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Hey what’s up out there it’s Doug Huntington from niche site project and the Doug show in this video I’m going to tell you about tool that I use I’m actually a customer of the tool I purchased it I didn’t get a free copy I am however an affiliate and it’s called

Link whisperer it is a tool that allows you to add internal links to your site as you’re writing a post as your for example writer or editor is working in WordPress they can insert links it’s that easy to use additionally spencer hawes the creator of the tool has been

Adding more functionality so it can give you like an error report so if you have links that are not pointing anywhere they’re pointing to a site that has gone away or they’re pointing to somewhere that is no longer relevant on your site you can run a report on all that stuff

And I’ve been a customer since the very beginning and the tool has improved a ton I actually remember the first version of it was extremely buggy and I kept sending emails and you know the tool has gotten better and better it’s been out over a year at this point and

One of the reasons why I’m publishing the video right now is there’s a sale going on there’s a there’s a sale going on this week only depends on when you watch it but from I think May 25th until the end of the week there is a sale so

There’s a discount you could follow my affiliate link in the description and you should be able to check it out let me show you quickly a few of the cool things that you can do with link whisper I’m going to go over here to the screen

And I’m on my site niche site project comm and you can see just the dashboard and the report that pops up initially here and I’m gonna show you a few things and I’m not going to give you like a full tutorial tutorial I’m just going to

Show you a few things that I really like so number one we can see just quickly where I’m linking so I’m linking to my own site a bunch optinmonster that’s monster campaigns is my sort of email pop-up that I have on the site usually they’re not pop-up

So I’m going to YouTube a bunch niche pursuits that’s actually spencer hawes website so i’ll link to him a few times and actually i think i linked to several other places too but i’d probably need to rerun the reports so that’s a little boring for this particular dashboard so

I’m going to show you something a little bit better we’re gonna go to the links report right here and these are the internal links and I’m actually gonna rerun the report here live just so you can see how quick it runs and the the reason I wanted to show you is because

In the beginning this took a long time this took a long time to run it actually didn’t didn’t test this beforehand so I hope it actually runs pretty quick I think it just said a hundred percent a second ago but an interest of not completely boring you I’m gonna hop over

Here it says please don’t close the tab otherwise whole process will stop and I’ll have to continue later and okay cool it did finish that fast I did not edit this there’s no cuts or anything like that so it actually worked and just a testament again I didn’t run this ahead

Of time I wanted to see what would happen while I’m recording live and I’m opting to not edit this video mainly because I don’t want to edit it laziness and I want to publish it quickly so I’m going to show you a couple things really

Quick and I’m sort of curious to see how things are gonna behave and I’m just gonna look for the keyword golden ratio and that is something that I can build links to right throughout the site and I see there are a few posts here and we can see that there are internal and

Beyond links and there are outbound internal links and if we were to click one of these we could see where those links are coming from and if we click the little plus sign here we can see where they’re going and there’s also outbound external links so internal that means

The links are going to or from niche site project external means the links are going outside of niche site project so I’m going to close these up and I’m just gonna kind of look around here to see if there’s any that perhaps could you use some links and you

Can see this is my the the page that I want to rank so there’s 31 links going to that some of them there’s just a few links here and there you can see there’s 41 links going to this particular page which is interesting and and these are

All the pages where I mentioned key word golden ratio so it’s going through and choosing those as well and we can see just a number of sites starting to size the number of pages on the site and some of them are just not that relevant like this one here there’s zero links going

To it but this is a post from October of 2016 kind of dated I really don’t care to rank that so I’m not even gonna pay attention to it so just pretty cool to be able to see this report here and you can go check some other stuff too so I’m

Actually gonna go ahead to the next page here and we can see there’s some that actually don’t have any links so what I’m gonna do because you could sort based on the inbound internal links so we can find all the pages that have 0 all right we could find all the pages

That have 0 and we can see that are several posts that are actually kind of interesting that maybe should have some internal links going to them gosh well that’s too bad and I started looking for keyword golden ratio but it looks like I don’t need to

To build any links to any of the specific posts so one that I do want to build a link to is making a thousand dollars per day that one’s kind of interesting so I’m just gonna show you in a demo right here again there’s nothin here so if we click the plus

There’s none so I’m gonna add just click Add and it’ll pull open a new tab here and it’ll it will give us some suggestions this is the power of the tool right here it’ll give us some suggestions on what we can build links to funny there’s no suggestions here which is too

Bad so this is one little flaw the because this title here is sort of strange and there’s no like major keywords in there I wasn’t trying to rank for anything specific there’s nothing that comes up so this is actually I don’t know what to do with

