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Prêt à promouvoir votre prochain projet ? Ensuite, vous avez besoin d’une page de destination. Découvrez à quel point il est facile de créer et de personnaliser un palier…

Hey it’s Jim Parr here and we’re going to walk you through how to create a landing page for whatever promo you’re doing running Google ads there is so much importance to having a landing page because we do a lot of Google ads I run multiple agencies and one thing to

Remember when you’re running doing a landing page you’re focusing your direction to that individual and and bringing them in to convert them into a prospect so landing pages are necessary to bring somebody in sending somebody to a website or to a website page is just not going to get the

Conversions so we’re going to walk you through on how to create a landing page in minutes and we’re going to go through everything transparent teach you everything and but before we get going hit that subscribe button below hit that Bell notification and leave your comments because I like

To answer questions that you might have we do have some links below to get uh one of my courses uh but I’m not going to push that on to you just uh in the description there’s some links there if you want something easy to really walk

You through step by step uh we’re gonna do everything in this video that we can in the matter of minutes but we’ve got a really complete course on High level which we’re using to build these funnels and we’ve got a course on starting your own marketing agency also so let’s get started

We are now into high levels so uh I have this white label as uh our software is called sproutified and that’s Spotify dot i o uh one thing to remember about this this is high levels so uh this is built on the high level platform I’m gonna be completely transparent with you

Throughout this and that’s just the way I’ve been all my life so uh high level is an incredible program that you can build websites you can build funnels you can uh convert your leads you can do so much with high level and it saved us over for our agency over sixteen hundred

Dollars a month so if you’re interested in it I’ll give you a 14 day free trial that link is below click on that and you can start building your own landing page and do it as I’m doing it pause the video and walk through so we are in high level right now we’re

In our fitness one two three account in Nashville Tennessee it’s just a generic account that’s why you don’t see any numbers here uh so we’re not going to use a real account but we are going to connect a real product and put in real images and everything else so the first thing that

We do is we’re in our dashboard in a high level you can see we have con conversations calendars contacts opportunities payments you can collect payments you can do bumps I’ve used uh every funnel Builder you can imagine page leads click funnels I know all of them uh this is my favorite

This one is the easiest and it is the most complete and I’m not just saying that I’m being honest with you so the first thing that we’re gonna do is go into sites and then there’s sites here we’ve got funnels websites WordPress uh you can do WordPress in here uh forms

Surveys chat widget you can put a chat widget in your contact form but uh what we’re going to do is build a funnel so with this click on new funnels we’re going to build it from scratch and we’re going to call this uh Fitness uh landing page

Uh we’ll just call it the challenge 21 day challenge okay so if you’re a fitness person and you want to build a landing page for a promo or a 21 day challenge maybe you’re with first form maybe you’re with uh have your own company that you’re

Doing CrossFit whatever it is uh this is uh landing pages it’s all going to be the same so you start with step one and uh landing page one and this could be a one-page funnel everything is done right there and I say that because when you start clicking through different things

That you got to click to pay click to schedule click to this um once it’s all in one page you don’t lose that individual you don’t bore them so I like One Step funnels and uh maybe a two-step just to say thank you on the back end but no more than that

So we’ve got our funnel started and we’re in uh in our first step here we’re gonna get started by adding our first step so that’s called join today and uh and that’s going to be our only step as I said like a thank you uh one cool

Thing is if you lose using click funnels right now you can just grab a click funnels URL drop it in there and it’s going to automatically create that funnel real quick for you so we got joined today and we’re just going to create this from a blank canvas uh one

Thing that I you did notice real quick let me just go back is you can split test uh just like any other uh funnel software out there you can create two different variations and see which one performs the best so let’s get started by creating the

Blank page here we’ll just jump in here and we’re going to create a header here so I want a full width um if you’re going to add different things like what we’re going to show you here you can add different rows so I’m going to add three rows I’m going to add

A logo so we’ll go over here and we’ll grab images if I’m going too fast just slow it down pause it and you can jump into wherever you need to go so I’ve already brought my stuff in there’s a cool media folder that you can add all

