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Gagnez 10 000 dollars avec Article Forge | Meilleur générateur de contenu SEO AI | Économisez 10 000 dollars #youtubevideo

Gagnez 10 000 dollars avec Article Forge |  Meilleur générateur de contenu SEO AI |  Économisez 10 000 dollars #youtubevideo

articleforge #aitools #artificialintelligence #howtomakemoneyonline #youtube #earnmoneyonline #seocontent Si vous cherchez …

Are you willing to double your profits with minimizing efforts content creation is quite a task generating high quality content can be extremely difficult whether you are a writer or artist there are various issues involved coming up with ideas for social media posts different forms of content generation engaging organic audience high quality content

Keeping the metrics in line these are some of the common challenges faced by a writer the entire process is time and energy consuming this makes it challenging to meet deadlines you’ll also put a lot of money into buying different software for instance Market Muse standard plan

Is six hundred dollars per month or six thousand dollars per year this is a massive amount of money especially if you’re starting up you can earn thousands of dollars with no hassle can you imagine a single tool can ease all your work we did thorough research you can create content 5x faster

Article Forge will be your cash cow with the help of article Forge you can increase your output with minimum input its basic plan starts at 13 per month which is 156 dollars when billed annually article Forge writes high quality topical and valuable content that Google’s algorithms will naturally adore and rank

You may acquire an original 1 500 word article in one click saving time and money make new articles in 60 Seconds efficiently craft articles optimized for search engine produces text on Google’s algorithm updates an easy layout and simple language make the content accessible article Forge content accessible LSI keywords keep material relevant and

Engaging article Forge schedules WordPress posts for SEO the software produces seven language material your content can gather traffic and wider reach the latest article Forge version lets you write 1 500 word articles to conclude article Forge is specialized software that helps you create new articles like comment and share this video

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Salut les amis, Cliquez ici pour voir le contenu d’Article Forge 2.0 par vous-même [ ] Je n’ai pas besoin de dire…

Are you sick of spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on expensive content wasting countless hours writing content yourself using tools that create content that look like machine written gibberish i’m here to tell you that there’s a way to get unlimited high quality content with the push of a button

When i say high quality i’m not talking about the automated content you look at and go well maybe a drunk toddler might think this looks good i’m talking about the type of content that you your clients and even google can look at and think wow this is actually pretty good

Article forge may be a machine but the content it writes doesn’t look like it that’s because it uses deep learning a revolutionary new branch of artificial intelligence used by companies like microsoft and google and even used for things like deep fakes but right now i think the thing you care

About most is what does this deep learning content actually look like so i’m going to show you a live demonstration where you can see the content article forge generates and judge it for yourself so i’m in article forge right now i’m going to enter the keyword i want article forge to write about

In this case bitcoins i want this article to talk about some of the advantages and disadvantages of bitcoin so i’ll enter both as sub keywords you can of course leave some keywords blank but it often helps article forge know more about what you want to write about so now article forge has finished

Writing the article i bet you thought there was going to be more work than that so now here’s the article page and here is our article i purposely did a short article so i wouldn’t have to bore you with reading the whole thing bitcoin is the hottest thing in the

World of money today it’s a virtual currency that has captured the attention of so many people who are very interested to know more about it etc etc and after that first paragraph you can see the second paragraph goes over some advantages of bitcoin such as the low cost of transaction fees

How you can make money mining and how you can do it all online in the third paragraph it goes over some of the disadvantages of bitcoin such as the speed at which new bitcoins are created and even the possibility of losing all of your bitcoins so in short article forge wrote a high

Quality and completely unique article about exactly what we wanted it to write about and the whole process took less than a minute so you can read it more carefully i have posted a full copy of this article further down the page along with several more articles created by article forge that way

You can read them and you can judge the quality for yourself so earlier i mentioned how this deep learning technology we use is the exact same that google uses more specifically this is the technology google uses to judge the quality of content this is important because this means article forge and google

Are trained on the exact same algorithms in many cases written by the exact same researchers so this means google is actually trained to love article forge content so at this point you might be thinking about how article forge is going to dramatically change your business

How it is going to let you publish more content rank higher and make more money but you also might still be a little skeptical i understand what i showed you seems incredible maybe even unbelievable so i want to let you try article forge yourself with absolutely no risk

So you can sign up for article forge with our free 5-day trial if you try article forge and decide it isn’t right for you you won’t have to pay us a single cent we are doing this because i know this content is so good that when you see your first article

You’ll be so amazed that you’ll become a customer for life so click on the try it free button and start taking your content to new heights

Mise à jour Contentomatic ArticleForge : Extraire les mots-clés des fichiers txt

Le plugin Contomatic est mis à jour, il est capable de récupérer des mots-clés à partir de fichiers txt et de les envoyer à ArticleForge ! Pour plus de détails, regardez…

Hey guys and welcome back to new video on this channel I’m Sabi from coach Evolution so I present to you a new update for the content-ematic plugin as the article Forge Post generator part of it got improved and now it will be able to use keyword list in txt files so text

Files will be able to be used and the plugin will be able to extract uh keywords from the text files and use them to generate articles using article Force so for this you will need to upload your text files to a hosting and get the URL of the text file so I have

Here an example text file with two lines so homemade pasta and chili recipe so let’s paste simply the URL of the text file found on my server and save settings so I will launch the article generation right now in content-o-matic as article Forge takes a couple of minutes until they generate the article

And we can follow the progress using the logs of the plugins so we can see here that generating article using article Forge for keyword chili recipe which was extracted from the text file making where to article Forge and the progress can be seen here this is

0.26 means that it’s 26 percent done so the article is 26 percent done so if you haven’t heard of content automatic I will leave it in this video’s description you will find the link there and you will be able to check the plugin it’s at a low price right now so

Processing is still uh working here so 51 percent article Forge is currently generating our article for the keyword cherry recipe and if we rerun the rule another time the plugin will once again extract the keyword from the text file and once again post content based on that keyword so

This is how this new update will work in content thematics so yeah 64 percent and let’s check or also the front end of our site is empty and the plugin will generate the contents soon and uh the chili recipe article will be ready for us in no time as we reached 67 percent

Progress on the article generation so as you can see start the start of the processing the progress jumps to 26 percent and then it goes uh in a linear way four or three four percent per tick and each tick is in a 10 second interval okay so uh Let me refresh this once

Again 77 so bear with me guys we are nearly there and we are doing immediately a touchdown and we will get an article generated here by article Forge based on this keyword text file and yeah let’s refresh it again 81 we are closer to the Finish now and we will

Be able soon to check our article based on our keywords from the text file so yeah article Forge is a bit slow as uh they generate the article in a couple of minutes however I must admit that the quality of the article Bay that they generate is

Really good so they provide high quality articles which are also unique and uh yeah they will not get duplicate content penalty so yeah you can check their services so we are at 85 percent now this is good news as we are progressing a bit slower so as you can see progress

Slowed down around seventy five percent from three percent per tick so per 10 second interval to one two and even one percent per 10 second intervals So based on this and it’s done so yeah it’s really funny that we were at 85 percent and the next

Stick said that and it’s done okay so now let’s refresh here it is a featured image of a chili which is really good looking on a spoon here and the article is really high quality as you can see so and also YouTube video at the bottom here there so yeah it’s a

Really really well written article and uh it was extracted from our text file so yeah this is all for today check the your latest update for content-o-matic it is linked in this video description if you have ideas suggestions or any idea that you want to tell me let me

Know in the comments of this video it is really appreciated like subscribe share thank you for watching bye bye

Outils de rédaction d’articles AI SEO – Word Hero et Articleforge

Outils de rédaction d’articles AI SEO – Vous cherchez à améliorer votre référencement avec l’aide de l’IA ? Regardez cette vidéo sur les meilleurs moteurs alimentés par l’IA …

Hello ladies and gentlemen hello ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the tech taintronics Channel where today we’re going to be doing some AI article writing tools So basically we’re going to look at a couple of tools here the SEO article writing tools powered by AI are going to be Word Hero and article Forge um essentially what I’m going to do is I’m going to write the topic on both systems and see what we get the article

That I’m going to write today is personal finance tips how to improve your finances and makes for interesting reads so I’m going to start by using Word Hero and we’re gonna just you know we’re gonna spend about a good 10 minutes hand crafting and massaging this article together

I want to point out that you could get access to both of these software in the links below and the information section of the video and without further Ado we’ll go ahead and get started I’ll just zoom in my key keyword research tool and uh I’ll take this keyword here personal

Finance tips how to improve your finances and we’ll see what we get from roared hero before I start I’ll show you all the things that we have like it starts from copywriting formulas blog descriptions or Amazon product descriptions and knowledge provider blog headlines blog intros blog outros blog paragraphs blog topics book descriptions

Book titles brand name ideas bullet point expander cold emails content email subject lines cover letters descriptive Expressions easy paragraphs exam example provider explain it like Professor explain it to the child Facebook ads facts features advantages benefits features to benefits fictional story ideas fictional story narrative and food recipes generic

Emails Google ads grammar correction greetings hso copyright performance job descriptions lead magnets listicles marketing ideas many stories news paragraphs offer ideas Pas copywriting formula personal LinkedIn bio personal opinion poems press release product benefits statements product names product reviews product story pros and cons core answers quotable quotes real estate

Descriptions reviews sponsors so I mean there’s just so much stuff in here like it just goes on and on and on I could go here all day with what they have in here but this is like really good because it’s a Swiss army knife of um

Writing whatever it is that you have to write and they’re always coming up with new modules like and it’s well worth whatever you know you’re willing to you know pay for it you know if you if if you feel it benefits you so let’s check it out so

Without further Ado we’ll go ahead and write this article based upon this personal finance tips keyword so I’ll just take a minute here and I’ll capitalize the uh title and just use that as my keyword for now just to keep it real simple um the article here is just for the

Video for to demonstrate the uh software in this video and I am pretty impressed with both software to be honest um I I and I’ll break it down further in the video all right let’s do with the writing tools I have a certain structure that I follow when I write my blog

Um entries and I’ll start with an intro and we’ll simply take that keyword personal finance steps how to Improvement finances and we’ll just get us a nice topic going with the blog intro and it gives you a couple of choices and and one of them is if you’re looking for

Ways to improve your personal finances come to the right place get a handle on your money make smart choices let’s zoom in a little bit um when it comes to personal finance there are a few key things you could do to improve your financial situation

First take a look at your Spin and see what you can cut back on maybe you could cancel the gym membership eating out every day five dollars a week with money savings will help you in the long run third make a budget and stick to it personal finance is something that is

Very important to keep track of following some simple tips you can improve so this is all legitimate stuff you could use either one of these and when you do it like this past is so you don’t have to worry about that uh you get nice unique content

With a few clicks so it’s well worth it so um what I’m gonna do now is I’m gonna go ahead and set up some blog outline I always did like to outline what I write first cover the different points in detail make for a nice article it’s always a good thing to do

Um so we’ll take a look at these we’ll say we’ll use um setting and achieving financial goals creating and following a budget reducing expenses increasing income investing money and building credit so what I’ll do basically is I’ll mold and put them as H3 tags in case I want

To copy them into a blog or something like that and uh let’s go forward and make the paragraphs now the only thing about the only drawback is with Word Hero it you have to like kind of put the thing together you know as you go it’s it’s a more hands-on experience and

You’ll see this and I don’t mind this because you have all those modules for different things like uh this video description that you’re going to be watching here is gonna have this tool used in it to write the video description like if you have writer’s block or anything like that you don’t

Have to worry about it so let’s make the paragraphs Word Hero application so the blog paragraphs you get a couple of choices sometimes you do sometimes you don’t sometimes it writes you out nice I like to look over do a sanity check to make sure that it is legitimate information

And then I’ll paste it into my article window and then we’ll read over it together let’s see here um so when it comes to personal finance there are a few key things to do to improve financial situation and first take a look at your spending see where

You cut back maybe you can cancel a gym membership or eating every day second you start saving you know setting achievement Financial those achieving financial success by following Financial tips that realistic goals take into account your current income expenses when setting financial goals if your goal is ambitious you’ll likely get

Started got up make a plan once you have set your goals and develop a plan and help achieve them this may include budgeting saving money investors such assets stay disciplined it’s important to stick to your plan stay disciplined with your finances if you want to improve your financial situation means

Avoiding impulse purchases and staying disciplined with Investments monitor your progress regularly and check your progress to make sure you’re on track to reach your goals so now I’m going to create the next paragraph and only thing that it’s a hiccup you have to keep pasting the keyword in sometimes I do

Sometimes I don’t use the keyword sometimes I just do it you have to kind of work it to get the best kind of outcome that you could get so I I have a little bit of editing to do I’m going to start with creating and following a budget

Only thing is I saw there was a number three down there I don’t know what that was about but that’s fine just take the information you can get from it move forward with this and you’ll be fine so creating falling budget one of the most important things

You do for a clients is create and follow a budget a budget will help you keep track of your income expenses and make allow you to make more informed decisions about how you just make money depending incoming expenses is a better step in creating a budget to determine

How much money you have in each month as well as your regular expenses this will give you a good starting point for putting together your budget track your uh spending once you know how much you have coming in and going out it knows it’s time to start tracking your

Spending this will help you identify areas where you may be able to cut back and pay more money each month so I’m pretty impressed with uh what I have thus far we’re gonna write about using AI right we’re going to use AI to write this paragraph reducing expenses

And it gives you a nice little mini article about it and the word count is just climbing this is like peace this is piecemeal so I’m just going to piece Mill it all together but it’s good information very useful you might even benefit from it so let’s take a look at this reducing

Expenses is a great way to improve your finances here are some personal finance tips to help you get started cut back on unnecessary expenses take a look at your spending and see if there’s any areas where you can cut back such as eating out entertainment shopping save money on

Essential expenses there are ways to save money this is just like groceries Transportation search bills and discounts they’re considered Alternatives such as buying in bulk or using public transportation by following these personal finance steps you could start to reduce your expenses and improve your financial situation

Okay so I’m going to generate the next paragraph which is going to be talking about increasing income and let’s see what we have sometimes you get choices sometimes you don’t but sometimes you get nice little mini lists that give you very handy tips let’s get it so I’m going to take this

So I I generally like read over it before I copy it into my article to make sure it’s something that I actually want to use but sometimes you with AI you have to you know you have to you have to monitor and you probably always will well according to a recent survey nearly

60 percent imagines delivering paycheck to paycheck if you’re one of them don’t despair they just have to take the income review your expenses and make changes necessary make a budget stick to it invest in yourself by taking courses learning new skills start sign Health Flow Free landscape to make extra money

Ask for work or so that sort of thing and look for a better paying job altogether um then we’re going to take a look at investing money all right so when it comes to personal finance there are a lot of things you could do to improve your finances here are some tips

To help you get started so like what I noticed with Word Hero is that sometimes it’s going to repeat some information that is previously stated in article I try to eliminate that and what I did here was I just took out the keyword and I just wanted to go straight

To investing money and talk about that and get and what I ended up with was here a better paragraph so we’ll get into it and um we’ll go ahead and read it invested money could be a great way to grow your will however it is important to know what you are doing

Before you start investing there are many different investment options available and each has its own risk and rewards do some research and talk to a financial advisor before you start investing now there’s a duplicate so I’m gonna have to delete that if done correctly investing could be a great way

To make money meaning people invest in stocks which give you a potential to make a lot of money but then finally the last blog paragraph before the final paragraph that I do is going to be talking about building credit and I’m just going to go straight for building credit without using the

Keywords because the keywords are optional and what we have here is credit is important for many reasons to help you get a loan for a car or house it can help you get a low interest rate on these loans credit can also be important for getting a job a written an apartment

There are a few things you could do to build credit one is to get a credit card to use it responsibly this means making sure you make your payments on time keeping your balance low and you’ll become an authorized user on someone else’s credit card which can help you build credit

Which is good credit habits another good way to build credit is to take out a small loan from a bank or a credit union make your payments on time building credit takes time and it’s worth it in the long run and it’s good information I mean I like

I couldn’t sit here and actually write an article about this topic because I’m not the best one for it but what this does is it pulls from the information that’s already out there but it pulls it in such a way that it gives you unique content that you could use on your real

Estate all right so now what I’m going to be building here is the conclusion paragraph and what we’re looking at here is you have a couple of choices and I just take the one that is just gives me just reiterates the facts from before in the article and then I you

Know bold it up and give it an H3 tag and basically in conclusion following a simple personal finance tips can help improve your personal finances you can save money by creating a budget and sticking to it and by automating your savings paying on bit is also important

And you could do this by making more than the minimum payments each month finally remember to keep an emergency fund to cover unexpected experience expenses all right ladies and gentlemen here we go now we’re going to do it on article boards we’re going to do the same topic on article article Forge and

I like using Article 4 for bulk writing of massive amounts of articles um so once again these tools if you are interested in these tools go to the link below in the information section of the video um as a disclaimer I do get a small commission for any purchases made on

Those links in below so you guys are on and all in the know all right so here it’s this this interface is really simple here I just take my keyword and I put it in and create an article I decided to go for a long form article about 750 words add

Titles add section headings Auto generate section headings and I’m going to of course um I’m going to customize the article Style and this I could add an image I could add a video you can replace keyboard with links if you want to you can post it to your blog

I’ve tried posting it to my blog and I haven’t had much success using this so I just do it manually for now so we’ll Begin by pressing create a new article it will state that is processed in the query personal finance tips and how to improve your finances and then

It’s going to go ahead and create the article the thing about article Forge that I learned is that it’s going to live query using API and you’ll get like more up-to-date information per se uh then the uh word here because Word Hero is I it it it it periodically updates right type thing

But you can research it for yourself and get both of these software because I I recommend both of them because there’s some writing that I have to do for um individual small stuff small jobs there’s other writings there I want to get a lot of writings done if you want

To get a lot of writings done fast you’ll probably want to use article Forge and you could even use it better than the way I’m using it you could use you know sub keywords with it to uh you know customize further customize your article structure also too you have

The uh you know all the different information in the left side they have affiliate program you can make money off of this so you can start with a new article and you have all your articles you have WordPress post schedule usage information API information Affiliates and helps so

They give us a tip to create long articles you need to choose a keyword that article force can break down into smaller subtopics so it’s important to make sure your main keywords are not too specific now the way I use article Forge is if I

Want to get a lot of Articles done I’m going to put a list of keywords in there and I’m kind of keyword based on so what happens is then I get some articles completed and some and I get most of the Articles completed some of them there’s no information available

Right as of yet so those get comma rejected and don’t show up in the final count of Articles so if I put like the first time I ran this I put like 36 articles in there and I came back with um slightly less but it’s no big deal um

When this article is done we will take a look at its structure and everything and we’ll read everything about it and see what we have okay and also too you have languages different languages you could uh you know write your article in all right so our article is complete

We’ll go ahead and see the result and I am impressed I was impressed with what I got here just on this automation alone personal finance tips to improve your finances here are some tips to improve your finances set up a financial calendar pay yourself first payoff your

Debt you can also invest in rental property using a financial calendar to help you keep track of your money and keep your advisor decisions once you have a financial calendar you can plan out the next step of your finances paying yourself first paying yourself first if you save money and avoid

Temptation spending by automating the process of savings you’ll be able to keep track of all your obligations and goals without having to worry about cash flow plus this map that is low maintenance and we’ll take care of all your financials once it may sound contributed but paying yourself first

Means that you’re setting yourself up for financial success in the future while you always need money to buy a little bit of thoughtful planning will now go a long way in the future so it’s good stuff good stuff setting up a budget having a budget can make me money

Arrangements a lot easier when you have a budget you could see exactly where you spend your money and determine if you can be without certain things to get started you will need to analyze your account statements categorize your expenses you need to stay consistent with Checkers spending and look for ways

To save money you could find free online templates or spreadsheets to make the process easier now once you let’s see if we can fix that word to get it out the way there uh once you have a budget set up you should keep reviewing it often there’s only a few

Elements of a budget that remain the same over time you should be willing to adjust if necessary for example if you’re earning higher income than you need you might decide to adjust your spends cut back on something else similarly if you reach a certain goal you save more money you might need to

