College Drop-Out parle SMMA et SaaS avec HighLevel ! Mon étudiant affilié à succès Preston Rhodes !


And then in six months when you have 15 plus clients they’re going to look at you and say how the hell did he start a software company and make all this money and he’s a business major what is he doing what am I doing wrong why am I not

Getting paid as much as him and I make the software you know you stick with exactly what you want to do in this business model and eventually it’ll pay off and your environment is going to be everything for you hey guys what is up it is Dominic welcome back to the

Channel and in this video I’m going to be doing something I’ve actually never done I’m going to be interviewing one of my most successful Affiliates ever I cannot wait to get into this we have a whole presentation planned he’s going to talk about everything that he has done

He was a university student at University of Cincinnati and he is going to be covering everything from A to B and I’m super excited so welcome Preston hey guys it’s nice to finally be on the channel I’ve always been someone for the past six months who’s been watching all

Dominance videos never thought I would actually get a video on the channel but I guess that’s just a great reflection of how hard work pays off absolutely absolutely man this is a long time coming me and Preston have been talking for months and months he was actually

One of my first Affiliates ever I will always remember walking around in the garage on the phone call with him and talking about everything that he was going to do and everything that I was trying to do as an affiliate leader I mean I had nothing I barely had any

Affiliates at all he really was one of my first like 20 or 30 so this is just the craziest experience for me and I can’t even imagine what it feels like for him so very excited cannot wait to get into this and uh let’s get into it

Yeah so I have been doing go high level SAS business model for around seven months now I uh have been doing sales efforts for my SAS company for around six months now I really took the first 30 days of Dominic’s free trial in order to understand the entire go high level

Platform and how to use it for my own business as well as the other businesses that I was going to sell it to very cool because I actually found Dominic’s videos around nine months ago when I was sitting in my dorm at college and one of his videos was really intriguing to me

And I actually saved it and for the longest time it was just something that was always in the back of my mind I was a business student and was always interested in possibly starting a business I never knew I could start a business but I had made sure to save

That and come back to it later on and actually during the summer when I had gotten an internship as a strategy analyst intern at a blockchain real estate company here in Cincinnati I was just really bored and at work I pretty much went through my Tick Tock again and

I had remembered Dominic’s video and so I pulled it up and I went through it again and went through his channel and from there next thing you know I was diving right into the SAS business model which is super interesting because I usually don’t you know go into anything

I see on Tick Tock I’ve been a big cryptocurrency Advocate and there’s always a lot of gray area around content online for different businesses and different business models so when I saw Dominic’s free course as well as his free trial I dove right in and next

Thing you know I was in my free trial building my SAS company it really excited me right away as you know the way that Dom explains how to start your SAS company was pretty simple uh you were going on Google my business and pretty much searching businesses near

You and quickly I found out that a lot of businesses here in Cincinnati could benefit from go high levels features as well as the solutions that I would Implement later on into their businesses I actually showed my mom what I was going to do and she thought that it was

A get rich quick kind of scheme as all she ever heard from me was get rich quick schemes like cryptocurrency and you know Forex Trading and stuff but you know I told her that I had lost enough money in cryptocurrency and enough money in Forex that 297 dollars wasn’t going

To be too big of a hit for me if the business didn’t take off so I dove right in with the free trial learned as much as I could and within 30 days I was actually doing sales efforts in my area that is amazing I love that story and I

Have the same situation with my mom who I don’t know if you thought it was a get rich quick or if she thought it was a scam or this or that but her her one reaction to me when I started to make some money was I will believe it when I

See it in the bank I’ll always remember that saying because I’m like oh man she still doesn’t believe it and I’m out here doing everything I said I was gonna do but yeah it’s uh it’s very cool and I love the story and I cannot wait to see

Exactly what you did and I’m pretty sure everybody is dying to know as well yeah so uh it all started when I was working at my internship I was working full time so uh nine to five from Monday to Friday actually nine to six and uh the entire

Time I was working for a startup and if anyone that’s watching this has ever worked for a startup you know that it can either be super Reckless or you know you’re not doing much work at all and I had actually been the second round of interns at this business and they really

Didn’t have their whole processes straightened out so I was left with a lot of free time to do whatever I want I guess you could say unsupervised free time and that’s when I really dove into this business model I started by writing down all my thoughts uh as you know with

This business model there’s a lot at first and the best thing you can do is kind of piece out your thoughts and understand all right who are the first people I’m going to reach out to is it family to friends is it neighbors is it friends of friends is it family friends

And from there I started writing down every single person that I knew I could possibly sell the software to and get some experience with so I pretty much started this business while working full-time and from nine to five I was working my internship and from five to

Nine I was focused on this new SAS company that I was growing awesome yeah that’s kind of similar to how I did it except I was a little bit out of college but I was working at nine to five and then on the weekends I was doing

Doordash and I was trying to ask every family member and every person that I knew but uh yeah a lot of people know my story so uh let’s get into exactly what you did to get your first client second third fourth what you did for them I

Think that’s going to be the main question on everyone’s mind yeah so my first client was actually my next door neighbor and he owns a local restaurant here in Cincinnati that Dom actually you know worked with as well for one of his first clients called La Petite and when