Your media so you don’t have to keep going back to your computer and and that doesn’t cost anymore it’s all inclusive so I’m going to add the logo here I’m going to add the name of our challenge here and so I need to add an element again it’s going to be image

And uh there we go it’s taking some time to think there so we’re gonna add this image for our 21 day Wonder Woman challenge and I’m gonna add another image in here and this is just going to be the our fitness star and one cool thing I can do with this I

Can add um a different look to it so if I want to add throw a circle in there um I can just go like that and I’ve added a circle in there so I could add borders whatever else I always say make sure you save your work as you’re going and

And so you just hit save It’ll ask for metadata if it’s not in there because these are all SEO friendly so the next thing we’re going to do is we’re going to add another column here and a row this could be a one row deal and uh

So one column and we’re going to add an element and we’re just going to add a sub headline here and we’re just going to say starts um August first how about that Okay so we’ve got that and you’ll notice the different call uh different sections we’ve got sections we have rows

And we have uh columns and then your element inside that column so we’re going to add another element to this and I am going to add a countdown timer so it’s really cool because the end date of the countdown calendar would be um we’ll just click on this and we can

Look at the calendar so it’s going to start in two days wow August 1st is coming up so it starts counting down you can change the colors so maybe you want the numbers red or blue or let’s do green we can do that so we’re going to hit

Save again we want to save our work and I’m just going to add a underneath this element here I’m just going to add a divider here and we’ll put that in and sometimes if you’re going too fast um gotta give it time to catch up so I’m going to add a green divider

Uh you can set the pixels on this to make it as thick as you want so it’s already looking nice we can save it we can even preview it at this point if we wanted to but it’s not going to look much different than you see right now

So my next step is to add the offer in here so I’m gonna go ahead and go down so I want it green here because I want to add a new section so I’m going to do a full width and this one in particular is going to be two columns

So we’ve got two columns and we want to add a headline and our headline in this one is going to be Reserve your spot and I always like to put something like limited availability you want to create that urgency uh for the individual and so we might just say do a sub headline

Uh limited space what that does it tells the individual that’s signing up that hey we only have so many spots for this and uh so it creates that urgency to get them on board plus they see the minute timer that they’ve only got a couple days to sign up

And then I’m going to add another headline here and we’re just going to call this do a sub headline and uh I’m just going to say what will you learn okay and we’ll put a question after that why not and so we’ve got that now

I want to put a welcome video in here um which is really cool to do and usually I use Vimeo uh to basically add my videos in so I’ll put my video in Vimeo uh the one nice thing about this funnel look at all the stuff that you can do in

Here two-step order confirmation one step uh you can link Shopify you can do whatever got Maps reviews whatever you want so we’re gonna add a video uh the nice thing about the video is uh it works with a lot of different it works with YouTube vimeoistia

Uh custom embed so you can put whatever HTML5 we’re going to add Vimeo and we’re just going to put that in bam it’s already there so it can auto play uh one thing if you’re running ads with Facebook Instagram you cannot have an auto play on there it’s just against the rules so

Uh that’s something to remember as you’re doing it so uh we’re just gonna add a few bolt points underneath this and uh I’m just copying and pasting uh these in here so forgive me if this doesn’t work like I want it to um so I might have to

But you get the point here so I’m gonna have to do a return and then add these in here if you want an extra space hold the shift and hit enter and then just backspace this but uh I’m just going to leave it like that uh we’re gonna go ahead and throw that

In there like that uh I’d like to add maybe a nice image under here so I don’t like to add too much to a landing page because of the fact that it just uh steers you away from it so now one thing that we’re missing here is our offer

So we need to be able to add in here what they want to order so it’s basically um they need to we’re going to do a one-step order form so uh this is all edible over here not like eat it but you know what I mean

So uh shipping info and all that stuff you don’t need to have that in here so we could just put um like your info and then we want to hide the company information we just want full name email uh we do not need shipping so we just

Toggle this off it’s so simple to do this you can toggle off the phone number uh whatever you want and so we’re gonna toggle off the company information uh we’re gonna show the phone number and uh we are going to remove the shipping so there you go so it’s just a nice

