Comment écrire un article de blog super rapidement avec l’IA ( Juice AI Review )

Une IA peut-elle vraiment vous aider à rédiger un article de blog ? Dans cette vidéo, nous allons jeter un œil à Juice AI, un outil d’écriture qui prétend pouvoir …

Hello guys in this video I’m going to share with you how you can write a blog post using artificial intelligence my name is Michael from Michael’s digital world and if you’re new here in this channel I do talk about content creation digital marketing and self-development

If you do like content like this do make sure to subscribe to this channel have its post notification Bell turn on and do not forget to smash on that like button and without further Ado let’s get started the artificial intelligence we’re going to be using in this video is

Juice AI juice AI is an AI content writing tool that is specifically designed for Content writer who are blog specific so if you’re a blogger or a freelance blog writer then these two might be very helpful for you but while at the same time we are going to be

Reviewing to check the quality of the content and the plagiarism of the content which this AI can help you generate part of that juice AI can help you do the following dominate your Niche and has the power of ACU do more than just generate text and then so climb

This up with Advanced keyword analysis supercharge your content marketing so this AI is designed to help you perform keyword research and make everything very easy for you to rank on Google and other search engine apart from that it also helps you generate image and videos

For your content so you do not have to worry about finding your generating image for your content and I’m going to walk you through how this AI works so there are tons of things that you can benefit from using juice AI but if you do come to this section the pricing

Section you’re going to see that they offer you different types of plans just say I suppose different types of payments which cost across the monthly payments and the annual payments you do have to try it now option individual growth plan and the agency plan so each

One of them is going to be built at the end of the month or annually so if you decide to go for an individual plan which is going to cost about 59 for the grow Cloud 129 dollars per month and 249 dollars per month for the easy plan and

If you decide to go for annually you’re going to be paying 49 per month which is going to be paid at 588 dollars per year for the growth plan you have once as a 296 and then 200 dollars which is going to be built at 2484 dollars which is

Going to be built yearly so with this you do have tons of options that you can select from for the try it now options you do have article output per month of 10 articles which is going to be at 15 000 words and then a team size of one

Bulk generation of 10 keyword Explorer standard and then you do not have any seed code for the individual plan we do have article output the amount of 300 articles at 450 000 Watts team size of one bulk generation of 25 keyword Explorer Taiwan and then c word of three

For the growth plan you have article output remote of 600 which is 900 000 or what team size of two bulk generation of 25 keyword Explorer Taiwan and two and then you have seed words of six which is your broad keyword and then for the agency plan you will have article output

The amount of 900 and then it’s 1.3 million words and then gave it in size of three gold generation of 25 keyword Explorer all Ties Are One two entry and they get as much a nice seed words so to use this AI to what you want to do is

Sign up for an account and pick a plan in which you’re interested in you can also try it with just a one dollar monthly subscription to see how it works to know if you would want to go in for a higher plan so simply sign in into your

Account and once you have signing into your account I’m going to explain everything for you so in this section here you’ll be able to perform a whole lot of things like I said in the beginning of this video to be able to use this AI to write AI generated blog

Post so the first thing you need to do is to perform a keyword research which I also do have a video in the description that explains how you can perform keyword research so once you have your seed world or a broad keyword that you want to Target you can then come to this

Section where it says my seed word so in this section here you want to click on ADD seed word so click on this and then you can see the number of seed Words which are available for you to use in a month so come here and paste in your

Seed words so for our own Topic in this this video which we’ve been writing about ever since is drop servicing so I’m just going to come here and add drop servicing to our seed world so while that is going on I’m also going to be explaining using this because this is

Going to also take time to help you generate related queries to drop servicing and the good part about using this tool is that you do not need to start performing extra keyword research or finding a long tail keyword because this is automatically going to do this

For you so for example I have a seed Board of affiliate marketing and side hustle here so if I do click on this you’re going to see this section which is my long tail keyword here you’re going to see tons of different keywords that are long till that has already been

