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Hey everybody welcome back to the channel I’m Maury with Momo AI tools and in this video I’m going to be showing you how to convert an article to a video using picture now if you haven’t already make sure to check out my video about this review I made a whole entire review

Video talking about Victory the pros and cons how much it costs and things like that so just be sure to check that out so like I said in this video I’m just going to be showing you how simple it is to convert an article to video with this

Tool right here now there are other tools that are similar to this and I will make other review videos talking about those tools but for this video we’re just going to be talking about Pick 3 because it’s the perfect platform and software to do when you want to convert articles to

Video okay so what I’m going to do here is I already pulled up an article it’s about the seven ways to make money online I’m gonna copy and paste this article URL and paste it in here to article to video so for example if you have a blog or

Um like a website all you need to do is go to the URL the blog or the website copy it go back to your pick to read and paste it and what it’ll start doing is extracting key messages in the article and turning that into a video alright so

As you can see here that’s what it’s doing right now and this is a very cool feature because it takes all the time and the hassle of having a gold line by line and coming up with screens or scenes and then going to the stock footage and pulling out stuff

It does that all in one in this platform okay so as you can see here I already have the AI power summary pretty much took this long article and made scenes and just summarized it all right so what I’m gonna do right now is go to

Next of course if you ever want to edit this make Corrections um change the scenes around you can do that but as you can see here I’m just going to leave it as is because I just really want to show y’all how simple this is okay and then I can

Go to any template of course I can choose one of the library templates or I can create my own template or import my own template um so what I’m just gonna do is I’m gonna click just a standard one all right and so this is most likely

Going to be a YouTube video so I’m gonna use 16 uh nine of course if you wanted to make like a tick tock or a real or like a YouTube short you can use that one but for this video I’m just going to use the 16.9 click on it

And so what it’s doing right now is it’s coming up with the storyboard stock footage so it’s combining the script and different visuals into one now nine times out of ten it would it will add music and then it can also add the um subtitles as well

So I’m just gonna do this thing one of the things I like about Pick 3 is that it connects to storyboard so you don’t have to go to storyboard pay for the membership to get those videos um it already is integrated which is very awesome all right so once this gets one once

This is ready with the um the visuals and stuff like that it will pop up and it will show how it looks so I’m just going to pause it and wait oh never mind because sometimes I know it takes a little bit long but this is my video and

So I’m just gonna go ahead and place push play so you can see a scene or two okay and then that’s the first scene and then we have the second scene all right and guys if you want to try out this um platform you can I went ahead and

Left a link Down Below in the description you can get started completely for free now with the free version it does have the watermark there um and then they have the different packaging plans that removes The Watermark and give you more videos to make and more time make your videos

Longer and stuff like that okay all right and then if I wanted to like delete this for example it’s just no I can delete that if I didn’t want it I can just simply just delete it as well as with this one so I can just delete that scene

Of course you just want to make sure that you go through all of them and um delete the ones that you don’t like and I’m gonna delete that one and so as you can see it came up with some pretty good stock footage and then

Also if you wanted to add more stuff to these things you can I’m just briefly going over this so you can see how easy it is to work uh with this tool and then also if you wanted to add music to the video you can all you do is go to audio

And then with the free package I think it gives you like five or 15 000 tracks available which is awesome so I’m just gonna apply something to it and then push preview and then what it will do is play it or it should supplied make sure yeah so as you can see here

Got the music playing and then if you wanted to add like a voiceover or record your own voiceover you can they already have pre-uploaded voices so you have a lot of different AI voices just to choose from and they even have different accents and things like that

Um so for example I’m going to use Ava click applied and then it’s going to pair that AI voice up with the text for the script top seven ways to make money online without leaving home all right so that’s how easy it is to make this

And it only took me less than five minutes well less than 10 minutes um so what I’m gonna do is go ahead and generate the video as you can see this video is only two minutes and 11 seconds I’m gonna um generate this to a video so the only

Kind of con of this service is that it takes forever for these videos to render Um this can take up to like seven minutes meanwhile gives you some fun facts about the power of this AI video generation tool but as this is loading I’m gonna go

Ahead and pause it and then cut the recording back on when it’s done all right guys so the video finally generated it took a little bit of time but it’s generated so what I can do now is download it get a copy of the link or export it to

Text or different files like that for this video I’m just gonna go ahead and download it open it and just show y’all how it looks like top seven ways to make money online without leaving home and so as you can see here the video was actually only one

Minute and 30 seconds if you’re looking for ways to make money online then you’ve come to the right place one affiliate marketing when customers on your digital platform click on a link to make a purchase they are taken to your affiliate partner’s site to complete the transaction and you get a commission for

Every completed sale affiliate marketing is one of the fastest and easiest ways to start an online business because all you have to do is promote the products two selling on Amazon eBay Etsy and Craigslist the digital retailer also says there are more than two so as

You can see here I created a video now if you’re going to use the free account or make a free or do the free trial it does have this annoying Watermark there now if you want to get rid of that you have to get one of their other packaging

Plans I think for starter out is just like 19 bucks a month and then the premium package is like 39 bucks a month again I made a review video going over the pricing in the pros and cons of this service be sure to check that out but

Yeah guys so what you can do with this video is just upload it to YouTube um wherever you want this video to be you can upload it and it’s pretty much done for you guys so if you found this video useful be sure to leave a like if you want to see

More videos like this in the future make sure to in the future make sure to subscribe to this Channel and with that being said I’ll see you on the next video bye

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