This here so I’m gonna return to the report so I can’t really build any links to that one in that fashion so let’s see if we could find something this one could be better so guest post campaign reboot and the thing is I use guest post in different areas of niche site

Projects so this one may come up a little bit better fingers crossed otherwise I’m gonna have to rerecord this and find some actually have some suggestions so let’s see what happens here it’ll take a second it is searching this is live again no edits no edits is pretty much like running a live

Video ok perfect so now we can see that we can actually build some links here so we could edit this sentence if we want to we could actually change up the anchor text here too so we could change up the anchor text conduct a guest post

Campaign so I’m just going to click a little checkbox and that’ll allow us to add a link here so once we get to that point I’m just gonna scroll down and this is probably pretty relevant here so the guest post can be accepted and I usually like to use a long phrase like

This so I’m going to just click the check box there okay now I’m going to continue to scroll down how to choose where you link on your own site from a guest post and here’s some other stuff you could you get edit this sentence right here so how to choose where you

Link we could say maybe to link like if you wanted to edit the text and then click Save and then we could make the anchor text this whole section here so I’ll put a little checkbox there and that is how you do it if you do want

Some other options like this you can click the check there sorry the plus mark here and then select different areas right so these guest posts have contextual backlinks and then again you could sort of edit the anchor text here so I’ll click a little checkbox there and scroll

Up click add links then it does its thing it actually goes through via the database and it will make those edits for us so that we see the little thing is turning it says success and we are good to go it also means this is like animating here I think we’re all done

Now what we can do we could refresh the link count for this part five that we just took a look at so when we refresh it it should reflect some additional links so internal links for those are the ones that we just added and we can

See the exact ones that we added them from so full report here and we’re good to go I’m going to close out some of these windows because we don’t need them open anymore and I’m gonna hop back and show you right here one of the other

Cool things that you could do you could do Auto linking you could do a URL changer beyond the scope of what I want to talk about today but there are tutorials and different things that you can you know learn how to do those things but the report mechanism is more

Than just the links report you could do a domains report tells us some of the stuff here or the error report so again this is something that I did not run ahead of time because I wanted to do it live right now so it just clicked the button fingers crossed that this doesn’t

Take forever it is gonna have to go through all the posts that I have and run you know do the magic on the database and I’m not gonna go and try and fix all the errors undoubtedly there’s gonna be quite a few because I haven’t done this before so and we see

Is taking a few minutes I’m gonna actually pause here because I don’t just have filler content so I’m gonna pause and right now the time is 5:30 for when I’m recording this and I will come back when it’s done and I report the time whenever it finishes all right we’re

Back full disclosure it took a few minutes it took approximately the amount of time it would take me to get a beer from the kegerator and that is just a few few minutes and I can you know cheers for building such a good tool Spencer good job it does take

A few minutes to run that report it took about ten minutes to run that report on 351 posts and here we see that there are multiple areas where I am linking and it’s a 404 error not not found there’s a request timeout so there are a number of issues here

51 bad links and the thing is those bad links kind of send a sign over to Google that I am NOT keeping things as current as I should on my site and there are things that should be fixed so I need to work on that and either link to the

Appropriate place or you know change the link you know change the link sometimes the the link is dead and it’s not relevant anymore or whatever so there’s other functionality within link whisperer but I just wanted to show you that because I knew for a fact that I had bad

Links and I guess I just exposed that I don’t keep things is up to date as I should but the cool the super cool part is the tool is simple enough to use and it’s much more robust than it used to be that I will be able to get one of my

Assistants I don’t have a big team it’s me and a couple of assistants that help me with specific things and I’ll be able to talk to my friend they’re usually my friends I’ll be able to talk to my friend to help me out and say hey I got these dead links you

Already know how to use link whisperer if not go watch the video over on the website and you should be able to you know link or remove the link or do whatever I want him or her to do in this specific case and in fact it takes

Nearly you know no time it takes about five minutes to let you know the person know what if you’re hiring a VA for example to let them know what they need to do and then what to do then they have any questions they can check out any of the videos out there like

This one for example though it was a very tutorial based I was just kind of telling you about what you could do but you can go check out the tool in general and you can check out the videos over on the link Whisperer website anyway there’s a discount right now going on

For just one week and it’s sort of it’s kind of a big deal there’s not as there’s not very many discounts that come out on this tool there’s not very many big promotions and it’s the time to take advantage of it like I said I am a

Customer I did not get the tool for free even though I know Spencer and I’ve known her for a pretty long time so anyway if you have any questions about the tool you can you can leave them in the comments but I actually would direct you towards Spencer and his team because

They do an excellent job the support is very very good and the tool has come a super long way till last year thanks

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