I was watching Dom’s content I had seen Le Pete pop up multiple times and I thought well how is he doing this if that is a big you know chain restaurant how is he able to talk to someone and end up selling a website and software

Too and what I found out pretty quick is that even though it was a chain restaurant Le Peep has just one big website for all their locations and some of the specific locations don’t actually have websites so I knew my next door neighbor’s son actually owned the local

Le Peep here in Cincinnati I was lucky enough that when I reached out to Dom he actually gave me the Le Peep snapshot which was super exciting for me and at the time was very very thankful for Dominic for letting me use his Le Peep

Snapshot and I went over next door to my neighbor’s house and started chatting away about this new software system that I was starting and that I wanted to implement in his business and I pretty much did what everyone tells you not to do I sat there and I ran him through

Every single go high level feature explained how it worked and didn’t explain the outcome of what it was going to do for the business and my next door neighbor who’s actually a software owner himself he ended up kind of putting me in the right right direction for how to

Conduct sales meetings around this and give me a lot of advice and told me to prepare as he would kind of introduce me to his son and so the first client I ever got was Le Peep I went out of my way I woke up very early in the morning

Just to go out 30 minutes to Le Peep and Pitch the software solution to his business and he took a risk on me he uh you know I could tell I wasn’t very prepared at the beginning and he saw me as you know someone to take a chance on

And he actually allowed me to implement my software Solutions into a website that I built for him or you could say Don built for him and sent over to me and from there integrated to his Google my business and started a Rewards program so that was my first client and

Going from zero one is the hardest definitely one of the hardest things to do and once I went from zero to one every other meeting I had in the future I was able to reflect back on my first client and you know this established credibility for me early on this

Opportunity only provide immense value in the future for any business Partnerships I had his client actually didn’t end up being a paying subscriber for too long we worked together for around two months before one morning I actually woke up and it was sending automated messages uh for rewards about

The business on a Saturday and it really ticked off the business owner and he ended up just texting me saying you know we gotta turn it off let’s shut it off so this was one of the first learning experiences for me and uh you know it was something that time that was

Difficult for me to understand but it actually helped me later on with all my other clients in order to make sure that I didn’t make the same mistake yep that’s a that’s a really good example and a really good thing to tell because I’ve had moments exactly like that with

Some of my first clients and I was lucky enough to keep them but I totally understand that that could happen and they could they could fire you on the spot for one simple mistake and that’s why my motto always always and will always be for the rest of time the best

People that use high level are the ones that are best at high level I mean they just understand it front to back they’ve got it all memorized almost so that there aren’t many scenarios where something can go wrong because yeah it’s really hard and this type of business

Where you almost have to be perfect even the business owner doesn’t have to be perfect but you may have to be perfect in order to keep that client and uh it just comes down to knowledge and how much you know and obviously Preston knows so much more now than he did eight

Months ago it’s crazy because now I actually work with over 15 local businesses from any industry being Spas Roofing construction restaurants you name it pretty much went out and did Outreach for every single industry in my area try to book as many calls as possible as many in-person meetings and

Quickly I was booking meetings every single week to the point where literally during my internship I had a 30 minute to one hour lunch and I was setting meetings in-person sales meetings to sell the software during my lunch break at my internship and it was really cool

Because at work I was doing my work as well as building my business and during lunch I was going out and doing my sales efforts and coming back to work and then going home and then grinding go high level a little more so you know it

Really paid off during that summer I set a goal for myself I the end of the summer to hit 10 clients and actually achieve that goal a week before the summer ended and was able to due to unfortunate circumstances quit my job a week before the deadline for the

Internship program and you know felt financially stable enough because the position I put myself in to make this decision heading into the school year where I was approaching my junior year of college that’s awesome man that sounds amazing I mean you’re doing exactly what everybody always dreams of

Doing which is you know getting out of the Rat Race and starting their own business and I think this is going to lead to hundreds of new things for you networking and possible Partnerships with affiliate leaders like me and and so many more things I think this video

Itself is going to lead to a lot more for you as well so I can’t wait to see what it does yeah so I’ll give you a little run through of some of the clients that I’ve worked with here in Cincinnati one as you can see in the top

Left being my college I’ll go further into that here in a second but like I told you I didn’t specifically Niche down I always thought that Dom had a unique story and a unique way of teaching with his course by telling people that you know local is sort of

Your Niche and the software provides value to every single type of business out there the only struggle that I did run into early on was pricing I always was too afraid to address pricing with clients early on I remember my second client who I had actually met in person

Pulled out her credit card at the very end of the meeting and put it in front of me and said how do we start and I was too nervous to even take a credit card that I told her don’t worry after we set everything up I will go ahead and bill

You for the services and to find out very quickly that you know I sent her that invoice a day later and it didn’t get filled out for three weeks so that was also something I had to learn very quickly was that you know taking credit card information for the services you’re

Going to provide up front is always necessary and from there that was just another learning opportunity for me but as you can see here I’m working with a lot of different businesses anywhere from detailing marketing companies Spas restaurants electric vehicle rental companies retail stores and much more

