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Chat GPT est le chatbot IA le plus puissant au monde. Il offre une alternative humaine aux moteurs de recherche et peut tout faire de …

Is the artificial intelligence spot chat GPT coming for your job joining me today to talk about this is alyosha birch heart of the German Research Center for artificial intelligence I’m Christy bladson bringing you another DW business special ayosha thanks so much for being here I’ll tell you we did ask chat gbt to

Write an introduction for you but unfortunately it couldn’t find enough data on you just yet but it also did not know who I was so we can both hope that this special booths are profiles a little bit I mean you’re an AI expert have you played around with this smart chat bot yet

Yeah of course I played around with it and also looked at social media but other people tried out and I must say it’s absolutely amazing even to me if you had asked me five years ago if that would be possible with AI today I would have probably said no way

Okay interesting I want to come back to that point in a second but just some quick context for anyone who’s not familiar Microsoft is said to be in talks to invest 10 billion dollars in open AI that is the creator of chat GPT now chat GPT is an advanced language

Model developed by open AI that can generate human-like text it’s been trained on massive data sets to understand and respond to a wide range of topics it’s been used for chat Bots language translation text summarization and it has the potential to change the way we interact with machines and

Process text Data let’s chat about all the cool things chat GPD can do and its potential impacts on different Industries now if you couldn’t tell that introduction was written by chat GPT itself we tested it out on the show earlier this week as well first we asked

It to pitch an idea for a sitcom set in 80s West Berlin and it came up with the characters in an outline of story all by itself then we asked it to write a scene with a few jokes they were not the best jokes I’ve ever heard but I’ve also heard worse

And we told chat gbd to drop a Halal meal plan for the week those were pretty good ideas and finally coding we asked it to write a simple to do app in Python and not only did it write the code but we tested it out and it actually worked

So Al yosha back to you what I’m seeing in this bot is script writer nutritionist programmer all in one there’s a lot more it can do as well we’ve been talking about AI coming for the majority of human jobs for years tell me what jobs has AI already replaced foreign

We have been dealing with AI in many different contexts all the time but but we didn’t talk about or we didn’t even notice like all the kinds of navigation systems that we are using search translation tools and in all kinds of small helpers that we’ve seen but but

They they haven’t been so not noticeable as Ai and now I’m in chat GPT of course has the potential to to change a lot but you always have to ask yourself I would say the other way around what kind of jobs do we want to hand over to the

Machines if you see that for example doctors or nurses that they spent 40 to 60 percent of their working hours for for documentation then I mean this we want to direct to the machine so that they have more times with the patients you see if we only use it for

Rationalization that they then later on I mean twice as many patients I mean then we haven’t won a lot yeah I think that’s a really great point I was just talking with a colleague about how we immediately talk about AI replacing jobs but at the same time we’re dealing with a major worker

Shortage for example in nursing like you said in a lot of under other sectors um as well well so talking about the potential for the software what about this Microsoft deal what do you think as an AI expert a company like Microsoft could aim to do with this this kind of tech

I think at this point we are still in the b2c setting right and they are probably expecting that the kind of web search will will change or be changed to these um yeah big language models or even the chat functionality that we won’t have the the search we’ve seen in

The past uh but but maybe a chatbot will answer our question will direct us to web pages we’ll maybe ask back do you mean it this way or that way and this means of course also the advertising Market on the web will change a lot and

I guess that’s what they are after but at the same time you have to see there is also the the whole big B2B business and we have many for example in Germany Europe many small and medium Enterprises that might want to use these Technologies for doing their paperwork

Or for talking to their customers or for doing certain analyzes of their data and so on and so forth and there I think we have to talk about I mean we we don’t know yet um there are many much more open questions I would say than in the

Applications that you’ve shown that are quite straightforward where maybe also mistakes don’t matter that much what do you think about claims that this technology could potentially challenge Google it’s really a potentially potentially a challenge for Google I would say as I said for the search market right I mean

That it’s more comfortable if you get the answer right away or if you get an explanation and then the same aspect did you mean it this way or that way right it could help us finding the right content other than I mean like we do today where we go through all the web

