that allows me to retrieve the URL of the LinkedIn profile of the person who just signed up for be able to add it directly after its registration. I add of course a message customize according to the context. I’ll show you all this in detail.

As far as I’m concerned, I use Sendinblue to manage registrations and sends them to the newsletter. Sure Zapier you have to configure a automation that is triggered when a person joins a list by particular. I have several lists, including the list of people who

Subscribe to the newsletter of marketing automation and here I have the list of people requesting the training program on Marketing Automation. Once I get the address email in the first step I will be able to call on Dropcontact that we will have previously connected thanks to the API key on Zapier.

Thanks to the information that we collected in step 1, we will be able to recover further information. Indeed Dropcontact thanks to the email will be able to retrieve the last name, first name but also information about the company in which this person works. In some cases, there will be

Information that you will miss. Here we absolutely need the URL of the LinkedIn profile. So if you can not retrieve the URL of the LinkedIn profile in this step, you will be able to use for example Phantombuster which will do a search on LinkedIn

With the name, first name, but also the company therefore information from that person. Once this is done you will move on to the next step, which will be to add this profile to your LinkedIn network. You will also be able to customize

The message. You will be able to send a message that will be related to the action what the user just did. « Thank you for registering for the newsletter. I allow myself to add you on LinkedIn to continue discussing the subject of Marketing Automation « . This is an example

Messages that I could send in my context which is the registration to the newsletter. I could do the same for them requests for training programs etc … Then the fifth step which is very important is to retrieve this information and store. You have two

Possibilities or send you these information on a CRM and suddenly you create a new contact by adding all the information you have recovered or otherwise as in my case I will just update Sendinblue with the information that I was able to recover, in this case here the name

First name and possibly LinkedIn profile. So much for this automation that will allow us to use a newsletters, a tool for enriching contact, Phantombuster and at the end possibly the CRM you use to try to save you money time and improve the experience user. If the subject of marketing automation

And No Code interests you, I put you some resources in the description video and feel free to subscribe to the newsletter to receive the next videos. See you soon.

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