And so my third client actually was is my University this was an opportunity that came to me that I was never expecting I pretty much approached the center for entrepreneurship program at my university in the Linder College of Business that I am in and I told them

That I was starting a software company and I knew that there were a lot of student businesses at UC that I could help with this software I was looking to offer some type of discounted subscription for the services I was going to offer they had a look at what I

Was offering to students for a discount and they said you know what will students in college they really can’t afford services like this so how about we partner with your company UC should partner with your company neoteric Solutions and offer your software platform and white label ghl accounts to

Students for free and on the back end we will pay you and you will meet with students on a weekly basis to walk them through how they can build websites how they can build automations for their companies so this was a opportunity that was so unique in a sense and I had to

Call Dominic right away because I didn’t understand that I could even do something like this I didn’t know if it was possible I didn’t know how to go about doing this even how to price something like this and Dominic you know was able to pick up that phone and talk

To me for like an entire hour and give me Insight on how to approach this right now I’m still working with the university and it’s been great I’ve been working with like 15 different students and student businesses it actually gave me a lot of Consulting experience that was transferable to my sales meetings

With clients understanding issues and businesses as well as leveraging my experience from working with students to feel more comfortable in in-person meetings with clients awesome yeah that is the craziest story I think I’ve heard from an affiliate so far is the whole University aspect as I think I’ve seen

The idea so many times of people going I’m going to go to the professors I’m going to go to the school I know people should be teaching this in school I’m a finance major and I’m minored in business no one knows more about not learning in school than me and I just

Feel like I really wish I would have had something to do I was always trying to make money when I was in college always like literally my goal in college was to drop out of college that was my goal and I could not not figured out I didn’t

Find high level until two or three years after I graduated from college so this is something that I feel like you’re living you’re living my kind of dream here where I could have taught other students at the same time as almost getting rid of this whole college

Experience that I just never really felt I was progressing in yeah well when I actually transitioned from that summer back into college it was a difficult transition for me because I went from living at home with a car with kind of this schedule that was based around my

Family time as well as my work time to going back to the fraternity and fulfilling my commitments within all the leadership positions that I had at the University I actually founded the University of Cincinnati cryptocurrency club that I was the active president of I was holding a leadership position in

My social fraternity as well as I was involved on campus regularly so I was trying to live the college life as well as run the agency and very quickly it kind of didn’t work out and I had to reassess my environment and where all my time was going because I knew that at

This point with what I had put myself through in that summer that I developed a mindset where I was Unstoppable and I knew that I could do whatever I put my mind to and then I needed to start putting my mind towards this business because it was definitely going

Somewhere and I took the SAS model actually ended up getting an opportunity to do social media marketing as well and from there I was able to Kind of Perfect this mix of a software as a service and a social media marketing agency that we can go into later and this was when

Really things took a next level for me even in terms of Revenue as you may know that social media marketing Services can get pretty expensive compared to software as a service services and when you mix the two it makes for a more valuable offer as well and more opportunities as well as additional

Streams of revenue for your business so I was all assessing this during my transition back to school I was a little worried about you know my growth in the business but I had the right people around me I had the right mentors and the right resources I was able to

Continue to make this happen and here we are today with over 15 clients and doing social media marketing lead generation as well as SAS and now even branching out to that affiliate model so one thing that really helped me continue to grow my business and establish credibility as

A student and a young entrepreneur here in Cincinnati that was approaching other businesses was when the University of Cincinnati actually approached me and said we are going to publicly recognize the great things that you’re doing with students as well as your business we would like to write an article about you

In the University of Cincinnati news and this was something for me that I had never thought was going to be possible my first thought was what are my friends gonna think about this where my parents would think about this and what is the online community and SAS going to think

About something like this because of what I have done is so unique in a way I was honored to be able to share my story with the marketing team at University of Cincinnati so they can help share my story as well so they ended up actually writing an article about me and talk

About all the great things that I was doing as well as how I started my company company how I built the SAS model what their first opinions of me when I approached them with my business opportunity for them what they thought about it as well as helped explain my

Journey and how they helped me establish a presence at the University with my business helping other students so there is a great piece in here about myself and some of my tips for other business owners and one thing that I always like to say is that you know these business

Owners are just regular everyday individuals like yourself and I I always thought that these were scary people that I couldn’t talk to in a short amount of time after meeting with enough people and stepping out of my comfort zone enough I realized that you know these people actually just either want

Someone to talk to somebody to work with want a young motivated individual to help them out with their business as well as someone to replace that time aspect with what it would cost them with the opportunity cost for setting up systems like this for themselves this

Was a great opportunity for me to be able to get recognized publicly by the university establish credibility in the Community I actually leverage this in a sense of marketing for later on when I was running advertisements for my business as I thought this was the greatest thing in the world and you know

In a sense it is because not a lot of people actually get to be in their University news I wanted to bring up one thing that you said earlier when you’re talking about how intimidating it was to probably talk to a lot of these people whether they’re professors or owners of

Businesses because that’s something that I’ve tried to tell other people about with my journey was it was extremely intimidating talking to millionaires or these guys that own so many restaurants so they own this or they own that real estate whatever it was that was the hardest thing for me and probably the