Decide to change your budget investing in the rental property if you’re looking over a password booster finances investing in rental properties it’s a great way to go however actual amount of time management Leasing and management loans you should also have a third knowledge and take relationships properly well

Before you take advantage of investment luckily there are many types of tools available to help you in this endeavor first you’ll need to understand the market invest in real estate properties the rental properties require substantial investment money large cash commission for a good idea versus all your portfolio and invest in a few

Rental properties so I like this article so I’ll give them the feedback and uh create an emergency fund creating an emergency fund is excellent way to safeguard your finances when things goes wrong it costs you money up front but you’ll cover your costs when like this curveball before

Use and again saving money to make sure you have a budget payoff announcement or on create an emergency fund can be difficult times but the right tools and discipline it is possible to achieve it to begin a cheaper amount for expenses for the options and figure out daily emergency

So there and it even implants a video then we have the send tax where you can spend it down there so both of these tools are worthy uh your time investment if you are in the business of SEO um artificial intelligence art right so my verdict is basically let’s take a look

At this um word Heroes versatile Beyond articles and it’s mostly accurate but for mostly accurate and they’re great for small writing projects but it takes a longer time to write an article there now we’ll take a look at article Forge it’s great for large writing projects it’s mostly

Accurate and you can Mass produce articles and upload it to a WP but I I hope it it didn’t work for me but um but they’re both great tools as you just seen in this video uh if you want to get a hold of either of these tools we search more about them

Or shop for them or see what Bill’s pricing is available get in now before the price goes up because they’re really charging the prices up on me uh tools and thank you for watching my video if you have not subscribed subscribe and I’ll do more videos like this feel free to

Like the video and I’ll do more videos like this leave a comment below if you have any questions comments or concerns and uh thanks for watching the video I’m going to blue

Article Forge 2.6 Meilleures pratiques

Inscrivez-vous à Article Forge ici:

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Générez automatiquement du contenu de remplissage de site d’argent de qualité lisible en quelques secondes à l’aide d’Article Forge

Commencez votre essai gratuit de Forge d’article : Création d’un contenu humain de qualité pour votre site Web ou…

Hello there guys how’s it going I’m Rasmus from hexam web comm and this video I’m going to showcase article for XCOM a website that lets you generate awesome quality content for your websites in seconds and so yeah anyways um this past month I’ve been using article forge a lot for my various

Websites and it’s great for producing quality content that can be used as money side filler in seconds and you can really do this on bulk so you can get lots of articles and as long as you have a few keywords to target and and on top

Of that the website is also very very great for search engine tools produce content that you can use like you can see right here for tattoo this will give loads of variations and spin-spin content and and I’ll show you that in later videos but today I just want to

Show you the quality you can get from article forge and yeah so anyways what it does is um you give them give it some keywords and I have a few sample keywords here so let’s say we want an article on lion sex and so that would be

Our main keyword on top of that I want to add a few sub keywords and this could be plant species lion eating habits whatever just so I have something to target on the more you add the more key which you would target and the more specific the the tool will get

So yeah and this is perfect quality content it is completely readable and very useful to add content value to your websites so let’s try and generate this one anyways if we scroll down like here I’m going to go for the money side filler this will give the best content

The most readable content and yeah and I’m just going to toggle off this Advanced Options since I’m not going to use spinned content whatsoever now for the length I’m just going to go with the long one because why not and then you have the option of adding titles and

Headings and generally I don’t use this I recommend not using it because I think you can do better titles yourself the titles are are not as good as the content itself so I just keep those off usually and then read the article and add a few headlines whatever suitable

Now what we can do is get it to get ourselves some relevant images and and I’d like to have an image if we want we could do a video in the article as well so let’s do that now in case you had a website or something where you want to

Replace the keywords with links like HTML link you could go ahead and do that here but I’m just doing this for the sole purpose of showing you the quality we can produce so this is not something I will use now let’s say you had a account you could actually

Connect it and it automatically check for uniqueness and although I’ve never tried getting content that is not unique with this and we can also if we want further spinning using word AI and we have a user on there can connect that as well actually this was made by the same guys who made

Word AI which is one of the best spinners article spinners on the market so yeah that’s our settings as you can see it’s really really simple so let’s create a new article and up here this bar will appear processing our query it will take probably five to ten

Minutes and you can obviously accept the page meanwhile and yeah em anyways guys article is not free it’s not a free service but you could try it out for free I’ve left a link down in the description that you can use to get a

Free trial as you can see if this is something you want or not yeah and in later videos I’m going to show you how to very powerfully use this and connect it to a wordpress site and automatically post new articles every single day so that is really really awesome I’m going

To show you that in a later video now we just look at the quality and yeah so it’s processing guys I’ll just pause and be back with the results so here we are with the finished product this to you about 5-10 minutes so let’s have a look

At it okay so as you can see and first off here we have a generated article if you want spin contact spawn content we can get it down here and obviously this won’t have very many spins since we choose the money site filler option and

We have a photo right here an image and we have a video and both are very relevant in my opinion and yeah I’m not going to read this aloud obviously but you are then welcome to pause the video right now and take a look yeah and that’s it

I’m really impressed with the article for chai use this on loads of my websites in between my main human written articles and this is my go-to service it’s really really useful it gives me very readable content and yeah and for those of you who are more technical you even have options such as

The API option down here and I’m not going to go into that because I’m not using it myself but as you can see the options are endless and next time we will be looking at how to connect a WordPress website with this and how to get your posts like that so you can

Create a website and with content for months to come in minutes so yeah thanks for watching guys if you would like to try out article for calm please fold the link in the description to hexam slash article forge goodbye

Article Forge Review – Commentaires d’utilisateurs réels | Générateur de contenu IA

Pour obtenir un essai gratuit de 5 jours, rendez-vous sur J’utilise Article Forge depuis 3 mois et j’ai économisé…

Hey this is Joseph Montero and in this video I’m going to be reviewing article Forge now a little bit of background about me I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for a few years now this year has been my biggest year by far and Article 4 has been a really big tool in

Helping me scale my systems and push a lot of more content out which has allowed me to make a lot more Commissions in my opinion article Forge is by far the best AI content writing tool I’ve used other tools before like Jasper other people in affiliate marketing talk about how they wish that

There was just a button they could press and that’s what they thought that these AI content tools were like Jasper and they realize it actually takes a lot more time because for example Jasper it’ll spit out a few paragraphs for you and then you have to continue writing

Sentences and it actually can take a long time then I found article Forge and it completely changed everything so it actually is a button you press and they will spit out content so I’m just going to do a little bit of an example here I’m gonna do a new article I’ve read

These Pro tips before but I actually use my own um process for doing this which I figured out and I’ve really dialed it down with my partner so um let’s just do a new article here and here you’re going to enter your keyword so the way that I

Use it is I do a lot of product reviews or top lists so for example best software or best AI content writing tool so for example we can do best AI content generator and then you can choose the language you’re going to do you choose your article length I usually do 1500 words

And then it’s automatically going to add titles for you and section headings but this is really cool because it’ll Auto it’ll Auto generate section headings for you which I do use but a lot of times I like to use my own headings especially if you do SEO you want to get certain

Age tags in there so here I could do what is AI content and then I can just list off some of like the biggest AI content tools I already know about so I’ll be I’ll say article Forge I’ll say Jarvis then I’ll say main differences and then a conclusion so

I’m gonna do one example like this and then I’ll do another example where it’ll Auto generate section headings so I don’t do anything here I just create a new article and this only takes about like five minutes it’s super fast and another great tool here is the bulk article

Generator so you can do the same thing I did you could just do articles in bulk so for example I could do article Forge review Jarvis AI review and you can put a few in here and then it’ll just do it for you so here when you’re doing the bulk generator

All of them are going to be the same level of content so if you’re gonna choose 750 words all of the articles are going to be 750 words now my experience when you do the bulk article generator it actually gives you less content than if you just did a single one so usually

I’m just doing a single review I’m not doing a bulk article generator because I in my experience the Articles come out better and they’re longer so I’m not going to do this I’m going to switch back to the radical regular article generator and we’ll do article Forge review and we’ll auto-generate this section

Headings so if you’re doing this at scale just keep in mind that you can do the bulk article generator or if you’re going to do my system where you’re doing a single ones at a time I believe they only allow up to like five so if you do more than

Five or whatever the limit is it’s going to tell you that you’ve hit the limit and then until those articles are created you’re not going to be able to generate more so I’m just going to let this article finish and then we can review it well both articles actually in

The meantime let’s just go over the pricing of article Forge and then how many how much content you actually get so I’m going to go to my billing so I’m on the standard monthly plan which I think is definitely enough more than enough I have gone over it recently

You could see like last month my previous payment was seventy dollars that’s because I was launching a new affiliate site and I needed a lot more content but you can see I only paid an extra 23 or 13 so that’s super cheap before I was using article Forge

I was using writing services like text broker and the cheapest you can get or 1500 word article was for like thirty dollars so usually when I’m starting an affiliate site I’m going to need like 100 pages so 100 times 30 that’s like three thousand dollars right so 100 times 30 has three

Thousand dollars in content and a lot of times I’m starting sites I don’t know if they’re going to do well so I’d like to keep my costs down as much as I can so with this standard plan you get up to 250 000 words so if we bring out a

Calculator normally an article is going to be around 1500 words so let’s see how many articles you get just with this plan paying 57 a month that’s 166 articles so that’s definitely more than enough and again uh you can see here that if you increase your usage

Limit you can create more than 250 000 words in a month you’re just going to pay 25 cents per thousand words I mean that’s ridiculous if you compare that to the service I was using before it’s like thirty dollars versus 25 cents absolute no-brainer so let’s see if this article is done yet

When you go to create a new article just so you know it’s going to stay processing query and then it’ll show up it’ll either say click here to see the result right under here or you can click my articles and then if it’s done it’ll be there but let’s just

Let this loader fill up and see if it’s finished so while I’m waiting for this to load up I just want to talk about the article quality so when you first get the article I don’t think that it’s ready to be posted if you’re using a blog or you’re posting it somewhere

Especially if you’re doing SEO you want to be careful about you know you want to be careful about keyword stuffing so if you use this service the keyword is going to be used a lot so what I definitely do is I’ll take the I’ll take out the keyword and make sure that the

Keywords only mentioned in the comment a few times and then other things are there’s a lot of times that just might not make perfect sense like they’ll restate the same thing over again so I’ll make sure that it’s not saying the same thing over again and it’ll

Definitely use a lot of words like however furthermore moreover and a lot of times it just doesn’t make sense so I’ll try and make sure it makes sense so I’m actually so this article is already done so I’m going to show you what my process is if

I was going to actually post this on one of my websites so I’ll click here to see the result and then normally I’ll just copy this and then I’ll put it into my WordPress which I’m not going to do at this moment but you can see here that the content is

Actually pretty good so let’s just read a few words and you can see that it actually seems like it’s written by a human person so how to choose the best AI content generator if you’re looking to make the most of your social media posts you should be considering using an AI content

Generator several of these tools have recently hit the market and the best ones have many features that you can customize to suit your business among among these are Jarvis article Forge and copysmith these tools are great for writing and Publishing content and they’ve the added bonus of sharing features copysmith is

Particularly useful for creating articles since it includes an article Builder tool that allows you to create articles from scratch it has an AI based language model that can mimic your writing style so you can see that that’s actually I wouldn’t even touch that that paragraph that’s perfectly written it

Seems like a real person wrote it and it’s actually better than something I probably would have written so then you can see here that you have the headings that I created so you have what is AI content and actually goes in and answers the question of what is AI content

Then we have article Forge it describes article Forge Jarvis and then here you go the main differences so all I put was main differences but the software knows that I’m talking about the main differences between the best AI content generators so you can see that this is actually a

Really smart software the AI is super smart and the content is actually really good and then another few things that are really important are it uses like the it uses the British English so it’s going to have like when you have words like realize instead of a z it’s going

To use an S so I just you know when I’m in WordPress it actually auto corrects for me so I’ll see that in red and then I’ll just change it to a z so there’s just some small things like that it’s actually not a big deal at all it’s just

Something I like to do I always go through and I read the entire article and then I make sure that it actually makes sense and again I take out keywords so make sure it’s not saying the keyword over and over again and if it’s saying the same sentence over over

And over again then I’ll definitely take that out as well so I highly recommend using article Forge for your content if you do any sort of publishing online if you have a business if you do affiliate marketing or SEO you can use this for blog posts

On your client sites you can use this for affiliate site reviews you could really use this for anything I would just make sure that you actually read the content and make sure that it makes sense another thing you can do is you can copy it into some tool that checks for

Plagiarism I’ve used it and I’ve checked every single I’ve checked many articles and they never show up in any other sites so it’s completely unique content and it really seems like it’s written by a human person so I highly recommend article Forge I’m using it every single

Day it’s only 57 a month and you can find the link to purchase it in the video description below

Article Forge Meilleur logiciel de rédaction de contenu pour blogueur et WordPress en 2021

Lien de téléchargement Article forge : Meilleure génération de technologie pour cette chaîne courte YouTube courte …

Hi there article forge is an incredible step forward in automated content generation a big reason for that is the quality of the articles it generates however another big reason for that is the control you now have over the content article forge writes so i’m going to go over some of the cool ways

That you can control how article 4 drives i’m going to do this by going over each of the example articles on our home page and some of the tips and tricks you can learn from those articles so that when you use article forge you can create similarly awesome content i’m

Going to start with the standard way of generating content by simply providing the keyword you want article forge to write about so for the first example i’ll enter the keyword bitcoin now i could just click create article and it would generate a perfectly fine article about bitcoins however in this case i

Want to control exactly what the article talks about i want this article to give some advantages and some disadvantages of bitcoins so i’ll add advantages and disadvantages as sub-keywords now i’ll go over the article that i created with the setting and you can see that it very clearly goes over both some

Advantages and some disadvantages of bitcoins this level of customization is possible because article forge writes every article entirely from scratch which means if it sees a sub-keyword it will try to make sure that article talks about that sub-keyword especially with respect to your primary keyword for instance it sees advantages and it will

Try to write about that with respect to bitcoin another key area where article 4 shines now is local content in this example i will use baltimore plumber as an important note when entering a keyword you should use baltimore plumber and not plumber baltimore the reason for that is because you’ll often say baltimore

Plumber for instance i am looking for a baltimore plumber but you will never say i am looking for a plumber baltimore article forge is usually smart enough to figure out how you want a keyword phrase but to get the highest quality results i would make sure to enter your keyword in

The same way you would want article forge to write about it for the next example i’m going to show you how you can have article boards right about your company in this case let’s pretend i own a furniture company called elite furniture warehouse i could write an article with

Elite furniture warehouse as my keyword and it would likely write a pretty good article the problem with this though is that article porch doesn’t actually know what elite furniture warehouse does i don’t think it doesn’t even exist so it might write something slightly irrelevant so in this case let’s say we want the

Article to specifically be about rustic living room furniture so i would set my primary keyword as rustic living room furniture and my sub keyword to be elite furniture warehouse i’ll now show you the completed article and you can see it wrote about how elite furniture warehouse builds awesome rustic living room furniture exactly

What you’d hope for as a warning if you are entering your company name i would recommend checking the article afterwards to make sure it is capitalized properly article forge is very smart but if it has never heard of your company before it might not have stylized it exactly how you want

You can also do this for things like product reviews you can enter the product as your main keyword and then some of the features as sub keywords or vice versa just make sure that you enter in your keyword enough information about what type of a product is to help

Article fours know exactly what you want to write about for instance if the product name is something vague you might want to just include the type of product it is for instance that it’s a laptop or a mouse or a sprinkler system in a similar way i would recommend using

Sub keywords as a way to clarify your intention for your main keyword let’s say you want to write about apple no matter what you should probably add a suction keyword whether it’s fruit or computer or laptop depending on what type of apple you want it to write about

Otherwise article forge will just kind of have to guess which apple you are referring to you can also use sub-keywords in a more traditional way to go over sub-topics in this example we want to write about gaining muscle and we can enter the sub-topics exercise and protein and

Article 4 will write about both of those and how they relate to gaining muscle if you wanted to you could have it right about any other number of subtopics creatine strength training whatever it is you want it to write about if you entered as a subtopic it will try to include them

Finally one other tip is that you can use article forge to ask a question and then answer that question through keywords and sub keywords for instance in this example we’ll use how to get out of debt as the main keyword and debt consolidation as the sub keyword that

Way article forge will ask the question of how to get out of debt and it will pose debt consolidation as a possible answer to that question i hope all this information has helped you with understanding some of the best practices to article forage articleforge is an extremely powerful tool and these

Tips just scratch the surface of the types of ways you can guide article forge to write about the type of content you want it to another thing to note is that since sub keywords are very structured as we showed you can have it mean any number of things and since article forge is

Designed to make sure every article is completely unique sometimes it doesn’t use sub keywords or keywords exactly in the way you would expect it might be that it went a little off topic or talked about something negatively that you were hoping it would talk about positively or maybe it focused more

Heavily on a specific sub-topic or maybe not quite as heavily but if for some reason you didn’t like the direction it went in i would recommend just slightly refining your sub-keywords and then going again odds are the second time articleforge will write the article in exactly the

Way you were hoping i hope you found these tips to be helpful if there’s anything else you’d like to see us cover in terms of best practices send us a message and let us know otherwise thanks so much for watching and i hope you make the most out of

Article forge and the content that it generates

Quelle est la mise à jour d’Article Forge 4.0 pour les utilisateurs ? Meilleur contenu ?