Generated with this artificial intelligence simply come to see all and click on this and in this section this AI is going to help you pull out thousands of keywords that are related to this and it’s also going to help you categorize them into the standard juicy extra juicy and super juicy now the

Difference between each one of these is that if you want to see all of the long tail keywords that has been generated you can come to the co section here but that isn’t going to give you the best result so if you do want to perform the

Standard it’s also going to help you start analyzing this keyword to know which of them has higher search on search engine the ones that people are really surely searching for so for example how to start affiliate marketing there are people who are interested in starting an affiliate marketing business

And don’t know how to go into affiliate marketing so it has a search volume of 16. how to register for affiliate marketing which is 62 there are people who are searching more for this type of content over this and that is what this AI is also telling you but you can also

Go to the juicy site in the juices side is only going to provide you with keywords that are long tails that people are searching for with high search volume with very low competition so for example how to run Facebook ads for affiliate marketing which is if you are trying to Target affiliate marketing

Keyword this is a good keyword that you can also write about how to make money in affiliate marketing how to make money on affiliate marketing how good is affiliate marketing and you can also include some of these questions in your article while writing there’s also this section which is extra juicy the extra

Juicy also provides you more information that you could rank for it automatically puts those that you could rank for at the top how to sign up for affiliate marketing what is the difference between affiliate marketing and influencer marketing influencer marketing versus affiliate marketing how to start affiliate marketing in Canada

How to do affiliate marketing on Pinterest and there are tons of these keywords so the more you keep scrolling the more it keeps bringing out keywords related to this particular seed route for you you do not run out of keyword ideas that you can write for and the

Good part of this is that you can click on each one of these to add them to this section which you can then start generating article about them so for now I’m just going to untick each one of these the super juicy is the best articles that you should go for with

This you’ll be able to rank easily when people search for this particular keyword so how quickly can I make money with affiliate marketing how to learn affiliate marketing quora how to start affiliate marketing with no money quora how does affiliate marketing work and the reason why you’ll see most of this

Query is that people are currently searching for this and most of this information are pulled directly from search engine making all the analysis very simple for you you don’t need to start performing keyword research on other platforms before you can get a very good keyword that you can Target so

Once you have all of this on this side so we do have our keyboard which is drop service loading once you have all of this you can then go to the next step which is to write for that particular content so here’s one of the contents which I have generated another good

Aspect of this too is that you can integrate it with your website so to integrate it with your website simply come to this section and click on settings now this is going to take you to the order page and in this section here where it says my site simply click

On this you can add your WordPress site and you can add your Shopify site so simply come here and then click on which of your websites you have if it’s WordPress or Shopify and then add them directly so I do have my own website added to juice Ai and any article that I

Publish can directly be published on my website from here so we’re going to go back and our seed board which is drop servicing is ready so simply come here and click on drop servicing and also come to this section here and then you can also go to super juicy if you want

To Target a keyword that you can easily run for is drop servicing worth it what is servicing stop does a service server work job servicing companies hard job servicing work how does job servicing stock work how to start job servicing for free and then you can also scroll

Down to find more so here is the question which is how to find clients for job servicing which are also queries that people are interested in so you want to go for Content that are within the super juicy extra juice at the end juicy so before we start writing for any

Particular content idea that has been generated for us we’re going to read through one of the blog articles generated by juice AI if you come to this section you can see the ranking factor of the Articles also the search volume from the keyword research earlier which means if I publish this article on

My website I’m going to get people who are searching for it and I’m going to easily rank for this particular keyword because it has already performed both competition analysis and keyword research for me so in this section here we’ve been able to generate this article

Using this Ai and here is one of the blog posts that have been written so you can scroll down to the end and you can see that this article has a 1400 and 22 word soup these videos are videos that has already been pulled out from different places online how to make

Seven hundred dollars per day with ClickBank so for the beginning we do have people are spending more time online than ever before which is great for those who have a web page or website and an income stream through affiliate marketing or advertising there are many ways to make money online but there is

