Combien de temps dure l’essai gratuit de Pictory AI


Dans cette vidéo, nous allons vous montrer la durée de l’essai gratuit de Pictory AI. Pictory AI est un éditeur vidéo IA qui attire beaucoup l’attention…

How long has pick 3’s free trial this is a very good question let’s take a look at this I am inside a free trial account right now so as you can see I’m going to click on upgrade and I’m going to upgrade right now and so the free trial subscription plan is

Right here so it says it’s active it says I have basically videos left is two of three okay so I already used one as you can see I have one project in my folder here I’m going to go ahead and see if I’m going to delete this project

Are you sure you want to delete it I’m going to say yes I want to delete it I’m gonna go now and check my plan here and it says I have videos left two of three my transcription hours are 101 and my template left is one of one and it says

It’s active so I’m going to go back here now I’m gonna go back into project and see I have no projects left I’m gonna go ahead and say create new project I’m going to create a script to video or text a video so let’s go ahead and do that

I’m going to call this demo I’m going to click proceed and I’m going to click select and then click continue all right so now it’s generating my video so now I have my short video here it’s five seconds long I’m gonna go ahead and click on generate video

Let’s see if it allows me to generate this video so this is my basically my second video that I generated and we’re going to see how that affects my trial plan okay so it is done generating let’s go ahead and click the download button all right so I’ve downloaded my demo

Video I’m going to go into my projects so now I have I had one in here I deleted it now I have another one let’s go ahead and click on upgrade and see what it looks like now so videos left so basically I started off with three of three

I had one that I did so I dropped me down to two I did a second one so now I only have one left according to this I’m going to create another project I’m going to do script to video again I’m going to call this demo 2.

All right so it’s done it says goodbye and matches the picture that’s fine click on generate video so we’re going to click on generate all right so it’s done generating we’ll go ahead and click on download we don’t have to download it but we’re going to download it anyway

And we’re going to go ahead and go back to my projects and as you can see I have two projects in here I have the demo first one which is which is really the second one I have demo two so now let’s go back to upgrade and see

Where we are so basically I have videos left at zero three let’s create a new project let’s proceed and let’s see if it allows me to create another video so I’m gonna call this demo 3. all right so now I’m going to go ahead and click on generate generate video

And as you can see it says video limit reach you have reached the limit the limit of your current free trial please upgrade to generate more videos so the key here though is that you can use it to create project after project after project after project but then if you

Want to actually generate the video from that project then you’re going to have to upgrade so the thing is is that you can learn how to use Pick 3 and do all the stuff that you want to do inside of it save it as a project and then once

You have saved as the project then what you can do is go ahead and you want to generate videos on that project after the first three then you can go ahead and upgrade to the free trial now do remember that when you do generate videos that are part of a free trial

That it puts a watermark in the upper left-hand corner of the video so even if you’re generating a video and you get three and it generates them it’s still putting a watermark in the upper left hand corner all right so that’s it so you can do as many projects as you want

The only thing that you cannot do is when you come down to generate you cannot generate a video because this should not generate because it hits the free trial Mark all right so that means that you can practice as much as you want in Pick 3 create projects do

Specific things but what you cannot do until you get a pay plan is generic videos that you can download all right I hope that was helpful so check out the rest of the videos in the MVP tutorial series

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