Essayez un essai gratuit de 5 jours: Article Forge a un look mis à jour et est maintenant devenu Article Forge 4.0 …

Foreign Clips well today we are going to look forward to article Forge 4.0 and article Forge 3.0 was the was the means the previous version that we were using and 4.0 is much more kind of precise in terms of delivering a good and structured quality content for your copywriting marketing or your other

Marketing campaigns and operations so today we are going to look forward to it and in addition to that I’ll also be sharing some of the samples that article Forge has created you can check them yourself as well so that you can have a better overview of how exactly this

Article Force 4.0 can be helpful for your content generation and related operations so let’s get along with this video so as you can see over here this is what the article Force websites look like and we have got different features over here so article Forge is basically a more most specifically designed in

Order to deliver article generation where most of the copywriting tools a copywriting tool works on other aspects which basically includes campaigns it means digital ad copies and refacing and everything else article Forge is all specifically designed in order to deliver articles or blogs this can be a really helpful thing

If you are into blogging or a freelancer or a Content writer yourself so article Forge can be really helpful for those so as you can see over here this is the official website and they are also offering a means a free trial at this moment so just in case if you’re looking

Forward to try article Force for yourself for free of cost it’s basically a five day free trial so you can start using article Forge for yourself and it won’t cost you any money the only thing is required that it does not have a no credit card required policy you might

Have to uh means fill up the information for your credit card and everything but still you won’t be paying any money for the five-day trial and you can try it yourself the interface and everything else so let’s get started it and just before we get ahead with the video the

Trial will give you somewhat around 10 000 words to generate and I guess 10 000 words for a trial in order to understand how exactly does the AI copyrighting tool works is really helpful and it might give you a better overview of how exactly those things works and and

Now getting along with the content generation uh the content generation part is really simple and easy to use um if we consider means the AI technology that is being used in article Force basically it works on the GPT and we if we consider that there are different options that are offered by it

You only need to fill in the keyword you have to choose the article length and the article lengths can vary from 250 250 words or the 50 words to 1500 words so whatever the kind of article you are looking forward to whether it’s a paragraph or a complete hole generated

Means a whole article for yourself and you can make it so it’s a fully automated automatic AI article writer and one of the key features that really means got my attention was the SEO optimized content so you won’t have to worry about the keywords and everything else the article

Forge will help you with creating a AI a means AI writing AI copyrighted generated content all with AC optimization as well and if we look into the samples here are some of the samples that are created using article Forge yourself so you can click on the link given in description

For starting your free trial or just exploring around what are the means or what kind of articles are created by article Force so for example as you can see over here this this article is written over here for the SEO strategy and how to create an SEO strategy for your website

So if you search for this keyword the article that is being shown here is all generated using article Forge 4.0 and as you can see the content is well structured as here’s the title how to create an SEO strategy here are some of the other important factors or the

Important points that you need to cover while writing an article on the following topic the first one is the keyword research of course it’s one of the important factors another one is for the quality content as the quality should be well structured and everything else and if we look into the off-page

SEO so link building plays an important role as well and another one is for the analysis of the computers a competitors so if you are working in SEO field or working on SEO strategies of course you might you should be working um in such a way that you should be

Ahead of your competitors or work along with them another thing is for the kpi so key key performance indicators or the key parameters that one should be looking forward to uh are also mentioned over here now another section is for Creating a roadmap so if we look forward to creating a roadmap as you can see over here the grading a roadmap is also an essential part when it comes to creating your SQL strategy and basically article Forge means the article generated from article Force 4.0 is pretty impressive in terms of generating

Everything uh and most of the part means as much as I know the contents are not plagarized these are really good in terms of structure and creating an SEO optimized content as well so this was one of the topics you can also check out the video game bosses as this is more of

Uh some of the means does not require a more of a personal kind of a thing and you can explode around these another one is for the New York City the physical fitness and also small business loans so you can explore around these options and the required means the requested length was 1500

Words and all the means every example is mentioned over here so if you are looking forward to explore around different articles or different categories article Forge will help you in generating all that so these are some of the examples now all you need to do is here’s the steps

Given and now in addition to that if you look forward to the pricing plan so if you choose the monthly plan it will be costing you a minimum of 27 dollars per month and it will be offering you generate 1500 plus words article content content passes copy Escape so as I already

Mentioned that it contains means the content generated by article Force 4.0 is more into is not also plaguarized so since is used to check the plagiarism of a Content so the content passes copy scale so yes we can say Article 4 generates a practice and free

Content another one the one of the sections that means the one of the features that I really liked about article Forge 4.0 was that you can automatically post the means automatically post these articles to your blogs so all you need to do is connect your blog or the website uh

Using the Integrations or the features that are offered into it and once you are all set with it you can directly publish all those all those posts or the Articles to your website now another one that another one of the features that are really helpful in terms of generating bulk bulk article generation

And just in case if you are looking forward to create five or ten articles at the same time all you need to do is fill in the keywords what are the topics that you are looking forward to it and you can get along with it another one is

The API access so as I already mentioned above that you can all automatically post the Articles to your blogs so API access is one of the important factors that make it possible so here are two different plants the the standard Plan cost around 27 dollars per month if you are going along with

The monthly plan and another one is for the business plan business plan if you are looking forward to get more words or explore around more words um need something for different users or multiple users you can get along with the business plan yourself all you need to do is contact the sales

And the team will be contacting you so basically the highest plan that is offered in the standard plan means standard category is somewhat around 247 dollars per month and it will be giving you access or giving you somewhat availability of 500 000 Words which is quite great in terms of article

Generation if you’re a small agency you can work into it and it also gives you three plus users access so if you’re a startup or someone who works uh have a small marketing agency the standard plan that costs around 247 dollars per month is pretty impressive in terms of that

Now if you look forward to the El plan you can save almost 51 percent on the yearly plan if you are built annually so I’ll be mentioning the link given means a link in the description so that you can take help of this or explore on all these options

Now another thing that is worth mentioning is 30 day no risk money back guarantee just in case you if you are not happy with what what really does article Forge 4.0 has to offer you can get along with the 30-day no risk money back guarantee that is offered by article Forge itself

So basically this was a small overview on understanding what really does article Forge 4.0 has to offer and just in case people are looking forward to uh means try it yourself or get a glimpse of how exactly it does it work I would highly recommend you on getting on with

The free trial ads it does not cost you anything all it needs is a credit card detail and I guess that’s not an issue at all so that’s it for now guys I hope you liked the video

Revue ArticleForge – 4 ans plus tard – Est-ce toujours mauvais ?

Il y a 4 ans, nous avons revu Article Forge, c’était terrible. Aujourd’hui, nous examinons à nouveau ArticleForge, est-ce mieux ? Essayez Article Forge…

Hello marketers welcome to another review video from how to webmaster today i’m reviewing article forge a few years ago back in 2018 we have already reviewed article forge at that time article forge generated articles that were pure garbage to say the least anyways it’s been four years let’s give them another

Review and see how it goes i’m here on their website and once again article forge states that this tool can automatically make human readable quality articles at the click of your mouse i’m pretty sure four years ago they said the exact same thing all right here are some example articles produced

Okay they read pretty good okay i’m going to sign up for the free trial and test out the real thing you are required to subscribe with a credit card or paypal to start the free trial all right i’m in let’s create a new article let’s try web hosting as the main topic

And bluehost is the sub keyword i want to see if article forge is capable of creating an article on bluehost a very popular web hosting company down below you will see additional settings i’ll leave those off for now but i will change article length to 500 words

All right let’s see what article forge is capable of okay guys it took roughly one minute to generate this article anyways let’s click here to see the results here it is you can pause to read it and judge for yourself the quality of this article after reviewing this article it actually

Has very few grammatical mistakes however the main points are confusing for instance this paragraph is trashing bluehost and telling the readers that this is not a good hosting company with bad customer service but then down here in this paragraph it is praising bluehost and its awesome customer service so overall

It is a readable article but quite confusing article forge takes pieces of content from multiple sources and jumble them into one article so this is what i suspected and therefore the article will not be very logical or consistent the article seems to be unique as well i did

A google search for some phrases from this article and there were no search results matching these exact phrases so this is quite good so far i am impressed that it came up with a readable article on my topic all right let’s try another one this time i will prime bluehost is the main

Keyword and the sub keywords will be praising bluehost so this will sort of be like a review article let’s see if article forge is capable of doing this Okay here is the new article on bluehost i’m just going to click on ignore buttons here for these auto-suggested words let’s pause and read this article and see how it goes so the problem i see is repetitive content in this article it keeps mentioning customer support with live

Chat and email in three different paragraphs okay let’s do another article this time on a gaming laptop from amazon i will use the specific name of the laptop as the main topic and the sub keywords will be related to this laptop let’s create and see all right here it is let’s review the

Article once again it has many repetitive things in the article along with many inconsistencies i’ve only highlighted a few things for you to see overall this article is not worthy to be published as is and will need to be manually fixed all around okay let’s do a test on a very general topic

I’ve been too focused on specific product topics and keywords let’s give article forge something easy let’s do a simple weight loss topic with vegan as the sub keyword and this time let’s try a long 750 word article all right here it is Once again there are just so many repetitive phrases vegan is good and it is about eating vegetables over and over let’s try again with just weight loss as the main topic let’s see if this can produce an article without too many repetitive content okay here is the weight loss article

This article also contains a lot of repetitive content and not consistent to a general theme either i’ve highlighted a few phrases here for you to see All right one more test with article forge let’s do a topic about cheap web hosting services and the sub keywords will be different hosting companies the maximum number of sub keywords is five let’s see if this can produce a better article without repetitive content here is the article it contains two out

Of the five sub keywords i have chosen also down here are repetitive content about cheap hosting all right my final verdict on article forge it has gone a whole lot better than four years ago the articles produced are unique and with very few grammatical mistakes however the

Articles produced have a very high level of repetitive content and some parts do not make sense and are consistent with the rest of the main topic i was testing articles in the 500 to 700 plus words range if using for shorter articles it may work slightly better but we all know

That nowadays google favors lot articles in the 1000 plus word range so short articles are not that beneficial overall article forge is quite an expensive tool and even though the articles are indeed unique and quite readable but it just contains too much repetitive content and inconsistency with that said i don’t

Find article forge useful for creating unique quality content so i personally don’t recommend it however there is a free trial if you want to sign up and try it out for yourself the link is below i hope this video review helps please give this video a thumbs up if

You like to see more reviews and subscribe to how to webmaster for more free online training tutorials and marketing product reviews as always thank you for viewing

Gagner de l’argent avec le marketing d’affiliation – Stratégie à long terme

Pictory Article Forge ✓✓✓ Ressources Juste …

Welcome to teach me money methods in this video we’re going to be showing you a strategy on how to make money with affiliate marketing let’s jump in because we got a lot to cover what we’re going to be doing is actually selling and promoting a product that we actually

Own so i do recommend that when you’re selling products and you’re taking affiliate marketing serious that you actually go in and purchase the product yourself and make sure it’s a high quality product vet it first before you go out to the world and start promoting it to people because

You will make sales if it’s a high quality product people will want to sign up and you will be able to sell it easily by doing tutorial videos and showing people that this software solves a problem for you or this product or this training course or so forth

Whatever you’re trying to sell you want to have it in your hands so that you can actually vouch for it and get people on board with you because if you own it and you are using the product and it’s changed something for you for in a positive way then there’s chances

Are that a lot of people that you tell about the product will also be interested as well and they’ll be more likely to follow you as well so in this video i’ve been using a software now it’s a vidnami replacement software and they continue they have a roadmap and

It’s a ver it’s going to be a big company a big business and this is a software as a service type business and type software and so pictory is a vietnamese alternative so when vietnami exited back in august there was a lot of news about what’s going to replace vietnam because

It had thousands and thousands of users and it solved a major problem in the video creation realm right because it you could quick quickly create videos with vietnami so then they went away and they got bought out by by godaddy and so we started looking at what software’s could actually fill that

Role and the closest one was pictory so that’s why it’s definitely solving a market need and they’re continuing to upgrade and now they’ve added voice over syncing and they’re continuing to update the algorithm for pictory to sync audio quickly and so so it’s a great great software they have you can

Actually just paste a website in here and it will go and create a video real quick for you so we’re going to take a software that we already own or and then they’re currently running a really good deal on app sumo so you can actually become an affiliate of appsumo and sell

Thousands of softwares that are on their site you can come over here to the browse function and i’ll show you real quick so under browse we’re looking at uh almost 2 000 softwares right now i’ve looked at this a couple weeks ago and they were up to like 2 500 softwares

Software comes and goes this is not a permanent place for this software people software companies that are in beta mode and their startup softwares they come to appsumo to get some buzz about the their product right and that’s exactly what happened to pictori and these softwares that have only been on

The platform for a couple weeks like ranked tracker it already has 260 reviews five uh five stars on appsumo they grade in tacos so this one has five tacos and 260 reviews and the really really really cool thing is that uh when you buy a software over here so this is how you

Actually can tell others about it in a really cool way that they can get a lifetime discount most people don’t like subscriptions i mean if you can get a chance to pay for something one time and still get lifetime upgrades and everything this is only a small window of opportunity that this happens

Because these softwares are going to go flip to a paid subscription monthly basis but you have a chance to get it for a lifetime discount pay only one time uh because they’re in startup mode so that’s what makes appsumo such a unique opportunity as an affiliate right so

We’re gonna come back over to appsumo and i like to look under what’s hot or what customers are really really liking now we’ll find look at pictory is the second hottest right now that they’re telling about right now it’s on their front page and they end in three days so

If you actually uh create videos go ahead and click the link below and pick up victory for a small one-time fee and they’re continuing they have a road map and continuing to make the software great and so this is your last chan last chance to get victory and if not in

Three days then uh if you want to get access to victory you will have to pay a monthly subscription like we all had to with vietnamese so this is a unique opportunity so what we’re going to be doing as an affiliate right so we’re going to

I’m going to go ahead and click on victory you can get some more information about it again it’s really really good if you actually have the software in hand because you can do a proper review let’s we can make this really really fast though we’re going to

Use some other tools to make this fast and then we are going to jump into the next step so what i’m going to do is i’m going to be using a site called article forge now article forge you can get high quality content in under 60 seconds using advanced artificial intelligence or ai

And deep learning article forge writes completely unique on topic high quality articles with the click of a button they’ve done all kinds of tests and tested this software up against the average freelance writer that you would hire on iwriter or something like that and it actually ranks this content ranks on

Google it creates really good content right and so uh you do want to check your content and when you’re asking for something that’s not just broad but very specific it’s going to spit out an article and then you’re going to want to go in and you’re going to want to do

Some editing on the article which i would recommend in any case but this is going to get you the content that you need right away and then you can go in it gives you a head start and the writing having writer’s block is a thing of the past now now um i like

This and i’ve been using this a lot lately as opposed to jarvis or conversion ai because i love how you can set and forget it and it actually goes out and writes a really fluid high quality piece of content and that’s something that is actually missing from

Jarvis and other ai writers is that it takes a lot of babysitting article forge does not require that it actually spits out really good content so if you’re interested in article forge you can go ahead and click the link below and it’ll take you right over to article forge and

You can actually sign up for a free trial they actually are pretty generous on their free trial they give you like seven days of pretty much unlimited content and and um and you can try it out that’s what i did i tried it out and i really really liked

It and i actually signed up for the premium membership now you can get it for free for a week after that week then you have a choice to sign up monthly for it’s like 200 000 words of content per month and you get that and it’s 57 a month i believe or

You can pay and get 50 off if you pay annual and that’s what i did it’s about 324 and you get full content uh for an entire year so article forge we’re going to go ahead and log in now when you log in you’re going to go to a new article

All i’m going to do is just click on new article and we’re going to come in here and we’re actually going to write pictory review you can do something like that and it’s actually you can even put a dash here but i’m actually going to go pick to

Review view and then we’re going to say victory video creation software these are the sub headings or topics that you specifically wanted to write about right and then you can say like pictory is the best uh vid nami replacement and you can add some more keywords in

Here okay and then what we’ll do is i usually recommend if you’re gonna actually publish it on your website to go with the long form content it does up to 750 words at a time if you want to write more than that then i recommend

Each one of these can be a topic and i do this as well each one of these would be its own topic and then you would be able to create two thousand word articles very simply by one or by two or three of these and you can combine them

Together so then you can just add title you can add an image to it you can add a video if you want it’ll go out to youtube and find a relevant video and put that in there as well you can replace keywords with links i like this

Option because you can come in here and you can actually say anytime pictory is mentioned i want http you can actually go into where you’re going to be an affiliate and i’m going to come back and go over to impact and you would actually come over here and

Find your affiliate link right here i’m just going to copy it and you would come back over here and you would paste that in right here right then you can actually there’s a few more options and then you push the create article it’s going to go out there and

Start writing now keep in mind it actually does can take up to five minutes to produce the content because it’s actually going in there and that’s what it’s called deep learning it’s going out there and it’s doing a bunch of research automatically for you and then writing a human readable

Text for you and then it spits it out and now you can see this is what it would look like i already ran one before to save time so we have picture review video creation software and once you use this use this more and more you’ll actually get better at honing in on

Exactly how to use the software to get the content that you desire now here’s where that replacement link is it all it did this automatically for us right it went out and it found a relevant image this is an old vidnami image which is cool

I’m not seeing a pictory image so we can add that in later on but i’ve read through this it’s pretty good there’s a few things that we i would change about it but um it’s you’ve already got your um article ready to go so we can actually push copy

And i like to come in and open up microsoft word to see where we’re at with how much text we have so far so i’m gonna go ahead and paste that in and you can see that we’re at about almost 600 words of content right now so

What we what we’ll do now is we’ll go into our website and start up a new blog post on our website so if you’re into affiliate marketing yes there are so many different ways that you can drive traffic in this method we are going to be driving traffic with

Organic traffic from google and the search engines by posting and publishing content on google so yes you can use free blogs and free websites but i do recommend if you are going to be a serious affiliate marketer that you do at least have one custom website with a custom domain on custom

Hosting and you can use places like siteground and others in order to get your hosting a high quality hosting for your website so then you can go out here and actually do reviews that will rank on google so i’m going to come over here and i’m going to just

Paste the article in here we have our image in there already and then i’m going to go over here and i’m going to title it pictory review video creation actually we’re going to say ai video creation software and then vid nami all alternative okay so we have all the

Major keywords in the title and then you can come through here and you can actually see we have links to victory and this is how you’re going to get paid by putting in this pictory uh link over here right so we have the link right here and i’m going to add

Some more of those in here so i’m going to go back over here and then we’re going to go ahead and start finding some more places to put this so vietnami alternative we will highlight this and we will add a link and we will also add that link there and

So forth we’ll do one more pictory video creation software we’ll do a link here and there’s another link and then what we can do right here is actually add a button so we’re going to push the plus button a plus over here and then i’m going to say button

We’re going to find a button over here and we are going to and we have a button right here and then we’re going to make this have a link we’re going to paste the link as well so now we have the button is live and you can come over here you can

Actually edit the button and make it you know look how you want it to can add a a border and a radius we can change the color so we’ll come back over here and we will make that a different color then you can actually come in to

Typography and we’ll go with text color a black i think that looks good you can change the font size and make it even bigger i think we’ll make it even bigger at large there’s a big button there and you have a nice button on the site to

Take people to and you have content so what i’d recommend is we use article forge to create our content very quickly but come through here and actually edit the content you can actually come through here and find more to say about it because if once you start using the

The course that you’re selling or the software in this case you’ll actually know how to modify this the article forge created the base of content but now you can go in there and add more elements to it make it unique add another few hundred words and now you’ve got yourself a long

Form thousand word article quickly created for you and then we would just go over and push the publish button in this case because i am going to go in and do some editing i’m going to push save draft then you would just go in and add a

Thumbnail as well you can actually use canva or any other graphics design software to make your thumbnail stand out and now you now this is something that it’s not going to rank immediately it takes some time to get picked up by the search engines and pick up picked up by google

But if you do this on a daily basis your reviews and some of your reviews are going to start ranking for different keywords longer tail keywords than that you don’t even see in keyword research tools and if you do this for a while and stick with it you’re

Going to start actually seeing that you’re going to be driving traffic to your website and you’re going to be getting the most powerful traffic of all which is organic free traffic all it takes is your time and research so i hope you enjoyed this video on making money with affiliate marketing today and

Uh subscribe so you don’t miss out on my next tutorials and make sure to hit that like button until next time take care you

Articleforge Review 2021 – Est-ce le meilleur générateur de contenu automatique du marché ?