Uh one step form uh we can even change the color of this button to kind of match the rest of our form and I didn’t notice this image is just a little bit too big so I’m gonna bring that down to even a little bit smaller so it stays within the

The form itself so the other thing I’m going to add is we’ve got that completed and when we add the product and I’ll show you how to do that we have it connected to stripe so that we can add our product in here um it just makes it super super simple so um

I do see one thing that I want to change I want to bring this spacing up and uh because it’s got quite a space so padding on the top I’ll bring that up padding on the bottom we can kick that up and move this up here so that somebody doesn’t miss that

So the one nice thing is a lot of people are going to use mobile but we can look at it and see what it looks like a mogul before we even throw it out there so we’ve got the order form that’s what’s important is to have that right there in their face

And if we want to preview this we just click preview and here is our landing page funnel so uh one thing I wanted to add here is at the very bottom I just want to add a nice full width footer so it’s going to be one column and

And we’re going to make this background color the same green that we’ve been using and then I just want to add a little element so on some of the um some of the funnels that you run if you’re running ads with um you’re gonna have to put your privacy policy down here

And uh and any disclaimers or anything like that so we’re just gonna put for now Fitness one two three copyright um and we’ll just put 20 22 copyright so I can change the color of this font just by clicking that and that just gives it a little bit look better look

Um we don’t need uh this to be so big so we’re just going to bring it down and we’re going to save it so we’ve got our funnel and got it all connected we just need to add our product because when we look at it it basically doesn’t it’s not connected

To that product so if we go in uh we need to go back so we’re gonna go here and get back to the main page and we need to go to products right here so we need to connect our product here and we’ve got our stripe is already connected

Uh so make sure you go into your settings and go into Integrations and make sure you connect stripe or PayPal so to get this product in here we first need to go into our settings and we need to go to Integrations and go into stripe and then we’re going to go into products

And we want to import this from stripe so we can see let’s just throw this in here and we’re going to import it and now we’re going to go back to our funnel so under sites go to that landing page funnel now if we go to products and add our product in here

And it should be right there we’re going to call this uh 21 day funnel challenge okay and got the price we’re gonna save it now we got the product in there so if we refresh this preview there it is so 497 if you had two different prices you could have

Those in there I recommend one because it just makes things easier and not as confusing so the video plays are you ready to reset your diet it plays flawlessly and you have a nice funnel landing page here that took a matter of minutes to set up

So it probably would have taken me five to ten minutes to set this up if I wasn’t doing the explanation of it and going through each step for you but that’s all you need keep these simple don’t put a bunch of links up here navigation links when you’re building a

Funnel the only thing I would say is uh once they’re done uh ordering that particular uh product or whatever create a second page and all you gotta do to do that is add a new step and we’re going to call this thank you we’re going to create

And you just want to keep it super simple create the same headline and then uh I’ll just show you kind of real quick what we would do create um and maybe just do a full width add two columns maybe just a a logo and uh so that they know that they ordered

The the program and it went through uh obviously he can reduce these just by going over here and just do 250 on the width drop this down to 150 or we’ll just put it at 200 we’re going to save that and now we’re going to add one more column full width

And just add some text in there basically you just want to say thank you for purchasing whatever program you got save it and this will come up as they pay for their order it goes to the next step and that’s the thank you page so that they got confirmation they’re going to get

Confirmation through stripe and everything else uh if you want to get the software there’s a link below 14 days free trial no credit card no nothing you just try it build it on here with me on this video because that’s how you’re going to learn how to do things uh because that

Is just really the key thing here I’m gonna just add increase this but you got mobile you got desktop I’m telling you the software is incredible I use it every single day to build my agency to help clients out we use it to make Google ad landing pages and they convert

Like crazy so if you want to start building funnels and landing pages which is the same thing quickly to promote your products to promote your services whatever it is grab the software right away and if you do the 297 a month plan which is cheap uh because it has a lot more

Than what some of the other software has have I will give you my master class on High level uh for one dollar per month uh as long as you want and it’s got 30 modules goes into step by step walks you through on setting everything up and how

To convert and everything else we do have a class on on how to start your own agency if you’re interested in that just leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you but uh hope you have fun and thanks for hanging in there and watching this video take care

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