Pages and browse through them ourselves and try to find the right content that we are looking for I mean this could really change and also the the recommendations we’ve we see in online marketing right they might also change they become more natural more outspoken yeah you don’t

Only get the product but you may get the short text why do we recommend this product to you or yeah did we yeah did we get you right that you are looking also for something else or did we get you wrong and then you have much more

Interactivity I would say also in in online shopping right right so then we can really see why Microsoft would consider investing such a large sum of money in this technology well we spoke with one Tech CEO Yasha Sivan of innovation platform I8 Ventures about this technology he had

Mixed feelings let’s take a listen a I am not sleeping for the last month literally not sleeping and I’m a great lover of sleep and it is because what we see now is the culmination of 10 years of extensive work actually a global work that open AI has been able to utilize to

Bring in something that is a demonstration of something that is a wonderful and frightening Revolution now alyosha in your opinion what is wonderful and what is frightening about this technology I mean what is wonderful I would say it’s a kind of democratization light yeah I mean many people now can play

Around with this technology can get experience can learn how to use it how not to use it yeah where are limitations and this is really good I mean yeah in terms of making people aware of the technology and helping them getting into contact play with it and learn about it um

Of course there are many questions that need to be discussed if we talk about the the usage in in business context what do we do with our confidential data what do we do with all kinds of information that’s not in the system like names of medicaments or like spare

Part numbers and all kinds of information that you’re using in business context that this model has not yet been trained on how do we get all this information in also how do we do quality management how do we make sure that what gets out is does not do harm

To people does not lead them in the wrong direction give them wrong uh advices and so on I mean this is one thing but at this point to be honest my biggest horror is that all this artificial information texts also images music and other kind of AI results that

They are polluting the web you see the web we’ve seen so far has been curated by humans all texts that you see are written by humans of course also by bad and uh and anti-democratic and so on humans but by human right and all photos have been taken in the real world and

Sooner or later with the web can can double or triple or get much much bigger fed by text that no longer contain proven facts and photographs or images that that have been made up by machines and then of course the next generation of machines will probably be trained on

These texts and you understand what’s going on then yeah that leads me to another question I had I noticed that you actually tweeted about chat GPD a few days ago and you compared it to a sort of nonsensical answer that your young daughter had given to some questions I mean is is

This why you made that comparison are you saying that some of the answers that this bot is giving us are are not going to be accurate or are going to be nonsensical yeah in Parts it’s it’s it’s hallucinating right we’ve we’ve seen this example it made up uh uh citations

Of of scientific papers that don’t exist because they just I mean they just fitted at this place right so it made it up but this can be changed I guess that’s not the problem but the comparison to the to the small side is for me more more kind of feeling that

The systems that they are sometimes you have the impression that they are like a small child because they are sometimes the systems are over explicit they are explaining things about the world that you know already and that um a human speaker would never mention or mention twice or Thrice within two a

Few sentences in in different ways and this of course because these these systems don’t have empathy for the for the listener they don’t know what the other person knows already right so they are they are telling you some things that are quite obvious and this is maybe

A little bit more the the comparison but I also like my my daughter was being asked by a uh by some person water a baby doll in the in the small doll trolley what’s what’s her name and she said a small child cannot walk [Laughter] but um yeah

I mean do you feel like you answered that already or would you add anything to that I would say that this pollution of the web with uh with things that we that we that we cannot filter out easily afterwards I mean that’s probably a big problem and other people of course have

Noticed that these systems that they might reproduce uh biases uh prejudices racism and other things that are in this world and that are in in the texts and in the dialogues that you find on the web and so it’s it’s it’s mirroring to us uh deficits of of the world we are

Living in okay that’s a really interesting answer because I also asked chat GPT the same question I asked it what’s the worst thing about you um and its answer I want to read now it said one one potential issue with chat gbt is that it’s been trained on a data

Set of text from the internet this means it may repeat biases or misinformation that is learned from that data like any language model it is a machine and may not always understand the nuances nuances of human communication of the context at which a statement is made I mean I mean that’s basically what

You’re saying right yeah that’s what I’m saying but this gives me the opportunity to to mention one thing you you have to distinguish between the underlying um gpt3 language model that can do a lot more and this chat component chat GPT component that has been put so to speak