ArticleForge est un logiciel qui vous permet de générer facilement et rapidement du contenu de qualité pour votre blog. Dans cette vidéo, je vais passer en revue…

Article forge is software that allows you to easily and quickly generate quality content for your blog in this video i’ll be reviewing article forge and giving you my honest opinion on whether it’s worth the price tag why article forge is the best content creation tool get high quality content

In under 60 seconds article forge uses artificial intelligence to write unique content article forge uses deep learning instead of scraping all of our articles are completely unique article created passes with zero duplicate content free five days free trial to check the software want to buy article forge at affordable pricing

Get article forge starting at just 9.99 per month from

Créer un site affilié avec ArticleForge, WordAI et Jarvis AI – Partie 1

Dans cette série de vidéos, je vais créer du contenu pour un site WordPress affilié à Amazon en utilisant uniquement des outils d’IA. Les outils que je vais utiliser…

In this new video series i’m starting i’m going to be working on one of my niche websites i pretty much abandoned um it’s a domain i’ve owned for a couple of years but i just never got around to working on it so i started i uploaded a theme to it recently and

You’ve seen my book called popcorn theme um and i just made a logo to put up a couple of posts you can see i started in 2019 i just didn’t bother working on it 2018 actually so what i’ll be doing in this series i’ll be going through the process of

Using the popcorn theme and using different ai writing tools to add the content because my biggest issue is i don’t take the time to write a lot of content so by using some ai tools um i’m pretty sure that i can generate a lot more content a lot more quickly

And make some income from this site and get it to rank and so on so this will basically be pretty much an amazon affiliate website and i’ll be using My new favorite tool article forge word ai and also probably jarvis maybe writer but it’ll be these three tools mainly and i’ll be showing you some a bit of keyword research and google trend and so on so as you can see this is the the website as it is right now um i

Uploaded the popcorn theme let me just show you and the popcorn theme is a it’s a very fast and well-made theme it’s especially made for affiliate websites and i’ve had it for a couple of months i’ve just started to put on some site because it seems okay seems very good

I’ve got a limited license so i can put it on as many sites i want i can resell the sites i think it’s like a full commercial license it belongs to everything below everything i use in this series so let’s start off with a bit of research

Um so i popped into google trends i just put in um fruit juice and food juice machines and i just pull out some topics and see what’s rising see what interest is it’s going to be a us-based website um so i noticed uh for a lot of the

The topics passionate fruit for some reason were really popular um so obviously make some make some topics about passion fruit juice obviously oranges fruit juice recipes that they’re very easy to do how to make fruit juice um I saw one for aloe vera just general fruit so this is rising um fruit on keto keto diet keto fruit again these are all rising massive percentage i think i want to set up five years okay what does it ma’am just give an example keto fruitless keto friendly fruit again

And what’s this one this is just juice take dog apple juice i don’t want those squeeze juice cleanse so a fruit juice cleanse um okay and cold pressed juice this was another popular topic best juicer 2021 so what i’ll do i’ll make a spreadsheet and i’ll put some topics in there

Okay i’ll probably make some sort of a spreadsheet and i’ll just put the keywords in there maybe search volume and whatever else but for now for this video just off with some content okay so so the article i write today i write about cold pressed fruit juice

And so i’ll pop over to amazon see if they’ve got some cold press juicer okay so we’ve got some product here so what i can do um look at the the one with a lot of reviews uh four star plus i can pick out a few as recommendations

And i can go through the reviews and pick out these strong points and the negatives and just give some recommendations so yeah they’re quite expensive as well so that’s always good for affiliate so let’s write a little bit about cold pressed fruit juice i don’t know anything about it so let me

Let’s write article fortress it’s a cold press okay now what is cold pressed fruit juice and sub keywords i’m not sure yet it’s article length i’ll make it 750 my titles i’ll find my own images i’ll find my own video um and let’s create article use any main keyword for now

I’ll give it a second i’ll come back to this okay it took about two minutes and it’s done so let’s see the result excuse me okay so what is called press fruit juice uh so you see when it highlights here you can change the uh the word or the sentence or where the

Selection is okay okay so that is about 750 words so i can put that into uh into a wordpress pro straight away they look pretty good uh so yeah just just copy um what’s it called what is cold press fruit juice post i knew okay delete this one cold pressing juice gravy

Okay i don’t need this bit i’ll delete that a lot of tips later on i’ll delete this bit how many birds is it 626 corporate juice is bad for you they’re fresh then fresh fruit juice along the shelf life okay i’ve got a sub-heading here what are the penny of all pressed juice

Okay that’s not bad um so what i’ll do i’ll probably add a a featured image and maybe um i’ll have some product boxes for my recommended fruit juice fruit juice compressed fruit juices okay um so where should we get an image from i could go to pixels or pixabay but i’ll

Go to invite elements i’m paying for anyway let’s look at photos this just says for cold press fruit juice it all comes up that’s a nice image that’s nice as well this is one with a machine inside it like this apple one i’ll take this one okay download it’s a hefty image

Okay yeah it’s a massive one okay i’ll go to edit i’m come back in a second okay i’ll just point the image and i’ll just um make it a bit smaller okay so um now that some recommended best coal press fruit machines so i’ll go to amazon and i’ll bring some in

I’m not sure what i’ve got installed on this site i’ve got any product blocks let me have a quick look or just use the basic weapon whatever’s included okay now i’ll just use just use those ideas so let me go to amazon um this one here so i’ll grab the image

Um i’ll grab a medium image that’s the right one so copy back to the site um html okay and what’s it called joku slow juicer masticating user okay um this one slow juicer i should really use a an affiliate blocks plug-in it looks a little bit nicer but i just

Add a link in there um text link full link don’t ever use the other link okay copy back here link um no follow and yes okay so let me get a bit of information about this juicer um i’ll use i’ll do jarvis for this um which template everybody’s paraphraser

I’m not spiders product description let me search my second one okay so the product name all right go back to the product joku slow juicer um tell us about the product so let me close this um suppose the features two speed modes can extract all kinds of fruit and veg

Oops wrong one this one um small feeder should let’s remove seeds and peels okay what else all positive in high quality food grade material excuse me wrong one oops one touch assembly dishwasher safe um ten year warranty okay we’ll see what happens with that okay tone of voice informative english english american okay

And we’ll do three outputs let’s go excuse me it’s only pretty quick okay okay there’s a okay i like the second one so i’ll copy this and put that one below here okay let me find another one i could maybe add some more content like say customers say blah blah blah go

Through go through the reviews or close from the questions but just go just do that for now i’ll do one more quickly um it looks very similar and find a different looking one this one looks like a beast okay so this is isuku okay cold press extractor

Because i need the image i need the text copy this clip back here no no no you don’t know html yes the title was suku slow masticating juicer corporate expector and we’ll get the link text link for link copy you always want the full link because in

Future if you ever need to change the uh your amazon tag you can do a database search for your tag and do it that way but the short link will be impossible means a lot of manual work so link in the follow that’s done and now let’s write some content

So for the zuku this one so the title i gave let me see where’s they gone extractor yep blank jarvis delete all this and let’s go again um nearly upgraded several seven spiral auger sounds good next sounds good okay save the other one next pretty much the same okay next Okay i’ll put that piece in there oops this was safe easy to clean and i just used our nightmare to clean okay and three year warranty and lifetime technical support excellent okay formative english north american three outputs let’s go let’s play these let’s go again with these seconds it’s normally really quick

Okay upgraded samsung okay sounds good okay okay sounds good okay um i think this last one is my favorite so i’ll put that one in the post i should add something here um check out oops our favorite american spelling our favorite and cool press juicing machines on amazon okay that’s fine update that

A quick look at the article so many words we’ve got okay 900 words not that much effort into it i’ll make a featured image think maybe add another image somewhere because it’s got a lot of text maybe divide it up a little bit more and maybe add a spacer

Um well maybe i’ll try and align this on the right i’m not sure if i can do that in the html let me have a quick look um there’s an option to align right have to write it i forgot html i think i’ll have to i think it’s probably a line right

Um with high border alt let me have a quick look okay i think i need to do css i’m not bothered in now just being a spacer very tiny oops oh i’m something that holds on to rule okay that’s an actual gutenberg block space off see how long it’s been since i’ve been

Uh playing with uh gutenberg separator okay there we go that’s right you can choose a width okay wide light that’s fine don’t worry about this seo score for now um i’m not sure this i’ll get rid of this okay this i need to divide it up a little bit okay so oppressed

Fruit juice is oops i owe u.s i think shelf life so of course what you want to do is going through google just getting headings i’m just going to do like this for now that’s fine so it helps you break up the text a little bit

Now what i need to do is create a featured image um and i’ll make a i’ll make another post with word ai that’s more about rewriting i’ll just do a test post okay let me make a new post pick another topic um let me see i could do passion fruit

Juice recipe let me google that okay okay it’s fine that’s what i’ll do with wordy uh there’s quite a few results here um just pick this one i’m gonna use it for inspiration okay do they mention fruit juice machines or blenders i think i know where this content is from okay

Okay we’ve got blender at least okay what i’ll do i’ll take bits of the content and i’ll put it into word ai and i’ll make a new uh a new post so that’s wordpress um passion fruit juice okay um so let me see so copy this put it here

I don’t know that’s true bubble down there so um copy that i do control shift v to paste without the html and links okay i’ll copy this i forgot to do it ctrl shift v save time you want to get rid of the links now i can’t it’s an affiliate link delicious yes

Okay i’ll copy this um they’re gone let me close them i’m not using these control shifty um oops not this one not just let me close these ones okay how to make passion for drink here we go so now we’re defining key terms just bring some meat into the contents

Wherever you want this one joshua fee okay so now we’re into the recipe a lot of big images on there plenty of space reds wash your feet okay um are there any methods for that as well oops control third ctrl shift d actually i could do that actually i need copy again

That’s a heading that’s fine i didn’t realize how long this was another method oops don’t have done that and normally what i would do i’ll go to different piece of content and i’m gonna use that for inspiration no i won’t just take from one but it’s just an example i will probably

Rewrite the whole article okay we’re still going it’s probably not essential this visit okay then we’ve got a whole separate recipe down here this is just an affiliate site um okay let me just copy this bit as well let’s see how this comes out be interesting of whether i can

Create something good about this okay done okay now where do i let’s see what what it does so one rewrite um i want to make it readable so i want to make it conservative and let’s go let’s see how long it takes done okay so let’s go to beginning

So if you put your mouse over the text on the right hand side it shows you the bit that i rewrote so passion fruit is pleasantly tart and super refreshing okay they just switch the words around and drink some eliminator that’s fine see i like the way they rewrite the

Sentences it makes sense but it is also unique 70 uniqueness score now if i went for regular it probably would have been in the 90s so known in hawaii as see i made complete readable sense this is why i i like a word ai and article forge because the content is completely

Readable and it makes sense an article especially the content is amazing okay it’s looking good what i’ll do i’ll copy the article as it is um remove the heat to have the heat okay that’s great and let me save it how was it i’m not sure if i copy it would it go

Straight to export html i could send this html and let me do a html and see what okay where is it that’s the content there and let me see if i can copyright into wordpress um so remember in the old wordpress you could copy as html this one everybody tried it code editor

Okay let’s switch it back to visual okay so now i’ve made it work i can do convert into blocks preview preview okay especially blah blah headings headings okay preview okay we’ve got the whole the whole thing here now what we can do with an article like this

But don’t be pushing the products in too hard so as they did with their article where’s they gone you just put the yard text link here and there so forth they had one fourth serrated knife and somewhere if they had they had a text link here for some serrated knife um

It’s an internal link it is yep and internal links let me let me find an image let me get one off uh pixels passion fruit so let’s grab this one i’m going to be small that’s fine free download okay let me just upload that quickly um where did i save it

I’m just reading the file it’s always good to rename the file and okay a line all right make it a lot smaller let me move it up don’t worry there we go over there okay it takes rapture nicely so how to make passion fruit drink okay that’s not bad that’s a complete article

Let me find some amazon links let me find the blender um 24 review 64. ninja one’s normally good i’ll grab this one i’ll do a text link and let’s find full link always ctrl c dimension blender somewhere in a blender which is the whole thing we’ll give the knife serrated knife serrated knife

Okay let’s grab this one text link for link control c and where was knife oh did he change the word um where was it roughly wasn’t you delete this um okay some more serrated blade okay i’ll just do it with a knife i’ll leave the plate doesn’t matter and we’ll stick in here

Publish okay if you post this four minute read how many words is it 868 there’s one affiliate link the other one was above so that’s too articulate the other side looks i need to add my uh you add some uh fishing images i’ll get rid of some of these old posts

But we’re on the way so i made two posts this video has been about 43 minutes that includes bit of research and stuff it’s not bad progress i’ll make another video sorry and i’ll use um i’ll use article forge again for some more content but i’ll leave you here for now this is

Part one i don’t know how long the series will be but i’ll do my best to update it regularly i’ll probably do at least one one or two more videos this week and i’ll see you next time thanks for watching bye

ArticleForge Review Contenu généré par l’IA

Article Forge Review – Incroyable contenu généré par l’IA pour vos sites. Cet outil est irréel.

Hey everyone i’m shooting this video because i just subscribed to an article writing service that uses ai or artificial intelligence to write articles based on keywords and sub keywords that you give them and so far the content that i’ve been getting back is actually blowing my mind and i wanted to show you

That so this is article forge and typically it you enter a main keywords and it’ll give you guidelines on how to use it there’s also training videos that you should watch to learn but if you’re building rank and rent sites and you don’t want to hire content

Writers you want your content a lot faster because article forge will write your articles within three minutes four minutes um depending on the length of the article i’ve been writing long 750 word articles and it’s taking me about three or four minutes to get each article back

Um you can use article 4 to do that instead of waiting on a content writer and now the quality of the content you know typically ai content or spun content comes out really kind of not that well but i want to give you an example of some of the content i’ve been writing

Today so as an example i was just doing doing like a deck builder in des moines and you can see let’s i’ll just read a bit of this content so tips to find a deck builder in des moines when you need a deck to builder in des

Moines the search is not always easy to make you have the option of approaching local builders as well as contractors who are working outside of iowa the latter are often better than contractors that are operating out of their home states if you live in iowa and are just looking

For a debt contractor des moines has several choices so then it goes on to give a couple tips like find a builder who’s certified uh check whether the contract has any experience look up different references talk to friends or acquaintances and this article was like literally written for me by putting in

The keyword deck builder in des moines and then i also had the ability to say do you want to add images do you want to add videos it added images for me okay it added relevant videos for me and wrote this content for me all in about three minutes which was pretty amazing

So let’s look at some of the other content i was just playing around you can see the main keyword and then the sub keyword so that was deck builders in des moines des moines here i tried des moines iowa and then deck building company as the sub

Uh and it came out nothing really about deck building but it did come out with things to see and do in des moines iowa and if you’ve watched any of matt’s trainings when he says you know you want a page that talks about the the main attractions of a certain city

To add to your site this whole article is about things to see and do in des moines iowa took three minutes and spit out this content just absolutely beautifully a bunch of hyphenated things that we could use as h2s to optimize and the content reads extremely well

So then we continued on i wrote a fourth article trying to get better and then choose the right deck building company to get the results you want so looking for a deck building company in iowa with more than 200 decks and patio construction companies to choose from

Finding the right one can seem like a daunting task so then you know it goes on to talk about things that you want to look for once again adds pictures adds images and the content is excellent and not only is the content excellent on a sentence percentage structure

But the article actually has flow i mean each paragraph flows to the next subject matter matter really really well and i’m going to go to another one so then i tried deck building company des moines uh guaranty okay and this one wrote about the deck side company but it was a little weird

But it also included a bunch of really cool stuff that i didn’t know existed in for in deck building in des moines so like the builders warranty program um the cdl cdlp the spaa the safety and planning association deckside institute and literally these four articles they come out with such excellent content pictures

Um readability i can and they’re all about 750 words which is the really cool thing i can combine any of this content onto my site any way i want and if i’m missing a piece of content on my home page i can just have article forge write it

I can say like write me 500 words on tips for deck builders and then go in and add my geographical relevant relevance by just adding a bit more content but i’m absolutely amazed at the quality of content that’s coming out of article forge because it’s all ai it’s completely rewritten from the

Ground up they’re not scraping they’re not grabbing anything they’re just ai writing the company um sorry they’re ai writing the content and it’s just been like phenomenal so far and i’m so excited about this um a bunch of other cool features that they have as the articles can be spun

Okay with spin tax meaning that if you build a website in one and you build content for a website in one city you literally can spin that content to get another unique set of content for your next site or your other properties or your backlinks

Stuff like that web 2.0 okay so you can have spun content it spits it out all all for you obviously the main feature is it writes writes amazing content extremely fast you could hook it up to your wordpress blogs to send your posts into it if you run any sort

Of link building or web 2.0 properties or you have a blog attached to your site where you want to constantly add fresh relevant content to a blog you can actually set up article forge to auto post articles into your blog for you so it will

You can set up a bulk article if you go to a new article and you you switch to a bulk article generator this will give you bulk articles that will automatically send to your wordpress blog and you can schedule posts it does have an api which we’re likely

Going to build into project supremacy v3 just because it’s so amazing of a tool so there’s all kinds of really cool um bits with article forge that just make it like a super easy to use super fast um tool that just i’m just amazed and kind of flabbergasted how good it is

Um for writing lots of content and that’s one of the things that we talk about in rank and rent club i say listen you got to try and get really unique fresh relevant content and honestly even at you know spending 20 or 30 dollars per thousand words from writers the the downside to

That is like you know writers can um take a little while to write content like you could be waiting a day sometimes two days or three days whereas article forge it will spit out content in mere minutes and each time you need writing from a content writer you’re going to pay them

Twenty to thirty dollars okay and that can add up even just ten articles at thirty dollars is three hundred dollars which that math the reason i used it is because i just paid for an annual subscription to article forge where i can have as many articles as i want written for me

For 324 per year so um they have two options an annual plan for 324 dollars per year or a monthly plan for 57 dollars per month uh the annual plans almost half the cost over the course of a year so i signed up for that right away

And this is a subscription that i will 100 percent not be cancelling i’ll be keeping it because not only can i be using these content for my blogs or for my money sites i can use the content to start building up blogs i can use the content for my pbn posts

If i want to build out web 2.0 properties with um additional content i can do that and i i also noticed um in article forge that they do have some other pretty cool uh integrations into um other services such as let me pause the video and i’ll

Find them okay so if you go here to the help center and then you go into integrations okay they have a bunch of other cool integrations that you can work work into article forge word ai ranker x gsa search engine rancher search engine ranker sc nuke tng and

Cyber seo so you can learn more about all those things um it integrates with a lot of things so there’s there’s a whole bunch more features that i haven’t even dived into yet but just for the ability to write really high quality content um for if i i pay 324

A year i get as much content as i need i know uh with 100 certainty that i can write my own content using article forge on a mass scale for anything absolutely anything so um i wanted to shoot this video for you guys just to show you article forge

Um and i highly highly suggest that if you’re serious about um building a lot of content and you want to reduce the amount of money that you’re going to be paying for content writers that you check out article forge for yourself it does come with a five day free trial

I’m literally sold though i signed up for the annual plan on a five day free trial and within the first four articles i’m 100 sold i will be keeping this subscription so i highly recommend you guys check it out there’s a button um below this video but i wanted to

Shoot the video for you guys show it to you it’s it’s absolutely off the hook i am absolutely in love with uh this product and i hope you guys will be too

Copiez et collez Gagnez 5 $ à chaque fois avec cet outil AI en 1 clic

Obtenez un essai gratuit de 7 jours d’Article Forge ✓✓✓ Ressources à seulement 25 $ par mois et …

Welcome to teach me money methods in this video i’m going to be showing you a really cool method and i can’t believe i’m sharing this for free this is something i normally would put in a premium course but i’m going to share it with you for free if you can’t turn this

Into money then i don’t really know how else to help you i’m going to be showing you a full tutorial right here on how you can use a tool and literally copy and paste you can make at least five dollars every single time you do this reoccurring month after month with this

One click ai tool now we will not be using jarvis or ryder or any of the other popular ai generation tools that you’re used to seeing on multiple channels i’m going to be showing you something that is even cooler that i’ve discovered recently that i’ve been using a lot in the last

Two weeks in my business and i love the simplicity of it and how you’re able to create content at a one click of a bus of a button and it is ai generated content and we can actually go and check the content um on to make sure

That it is unique and it is human readable and so let me take you through i have some other tools that i may be using but they’re not necessary there is one tool that you definitely do need in this uh to be able to do this but first

Let’s jump into the method so i’m over here on answer the public and i just want some ideas and the idea that came into my head a lot of ebooks that sell online are in the health and fitness and diet area right and so with diets and just gen

Some people are reaching out for general information now going out and creating a recipe book or a cookbook is going to be hard for ai to generate um good enough content to do that i mean even when you outsource that on fiverr it costs a few hundred dollars to

Get a book like that created so we wouldn’t expect ai to be able to write up a really good uh recipe or cookbook however there’s a informational it works really well with informational type books and non-fiction books so i type in low carb on answer the public and then

We scroll down i’ve zoomed in so you guys can see what’s going on there’s 76 questions being asked you can go in and use the data and it will it’ll break it down into different like question types are can how what i’m going to go back into the diagram of visual visualization

And what i did was you can come come over here and check this out and the darker the green on the left side means that that’s a more popular search term than the ones below it so what’s low carb foods that is search less than these ones up here

Which low carb diet is best and which low carb diet is best for weight loss so we’re going to use a combination of one of those right here so we might go like right here and it will actually open up if you click on it it’ll open up

And i believe i clicked on which one did i click on i think i clicked on the first one uh earlier i think i clicked on this one so it opens up this right and you have health line that shows up right it’s going to show you you can do some

Research now we’re going to go out there and use content to get ideas but we’re not going to be stealing the content and then spinning the content we’re actually going to be creating unique ai content but we’re just going to let somebody else do the outline for us so you click

On this and it opens up the article so then now right over here the eight most popular ways to do a low carb diet there’s some information a typical low carb diet and what it consists of ketogenic diet we can come through here low carb high fat diet

And the low carb paleo diet the atkins diet the eco atkins diet the zero carb diet and the low carb mediterranean diet so what i do is i’ll actually come over here and i’ll open up a notepad and i’ll jot all those headings down there’s eight headings