Hardest thing for so many of you watching uh are going into businesses and trying to talk to these people that you think are so much higher than you in every way shape and form I’m here to tell you they’re not most of them if you’re if you’re even close to me in

Preston’s age they’re blown away that you’re doing this they they look at that and they’re just like what was I doing at 21 24 25 like I wasn’t doing this at all you’re already so far ahead of them in terms of what you’re doing doing and if you’re older than that it doesn’t

Matter either because you’re trying to start a business and they know what that’s like and they obviously have been there they’ve done that and they should have some type of sympathy unless they’re just bad people so that’s one thing that I noticed very early on was like these are just regular people just

Like me and then when I started to gain crazy traction and now yes I’m at over a hundred thousand dollars a month I make more money than most of my clients that I had and it just it goes to show you makes me laugh sometimes because I’m

Like I I judge these guys and I judge these people on thinking they were so intimidating and mean and ruthless because they had more money than me and now I make all this money and I’m still the same person and if Preston came to

Me and was like Hey I want to do this or that I would feel weird if he was intimidated by that like I would just be like why is he intimidated to talk to me like I’m just you know I’m just a kid on YouTube but at the end of the day we’re

All just people and that’s how it is and some of us get either luckier than others or work harder than others and and get to this point in business it doesn’t mean anything it means nothing at all and if you talk to a business owner that is up there someone one else

Is way higher than him and will put them in their place immediately that’s another thing that I’ve learned so don’t be intimidated by these people at all they’re going to help you and if they’re not going to help you then they’re not good clients of yours 100 I definitely

Agree with you for me it was just definitely stepping out of my comfort zone picking up that first phone call in order to do a cold call as well as you know dress up for my first meeting I didn’t know what to dress how to act

What to prepare myself with and so you know even where to meet I also didn’t know if I was supposed to buy the coffee if I was supposed to buy the lunch I didn’t even know if I had money to do so it was kind of this weird position but I

Put on some khaki pants I put on a polo shirt and I drove to the nearest Panera and met up with these local business owners and shortly found out exactly what you just said that these people are just regular individuals like you and I and that just the fact alone that you

Are motivated about helping them and are probably one of the only people who have actually gone out of their way to do research about their business and then approach them with with ideas that will actually benefit and provide immense value to their business that alone just

Shows you what you can do for just going that extra step and meeting business owners in person as I do think that is the best way to approach a business model like this absolutely 100 now I believe you’re going to go into your presentation I’m super excited about

This so uh let’s check it out yeah so what I want to present here is kind of my Revenue growth over the past three months so as you guys know I’ve been doing this for six months and I had immense growth within my SAS business model throughout the past six months so

I started out on my free trial and I actually took a risk as I told you before with finally upgrading to the paid version of go high level and when I did so it was a great opportunity for me to finally hold myself accountable for starting this business I acted as if

That timer or that 30 day till that next payment was a ticking time bomb and that I had to go out and find these businesses and somehow cover my costs of that subscription because I really really wasn’t making any additional money outside of my internship which was

Paying bills and going towards savings I had a period where I went from making zero dollars to finally paying off my subscription and then from there new at that point I could take it as far as I wanted to and throughout that summer I went from zero to around three thousand

Dollars and then finishing that summer up I had around four thousand dollars in reoccurring Revenue I went back to school right around when I was building that social media marketing agency model and lead generation model to the SAS model I was already doing and this allowed for a more valuable offer that

Ended up getting me into that six to seven thousand dollar a month period and to one point where I even made ten thousand dollars in October in Revenue I wanted to show you this because it is possible I remember selling websites for ninety seven dollars I remember doing

Websites for absolutely free just to get the opportunity to do business with somebody and pick up another client and now I’m at the point where I will turn businesses away if they are not worth my time or if they are not worth the money at all and so I never ever would have

Thought that fifteen hundred dollar payments would even be possible with a business model like this or even be possible for someone like myself to make without a you know corporate job on the left you can see one of my clients actually was getting billed for three separate marketing Services under one

Business owner at one time he had three different companies that I was doing marketing services for for fifteen hundred dollars a month I worked with this business owner for around six months still work with this business owner just under one company but as you can see there this is immense growth

That actually attributed to this you know very high monthly recurring Revenue that I do bring in it got to a point where I was making a lot of money I really didn’t know what to do with it so I actually reinvested back into my business as much as I could I bought a

Monitor I’ve actually bought three monitors I ended up buying a PC that my roommate helped me build I bought a printer I bought two desks I bought pretty much much everything you could for a SAS agency it gets to the point where you spend about three thousand dollars there’s really nothing to buy

Anymore and now I’m at the point where okay I’ve realized that this is a good stable amount of income and that I shouldn’t really be spending my money on anything else except for saving and possibly investing some of it you know now I’m at a position where I am

Financially stable enough to not pursue a full-time career in finance as I was always doing before and now I’m able to not do internships during the summer but fully dedicate and focus myself to growing my agency and building out the SAS model so not until recently did I