On top of it if you wish and this chat component is uh is a quite uh searching for Harmony and it tries to be unobstrusive right and if you ask it nasty question then it will answer some people put it this way some people put

It another way oh I’m just a chatbot I cannot explain these things I’m not creative and and you you see some of these answers have been scripted yeah so obviously because I mean in the past we’ve seen that some AI systems have given quite blunt answers to nasty

Questions and so I think people were much more cautious this time and so it has been trained to be modest and to be a kind of realistic about its uh its limitations and its potential and so on but you can see I mean I guess these are

The scripted parts so these are not the part in air quotes that the systems feeds by heart but the engineers I think they have built it that way so that gives these answers that people are not afraid so I wouldn’t take this answer too serious to be honest so you’re

Saying that’s sort of a marketing answer it’s not really the a an objective robot telling us the objective truth yeah exactly I mean and this at the same time sorry but at the same time it makes you feel that the robot knows more about itself than it does right so it’s it

Could also be misleading so we get the impression oh well there’s a very nice well-behaved um yeah a politically modest and trained person sitting next to me which is of course not the case it’s a machine now Mr Sivan who we heard in the quote a

Minute ago was talking about how this is 10 years uh were the fruits of 10 years of innovation you said yourself that five years ago you wouldn’t have thought we would be talking or about this or looking at it like this I mean I feel that we’ve been having serious

Discussions about AI this kind of AI potentially replacing human jobs for at least a decade now so I wanted to ask you um yeah do you feel that the conversation we’re having today is different than that conversation that was going on five or ten years ago or has chat GPT fundamentally changed that

Conversation it will probably become easier now to to help people support people but after all we we want to see that the socio-technical systems work I mean human machine interaction that’s that’s the that’s the term right we want to want to get support by these machines

Again I mean it’s not the idea my idea at least to replace people but to support people I mean doing work that is I mean there are the four D’s of Robotics it’s the dull dear dangerous and and I forgot about the fourth but these are the the kinds of tasks that we

Want to hand over to the machines first and this is something that we need to keep in mind so people often ask ask the question like there is some from from a different planet there’s this technology coming and then we have to ask ourselves

Does it help us is it good is it bad what do we I think that’s that’s the wrong type of Framing and thinking so we have to ask ourselves of all the work that it’s lying around and that nobody can do or nobody wants to do or we are

Not fast enough I mean we should we should build the machines that way that it can help us with this work and I think we are a step further now with this technology and with the ease of use that we see but at the same time I told

You that there are many questions for for business use cases about confidentiality of data and so on and so forth and GPT 3 and gpt2 are two or three years old I mean in the tech business that’s long and we haven’t seen or I haven’t seen any decent business

Model built on these things so there must be a reason for that well then just to wrap up now alyosha with this forward look that you’re talking about what next steps should the technology World should Society take when it comes to this technology I think we should embrace it and we

Should look at our jobs and at the task we have to do also in public administration in in uh yeah organizing our social life and and web search as you said and and discussion for and other things where do we want to go and and where do we want to use this

Technology and then the next question that need to be asked is of course who owns the technology who can use it and what uh who can change it and yeah what what I mean at the moment we are depending on on a few suppliers of this technology as we have been depending on

On technology in the last 20 years on digital technology but that’s the that’s not sovereignty I mean and we’ve seen that that things can change and Things Can Happen very fast in this world and we also have to think about this how do we build these infrastructures and how

Do we build these possibilities so that more uh that that we get a little bit more uh bigger uh yeah ecosystem of players that can that can offer these services so that that we are not depending on a few uh companies I mean be they private or or or or or

Publicly sourced I don’t know well we’ll have to leave it there I want to say thank you very much to you alyosha burchard he’s from the German Research Center for artificial intelligence I also want our viewers to let me know in the comments what your thoughts are

About this what your job is and whether you think chat GPT could easily replace you or what jobs you think should be replaced by technology like this and if you would like more on major changes affecting business today I’d encourage you to check out our latest business

Beyond special here on YouTube too many people the challenges of demographic change thanks so much for watching I’m Christy platson in Berlin until next time take care

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