Right here and we’ll jot them down and then what we’ll you’ll do is you’ll get rid of the dashes commas and um all that kind of stuff parentheses and so forth because the ai messes the ai a i up so you just want to use uh break it all down to this but

No special characters or anything right so we have all the the headings over there right so then we’re going to go over to um article forge so we come into article forge right and i’m in the back office of article forge right here and what you

Would do is you would just go to new article and actually before i do that i’ll show you my article so you can see that i’ve been using the heck out of this so this is not just theory i’m not just telling you to go and buy this tool

And that you need this tool look at all the content that i’ve been generating over the last week or so look at all these articles that it is writing for me it is pretty dang cool stuff so all you would do is just come it’s got a post

Scheduler you can actually schedule this content to go to your auto and create auto blogs with this um use your discrepancy on if you want to do that or not so you can connect your wordpress to it you can schedule uh posts to automatically be posted to some

Of your wordpress websites i’m just going to go to my articles and you have to think about this is or sorry i’m going to go to a new article now you have to think of this as this is an ai generator just like going into jarvis or just like going into writer or

Any other of the ai tools and you’re going it’s going to go out there and actually just do research and write the content for us right so what we can do is i’m actually going to go through here and there’s different settings you can do right here but i have been using the

Bulk article generator and then i’m going to come through here and i’m going to grab our i already wrote the first top two so i’m going to grab these last six right here so we’re going to grab these six i’m going to ctrl c so copy

Those i’m going to put each article that i want written right there and i’m going to not add titles i’m going to go select the article length and move it to 750 words because we want to create the longest form content that we can so then we can get this um

So we can get this approved for all the places that we want this article submitted or this ebook so basically we are building an e-book that we’re going to submit to several sites all with um with using one platform so right here and we’re just going to say create new

Article and it’s going to tell you one more time yes and you get 200 000 words per month and that is plenty so if you’re making 10 000 word books which i recommend around 10 000 words no less than 8 000 or you won’t be able to

Get it approved at some of the the shops because they perf they don’t want to be flooded with low content books you know people submitting ebooks that are only two to three thousand words and it just crams up their site with uh not what their readers really want their readers want a more

Uh full length ebook right so it’s going out there and it’s processing this bulk order right here it already processed the other two over here and we’ll go and look at one of those articles right so while it’s writing those other six i’m just going to push the expand here and a

Typical low carb diet or the ketogenic diet let’s just go and grab the result here and we can look at this right here the ketogenic diet is actually a higher high fiber low calorie diet you can pause this and read but it reads very well very comparable to going and outsourcing

Somebody on fiverr to write something like this similar it does a really good job at writing and it’s human readable it’s good content yes you can go through and really dive in and read it and fact check and all that that’s not what the purpose of this training tutorial is so

I’ll just leave that up to you to decide if that’s what you want to do so what you would do here is you would just grab this article so we would copy we would open up word and then we would go and just paste this

In right there and you can see we have almost 700 words right there we’re going to come back over here and this one’s a ketogenic diet so we would just come back over here and i’m just gonna write ketogenic diet right there and then we can also do a

Heading one right there so then you just move on to the next one and once you get all eight of these put together you’re gonna have about eight thousand words or so okay so then you’re gonna have a book and i will open one up for you so you

Know what they look like so here’s one that i did yesterday and it is motivation for weight loss so ways to motivate yourself i look down here you can see 11 422 words it’s a full ebook five reasons why you want to lose weight just keep scrolling down how to motivate

Yourself to lose weight these are all the chapters of the book tips to help you achieve weight loss uh pick a plan that fits your lifestyle to lose weight quickly so it’s a really good ebook and it just keeps going and going and going so you have this 11 000 word

Uh ebook that’s written for you automatically by ai by article forge and then what’s really cool about the place that we uh submit our book they’ll do all the formatting for us okay so they’ll go out and they’ll do the formatting for us and so forth and then we’re able to

Get a title page and a table of contents all that stuff um a copyright page is automatically created for us so we don’t have to worry about doing that it saves us so much time when we come through here and so you would just keep going back in grabbing the content combining them

Together because all the topics are closely related and we are writing an e-book we are writing an e-book that is going over the most popular ways to do a low carb diet so it’s going over all the best eight ways that people do low carb diets so this is very good information

Ai from article forge is writing that if you want to try out article forge they have a free trial and it is a very very good free trial there’s no limitations you i think you get seven days of unlimited content there’s a couple features that you don’t get like you

Can’t do bulk article creation on the free version but you can just do one article at a time to see if you like article forge and the content it’s producing and then you do after you sign up for the free account if you want to go past that and

Actually pay the pricing is 50 let’s see let me go back over to article forwards real quick take you to the home page and i’ll go to pricing now a monthly plan is going to be 57 a month but what i signed up for was the yearly plan and

That is going to save you 50 off it’s only 27 dollars a month think about it 27 a month for article forge for 200 000 words a month of just one click auto generated content um or you can spend you know 100 uh dollars or more on tools like jarvis

Which are great but there’s you have to spend a little bit more time creating each piece of content and it is four times the cost so that is the tool that i’ve been um kind of transitioning to lately which is article forge and then last but not least i’m going to come

Over here and show you the place that we want to publish our stuff you can publish this on amazon and this stuff will pass amazon it’s fresh real unique content okay so you can publish this on amazon and you can actually publish this on amazon through draft2digital which i

Actually recommend because you can come through here and i’m not going to do a tutorial on how to actually upload on draft2digital i’ll do that another time hit that like button if i get enough likes on this video and i get enough comments leave a comment below hey

Please give a tutorial on draft2digital then i’ll make a tutorial on how to upload ebooks to draft2digital but as you can see i’m making passive income for the last two years or so i make um at least 50 a month from articles that i for ebooks that i’ve

Published a years ago and it’s still like clockwork i make 57 last month and we can actually go in and i can show you um i’m gonna go to here and go to royalties by month so far this year just to show you that this is consistent and

This is not just a one-time thing back in january i made a hundred dollars and then forty eight dollars and then fifty nine dollars fifty dollars um my lowest month was thirty seven dollars and then right back up to sixty one dollars in june july 53 um august 56 and

So far um and what it does it’s actually a delayed so if we go back in to reports it’s actually a delayed uh reporting so the reporting right now when it’s saying i’ve only sold 11 units it’s actually not 11 units or towards the end of the month because

There’s some of the places that it submits to that you do not get reporting to until later on in the next month and so i’m going to estimate that i’m going to have more than 40 units sold because i’m starting to get back into this i’ll

Share with you my results and some case studies and things like that but this also is i share with you how to use plr content as well in my plr profits academy course and it’s related to this as well and you can use plr content i

Show you how to go out and rewrite the plr content you do need to rewrite it plr content if you’re going to publish it because it will get it will not be unique content and you can use plr content as well to make this work as well but this is a

Strategy i’m going to start building this up i’ll keep you guys posted but i want to build my income up right here to a thousand dollars a month on draft2digital so wish me luck and i will share it with the group and so forth so that is the strategy one more thing we

Wanna do is i’m gonna come back over here we’re gonna grab this content and i just wanna go and check real quick with this we’re gonna do a pro search in to see if this is co coming up if it’s unique or not and look

No results found so you’re getting fully uh past fresh unique content you can read it it’s actually reads better than spun content and you are able to create unlimited ebooks and publish them on draft2digital there’s no better way to make money online than doing this this is premium content this is real

This does work you can go out there and get to work with this and start making money online i hope you enjoyed the video if you did hit that like button remember leave a comment if you want more content like this i will make a tutorial on draft2digital and i’ll

Continue to post videos like this for you make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out on the updates and i’ll see you in my next video

Tutoriel ArticleForge 3.0 – Contenu long en 1 clic

Merci d’avoir regardé et s’il vous plaît aimez et abonnez-vous si vous avez trouvé de la valeur dans cette vidéo! Complétez la création de contenu sans intervention ici : …

Welcome back to learn wire in this video we’re going to be doing some article forge 3.0 testing i kind of want to see what the quality is the speed and just what we can come up with with this ai rider that one great advantage of article forge is

That you’re able to click a button put in just a couple inputs push a button and then it spits out an entire article so i guess a comparison would be text to ai but the quality of article forge is going to be higher i can already tell you that they have a better

Algorithm that pulls from the gpt3 and they’re going to come up with higher quality but still when you’re writing listicle or how to type content you know it’s gonna get specific uh as you as you dive into the article so we’re gonna do some testing this is a

Suggestion from one of the people that commented on my last video they said hey can you do try to do this same thing and try to come up with a big article in article forge so we’re going to go look at that but before we do that

Let’s go see who won for my course drawing for the last video and uh you have everybody has a chance to win how to create youtube videos fast using ai software you can get this for free just by liking subscribing and commenting on this current video that you’re watching

Right now and i’ll reveal the winner in the next video i’m going to continue this campaign until the end of january so we’re looking at about four to eight more videos for your chance to win and right now every single person that is one besides one person has claimed their winning course so

People seem to be enjoying the course so let’s just go jump in real quick and see who won the course real quick grab that last video link i’m going to paste it in here and again if someone is gets chosen and they’ve already won the course

Then what we’ll do is we will just draw again right so i’m going to push continue it’s going to load the comments and we’re going to pick a winner so patrick white you said enjoy your review of this product it’s more expensive than others though it seems to offer really good value thanks

I agree with that we’re gonna go ahead and put you down patrick white go ahead go ahead and email me at learnwirereviews and i will email you access to the course all right so let’s jump in we need a keyword right so i went in and

Actually just kind of came up with i want to do a seven benefits type keyword so i went over to google and i just typed in seven benefits of and a bunch of different stuff showed up and i’m gonna go ahead and choose seven benefits of jumping rope okay so that’s a keyword

That people are searching on google for uh so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take this keyword and you know what i was very impressed with using closures copy yesterday for the article outlines that it came up with it seems to do a good job with listicle

Type posts and doing outlines and it’s one of the the best that i’ve seen with it coming up with content so i’ve already put that in and one thing that you uh this isn’t really going to be a comparison necessarily we’re just going to see what we can come up with with

Article forge but one thing that you need to know is that article forge is not going to come up with an outline for you it’s missing a lot of the different tools that you get with all these other ai generators article forge’s main point that it really tackles and one of

Its big advantages is that it just creates content based off of one keyword and it creates an entire article within very quickly for you and it’s high quality but it doesn’t really do an outline for you so we do need to use another tool to come up with that

Outline i’m going to use closure’s copy right at any point if you want to pick up closures copy or you want to go and test out article forge free trial you get a full week free trial of article forge as well all those links will be in the

Description below so let’s jump into this i already did this i went in here i went to outline i put seven benefits of jumping rope and then i pushed right for me it came up with all these awesome listicle outlines right and this is really cool because there isn’t a whole

Lot of tools um honestly this is the best one that i’ve seen that where it’s coming up with really good ones maybe jarvis does this quality right here but those are the only two that i can really see that will actually you can tell it to give you seven fifteen uh different uh

Listicle type uh post and it will actually go out there and do it it’s gonna like try to find facts or topics to talk about so i’m gonna go through here and i found this one i actually like this one here so i am going to push the copy button right here and

We’ll go back over i’m actually just going to open up a notepad real quick to paste that in real fast just so i don’t lose it and then i’m going to go back in over here to article forge 3.0 so we’re in article forge 3.0 there’s different ways that we

Can do this and i might do two tests and we’ll see which one kind of comes out ahead or which one performs the best the the deal with if if we create one article at a time right here we’re going to see that the longest article that we can create is 750 words

I would love to see article forge come up with where you can choose a thousand or twelve hundred maybe fifteen hundred words and you can put more carrot more sub categories i believe you can only put up to five subcategories in here so we won’t be able to write the entire article

Right here okay so i’m going to go back over here let’s grab our keyword that we’re going for the title is going to be seven benefits of jumping rope back over here to article forge i’m going to put that in as our main keyword and then what we’re going to do is go

Grab our outline and we put this in over here and we we throw these in over here and then i’m going to go ahead and just kind of clean this up a little bit and you can see we have an error warning uh down below and it says warning

Articleforge has a five sub keyword so i was right on that one uh limit and we’ll randomly select five of your sub keywords well i don’t want to do that so we’re going to take these last two off i’m just going to push delete so we’re only able to write five benefits of

Jumping rope in this case we’re going to go with the long and then we can you know i guess we can add an image just for fun and see what it does and add a video see how well it does with that and then we’re going to

Go ahead and create new article okay so article forge is going to go out there it’s going to use the title right here and it’s also going to know the context because it has more context to go off of with our sub keywords so it should include these in the topic we’re

Going to see live right here how fast this is and so forth it gives you tips on how to use the the system even better but we will go ahead and just kind of pause and i’ll just let you know kind of how long that takes okay so i’m back and

It’s been about three or four minutes so if you’re actually just really needing content fast and you’re kind of sitting here waiting it can actually be kind of a sit and wait game one of the tricks that i do is if i’m going to use and you can see it just now finished

Right so it took about three or four minutes to write that but it is going out there and and doing a lot of things in the background that we don’t really get to see right and it’s doing it automatically for us which is really cool as well

One thing i like to do is though is you know have your content plan um at the end of your day uh possibly and try to get ahead right so then you can go and feed article forge what you want it to do and then kind of load it and then you

Can close down your computer and everything because it works on the cloud and it will continue to work and then when you come back into the office the next day your content will be ready to go your content will be written and ready to go or if you need to just set this

You know it’s only going to take four or five minutes per article so you can set this and then kind of go and you know take a restroom break or go get some coffee or something like that or go to lunch and then come back and then it

Will be ready right so just kind of strategize and time yourself in your schedule around the fact that it is going to take a few minutes um but we’re going to go and check the article out and then i’m going to we’re going to look at one more strategy that

We can use right here to write a longer article so we’ve got the article i’m going to go ahead and click this button click the result we’ll go check it out and see what it came up with so we have this now the cool thing is you can spin this um

Content here there’s different arc or operations you can download it as a pdf and give it away as a lead magnet if you wanted to you can post this to your wordpress and uh and then you can also have the html code here copy this and paste it right into your wordpress and

It will maintain all of the uh the formatting so it did add a person jump roping right here and then it also added something about seven things you didn’t know about jump roping so it also kind of goes out there and gets this content for you like no other

Ai generator as well so those are some of the um the positive things that article forge does that other softwares don’t let’s go and check out the content though so jumping rope increases bone mineral density which can reduce your risk for breaking bones and whatever that word is many older people experience hip

Fractures which can result in a loss of independence and mobility moreover it improves your cardiovascular health which can help you keep your joints strong and flexible as a result there are seven benefits of jumping rope and the list keeps going read on so you could i’m going to pause

Right there you can use this and i have before use this for youtube scripts youtube video scripts right here you would just say keep watching to discover all these benefits of jumping rope right so you can just go read through this spend five minutes editing it and just make sure instead of

Reading your article or post you’re putting in video and then adding a conclusion an outro and an intro and then you’ve got a nice youtube video script so we’re going to keep looking through here i’m actually going to bring in what we were talking about over here

So we can kind of see if it’s hitting on any of these topics so i’ll move this over here let’s see balance and coordination so a jumping rope can burn up to 1200 calories per hour compared to other forms of cardiovascular exercise this low impact workout helps you build lean muscle mass

Improves overall health and i’m just going to keep running through here you can pause the video as well i’m going to go ahead and just keep reading through but you can pause the video if you want to read more of the article so we have right here improves balance and

Coordination we keep talking about the cardiovascular right here so we have it’s fun for everyone right there so right here improves your body’s coordination so there is a coordination so it hit on that one right there let’s see right here if we can find if it develops muscles or reduces um stress

So i’m going to go and what i like to do is go like this and just say stress okay so we have this arthritis joint it’s a great way to get in shape and they are a great way to relieve stress okay so it um so far it’s talked about stress and

Coordination let’s say muscles so uh it can improve um strengthens your muscles and builds muscle mass so it talked about that as well then we can say hand eye let’s just say hands not in there i is not in there but it does talk about coordination a lot so

That one not specifically doesn’t talk about hand-eye coordination so stamina flexibility and calories so stamina no flex flexibility it talks about it right there mentions it once and uh calories it also helps burn calories so overall out of the out of the oh wait we didn’t even we didn’t have

These ones in there sorry okay so um the only ones it did miss stamina and and uh hand-eye coordination so it got three of the five were included but you can see through here that it’s a very very high quality it’s it’s something that’s very high quality that you can take and even

Expand on or do more the one thing that this doesn’t do is put this into subcategories h2 or h3 headings so you’re going to have to come through here and sometimes i’ll just take this right here so here’s what we’re going to do i’ll just take this we’re going to copy the text

And we’re going to open up word real quick and then i’ll come in here and i’ll paste it into word and you can see that’s nice it pastes pastes everything in there and you can see that it came up with 707 words for us so it’s a really really

Good start it’s a great youtube script you can add in a conclusion but everything reads really well like you just hired someone to go write this but it is missing uh like h h2 or h3s right so you could come in here and go like that and make this into

An h2 right there um the most important benefit of jumping rope is that it’s fun so right here you would just come through here you’re just going to spend five minutes doing this it is super fun and right there you’re just going to say h2 okay you’re going to come through here

Jumping rope is a great cardio exercise a great cardio exercise and then just hit that h2 and then you can paste this into your wordpress and then it’s and then it’s all formatted and it’s easier on the eye ready to go and then you can also come through here

And even kind of you know push more um spaces in between paragraphs so it’s even that much more easy for people to read and google likes that as well so overall it’s just super clean i’ve i have never been dissatisfied with the content that actually gets spit out from

Article forge it’s super super good but it um you know it’s 700 words so in order to hit all those major points and to get a bigger article the way that i would do that is we would go back in over here okay and what i would do is

You have to have a premium membership for this so it won’t work on the trial but you’re going to go to new article and then what you would do is you would go over to switch to bulk article generator so then now what you can do

Is what we’re going to take our text over here and let me see here we’re going to put benefits of jumping rope something like that we’re going to come up with you have to kind of think outside the box a little bit but what we’re going to do is

I’m going to remove these and what we’re going to do is we are going to say something like benefits of jumping rope so benefit of jumping rope a top something like a top benefit of jumping rope okay so i’m going to copy this and notice how this really does not take

Much time to do now we’re going to put this in because this helps the ai to go out and write this content for us okay so then now what we’re going to do is take all these keywords copy those we’re going to go back into article forge real quick and you would paste

These in up here i’m going to clean this up real quick all right so we have our seven topics and we can merge these in to an article now to now you can calculate so you would take 7 x times 250 and that will give you a 1700 word a

Post um it’ll probably end up being either 1500 to 2 000 and if you want if you need a longer post you’re going to go 7 times 500 and you’re gonna have a 3500 word post so let’s just for the sake of time we’re going to do a 250 word post and we

Are going to um just click the start button yep we’re ready to go so now it’s going to give you a warning i’ve got 200 000 words per month and so you’re gonna do seven articles for 750 estimated words and you’re going to submit it’s going to go out there and

Oh the parentheses i need to fix okay um they can’t have contain um urls commas parentheses brackets or too many single characters so um maybe okay so it’s working now um that warning is no longer um so right now we have processing bulk job one and we have o

Zero f7 articles completed right and the bar is gonna keep going this is probably going to take about 15 minutes i’ll come back with the results and show you kind of how i can put this together and we can make a really big article with this

And we’ll see what the quality is so we’ll be back in a minute so i’m back oh no look at what happened look on the screen it just it didn’t work article forge when researching found very little factual information about your keyword to maintain factual accuracy article forge

Wrote a slightly shorter but still very high quality article if you need longer content we recommend trying again okay so maybe it did still write something for us so let’s go and check it out we’ll go to my articles and let’s see what happened okay so we have these last

Uh articles right here uh so it’s going to be right here it improves balance and coordination so we would click that one and it did write very little besides helping with cardiovascular fitness jumping rope is a great way to improve your balance and coordination in addition to improving your

Coordination jumping rope has other health benefits including improving your heart and blood circulation it also helps with strengthening the arms and legs it improves your balance and boosts your endurance you can find an adjustable blah blah blah so that one is that last sentence no good but everything else is good