Actually just give Dom a phone call around a month ago and I pretty much ran him through everything that was going on with me I was always someone who kept Dom in the loop about my growth I even got to the point where I was you know

Reaching out to Dominic and asking him you know what is next for me is there anything that I can do to kind of involve myself in the community more as well as taking approach similar to how Dom did and teach others my age of how

To do exactly what I did and I realized that I touched an audience that I never thought I could touch before which was people in college who are in business and don’t know what they’re doing in business they might be a finance major or a marketing major but they have no

Idea what they’re going to do with that and that was someone who I was always that person and I am around people you know being in a fraternity I’m around so many different business majors and you ask them what they want to do and none of them have an answer to that question

I didn’t have an answer to that question until I had seen Dominic’s content come across my feet so when I started talking to Dominic again and told him the unique position I had taken on this business model and my recent success with it he told me that I should start sharing my

Story with others online so I went ahead and you know listened to Dominic and one week later I posted a video of some really unique cool things I was doing with the new AI chat GPT integration and how I was leveraging it within my business in order to streamline business

Processes as well as provide additional value to my clients with less time and work going into it and as you can see here it kind of blew up I wasn’t really ready for this I didn’t know what to do I understood that you know the content I was making was extremely valuable at

First I didn’t understand it because the people around me didn’t realize it and it took me to the point where I actually had to post it online in order to understand the value I provided to you know people online like myself so I started posting content and I couldn’t

Have asked for anything more than the recent traction that has gone to my page I hit over 5000 followers within the last week and none of this would have been possible without Dom’s guidance of telling me that this is something I should pursue and now it is something

That I’m pursuing that’s awesome man I uh I have a Bittersweet taste for tick tock obviously you guys know my story with Tick Tock but um it’s just absolutely insane when people hop on that platform and I mean you’re looking at it right now 123 000 views on that

Top video 5 000 followers got the link in the Buy IO because you can get that after a thousand followers it’s insane I mean what’s 70 000 views can do for a business is ridiculous what that would cost in ads he did for free he did with

Organic traffic and this is going to change absolutely everything I’m gonna make a lot more videos with Preston we’re going to talk about Tick Tock a lot more uh we’re gonna talk about uh YouTube shorts coming out in February they’re changing a bunch of stuff with YouTube shorts in February that is going

To be massive you’re going to see a lot more content from probably both of us in terms of YouTube shorts and uh where this entire industry is headed and then chat GPT I mean oh my God this that’s going to be a whole different you know

Um genre in terms of what it’s going to do to SAS smma and business in general honestly yeah what’s really cool is I always thought posting online would 100 just bring in a additional stream of Revenue that possibility of bringing in Affiliates but one thing that’s been super interesting is just from posting

Online without even the intention of going towards an affiliate model but more just share what I do online with people I’ve had more business inquiries than I’ve had even alone in the past three months I’ll tell you I was expecting people to call me and say Hey

How do I do what you do instead all from you know roofing companies and you know these cool companies saying hey how can I get you to work with me and now it was at the point where I used to reach out to businesses and now businesses are

Reaching out to me which I never had thought would have been possible and it wouldn’t have been possible unless I was sharing the cool and unique things that I was doing online with everyone else welcome to social media my man it is the greatest thing that ever existed uh if

You use it right yeah I just kind of wanted to go into some things that I wish I had known before starting I think these are always good key points to touch on as I do think that Dom did a great job when I was in his course of

Making sure I didn’t worry about the business name the business logo the very important things that he had went through that he had to experience that took a lot of time that didn’t need to take a lot of time and he was actually able to save me a lot of time and

Everyone’s story is different everyone experiences different things so I thought that I would put together some things for you guys that kind of would be something I would tell myself six months ago when I first started the first thing I’d say is business owners are just regular people like you and I

We kind of covered this to an extent and just know that you know these are the type of people that are literally you they experience the same stressors that you do as a SAS agency owner they forget to show up to meetings they forget to respond to emails they forget to do

Basic things like check their inbox and even check the CRM so it took me a little while to understand that business owners are regular people just like you and I and even when it comes to those stressors that US agency owners experience every day next thing I want

To go into was that being uncomfortable will develop an Unstoppable mindset for yourself this is something that I never understood at first I know with all the recent red pill and masculinity content going around on that it’s been something a lot of people have been kind of dying

To get is this Unstoppable mindset and before any of these influencers came into my feed I didn’t know it yet but I was developing an Unstoppable mindset the only reason I was developing this kind of mindset was because I was putting myself in uncomfortable situations you know I did grow up with

You know generalized social anxiety and I was not always that type of person that would go out of my way to socialize with people whether it was business owners whether it was peers or whether it was friends and I knew that in order to pursue this business model that Dom

Had made it sound so easy to pursue that there were going to be things that were not so easy that I had to overcome one being going to meetings with 50 year old men talking about business that goes into my point of mentors being extremely important and not necessarily am I

Talking about online mentors or online courses or mentorship programs online I’m talking about the opportunities that will present themselves from from you putting yourself in uncomfortable positions to where you’re meeting older people that have so much experience that they can share with you I would never have imagined that I’d be spending my