One thing that almost every beginner fails to consider you need to know how to Market a product first running your own business doesn’t happen overnight so it is important to start with something simple first by offering quality content about a product or service of yours you will attract new visitors which can then

Be converted into sales so this is just one of the Articles which has been written for us so for now we’re just going to go back to our drop servicing and then we are going to pick something so we’re going to come to Super juicy and then in the super juicy section what

You want to do is find keywords that you would like to write about so there are tons of different keywords here and you can select batch of keywords that you’re interested in so how to start job servicing for free I’m just going to Simply click on that and if you want

More rating for you all you just have to do is click on the plus sign now once you have selected the keyword it’s going to be highlighted here as number one two three depending on the number of article you want written for you and then simply

Come here and click on generate so now your article is now generating this could take up to a minute so simply come back here and then you’re going to get this page your dashboard where you’re going to see your article which is currently being generated so this is

Going to take about 60 seconds for your article to be generated and once it’s generated we’re going to read through the article and then we’re also going to check the plagiarism of the article generated for us with this artificial intelligence so how to start drop servicing business for free so once the

AI has generated a Blog article for you the next step is to read through the article that it has generated and you can simply do this by clicking on the article and then it’s going to load in the article for you but before we read through this article I’m just going to

To walk you through the working environments using these artificial intelligence for example in this section we do have the outline and then the SEO checklist in the outline section you get all the outlines that are included in your content for example you do have make a website find clients make a

Contract charge client become a member of the BBB business open a business bank accounts start selling it for your business so if you feel there is need for you to add any particular outline for your content you can simply come to this section and then once you find

Where you want to put your outline you can simply click on the plus sign and then you’re going to get this section here so once you type in your outline you’re going to get a generate new section and then this is going to automatically start writing for that

Particular section you can also delete that section in the SEO checklist you do have future images and the area has gone a long way to help you find images for the content you are generating but if you do not like the images that has been generated for you you can simply click

On this and once you click on this it’s going to load in terms of different stock images that you can images we are all free to use so once you find anyone that is related to the content you’re trying to publish you can also search for a particular image by using the

Search function here you can also use the Custom Image here you’ll be able to put this Source under the alternate description so once you found a particular image that interests you you can click on it and then insert it and automatically this is going to be placed

In this section now what this means is that once you publish this article to your website directly from here the image is going to be your future image and everything that is available here is going to be there this area automatically helps you create a blog

Post that is SEO ready for you to publish directly to your website without copying and pasting anything in this section you have the meta description so the method description is not available you have to manually put it into make a description and all you just need to do

Is come to this section and then start typing in The Meta description that you want for your content below this you do have the SEO analysis the SEO analysis you have the featured image motor description which is currently available number of board member foreign images and weapons and then you have the

Juice call for a particular content so now let’s walk through how to use this AI for example if you are interested in writing something or you found a section that is not helpful to you or is not in line with the context you’re trying to write for you can simply hit regenerate

New section or generate more content you will generate more content you’ll be able to expand a particular section so that you get to move words out of your article so if you’re looking for a longer form content then this area is also good for you to do that and once

You click on this it will automatically start scrapping through different content ideas that have made to make it even a longer form for you and then if you use a regenerate function it automatically rewrites the contents for that particular section so if you also have an image in a particular section

That you don’t want that only you don’t want to replace the image you can call and click on the mbj get this option which is replace image and remove image so once you click on replace image you’re still going to get the same access where you have tons of photos

That you can select from so for this section here we do have create a business card and we create a business card section you can simply type create a business card and then find the image that matches with that section and then insert it so now that we have explained

How this works let’s go straight to reading this article so starting a job service business can be expensive luckily you do not need a ton of money to get started in this article I will go over some easy way to start your own job service business without having to spend

Large amounts of cash most people are familiar with drop Service as they offer free delivery via pickup truck over this is usually done within working distance of your home or office so there is very little of our head cost but what if we took it one step further what if we