I’m gonna go back over here we’ll check out a couple more real fast let’s see how uh jumping rope can reduce stress so it wrote about four sentences each so still gonna be similar to you know an output that you’re gonna get uh with the other article writers but

You’re gonna get the content much faster um you know it’s it’s it’s it’s the same as logging into an ai writer and maybe using uh just coming back over here and then maybe just saying bullet points for paragraphs or paragraph to bullet turn your paragraph into bullet points or turn your blog bullet

Points into paragraphs you could use this button over here and you could put your bullet points in here and then say right for me so it’s going to be similar to that but this just takes a little bit longer right so we could combine all this and

It’s probably going to end up being about you know five to 600 words so i like the first article output better and then you can uh the one that we went and put in word and we can go in here and start adding in the h2s uh it did

Really well with that okay so it does really well with taking one main topic right like jumping rope article forge does well with just doing one article at a time putting in seven benefits of jumping rope and then listing out like the five uh five or less subtopics

Right and then it goes in there and does a pretty good job at um at coming up with the topic and the content so overall you can still achieve what you want to with article forge it just depends on what your style is if you want the one click button

I think that article forge is great for youtube scripts and if you um have you know pbns for seo or if you’re going to have articles maybe if you’re going to be a freelancer and maybe you want a nice base article very quickly that you

Can go in and edit a little bit and then you can sell that content to other people i think our article forge works really well if you want more customization during the writing process then something like closures copy or jarvis or word hero are going to be my top recommendations from that

Standpoint so i hope that this kind of just gave you some ideas on how to use article forge um how um what kind of content that this will is good for right uh so that’s it for this video i appreciate your time make sure to like subscribe and comment

For your chance to win my make youtube videos fast ai software course and i’ll see you in the next video

Meilleur Rédacteur d’Articles en Ligne – Article Forge

Essai gratuit! Garantie de remboursement sans risque de 30 jours Article Forge n’est pas un « contenu typique …

Hello are you struggling to write 100% unique articles for your websites you work full-time at a job that does not give you time to write or spend time doing research you need someone to research and write articles for you the articles you need must be 100% unique quality human readable article right

We’d like to introduce article forge article Forge can give you the best solution you’ve been looking for so what can article forge do for you with article Forge you will get high quality content content passes one-click article generation next alex will explain more in details about this incredible article Forge

Hi I’m Alex and today I want to show you how you can get unlimited unique content with the push of a button before I start I want to talk a little bit about artificial intelligence and the team of researchers behind article forge article Forge was created by a small artificial

Intelligence company called cortex located in Baltimore Maryland we’ve a top team of programmers and artificial intelligence researchers and when I say top team I mean the type of people who are previously working on mi t–‘s artificial intelligence research labs now for the past two years this team has

Been working on using AI to completely automate the content writing process so this team was researching cutting-edge artificial intelligence work coming out of Stanford MIT Oxford Carnegie Mellon and Harvard and we uncovered something spectacular we found that all the artificial intelligence needed to automatically write completely unique articles already existed just nobody was

There to connect the dots Carnegie Mellon had a research algorithm that worked perfectly for one part Stanford had an algorithm that worked for another part MIT had another an Oxford another but nobody had figured that an intelligent way to combine them all together using what we knew and what we

Had researched over those two years we created what we call a deep understanding algorithm which allows a machine to take any keyword and research and write a completely unique and intelligent article about that keyword this type of technology has never been available before and is available only

At article forge so now I’m going to show you live how this deep understanding algorithm allows article forge to right completely unique articles in under 30 seconds I’m going to start the timer now I’m going to have article forge write an article about car insurance so I entered

Car insurance is my keyword I’ll now click create article an article for just started running you can see that article Forge has begun researching car insurance just like a human it searches across the entire web reading every article can find as it gains an understanding of everything there is to

Know about car insurance using what it’s learned it’s now automatically writing its own unique article about car insurance since it’s finished I’ll now click through to the article and as you can see there it is I’ll pause the timer you can pause the video yourself if you want to read the

Article at Road trust me you’ll be blown away at how high the quality is for a completely automatically written article I’ll now copy the article and paste it into and as you can see returned absolutely zero results this article is 100% unique complete with

Images and videos and is ready to be used on one of your websites and we still had time to spare now that we’ve shown you how article Forge uses its deep understanding algorithm to write you unlimited unique articles let’s take a look at what article Forge can do for

You after your content has already automatically been created you can easily export this article into any format allowing you to use it with any other link building software you can also click a single button an article Forge will post your article to your WordPress blog allowing article force to

Turn your site into a Content rich Google traffic generating magnet I still think this is way too much work so we added a scheduler feature that lets you schedule article forge to post content to your blog automatically all hours of the day meaning that your blog will get

High quality unique content on autopilot now that we’ve shown you how you can create unlimited unique content in under 30 seconds I want to clear up one misconception article Forge does not just write high-quality unique articles going back to the main article Forge page I’m now going to change things a

Little bit I’m now going to show you how in one click you can get over 1,000 articles fear tier 1 and tier 2 properties I’ll go back to the article creation page and enter my keyword but this time I’m going to switch the settings to tier 2 so that we get extra

Sentence and paragraph variations that means that article Forge will write 243 different variations for each paragraph I’m now also going to turn on spinning and click create article I skipped ahead a minute and now article Forge is done I’ll click through and now you can see that article Forge has created a huge

Nested super spun document with nearly unlimited variations and each variation is completely different I’ll quickly scroll through the spintax in this case it’s over 34,000 words of super spun content including word variations phrase variations sentence variations and even paragraph variations I’ll now go down and export 1000 articles

And you can see that article 4 just created 1000 completely unique articles that means with just one click we were able to create 1000 completely different articles that you can use on all of your websites and this now brings me to my next point in addition to our special

Launch pricing for a very limited time you can get started completely risk-free with a 5 day free trial so you can sign up and have your first automatically generated articles and less than a minute from now without having to pay a single cent so just click the orange

Button below that says start my free trial and start getting your unlimited unique content so what are you waiting for please simply click below link to sign up now with 5 day free trial absolutely free

Créer un blog « VRAI » en moins de 45 minutes avec Article Forge – un outil de rédaction de contenu basé sur l’IA

Dans cette vidéo, je vous montre par-dessus l’épaule comment je crée un article à l’aide d’ArticleForge – un rédacteur de contenu IA. Prendre un sujet de recherche…

Hello lovely people my name is andy wooley and in this video we’re going to do another follow-up writing uh exercise using the ai tool article forge we’re going to get down and dirty straight into it we’re going to write an article for one of the clients give them something that’s plagiarism free and

We’re going to also do this against the clock so not that it’s a rush but to give you an idea of how quickly you can come up with something that meets the intent and writes roughly around about 600 to 900 words for that particular article so let’s jump over

Onto the screen i’ve got the timer there set ready and let’s press start and hopefully we’re going to do this within about 30 minutes so you can see it doesn’t take forever and a day um i’m gonna look at writing the best probiotics or women’s health a general subject by all accounts but

We’ve got our modifier in there we’ve got our keyword probiotics for women’s health that’s ideally what we’re after so we’re going to use that as our premise if i shrink that down a minute keep the timer there on screen now we’re going to use a selection of tools in order to

Define the intent and then also give us an idea of how we’re going to push all this then into article forge i use something called use their free resource on there which they’ve got here which is the um people also ask i’m logged in if you’re

Logged in you can export this as well which is a great facility simply putting it in there will give us a selection of questions so to answer your question why am i using this well yes we can do our keyword research and we’ll have keywords and phrases come back but

Sometimes they don’t really draw a conclusion to you of the type of article you write whereas using a modifier and a selection of keywords via a phrase this will come back with a relevant a range of topics or categories and sub categories for me to go away and write

This particular article so it takes about a minute um for it to come back and then when it does you’ll see here it starts populating the screen with the the category and then the sub categories and what we’re going to do here on our word document if i just shrink this word

Document down or shrink it down to the side or better still i’ll keep my word document as is and let’s use the notepad that way then i can customize that to the size i want i only need it for the topics and i can copy them across them

As i need to so we’re looking for the best probiotics for women uh what’s the most effective probiotic let’s see if it makes specific reference to women and the easiest way to do that let me let me just move this out the way a minute is if we do control f

And we type in women you can see there’s a number of references on the pages three references there and where is it referencing one two three so this is the only one that’s coming up with it our probiotics good for women’s health that’s not bad that’s a good

Question what the dangers right so we’re going to take that copy let’s paste that into our document here what we’re looking for is we’ve got our title we’re looking for subcategories that reinforce the intent and reinforce the topic we’re talking about because that will draw relevancy

And then we’ll put them in the right sort of order so uh who should not take no no i’m just going to speed through this to see what’s really relevant side effects no oh here we are what’s the best probiotic for a woman that’s not bad what’s the

Most affected right i can’t quite like that again copy paste it’s slightly different to the the first question are probiotics good for women’s health uh i’m just going to change that to woman in case they well there’s a lot more references there so it’s a quicker it’s

Just a quicker way for me to identify what we’re looking at on screen what’s the best probiotic woman that’s a repeat of it and a repeat there again which is quite good because it shows you the intent is quite strong there what what are probiotics good for in women

Should every woman take a probiotic and that’s a nice one i quite like that one as well because again it warrants asking and answering that question so again let’s put that in there and all i need is about four or five there’s more than plenty to write a small but

Relevant article that keeps it on point and that’s an important aspect to remember uh what our probiotics good for in women again that’s a repeat but i don’t like that phraseology to be honest so we’ve got that let’s do best and see if anything comes up the 16 rep says which

Is the best probiotic in the market yes okay that would be good if we were looking for taking this way more from an informational article to make it more of a buyer’s guide where we’re actually then putting a product at the end of that equation and allowing someone to

Purchase it you can see that here what was the best probiotic in 2021 where we could change that was the best probiotic for women women’s health in 2021 that would be again bang on the money we’re supposed to provide it for women what’s the best probiotic brand for vaginal health

No we’re not going to use that because again that’s a it’s relevant but it’s going off on a tangent and i don’t want that what’s the best feminine probiotic okay that’s a play on words but is that so similar to a question we’re already asking what’s the best probiotic

Filament it is so it’s kind of redundant because we’re repeating ourselves which probably is best for my digestive issues okay that could be quite good okay um yes okay we can make one from the titles here um what are the best probiotics or women’s digestion because obviously that’s all part and parcel of

The the probiotics for the guts everything that’s related so that’s not too bad um listen to more probiotic healthiest problems to take uh i think we’ve probably got enough there to be honest i don’t think there’s the other way that we can do this as well is we could simply take our title

This and we can also just run it into chrome into google just to have a quick look and see what that comes back with as well just in case there’s anything else we could probably add into the mix and what we’re looking for is we’re looking

For the page titles to see if anything jumps out so you can see there best probiotics for women well we’ve got that by doing the women’s health we’ve got that a little bit more of a uh permutation going on best program what’s the healthiest probiotic in the market okay that’s not

Too bad oh pro bono is good for women’s health no i do like that because that asks it in a different way and therefore we can answer it in a different way and that’s kind of what we’re trying to achieve here um what is the highest rate didn’t know no no no

If we scroll all the way down to the bottom we get related topics like uti urinary tract infection we look in that all the ph balance gut health best probiotics for gut health best probiotics for women’s gut health it’s a bit elongated but we’ve already got that well i tell what we will

Actually change it for women’s digestion no for women’s gut health i prefer that because i know gut health is a little bit more prevalent in this particular niche best probiotic for bloating no again we’re going off into health conditions and we can do that separate

Know i think we we good there right so i’m going to close that down um open the topic back up have a look at this are we going to keep it in that order that’s what i’m going to say so we’re introducing um obviously one of the best probiotics so

What are probiotics i think would be a good one what are probiotics how are they relevant for a woman which i think is another good topic are probiotics good for women’s health are they relevant for it that’s kind of the same thing so delete that because that gives us the benefits

What is the best probiotic for a woman okay should every woman take a probiotic yes that needs to come down to the bottom kind of like should every woman are probably just good for her should every woman therefore take them that’s quite good what are the best probiotics for

Women’s gut going to delete that i don’t think we need it now because we’re talking general enough by here our probiotics group of women’s health we’ve already got that so we’ve got four what are probiotics are probiotics good for women’s health should every woman take probiotics what’s the best probiotic for a woman

Yeah um i think that’s it i think that’s all that we need so we’ll copy that we obviously will have it in our word document so i’m just going to pop it into the word document so we’ve got a structure there and the last one then will be our final thoughts okay

Final thoughts uh right okay so i’m happy with that let’s pop over then into article forge and we’ll start a new article our key phrases i’m going to put there copying the main phrase then as well which is best probiotics for women’s health copy that one and back in uh

Put that down it’s pretty easy yeah uh put that in there that is our enter the keyword okay which is probiotics for women’s health okay um tips no we’re all right with that happy with that we’ve got the main ones in there which are probiotics women’s woman’s in there as well

Women’s health yeah everything that’s really relevant is in there we want to do a reasonably long article at least 750 words add titles yes please and that’s it and we just press create so it’s taking us about 10 minutes just to you know get get everything organized get ourselves

Set up define the intent make sure there’s a relation between the intent and now start that running and as you can see it’s starting to work through but let’s not waste time we now go over to where i can get an image and obviously you may not have a paid

Account like i have here you might have pixabay or pixels if you’ve got a free one but i’m going to look for probiotics for women and let’s see what comes up dreamstime is a great one i’ll leave a link in the description below for this so yeah you can tell this is a

Female here there’s a choice between them obviously holding one or the other so i think that kind of meets the intent to be honest um and i quite like this image so we will pull that pull that down and you can see the pills with probiotics on

The background of a female abdomen they want that’s perfect so i’m going to copy that so when i download this now that will be the description of the image um i might just ever so slightly alter it to put in the keyword which is obviously the women’s health uh let me just

Scroll this across oh my word document doesn’t want to come across there it is right trying to do this all on screen so you can see exactly what i’m doing so you can literally follow suit if need be so pills with probiotics on the background of the female

Abdomen all right we’ll leave it as that i’m happy with that that’s the image right let’s jump over into article forge that’s not far off now so we’ve got our image i’m not going to upload this to wordpress i’m literally just going to do it in the word document and then i’ll

Load it in the back end and once that’s done then i’ll come back and i’ll show you the finished product okay so as you can see here now it’s finished the results are there if i click this now the article becomes transparent for us probiotics for women

What are they and how do they work that’s not a bad title by all accounts if the very least it could be my h2 uh heading underneath and here we are so i’m just going to pull this all out just copy come over into word

And i’m just going to put this all under here so i can work on it and then see how it goes uh let me just shrink that down it should get down to something a bit more manageable so we can see what we’re doing so what are probiotics for women’s

Health a lot of research you’ve done over the years to answer this question the conclusion is that there is definitely some benefit to a regular use of probiotics for women’s health probiotics are generally regarded as life-supporting bacteria as they help yeah this is pretty good it’s on on the money i like it

And again there’s our next heading water probiotics so it did listen to our first one so we can knock that off problem’s generally a group of strains of bacterial bacteria that usually create yeah okay that’s fine happy with that so what does this mean for to have

Good vaginal health funny if you can see how strong that is and whilst i wasn’t looking to get that tangent from what we’re doing it clearly is relevant so we’ll keep that in there it’s obviously repeated the next one so we’ll we’ll customize that because i don’t like subheadings are exactly the

Same but we have a choice here so we’ll read the article and we’ll see how we can make it appear you know a little bit different to answer the question to give a bit of choice uh what are probiotics for women yeah okay we exactly have that one so i can

Delete that one what are probiotics for women yeah perfect and in particular right okay and what are probiotics for men and women okay is there a differentiation here and the rhyming reason for having that in there so like when they’re certain particularly good at fighting therefore yourself in particular uh then like

Facility and right what are probabilities no no i actually feel that none of that answers the intent at all you know if it was stating that there was something clearly different between the probiotics for women as opposed to men and therefore there’s a stronger rhyming reason to take it

I’d be inclined to keep it but there’s none so i’m going to delete that out what are probiotics for women’s health what are uh have we repeated that at all no we haven’t so what are proverbs for women’s health our probiotics yeah it’s similar i’m going to go with that one happy days

And right okay and in order to get something that’s important right so we’re currently standing at 610 words that’s fine i’m happy with that not a problem um i obviously need the final thoughts at the end so i’m gonna type something in there based on reading through this and i’m gonna speed through

That not to obviously take your time up but i’ll leave the clock on so you know this is all being done in genuine real time okay so you can see now we’re coming up 26 minute oh it says 27 minutes um i’m happy i rearranged the order i’ve

Deleted a bit added in a bit typed a bet but here’s the order so best probiotics were women women we obviously for women’s health sorry we opened with a mission statement here how they’re relevant then we describe what probiotics are how do probiotics work what probiotics are specifically for

Women uh i will list some out here so i’ve got a little bit of listicle to do and we’ll do that now in a minute um how they’re beneficial beneficial for good vaginal health i put that back in because there was an opening statement that referred to this quite uh quite

Strongly so i thought yeah okay so there’s double reference in there it does make sense then and then should every woman so obviously you’re coming towards more the intent know of whether somebody should or shouldn’t um obviously i i you know i’m not professionally trained as a clinician or

Practitioner or doctor or any of these sort of things but i know the benefits of them so obviously i advise that it is probably more beneficial to take it or not and then i just sum it up with some final thoughts we’re 807 words as we stand there we’ll

Probably come in around about the 8 50 the time i finished the um listing a few of the most popular ones on the market and the easiest way to do that is simply go back on to chrome uh where we had it here best probiotics for women don’t need to put women’s health

Specifically but for women and here i have a choice so i have um raw product pro raw probiotics on their garden life on their health span so i’m going to list a few of these just literally bullet point and then we are done so i’m going to leave this run for the moment

But the article has been written in 30 minutes it needs a bit of polishing as you can see i need to optimize this for mobile so shorter sentences i’ll bring it into the back end of wordpress put the individual titles the hierarchy h1 h2 any h3s um

I’ll also put a table of contents in there the image that we’ve got and i’ll polish it off so i’ll let this run for the moment and then i will show you the finished i would speed up and i’ll show you the finished article we’re now working through the items just to see

The layouts correct happy with the items on there i’m adding also in the listicles of the particular women’s probiotics it’s now been added into the back end of wordpress where i’ve done my uh spell check i’ve optimized it by making shorter sentences ready so it’s more appealing for mobile and working

Through the listicle as you can see on screen here by adding in links to the particular products to give it a ryman reason more importantly a call to action on this particular article that it answers the intent of finding the best probiotics for women’s health here we are now the finish article at

The 46 minutes mark we’ve got our featured image uh we have our headings our table of contents each one of those nicely laid out nothing too excessive obviously what took a little bit of time is putting the individual links in there again i could probably open this up a

Little bit more and put images in there for the respective ones as well and that would probably you know make it a little bit more appealing but for the sake of this um video we are just demonstrating that you can write quite a sizable post in there that’s 46

Minutes if we have a look we use seo minion this will tell us how many keywords so we’ve just written just shy of a thousand words there in uh in half an hour but obviously editing it and optimizing it it’s taken us 45 minutes per se you know give or take so

Yeah quite happy with that uh that’s how easy it is article forge in fairness has done the heavy lifting there uh if i just shrink back down you can see there’s the the article in word i don’t keep those to be honest because i go through these so many that’s

Article forge great little tool easy to take the snippets here and customize it but that was simply based on one phrase and then how that got customized from the particular titles which we use by also using use topics as well so there we are that’s it for this um

Article forge review ai it’s a great little tool it’s not too expensive uh i think it’s about 57 a month unless you’ve got the yearly plan you pay up front then it comes down to a very ridiculous price for 27 a month and that’s unlimited you can write as

Many articles as you want plagiarism free i’ll leave a link in the description below it is an affiliate link so i appreciate that you know if you do go through that i will get a small commission from it but only practice why i preach as you’ve seen in this video i’m genuinely producing

Articles which i’m putting across not only my clients websites but also my own portfolio websites as well um hope you like the style of these videos if you do please like and subscribe to the channel click that notification button as well so as soon as another video comes out i

Can give you a heads up and you can see the wealth of ai tools i’m using because i’m slowly testing them to find which is the you know the long term uh selection for me it won’t be one it’ll probably be a handful um that’s it for this video if