Time with a 38 year old business owner and his wife talking about businesses and getting advice on my business and going over ideas of new businesses we’re going to start and I found out very shortly that mentors are extremely important you know my mentor taught me about paying taxes registering my

Business properly getting Insurance all these things that you would have never thought with an online business model at first you would ever need but because I was surrounding myself with older individuals with a lot of experience in the business space it opened my mind to some very beneficial relationships that

Would actually improve my standing as a young entrepreneur here in this space another point I wanted to touch on was if you are young you need to leverage your youth with this business model A lot of people think that being young is bad for a business like this and that

People won’t take you seriously for a business like this I’m 20 and I look 16. you know I have people telling me all the time that I look 16. I can’t even grow a beard and I’ve actually taken it the other way and leverage the fact that

I’m young in order to successfully run this business you know I leverage the fact that I’m a business student in my cold calls and my marketing strategies that I am a motivated business student interested in learning about you a business owner who has so much value and

Experience that you can provide to me I might as well during that meeting end up providing a little bit of value to you as well with my business that I’m starting so I’ve been able to leverage my youth because I do believe in this age of social media that us you know gen

Z and 25 I guess you could say and younger we already grow up in a era in an environment to where you are already marketing your personal life online thinking about what the best photo of yourself is to post or what’s the best caption for your Instagram posts you

Grow up in an era where you are already used to marketing you’re marketing yourself imagine you leverage those same skills that you’ve developed from just growing up in this era and transfer it to do it for a business it’s literally the exact same thing you’re just not

Marketing yourself at this point you are marketing a business so I always like to tell people that if you are young do not let other people tell you that it’s going to be bad for a business model like this because probably one of the best things for starting your business

When you are young because I honestly think I’m at an advantage compared to those that are 28 or 30 years old starting this business model they don’t have the credibility of being a student pursuing a finance degree and starting a business while they’re young and being motivated and doing all these great

Things at such a young age so I 100 think if you are young this is one of the best business models that you can start as well that’s awesome and I’d like to weigh in on that because I probably see it about five times a day

Now I mean you’ve got all these Andrew Tate videos and all these big videos that are blowing up so so many like 14 to 17 year olds have been hitting me up like crazy and saying like hey I’ve got to start my own business but can I do

This am I old enough to do this I do think that if you’re under 18 you are going to have to go through some hoops getting a stripe account a business registered and all these other things but I don’t think it’s impossible and I think that their biggest fear isn’t that

They can’t get it going and get it started their biggest fear is that they’re going to walk in and a business owner is going to laugh and be like my son’s older than you like why would I let you run any part of my business which is not true now yes sometimes

They’ll look at you like a little bit different but at the end of the day any business owner at all if they have any business sense they will look at that and go wow I wish I was doing this at that age that’s absolutely insane the hustle is ridiculous I mean I’ve heard

Stories and seen videos of like Mark Cuban talking about going door-to-door when he was like six years old I mean this is this is literally crazy I mean it’s like a myth it’s it’s a story that they’re going to tell other people you know this 14 year old just came in and

Wants to run my marketing man Helen say they built my website like how insane is that so I think there’s so much more to uh to look at when you’re actually younger I think it’s better in my opinion 100 and one thing that I wanted to touch on is that this business no

Matter your age you know whether you are young or whether you are older person you know if you get to the point where you are scaling it at the rate I was scaling it do not think that it won’t get stressful yes it is a great business

Model and it’s probably one of the less stressful business models because of that monthly subscription and passive income that it allows for after you set these systems up and step away and remove yourself and let them run themselves but when you get to a point where you’re managing a lot of accounts

At once and you are communicating and maintaining relationships with a lot of clients at once it can get stressful and I never thought it could but I learned very quickly that it was all going to be about how I pivoted what I recognized was causing the most stress and allow me

To understand is this something that could be automated is it the onboarding process is it the relationship process what is the most stressful and how can I recognize this step away from it and then either automate it or make it so it’s less stressful and from here I was

Able to automate onboarding processes automate the relationship with my clients to book meetings with them as necessary automate different systems to pretty much streamline everything in my business to make it as least stressful as possible but this didn’t happen until I experienced those stressors at first

And was able to recognize them so yes this is a fantastic business model that will cause a low amount of stress at the end of the day if you just grind this business like I did and get to a point where you know you necessarily aren’t sleeping much you aren’t you know

Working out anymore it’s eventually going to take a toll on you and lucky enough I was able to realize that early on and say that my business cannot be successful unless I mentally and physically am successful as well and when you combine the two there is no

Saying what you can do with this business model I’m really excited for people to see this I think it’s going to open up so many doors for a lot of the the younger people and a lot of the people who were just starting because I love seeing success stories like this

And and letting them know that it is stressful there’s a lot of things that go in I mean the amount of times I’ve had to look at people in the face and been like dude it’s a business model this is a business you have to treat it

Like a business no business in the world was ever just set up and perfect and ran great and made them rich I mean it just doesn’t work like that so I think the more you treat it like a real business like Preston has done the more results