Eliminated all costs but if we give you a fully functional drop servicing business that you could run from anywhere in the world this is possible it is something many other companies have already done but before we dive into how to start a drop service business let’s talk about why this is

Important and what kind of business model best suits you so the next section is supposed to start telling us why this is important and you can simply do that by coming here and adding a new section and in any section area you want to write why drop servicing is important

And then generate a new section so for the next section we do have in our contents which is um create a business card it reads that starting your job servicing business does not require much equipment or resources all you need is a printer and a laptop stick and some self-confidence

Just comes with offering products and services so use that to start building your business drop off service items at home and office is already done by most people so why not capitalize on that by adding drop and promotion on top of what they have now you can make even more

Money business card are one of the key components of starting your own drop Servicing Company they are very cost effective free to create and easy to spread around to other individuals and businesses this article will help you design and create your perfect business card then how to promote it and get

Customers so I don’t like this section here because it’s making a repetition of something that has mentioned earlier so but I won’t be able to read throughout all the contents that has been generated with this AI so I’m just going to go to the next step which is checking the

Categorithm of this article I’m going to leave a documents in the description so you can read through what has been generated with this AI so this is where I promise is that content written with this blogging AI tool is going to give you as much as 100 free plagarism and if

You come to this section on their website how does juice compare to other AI content creator you can see here that they promise you that you can get as much as a hundred percent unique text generation so in this section of the video we’re going to be checking these

Articles to see the plagiarism and to check the polarity of any content you don’t need a play algorithm Checker and one of the plagiaries to Checker we’re going to be using is a premium plagiarism trigger by grammarly so simply click on it to open a new

Document and if you do for a free plagiarism Checker I do have links and video in the description it’s going to show you how you can do days so back switches AI how to start drop servicing business and how to make money via affiliate marketing but let me checking

The plagiarism of these two content so for example our first content which is how to make money via affiliate marketing simply click on it and then copy all the contents that is on this page once you’ve copied the content on the page the next thing you need to do

Is go back to grammarly and then paste in your content and click on done to start working on it there is no way you would use any of these AI copyrighting tool that you won’t get plagiarism on any content you’ve written that’s because there are a lot of content that

Has been published online and they seem to be repetition and there’s nothing you want to write that simply is new anymore so for the correctness Clarity engagements and delivery and style it seems to be good so click on plagiarism to check and compare your contents with other published articles and to

Determine the level of originality of the content for example this article has a plagiarism of four percent and you can see where it says cells this article has similarity online top 5 ways to make money online in 2023 and then this is the website where you can check that and

This is the word that is plagiarized between them which is there are many ways to make money online but so since there’s something similar online but one key thing to understand when checking plagiarism is that when you do find articles that have less than 10 percent plagiarism they are unique and original

And you can go ahead and publish them and also allows you to do less work on the particular page meaning all you just have to do is paraphrase a few of the sentence to get rid of the plagiarism so that your content is truly unique and original but if you have articles that

Are higher than 10 you consider them as moderately and then if you have articles that are greater than 20 people consider them as greatly polarized so back to gcai what we’re going to do next is we’re going to go back to our next article which is how to start a drop

Servicing business for free click on this and then copy all the content that is on this page now once you have copied this you want to go back to grammarly and then highlight and then paste in the new content so for this article you can see that we do have a plagiarism score

Of two percent it automatically starts checking the plagiarism once you’re on the plagiarism of the page now you can see here the juice AI actually does provide content that is close to a hundred percent plagiarism free so if you’re a Content writer a freelance blog writer or a blogger and you’re looking

For a tool that can help you make this process much easier produce content in batch then juice AI might be for you so thank you guys for watching this video and I hope you found this video helpful if you did find this video helpful do make sure to subscribe to this channel

Have that post notification Bell turn on and do not forget to smash on that like button and I hope to see you guys in my next video

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