You’ve got any questions pop them below likewise see you soon that’s me signing out thank you

« UTILISATION RÉELLE » de Article Forge ai – Outils d’écriture d’IA pour les blogs

Dans cette vidéo, je vous montre par-dessus l’épaule comment je crée un article à l’aide d’ArticleForge – un rédacteur de contenu IA. Prendre un sujet de recherche…

Hello lovely people my name is andy willey and in this video we’re going to look at some of the ai tools specifically one called article forge now ai tools as you’re probably aware have become very popular this year helping all content writers not necessarily replacing content writing

But certainly aiding it so jumping over onto the uh screen you can see we’re going to use it for my case study which is uh we’ve already done the intent and looked at some of the keyword research and i’ll leave a link in the description for that so check

Those videos out but more importantly now we’re going to look at the direct correlation to herbs and anxiety this is one of the um articles we’re going to write i’m going to use the tool today in order to do that so what’s the best herb for anxiety we’re just going to copy that

We are going to use as i said article forge um to give you an idea of pricing literally just jump on there been using it for about two months it’s not bad little tool like all the ais they all have a slightly different flavor to them but

They all run along the gpt3 framework which basically is what they use to generate the content and also more importantly a good number of these are plagiarism-free which is an important thing when it comes to ranking so you can see it’s not crazy money you know if you go per month is 57

If you take out the you know the yearly one it drops down to 27 a month i’m simply trying on the monthly one let’s see how that goes um there’s quite a few articles as you’ll probably notice as soon as we log in let me just put my details in there bear

With me and just wait for it to load never as quick as you want it to be there you are right okay so we’ve logged in this is the main screen you get gives you some advice some you know like like a lot of these tools they don’t just expect you

To use them straight off the bat they’ll educate you they’ll tell you what their command words are and how you can get the most out of them already i have a section here under the dashboard for my articles and what i’ve written to date and you’ll see a range of the few of

Them on there it lists them it gives you an idea of the particular topics don’t mind sharing at the end of the day it did just snippets of what they’re relevant to my domain name but we’re going to jump straight in let’s let’s write this article so here

We need to enter our keyword and we’re going to use this as our title what is the best herb for anxiety now you can see how it’s already given us some ideas or tips as it were for the keywords and more importantly then the sub keywords that provide context and

Drive you in the right direction i.e match the intent of what the reader’s looking for so obviously we’re going to use herb we don’t know what type of herb maybe there are specific ones and that might help anxiety definitely mental health we want to reference that um let’s look back into our

Research and we can see best fitments for it no best heart calming what i’m looking for is anything that helps me build that out anxiety and depression depression is closely related to it so we’ll put that in there um calming severe yeah these are sort of things that can help so

Let’s put that in there so relax um anxiety oh we’ve done the anxiety sorry um depression oh let me see if i can spell it right depression so we’ve got quite a few there that will help um and you can see you literally just separate them with a comma no problem

Though obviously you could choose the length of the article i tend to go for 750. what i tend to find um is hit hit and miss sometimes it will take it’ll it’ll provide a really good concise article and and use up the 750 other times it needs to be shorter and

Then you can pile a few of those together to get what you’re after in this particular case i’m going to go somewhere in the middle i’m going to go for medium and let’s see what we get yes i want titles so basically it will sub the uh subcategorize or subtitle under

The content and that’s going to be beneficial to help me it will also and this is quite a unique feature of this ai tool it will also pull in a relevant image and a video as well so i’m gonna tip those on no from my own perspective the image i

Don’t need because i have a dreamstime account and i’ll go and seek uh something i feel is more on the money but what’s quite interesting by just putting it on is you get to see what is ranking out there and what it determines is really relevant to for the intent of

That particular article and more so with the video as well that’s always a good interesting one i can replace certain keywords with links which again goes some way towards creating your seo your your backlinking profile i’m not personally going to put that on because i like to do that

Manually and be a bit more craft craft it as it were so i’m gonna leave that off and that’s basically it that’s all we need to put in there and we simply click create the article and you’ll see the uh the bar there will start calculating uh content it will be rummaging the

Internet to obviously find the right sort of information and put it together so i’ll shut up with a speed forward and then we’ll see what it gives us okay so it’s finished now and obviously you can see it’s ready i can close it i can click the result just before i do i

Just want to draw your attention to here uh switch to the bulk article generator you could put in quite a lot of keywords here and even a range of questions and just based around the one sort of pillar post it will go off and write around about five or six individual posts and

They’re all related so if you’re looking to create your sort of silo structuring uh based around one pillar article it does that for you as well it takes a little while to generate that because obviously it’s writing more than one article but that’s another great facility built into article forge now

Let’s have a look at the result to click in this now it will open it and you can see what’s the best food for anxiety hoops anxiety treatment so obviously it’s brought in a uh a stock image as it were from one two three rf which is an image repository

Which again i could probably get that on dreams time anyway but what’s interesting is are these and this is where we need to do our fact checking with any of the ais are these specifically relevant to anxiety or is it just simply that the image has been titled that and

The herbs that are listed underneath some are and some are not and this is where you can’t i wouldn’t say trust the ai but you need to do your due diligence okay and there we are we have an article here as well and we also have a video

Underneath as well which we can go and check 10 natural remedies for helping anxiety and i’m presuming that stress if we open that let’s let’s just click it and open it hello mark testa here in today’s video i want to share with you 10 natural remedies for dealing with anxiety and

Stress yeah you don’t have to do all of these pick one that you might but a 20 dress in anxiety yeah again i’d have to check the the validation of this i just click onto youtube so it opens it up again i could just embed that url and

You know if it’s if it’s on the money that land context and you don’t have to necessarily generate your own videos using them and creating another link will obviously benefit your particular page i’m just looking under his description let me just pause that just looking under the descriptions if

There are any references to herbs so there’s herb tea in there cpd um so yeah there’s minimal to say the least to be honest so having taken the title i also put what is the best herb for anxiety i also got this rich snippet here where there are quite

A few the cpd obviously came up passion flower lavender chamomile there’s a few in there that would lend more context for me at you to develop this article so let’s jump back in let’s delete that we don’t want that delete that simply click on it you can remove

The image and there’s my article 500 words what is the best herb for anxiety the answer depends on what causes your anxiety and what you prefer to deal with the root cause of your anxiety there are numerous herbs that are available to treat fats some of these herbs can be

Used as natural remedies for anxiety and depression and they are also effective in treating panic and phobia as well passion flower there we are we’re on the money considered by many to be a cure for anxiety and depression is one such herb that has a lot of potential the

Passion flower herb contains a chemical called or i’m not even going to try and pronounce that that has a strong stimulating effect on the nervous system this can result in a feeling of mental calmness and relaxation as well as an increase in energy one of the biggest benefits of

Diosaurian however is that they act can actually reverse the negative effects of aging making it a very valuable addition to a healthy diet and supplement regime great okay so i could more than likely put a subheading there and then title that passion flower what i would do then is re-spin this article

And we’re going to do that in a minute where we’re actually looking at the different types of herbs that tick the box or tick the intent of what herbs help for anxiety so without without further ado let’s take all this and let’s copy it now i’m not going to

Put it straight into the back end of my uh site i’m actually going to do it in word because i just think that would be more effective for me going back and forth in order to build out this particular content so just opening a new one

And we’ll just type it in but when i type it in i right click and i paste a standard text i don’t want any styling i don’t want any formatting because when i go to copy this from here into word well again we will repeat the same because we don’t want any nasty

Short codes in there whatsoever so i’m happy with that that’s not too bad i just save it so always save as you go along so nothing crashes and you don’t lose your hard work that you might have been working on for an hour or so so

Just put it there it is but nearly that more importantly raymond the reason i don’t want to do this in the back end of wordpress yet is i haven’t decided that is the actual title i’m going to go with i might go with something else and what

I said could put it in and change the permalink i’d rather do that from the get-go a lot easier to be honest so we can see passion flowers there now i’m just simply going to put a heading in there called passion flower i could just make that bold slight bit

Of formatting just for the purposes of seeing what we’re doing here in word uh i’m just speed reading through the rest so it gives me an idea there’s another one there obviously which is called spirulina spirulina okay never heard of it but okay uh again we will do a fact checking and

We will find out whether this is indeed a herb for anxiety there’s one there lavender which we know is um one that was mentioned but again it says lavender essential oil is that the same we need to check that out then we’ve got all of these herbs are

Excellent choices when it comes right brilliant so that’s more our um in conclusion or final thoughts final thoughts might be better there to be honest so that would be our sort of closing out statement okay and what is the best herb the answer is lavender essential oil state

Above lambda oil is one of the best herbs for stress relief it also happens to be one of the best natural rights so that literally is leading us down to that and okay we will do our fact check it’d be nice if that was the case already we’re up to

478 words fine not a problem ideally i like to get my articles somewhere between the 750 and 900 at the very least just to make sure there’s enough meat on the bone as it were for whoever is reading this and as i mentioned before in the intent video they’re going

To look at this and they’re going to say right okay but does it really answer the question because i’m in the know i’ve got some prior knowledge and that’s the type of reader i’m looking for if it’s a beginner someone totally know then they’re going to get a very informative

Article but if they’re knowledgeable already they they want to dig a little bit deeper and i think we we owe it to our audience to make sure that’s what we’re doing for the blog writing all right okay enough talking let’s get back on so happy with that there

Now we can simply just jump back in and do a new article now what i’m going to do here is repeat the same process but i’m going to change the ingredients slightly and and this is for two reasons firstly to see if we get something different and secondly is a

Test let’s see if it really does change the you know what we’re what we’re requesting to give me something realistic so we’re simply going to copy those in because we know those are being referenced again just ctrl paste i do need to put a comma between each one of

Them all on a separate line one per line so that’s absolutely fine i will take the full stops out though uh just in case that causes any issues but those are that um just be briefly go through also one thing i did spot quite nicely in that natural

To treat anxiety naturally well i do believe that looking at herbs and spices is the very essence of what we’re trying to achieve here by doing it naturally so i think that we should put that in there as well naturally okay and then just running through this uh herbal treatment

Natural remedies yes i like that wording natural remedies because what article forge does very similar to a lot of the other ai tools is it will pull these out and decide yes this is something that can be used within the content and because they’re looking at all these separate

Entities and putting them together in one particular blog um it should choose each one of these and write something on it okay i think we’ve got enough there again we will go for a long version of this one because i think there’s quite a lot of individual titles we will also

Ask for titles in there as well and what it will do is it will see if there’s like the ashwang ashwagandha i think that’s how i’m pronouncing ashwagandha it will look to see if there’s something relevant to that as a herb and also in relation to anxiety and pull something out

So again i’ll set that going the bar will start filling out and looking for the right content i’ll speed through this in a minute and join you on the other side while we’re waiting for that again best use of time that’s what we’re trying to do i am jumping on my dreamstime account

Which i’ll leave a link in the description below brilliant for the price 100 images for 37 pounds a month you really don’t get cheaper than that and all copyright and to be fair having used multiple image libraries over the years i found that it’s it’s not a bad choice in there as

Well so i’m going to look for anxiety and let’s see what comes up as imagery and you can see already it’s giving me lots of related terms there which is fantastic because when we do start writing lots and lots more blogs we’re looking for relations i do like the use

Of some of these images but do they have one that maybe somebody’s eating or drinking and that might be even more on the money if i scroll up to top in it you can see 1700 pages too broad so let’s let’s narrow that down i mean we could

Go to the anxiety stress but i’m going to go to anxiety and let’s put in see if boobs is something that will come back as a potential um solution just waiting for that again we don’t have to put in natural speech in there we just have to put in keywords

Uh most of these repositories are pretty good because they’re using tags in order to find the the relevant image for you and here we are according to that’s 279 which is spread over four pages so okay we’ve got the choice of herbs but i do think it’s quite emotive to

Have a person within the image uh no i don’t think these are anywhere good enough to be honest so the chances are i’m gonna go back to anxiety stress narrow down on that and then look to see if i can find something more appropriate yeah you know there’s there’s a choice

Here don’t get me wrong but there’s nothing there that i really want to use so we’ll go anxiety stress okay and i don’t do tend to do the words a bit boring i like to connect because this is connecting with other people this is my rhyme reason and sort of my

Branding guidelines i like to put people in the images because i think that that relates so much easier um but again are we seeing anything that’s sort of really you know a child again it’s i’m looking more for an adult than a child because i don’t want to imply the wrong

Thing and this this is thing i’m i’m doing this quite quickly but i could spend you know anywhere from half an hour to an hour really looking for what i consider is the right sort of image that will help um yeah i quite like the the look of this

Lady she’s got enough stress on her face by the looks of it not that that’s a good thing um that’s not too bad anxiety stress no upset is more what i would go with there anger rage there you can see there’s a lot of crossover in emotions here

I mean they were there’s another one there anxiety stress adults let’s go with that one it’s nice that it it makes all these suggestible tags and that’s quite quite what i like with the dreams time it does help narrow down but then all of a

Sudden you can go a little bit off piste um anxiety that’s not too bad yeah okay she’s in the plane but but then it’s not something she can really act on with any herbs is that um maybe you know it might come in a form of a tablet or a capsule um

But again i’m just trying to be as specific as i can because i want people to make the emotive connection between both the image and the content right well i’m not seeing anything here i’m thinking i’m really gonna come right back to something i’ve seen at the very beginning just put anxiety in

And i think i’m probably gonna go for something like something like this anxiety that’s not bad one um Yeah i like this there we are so i’m gonna go with that one with anxiety and we’ll simply download that so we’ve got our image right let’s jump back in let’s go and see what difference it’s made in that article so again that’s ready simply click to

See the results i didn’t switch on for the image or the video this time and again what’s the best herb for anxiety five herbs for panic and anxiety disorders nice it’s already making suggestion there if nothing i could certainly use that for a subheading

And you can see we’ve got a good bit of content here now what’s the best of anxiety is not uncommon uncommon sorry affecting millions of people worldwide the good news is that many herbs have been used successfully as a treatment for anxiety and those most popular ones

Are often used today some of these herbs include um brilliant lovely introduction also again you can see the titles here lavender cava uh chamomile valerian jinxing and this is perfect so what i’m going to do now is take this as my main bedrock of information and start fitting

Other bits of information into it until i get to around about say the 900 words so all i’ve got to do is just come up to the top and press copy that will copy the whole thing out jump back into my word document here i am simply going to just push it down

And oh sorry undo i need to do this without the formatting see how easy it is making mistakes so it’s right click and just select formatting brilliant that’s what i’ve got just make that bold so it just pops out a little bit more and i can see what i’m doing

Okay again i need to make these a little bit more interesting so these will have to be titles um i do think that i could be a bit more um from an optimization point of view make something of them so lavender for anxiety carver for anxiety and so on because if

I take that and just put it into chrome so we get a better idea how google interprets it we can see 16.5 million websites already have it on there you could see health flying brilliant this is one of the competitors that we identified in the intent video and we

Can see a rich snippet here lavender for anxiety but more important we can also see people also ask these are the entities that tie this particular subject together and people ask similar questions in this particular vein so what do what where do you put lambda frank’s id does that look yes

So i’m gonna follow that format for each one of these for anxiety i’m going to order all lowercase as well Just to keep uniformity with the way i design or anxiety and it may seem a little bit repetitive but actually this will benefit me when it comes to ranking and for seo and same them with jinxing and quite interesting it didn’t choose all of the ones out of that list

Which is interesting now i could obviously spend quite a few hours just simply doing one article and go off and see if there are more and more information regarding it but for the sake of this i’m happy if we get around the 8 900 words i think that’s

More than adequate enough you can already see it’s 1100 there without us pruning we will be in a good place the other benefit as well of me doing this in word you can do it in in wordpress because i’ve set it up that way but most

Of it would is i also run grammarly on here as you can see here in the top right hand corner and that allows me to make sure that terminology and spelling and things like that are taken care of before i chuck it into wordpress it’s not it’s not essential because i tend to

Do that as i go along anyway but you can already see how new phrases are found and i could add those to my dictionary if i so wished so the other thing i like to do as well which is great for mobile optimization is ensure that my

Uh paragraphs are normally two or three sentences and no longer so that is more beneficial when it comes down to mobile that does help from a mobile optimization point of view so just seeing that i’m just literally tweaking this so that when i put it into

WordPress it it doesn’t take as much i’m doing it here or i’m doing it there it doesn’t really make a difference and i will also read through all this in a minute as well because i haven’t done that just to make sure it all makes sense it does actually read correctly and we

Can get some value out of it and more importantly as well is that we lead the reader on a journey that they actually get value from this and that there is a point to introducing the topic giving some examples reinforcing it and then leaving them with a conclusion that

Is a steady way to build any sort of blog out there okay so i’m just literally speeding through this um appreciate your time watching this while i’m doing this if you want to like or subscribe to the channel or even ask a question below please do so i do read

Them all and i thoroughly appreciate any interaction that you provide as well so i’m just saving this as i go along so i don’t lose it i’m happy the lavender carver chamomile valerian we also had the passion flower so we need to bring that one up as well and

Importantly oh and the spirulina as well we’ll bring the two of those up copy and paste those so we know that’s our conclusion let’s put that there and this is our final thoughts okay let’s build that so we know where we are okay and let’s just do the mobile bits and pieces

I do return to things in in time and do this anyway so it’s not not absolutely essential you’ve got to do that now but it helps all helps for ranking and ensuring that your your blog gets read appreciated by the search engines google especially and then promotes you on the internet okay

So i’m just going to speed through read through this a minute i’ll pause it come back to you so that you’re not wasting your time so i can just make sure it’s reading correctly okay see you back okay so i’ve read through that i’m happy the content reads

Quite nicely to be honest i’m quite impressed with it um it’s quite superficial it doesn’t go into any great depth but then again i think this is the opportunity i could take each one of those paragraphs and elaborate them into a much larger in-depth article that’s

More advanced and then push back to this pillar article so therefore i could basically do about eight or nine individual posts on this um i’ve come back at this point because i want to add something to the context i’ve read here where it says um obviously possible side effects as with

Anything you know what you take and what i take will have a different reaction and once both of us may be fine for it you may benefit more i may benefit less so we need to put some sort of caveat in there that says you know remember you always sample the herbs

In their smallest dose and if in doubt seek um i went to medical um a nutritionist always seek the advice from a doctor or nutritionist because again i’m not a specialist in this i’m not medically trained but i wouldn’t want to steer somebody in the

Wrong way i want to make sure that they they understand we’re enlightening them because this is an informational article but likewise if they are having any sort of side effects or possibly unsure they need to always do the due diligence and double check that goes with everything

In life to be honest okay so i’m just literally going through this rest of this um i’m just pruning away the first part so we’ve got an opening statement we’ve got the content and then we go closing part uh which i’m quite happy with

Just copy that all the way up to the top that’s where and so that’s not common see let’s just read this so it makes some sense what’s the answer yeah i prefer that in there the newest right a bit of jiggery pokery to be honest

Just to get this to be what i think it needs to be so it reads contextually right there the goodness of how many has it yeah now that reads okay quite nice and then we come into the final thoughts there uh we’ve done lab in dirt yeah we already

Have lavender at the top so we don’t need this one now because this refers to lambda essential oils all these herbs police surrender serotonin immediately yeah i like that it’s quite nice it can help with remedy however they bury in a bit okay so not i want to make sure something’s not too

Uh conductor on dicks ah i couldn’t think of the word then but it doesn’t contradict itself in the information so all of these herbs are excellent choices when it comes to the best circle anxiety symptoms the other one says here all these herbs can be used for remedy however they vary in

Effectiveness i think that’s much more realistic and honest we’re not trying to oversell something here we need to know that we’re sticking to the intent of what we’re trying to express to the reader um we’re going to similar like right okay okay therefore we should do it right okay i like that

So we’ve done that but yeah and then the answer is that’s very definite and i don’t think it needs to be because each one of these paragraphs actually applies and then we’ve reinforced it in the final one saying they all vary in their their potency and their effectiveness and

Therefore to a certain extent you sort of have to trial it to find out what works with your body so i’m happy we’ve got a nice little article there now saving that you can see we’re up to 883 words quite nicely so let’s decide on a good title for that