You’re going to see and and the better opportunities that are going to show themselves in the future and one of the most stressful things that I would say lucky enough my mentor was able to talk with me about this early on to where it wasn’t too big of an issue but the fact

That if you do bring on smma clients and you do go into that more valuable offer to where you are actually getting paid a very large amount for some of the services you are doing contracts are necessary with this business model we do you know with the 97 and 297 a month

Stay away from that contract word because you’re at that point where it is a low enough amount to where you do not have to commit to a contract because it’s a monthly subscription that’s the last thing you want is Netflix telling you you have to sign a contract for

Something but I didn’t realize this until I started you know providing those more valuable offers that were in the 1500 a month where now it wasn’t as passive as I thought I’m bringing on additional overhead I am hiring virtual staff or I am Outsourcing work and it

Gets to a point where now you are actually spending money to make money and you need to be able to guarantee yourself in the future if you are bringing all this additional overhead on in your business and contracts are going to be necessary in that case because if

You do not you will be taken advantage of your youth instead of leveraging your youth it will leverage your youth against you because you are not using contracts and it will not end well so you’re going to want to make sure if you do explore into that more valuable offer

If you are talking to a mentor or you are watching videos online of how to properly assess an opportunity like that in order to guarantee a future for yourself as well as a stronger relationship with your clients because at the end of the day contracts are just

A language in the business World it took me a while to learn this I thought they were scary I thought it just meant commitment but contracts are only looked at when something bad in the relationship has happened no one goes back and looks at a contract when the business relationship is doing amazing

People only go back and look at the contracts when there’s some type of argument or disruption in the business relationship or the services provided very true that is a question I get asked all the time do I need contracts for SAS or smma and I have always said the same

Thing if you’re charging anywhere from 97 to 297 or something very small a contract is not needed but of course with smma you want to get paid you want to know that you’re getting paid you’ve got a lot of moving Parts when you’re charging 1500 a month so 100 agree

Thanks for bringing that up yeah and another point I wanted to touch on was that the hard work was eventually going to pay off you know at the very beginning I didn’t know what it was going to do it started out as a side hustle I always quoted a side hustle I

Actually didn’t start calling it a business until two months in when I was making enough money to actually treat it like a business but I had always the worst it always stuck with me that Dom said is that if you want this to be a business you have to treat it like a

Business and when you treat it like a business enough every single day and you just give your full effort to this and do one percent better every day you don’t have to sit on your computer for four hours a day all you have to do is map out the exact action steps that

You’re going to take in order to achieve the goals you want to achieve and from there work to accomplish that goal every single day even if it means doing one percent better each day and eventually in six months you’ll look back and say wow look at all the great things I did

Look at all the clients I have and look at all the revenue I’m bringing in So eventually the hard work will pay off and if you do just do a little bit every day then you are going to see it pay out in the future and then one more thing uh

Actually two more things I want to touch on was that your environment is going to be everything you need to make sure that you are surround if you’re going to take it seriously you need to be around other people that are taking their life seriously or taking their Adventures

They’re starting seriously you can not be around people that are just going to tie you down that are going to tell you oh I don’t know if this is going to work for you or oh I don’t know about this business model or I don’t know about

What you’re doing you know I just you should probably stick with your job and such but you want to make sure that your environment is healthy and it is something that is motivating for me being in college at the business school it was a very motivating environment I

Was around people that were motivating me to do better every day but sometimes I was around people that just brought me down and when you first start a business you’ll find that people will make fun of you they won’t understand you they will oh he’s starting a software company when

You have no clients yeah they’ll make fun of you they’ll say how is he starting a software company you know nothing about software the computer science guys you know your computer science friends or peers they’ll say I don’t believe it what do you mean he’s starting a software company and then in

Six months when you have 15 plus clients they’re going to look at you and say how the hell did he start a software company and make all this money and he’s a business major what is he doing what am I doing wrong why am I not getting paid

As much as him and I make the software and you know people are going to make fun of you and you need to make sure that you know you know you stick with exactly what you want to do in this business model and eventually it’ll pay

Off and your environment is going to be everything for you I also want to say that you know this is a business model I have always done by myself I have tried to bring on people for sales efforts and whenever I involve other people you know whether it’s friends or whether it’s

Peers at my school into this business model it does get a little bit messy so I would advise you guys if you do bring on some type of team or partnership in your business make sure it’s either with the right person or it is with virtual

Staff that you are paying 10.99 or you know paying by the hour to work for you because very soon whoever you bring on into this business model and teach how to sell this business model it will go out and they will sell it for you and

They will quickly find out how easy it is to sell go high level software yeah I’ll tell you right now I’ve worked with three other people that have all worked with me for around one to two months and they have taken the first month to learn the software I have given them Dom’s

Course on how to sell the software and then they go out they do it it’s the easiest thing in the world and quickly enough they don’t think that 30 or 40 commission is enough and they will turn around and either try and snake you or try and start their own software company

Which sometimes works out sometimes doesn’t but I just want to make sure that you guys know that this can be done alone it’s probably best to be done alone to an extent and there’s really no need to bring on a partnership or you know share equity in a company like this

