Comment gratter les abonnés du compte Twitter GRATUITEMENT | Série Phantombuster#1

Phantombuster vous aide à gratter les abonnés Twitter de n’importe quel compte pour FRREE. Dans cette vidéo, je vais…

Hello friends welcome to digital youtube channel and in this video i’ll be talking about how you can scrap the profiles of followers of our twitter account right so suppose this is the twitter account and it has like 876 followers so how you can scrap these followers right so let’s

Do a quick overview how to do that so for that you need to visit and once you are on this website you need to sign up you get a free trial of 14 days you require no credit card to use so it’s free to use but i already have an

Account so i’ll just log in so once you are into this so if you don’t know what are phantoms so the name phantoms are given uh that is basically it’s an automation tool that helps you do various things like scrap the data uh do the optimal uh scrap linkedin profile scrap

Twitter account send generate leads etc so in this video i’ll be keeping it short so i’ll just talk about directly about twitter follower collector this is what helps us to scrap the followers of a twitter account so i’ll just click on use the phantom and once you use the finder make sure that

Once you click on use the phantom make sure that you have a um extension of phantom extension installed so just click on search for the google of phantom buster extension and you will get that get the extension just install it here before and once you install it

Come back here and click on connect to twitter so it will automatically connect so this uh twitter helps you this extension helps you to get the cookies from your twitter account uh directly and yeah so just click on save so once you click on save so you have to

Just three options you have right basically uh so first is the url of a single twitter profile so you can submit over here this twitter url of a single uh pro twitter profile so i’ll just click over here and yeah so you can submit this directly if you want to

Scrap only the pro followers of this profile and suppose you want you have multiple profiles right of different peoples right suppose uh so how you do that so you need to have a google sheet like this and you should um you need to paste all the profile urls of twitter handles here

Suppose i want to scrap this account so i’ll just use that and paste over here and you just have to share the link uh click over here make sure your link is universal click on the editor settings and just copy this link and paste over

Here so you can do that also right so right now i’m just going to show you you are how to scrap url of a single profile so if you want multiple you can do that way and that’s it so i’ll just click on save uh now here there are different uh

Settings as per your requirement you are free to read them so right now i just want to scrap number of profiles you want to scrap right so i will just wrap i want to just 50 profiles to scrap right uh okay if you are using a csv file then

You can again give a directions or how many profiles you want to scrap but this is just a single profile url i’m using so i’ll not i’ll leave it as a blank uh again there are different settings that you are free to read i just give the name of my results a twitter

Scrapping demo name of the result file that you want just click on save click on save and just click on launch so now the software will start on scrapping all the profile data right so i just want 50 there are 22.2 million followers but i

Don’t want all of that i just want to scrap 50 followers from this account so it will just start scrapping so as you can see the account has successfully finished scrapping so all i need to do is click on download csv file so i let me just open it in a excel sheet

So as you can see i just downloaded the file from the here and i upload it on my google sheet so you can see uh the software was able to scrap all the profiles the name of the twitter handle the user id the name of the person the profile link or url link

Uh the you image url so basically it is the image of the profile as you can see the image of the profile and you get other details too right the background the bio detail their website uh the number of followers they have their friends account and etc so

This was a quick tutorial of how you can scrap twitter account followers so if you want more such video then do follow to my do subscribe to my youtube channel thanks for watching see you in my next video

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