Ciblage de l’audience LinkedIn avec de nouveaux outils et analyses. Creator Mode LinkedIn #shorts Kevin D. Turner Phantombuster

Tous les nouveaux outils et analyses de LinkedIn vous permettront de mesurer vos performances, notamment : ▻ Analyses des créateurs (telles que …

Turner I’m going to show you linkedin’s latest analytics and tools on your mobile or on your desktop go ahead and click on it it’s going to bring you into all your creator mode to what other tool accounts now when you click on any of the analytics stations it’s going to

Take you in you can pick date ranges up to 365 days it’s going to bring back those things like here’s your impressions you can do engagements as well you can scroll over them it’s going to give you some of the numbers those numbers are actually downloadable at the

Top you can see your top performing post you can delve into that a little deeper you’ve also got audience audience is you know who are your followers you can do the same kind of date ranges get a little bit more knowledge there and you can scroll over those as well things

Like job industry companies all that information’s here really help you understand if you’re targeting the right people on LinkedIn

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