The other day it is an online business model and it’s not this huge thing that needs you know equal support from all these other people in the infrastructure and it’s simply just a business that you can Outsource work to if needed but does not necessarily mean you need to ever

Bring someone into your business that is a peer of yours someone at your school or even a friend of yours because it will just end up messy very very good points uh this happens all the time I see it all the time people want to do business Partnerships or this or that I

Will counter what you said I do think that there are ways to make business relationships work I have had many um and I know you have some now I know what you were saying though I I actually went through the same thing when I first started was my boss wanted 25 of the

Business because he knew what it could potentially be and now with me doing over 100k a month I would owe someone 25 000 a month over twenty five thousand dollars a month who I didn’t need clearly at all so I’m very very happy that I did what I did I think about that

All the time like what if I would have done that like and who knows maybe partnering with that person I could be at 200k a month of this but at the end of the day it’s if you want to scale to crazy numbers it’s up to you it’s not up

To them and if it is up to them them they’ll cut you out of the deal like that it always depends on who thinks they’re doing the most work and that’s the biggest problem with Partnerships I had a lawyer once tell me Partnerships are like marriages they’re not meant to

Last and I know that may not be the best quote ever but uh he’s a lawyer so he does it for a living and it’s kind of true in that scenario where it’s like there there is almost in the terms of like with a marriage it’s so hard for

Everything to go perfect with a partnership no matter what egos are going to clash people are going to think that they’re doing more than the other person or the other you know or vice versa but uh either way I think you guys will make the right decisions and networking Partnerships are something

That I’m actually learning right now so I can’t wait to make videos on it in the future I think there are really really good ways to position Partnerships um and uh we’ll talk about that in another video all right yeah so that was all for my presentation thank you so

Much Tom for having me on your channel it means a lot to me from someone who just six months ago was turning post notifications on for every single one of your videos and watching them all three times back as well as watching your course four times back so it’s an honor

To you know show you my progress and share with everyone else that was in my situation not long ago or is in my situation right now truly my story and how much of an impact this community and what Dom has helped me with has impacted myself and so many others in such a

Short amount of time so thank you for the wonderful opportunity to get to speak in front of your channel well that was an amazing presentation Preston absolutely insane to have you on here and to see one of my Affiliates do so well I cannot wait to start doing this

With more Affiliates and see what we can do in the future together which is teasing something that is definitely going to happen me and Preston are kind of doing a partnership deal where we are going to be making content together and doing a lot more stuff together especially with this chat GPT stuff

Coming out obviously I don’t know too much about it I don’t think the world knows too much about it but this kid’s absolutely crushing with it and obviously we couldn’t go super in-depth up with all the things that he’s doing for his clients because he’s working on

Something way more in depth in a kind of a coarse Manner and I’m very very excited to see what he does with it and obviously we’re going to see what we can do with it together because I think both of our minds together can do something absolutely massive with go high level

And the affiliate program so yeah I cannot wait for you guys to all see what we do in the future and stay tuned trust me please please please stay tuned this kid’s gonna be huge what’s up guys thank you so much for watching that interview

That meant a lot to me and it obviously meant a lot to Preston to be on the channel it has been a long time coming for me to actually interview one of my Affiliates I hear it all the time how are your other Affiliates doing how is

Everyone doing in the course how are other people doing and for me to take a full hour-long interview and summarize it up in one video with Preston and really dive deep into someone who was just like all of you who is just like all of you started as a broke college

Student trying to juggle a job school and a business and still made it work he is the epitome of what we want this business model to look like what we want to represent as Affiliates and I am extremely proud of the work that he has

Done and for that reason if you want to learn more about Preston’s Journey you want to learn more from him or you just want to network with him then please join his group I will be leaving the link to his group in the description below and then of course if you stuck

With me to the very end and you want to be an affiliate just like Preston you know what to do use my affiliate link it’ll be in the description below as well you will get 30 free days on High level you will also get to learn from me

Personally you will get in touch with me you can text me message me whatever you want to do I promise I will respond I don’t have any assistance it is always going to be me I would also like to point out that I will be doing a lot

With Preston in the future so I will also be linking his YouTube channel which he has not uploaded any videos yet he has not fully started but still show him some support make sure to subscribe to his channel I really want our business relationship to be more of a

Content creating relationship where he makes videos that I don’t make and I make videos that he doesn’t make but we work together on that we’re also going to have so many different snapshots and tools and things with zapier chachybt I mean there are so many cool things slack

This kid has so many ideas so many creative ideas I can not wait to get them on paper get them out there to you guys and I just truly think 2023 is about to be absolutely insane so once again thank you guys for watching and I’m actually going to finish this off

With a nice little blooper scene that Preston does not know I’m putting in this video so I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did and roll it before I had started this business I wasn’t talking with older sorry this just sounds super weird older man

I’ll try to work yeah is it um before I started this business I was you could say like I was hanging around College because I wasn’t talking to a 50 year old businessman you know something like that you know yeah well before I started this business I was just talking

To college kids I was just talking to my peers I wasn’t talking to 50 year old business owners which was crazy because now I was involving myself and relationships [Laughter] that’s so bad all right okay so I’ll just stop that point

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