Comment supprimer des liens internes dans WordPress à l’aide de Link Whisper

Link Whisper

Découvrez comment auditer vos liens internes et les supprimer ou les modifier avec Link Whisper.

Hey everyone its Spencer here with link whisper calm and today I’m gonna show you how to remove internal links with link whisper and so it’s really easy you just go to your internal links report I’m on niche pursuits calm and just shown the back end here and you can

Quickly start to audit the internal links and determine are these good links or bad links meaning are they on topic am I using the right anchor text that I want to be pointing at any particular article that I have and so all you that you do is expand this and you can see

The inbound internal links you can see the outbound internal links or the outbound external links as well and you can quickly come through here and see okay is this the anchor text that I want to be using Amazon affiliates pointing to this Amazon affiliate article and if

It’s not the exact anchor text you want to determine is this something that I want to remove so in my particular case I I don’t like this anchor text this urn as an affiliate because I have other articles about earning as an affiliate in general I really want the internal

Links specific to Amazon affiliate earnings so normally I would have to go into my wordpress editor edit the link you know finally and click on it click the edit button etc now with link whisper all that you have to do is click the X get this little dialog box that

Says are you okay with that and that’s it the link is removed from my website and you can do the same thing with outbound internal links if you’re linking to things that you don’t want to or if you have external links right like you know

Maybe I don’t need to be linking to the Amazon affiliate program as much as I wanted to or as much as I am all you do is click the X makes it really easy but if you did want to come in here and actually change the anchor text rather

Than just remove it you can click the button just like you would with any other link you can go in and then you can edit the anchor text there so using the internal links report and the remove feature makes it really fast and easy to audit to remove those links that maybe

Are confusing Google and to really clean up your site so hopefully you enjoy that feature of removing internal links and using the reports to get a big-picture overview of how well you’ve done your internal linking

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