One we’ve got one two three four five six seven so we’ve got seven herbs so what is the best herb for anxiety seven of the best herbs or anxiety i think that’s much more let’s get this felt right i think that’s much more emotive um

To give us an idea of where we are so seven uh seven or best seven of the best herbs for so let’s do our due diligence let’s copy that again let’s chuck it once more into chrome and see what it says whether it likes it or not or whether we can rephrase it

These these seven stress relief herbs will help work against their anxiety see so someone wasn’t too far off the money with what i was doing as well um so the seven stress okay herbs are anxiety nine calming options seven natural remedies to reduce anxiety i do like that to be honest i like

Natural as a word in there as well uh so i’m gonna go with that or something very similar to that so seven natural remedies uh yeah let’s just do that so seven natural remedies or anxiety double check what we got to reduce anxiety yeah quite like that we’re not promising anything here we’re

Gonna cure it so reduce it is a good and favorable term to use as well to to reduce seven natural remedies remedies remedies no not remedies sorry we’re not offering natural or seven herbs you can see how you keep tweaking keep tweaking it i just want to make sure the

Intent is as strong as possible because this will make the difference when it comes to ranking again copy that uh let’s throw it back into google and this sort of repeat and rinse rinse and repeat process gives me an idea of whether i’m going to be on the

Money or not so you can see the same things came up so i’m clearly on the money here um best herbal remedies well i’m not offering any remedies i’m just giving a description but again these could go into those individual articles and that’s what i’m going to

Pursue next so i actually build out something that’s quite consolidated in one particular area i’m gonna look at natural remedies in order to help or reduce anxiety and this is just the leading article to get there so seven herbs to help reduce anxiety they were i’m really tough with

That i think that’s good right let’s do our due diligence let’s get the title copy let’s jump on the back end of our spices we’re under the post let’s add a new post in there let’s paste in the title which now becomes obviously the permalink that’s there brilliant okay back into

Here and we simply select all of this control copy and i just paste this plain text so i bring no the none of the formatting in from word which saves a lot of hassle so i’m going to rewrite the first part the reason being is from an seo point of

View we like to see reduce anxiety that’s probably going to be the key word we’re going to go for i need to ensure that somewhere in the middle at the beginning of our sentence so i’m literally just going to give this a little bit of formatting now but i do that in here

Because that way then it’s copying none of the short code from word and it’ll make it look a lot better also you can see i’m running grammarly on there and that will ensure that everything is spelt correctly or at least sounds correct correct as well so let’s just do all this due diligence

Right uh also right so let’s now give that a title heading and yep h2 that’s fine let’s close we can close all this down in a minute right okay that’s my paragraph there’s my head in heading h2 um i don’t know his h2 i’m actually

Going to do is a h3 to be honest i think that’d be big enough i don’t want it to be overkill okay same there heading h3 looks a little messy at the moment but it will get a lot cleaner now in a minute and it’ll start looking like a decent um

Post but also working in the back end as i do for most posts i have no page builders i reduce the speed it loads up fast and also then it tends to be mobile optimized by doing it this way as well happy days right so let’s give that a return

So it’s in its own box uh they help so we can dismiss that we don’t know that seek advice yes uh return it’s nice uh aging yeah okay lots of potential no it’s potential not potentials i don’t know why you recommended that but again let’s do the short paragraph there

Okay so welcome back um here you can see i have laid it out reasonably well that’s fine not a problem what we do need to do now is ensure that this keyword that we want is included in the bottom i’m also going to add it into rank math here now

There’s lots of people who debate whether you actually need a seo plugin and they’re probably right but i think it’s always better to have it not need it need it not have it and this gives me a more of a fair idea of how well i’ve crafted it because even

Though i know there are multiple places to do it the permalink the title tag the met description alt tag all those necessary places i do believe it can still miss one or two little things so it pays to have that little bit of security in the background so again i’m looking for

Reduce anxiety you can see with rank math and this is quite why i like ranked math it makes a lot of the suggestions for us we can see stress meditation and again this is a great and i’m just going to write some of these down and the right reason is as i

Mentioned we’re going to write other blogs that relate to this to support our pillar post so we’re going to look at remedies but also in there we can look at meditation so when we write those articles they have a little bit of meat to them okay

We can also see there’s a relation to stress there’s techniques in there as well which i quite like uh reduce anxiety before bed yes um and naturally yes so i’ve got a nice selection of modifiers to my keyword that will help me then reinforce it for and also create contextual linking

Between those articles so you can see we’re up to 54 that’s fine because we haven’t written the meta description we haven’t put it in the title here this and this is where i quite like my math it gives us some uh reminders there even though i know kind of what i’m

Doing but for you reading this and following it you can see just writing a blog from the get go because that’s what i’m trying to do is be as transparent as i can you can see how much it’s not just about writing the content it’s knowing that you’re meeting the intent it’s

Knowing that you’ve got the right format in there it’s knowing that you’ve got a purpose to it an introduction reinforcing it and a conclusion and it’s also then knowing that you’ve optimized it as well as it can be so we will rank okay enough said let me crack on so uh

Right so seven of the best verbs the answer depends on what you are so uh let’s write this to find the best herbs to help reduce anxiety will require some time and effort in order to narrow down choice to the best one for you i’m capitalizing the u just to give it a

Bit more presence as it were let me just do my spelling and i quite like that i’ve got in order to find yeah let’s let’s change that in order to find the best yeah quite like that it’s a nice introduction it doesn’t over promise something but it also gives you

An idea what this article is about jump it back in then that will become my meta description and that will take another box off down here the url’s not in there but as soon as i press publish now it will push it to the front of the

Website we haven’t finished yet but it will create the permalink and that’s now being ticked off on there we’re scoring a little bit higher so it’s happy there but i’m happy at this point now i also like to put in a table of contents so i don’t have one there i’ll have to

Set one up in a minute but i will pop a table of contents in there because we have multiple headings in there as well so i’ll come and do that now in a minute i thought i’d loaded the plugin in there which is lucky lucky toc table of contents but i’ll add

That in a minute the other thing that we haven’t done and we need to do know as well is there’s there’s me that’s my title um permalink’s there now as you can see seven herbs to help reduce anxiety we need to set categories to this so this is natural herbs absolutely perfect

Tags yes we could do lavender under there lavender uh and that way then it creates more contextual linking between articles so when i come to do the next lot of articles it already knows i reference them elsewhere and that is an important thing to do when you want to make a website as

Strong as possible so i’m just literally listing all the ones that are relevant jinxing um passion flower i don’t know if that’s one or two words but it doesn’t seem to spit it out as one word so that’s fine and then spirulina and i’m also going to put in the word anxiety dress

And depression that may seem a lot of tags on there but it will all be beneficial in time okay and we also need to put the featured image in the one that we got from dream time so let’s upload that then to our media library downloads and there she is

Uh before i put her in i right click and i’ll give her a little bit of context as well and also importantly put in the term reduce anxiety so i’m putting a woman suffering from stress and anxiety and looking to reduce anxiety or better health and press return that way then the

Reason i’m doing this as i right clicked it before i imported it is it will bring that in as the title of the image and put that in the database and then we can copy that text into the alt tag as well which will be there

So you can see the title is there now i simply copy that and put it into the alt tag i could put it on the caption description as well which i just do as a matter of fact and then i set as a featured image and then i update and

We’ve jumped up a little bit with the score i’m not too worried about that if we were playing the game of trying to optimize it it’s probably going to say keyword density is too low we probably need to put in there a little bit chamomile for You know to help reduce anxiety carver to help but that would be a bit over optimizing to be honest so what i’ll do your benefit is ctrl f and you can see it opens the box at the top up here now we type in anxiety

And we can see the 34 references on this page we’re looking for something we can put the word reduce in front of it now we’ve already got it there the answer depends on what cause causes your component there to the root cause of your anxiety no uh anxiety that’s not uncommon treatment for

Reducing anxiety would be the right one there to treat no remedies for no again it’s the titles there reduce we’ve already got it there use as a treatment no alleviate no so you can kind of see that it would be too much of a push and this

Is where i know some people will say exactly the same and i i’m actually saying it as well is i’m not always guided by that because you can over optimize an image just to basically tick the boxes for numbers and numbers say that doesn’t actually deliver this part

The user experience which is obviously the the um the article itself so if we jump over onto the website now and we refresh we should now see our natural spices coming up with the terminology and our latest post and we should see our young lady there and there she is

So clicking onto it now i’ve got to design the rest of the sidebar but you can see there’s our image there’s our title tag our opening and i could make that bold just to give it a little bit more pizzazz as it were again there’s no right and wrong here it’s only living

And learning and seeing what you prefer so i’m not going to change that to let me just jump back in yeah so let me just select that and make that bold it’s quite nice oh i missed the first part old update and i think that just gives it an

Aesthetic look to be honest so if i return that now you can see that just pops out a little bit more which is quite nice i will put a table of content in there as well but otherwise that’s quite a nice little read you can see the short sensors even when they

Push down which obviously would be on a mobile makes all the difference so it doesn’t look too consuming a long long read it’s nice and digestible and you can see using the h3 tags or h2 whichever ones you prefer you can see it nicely breaks it down yep i’m happy with

That it’s a bit of styling to be done but other than that that’s all it takes to write a blog and hats off this is article forge um i’ll put a link in the description below for you um it’s a great little tool it’s not bad you can see what

Within probably about half an hour or so yeah about half an hour or so we’ve written a good article there which is about 900 words or just shy of 900 words in total so um that’s all there is um i will crack on with a few more ai tools but for the

Moment now i’m going to start building out the rest of these articles based on what we’ve already found here for each one of those seven herbs and then i can contextually link them together which i’ll do in a another uh video on link whisper so only reminds me to say thank

You very much if you’ve got any comments please do leave them below please like and share the video click the notification if you want to be notified of the next video coming out and don’t forget to subscribe as well because the more people i can reach out to hopefully

I can impart the knowledge i’ve gained over the years and likewise inspire you so it only reminds me to say thank you very much and i’ll see you in the next video signing out

Qu’est-ce qu’Article Forge ? – Contexte et avantages concurrentiels pour Article Forge Review

ESSAYEZ-LE ICI ⇒ Qu’est-ce que Article Forge ? Article Forge est un écrivain IA qui recherche, planifie et écrit …

What is article Forge article Forge is an AI writer that researches plans and writes entire long-form articles in one click all the user needs to do is give article Forge a keyword and optionally section headings and the AI will create a full accurate relevant SEO optimized article automatically the first fully

Automatic AI article writer whether you are writing yourself hiring others or even using an AI writing assistant long form content can be expensive and time consuming to create but backed by over 10 years of AI research article Forge is the first and only tool that can research plan and write long form

Content automatically with a single click you’ll get an entire 1500 plus word article that is unique well written and on topic drastically cutting down the time and money needed to create content you get SEO optimized content Google uses AI to judge the quality and relevancy of content so the best way to

Make sure your content is optimized for these algorithms is to use an AI tool yourself article forges AI content generator uses the same type of deep learning models to write content that Google uses to evaluate content so article Forge will not only write high quality topically rich and useful

Content but the content will also be written in a way that Google’s algorithms will naturally love and rank you get competitive advantages and value propositions article forges first and foremost a fully automated writer so indirect competitors are augmentation tools are manual writers this means that the deliverable is a piece of content

Not just a tool that assists the user in writing their own content while many users will still edit the content before publishing they are working from a full draft rather than walking through the entire process the focus is shifted from writing to polishing the biggest value of the tool

Is producing full articles too 1. save time 2. save money 3. minimize the effort required to rank on search engines 4. scale content production how is article Forge different from other AI content writing tools article Forge takes a keyword like the keyword you want to rank for and writes a full

Article the article is accurate relevant and organized because our AI researchers and builds a Knowledge Graph around each keyword the AI then references that information as its structures and writes each article much more involved than pulling facts from the internet competitors use generative models like gpt3 that do not have the ability to

Reference any external information let alone build a Knowledge Graph and write a full structured accurate article instead these tools create short form copy no more than a few paragraphs at a time that requires constant human interaction to turn into full articles put simply article forges simpler and easier to use than

Competitors enter keyword get article no long workflow better at creating cohesive long-form content than other tools more factually accurate and relevant than other tools more scalable than other Solutions primary features article generator produces articles of various lengths 50 250 500 750 and 1500 words automatically can automatically include titles and section headings

Can automatically add images videos and custom links can write in seven languages English Dutch French German Italian Portuguese and Spanish bulk article generator produces many articles as you want at a time great for requesting all your articles leaving to do something else then polishing and scheduling your full content calendar

WordPress integration connect and send posts to your WordPress blogs automatically articles can be sent as drafts pending moderation or published post scheduler said article Forge to automatically create articles at a set schedule and send them to your WordPress blogs automatically articles can be sent as drafts pending moderation or published

API article Forge offers a straightforward API allows users to integrate content generation directly into their existing workflows SEO optimization article Forge content is naturally optimized for search because our models use the same deep learning architecture to decide what to write about as Google uses to decide what to

Rank article Forge will often score very well in SEO scoring tools like Surfer SEO ISO yoast Etc many of our customers are currently ranking with article Forge content we ran a case study to track how article Forge content ranks see below thanks for watching Until the End do not forget to

Access the link below for more information about this extraordinary tool

Comment j’ai utilisé le contenu de l’IA pour me classer sur Google ? Article Forge Review (testé et éprouvé)

Essai gratuit : L’utilisation d’un rédacteur IA est maintenant devenue assez courante, mais comment générer un tout …

Foreign tweaks well here’s an article that we just created using Ai and would you believe that this article is somewhat 70 created using AI writing so basically uh today we are going to look forward to one of these tools that can help you in generating blogs or your articles using AI copywriting tools

And basically as you can see over here the the content really shows that um the content is well structured in terms of um generating a useful and a helpful content for the videos so as you can see this is for the benefits and drawbacks of affiliate

Marketing uh well of course the 70 is made using AI copywriting tools but the 30 input was human touch and the well structuring was given by ourselves so uh as you can see over here but the AI content generated so far is somewhat great in terms of

Readability and other aspects as well so the first topic that you see over here is what is affiliate marketing the sections and wise affiliate marketing so popular right now and these differences some of the points are mentioned over here how to choose the right affiliate program and things like that

So basically this is what uh AI copywriting tool can help you with in terms of generating uh content so today we are going to look forward to a tool named article Forge and basically it’s offering a five day free trial and at this moment so I would highly recommend

You getting along with this tool as it is offering a five day free trial so just in case if you are looking forward to understand what what are the type of features and everything else you can get along with the link given in description now getting along with uh what exactly

Those article Force has to offer so as you can see over here we have created uh we are we are in the new article section and this is what the interface looks like create a new article you can enter a keyword keyword for example it’s let’s type the affiliate marketing keyword

And let’s see uh what it can generate okay so this is basically the customize your article structure so let’s create a in a medium 500 add titles add section headings yes I would go to get along with this and in addition to that you can also get along

With your article style which can be which is basically powered by a word AI add rewriting powered by a word AI you can switch it on just in case if you’re looking forward to it and create new article so let’s take a look at what kind of article is basically

Created by the CI right means copywriting tool and in addition to that if we get along with some of the other features as you can see over here this is for the My article section another one is for the WordPress so basically if you are a Blog means if you are a

Blogger and if you are looking forward to get your content published right straight away from your a copywriting tool to your blogs or your website all you need to do is get along with the WordPress section and connect your website with it so basically this will

Help you in scheduling as well so the fourth option is for the Post scheduler so the scheduling will help you in whatever the post are generated as per your requirements you can upload them or you can publish them uh depending upon your requirements and the time you uh

Basically prefer another one is for the usage information and API information other one is for the Affiliates and help center so basically this is not uh these two options are not needed but these options that are regarding the means article generation can really help you and one of the features that I really

Liked about article Forge was the WordPress and the post scheduler so basically you don’t have to worry about posting anything since we have got this option to add an image add a video replace keywords with links and everything so basically all the hassle that you have to do as a blogger are

Getting along with the interlinking the images and everything else is almost done by article Forge itself so basically you don’t have to worry about anything else in terms of editing your blogs or getting along with the links images videos everything is almost covered by a single tool now as you can

See over here another one another one section that I really liked about switch to bulk article generator is basically a generating contents into bulk so if you are looking forward to generating content uh in bulk regarding a certain category for example you have a certain category regarding digital marketing so you can

Click on the switch to bulk article generator and article Forge will help you in general eating ball content for that category as well and basically this can help you in covering up a lot of niches a lot of categories a lot of blogs at a single place

So this is something that I would highly recommend getting along with it now the another section is for the is for the article length so you can click on click at it and get along with whatever kind of article length you are looking forward to whether you are

Looking forward to a a very short article or just a title subscription kind of intro kind of a thing or are you looking forward to a short short paragraph regarding a certain means a kind of a certain topic or your Preferred Choice another one is for the

Long and the very long is somewhat around 1500 words so I would recommend you getting along with the 1500 words as it can help you in generating a good structured content in terms of your content marketing and everything else so this is what article Forge means has

To offer in terms of content generation and everything else now let’s get along with the content that it has generated so far so as you can see over here this is uh the we are going to click on the here click here to see the results and let’s

See what kind of article is generated so far in terms of um a copywriting tool and how Article 4 stands in it so as you can see over here I was type means the topic given so far was affiliate marketing and here are some of the options that are given so how to

Succeed in email marketing and this is something that for example these are some of the options that are given over here so as you can see the title is How To Succeed In affiliate marketing another subheading is for the content marketing strategy for affiliate marketing creating a bonus that com and

That complements the product you are promoting building the trust with your audience finding high paying affiliate programs and here’s the conclusion so basically this is a well-structured kind of a Content that is made so far and this can be really helpful in terms of helping you out with your whole structure and

The blogging section as well and I would highly recommend you getting along with some of the other options as well for in terms of images and videos just in case if you are looking forward to get yourself a full-fledged article written for you and all using AI well

ISO content marketing person myself I would highly recommend you getting along with your own human touch as well but uh just in case you are looking forward to a whole ai ai copywriting tool or content generated using AI uh there are no drawbacks in that as well

So that’s it for now guys I hope you liked the video and just click on the link given in description to get your five day free trial so I mentioned the link and that’s it for now guys um later on future in the future uh I’ll be recommending some of the other tools

As well for your copywriting experience and some other aspects of content marketing as well so that’s it for now guys I hope you like the video

Article Forge Nouvelle mise à jour 18 août 2022

– Obtenez votre essai gratuit de 5 jours Article Forge maintenant #ArticleForge #ArticleForgeUpdate.

Article forge just popped out a brand new update two days ago august 18 2022 and it’s 57.34 better than the last version and the great thing about this is is that if you’ve already had a free trial you can get another free trial within the launch week so i’m not sure how long

This is going to last but you can get another five day free trial make sure you click the link in the description box for a five day free trial of the new version of article forge

Comment utiliser Article Forge et WordAI avec RankerX

Ceci est une démonstration rapide sur l’utilisation d’ArticleForge et de WordAI avec RankerX pour créer du contenu pour mon site affilié. J’ai utilisé Article Forge pour …

In this video i wanted to show how i’m using article forge with rancorex to create some backlinks and traffic for for these some of the posts and for this affiliate website so this is the article i’m going to be targeting um now what you could do what the best

Thing to do first is to create a a web 2.0 blog or site to a link to because you’d never want to link any of these seo to tools to your main uh money site your main website unless there’s already a web 2.0 so in this case um i created a blogger

Account and also A uh tumblr account and i just installed a free plugin called sassy social share to add some share buttons these share buttons there and just click on share and then it you send it straight to your account your web 2.0 account um reddit is a bit more tricky but you

Can blogger pinterest tumblr or even tweets but this is i’m going to be using tumblr click on it send it to their tumblr account then they post it here and then what you need is the permalink so you click on the post i just sent this post and you click on permalink

And that’s the that’s the post url so that’s the url we’ll keep to one side that’s what we’re putting into ranks now you don’t obviously i just said you don’t want to send it to your main site you know send it here and then the traffic juice will be passed to your

Main site there’s another way to share your post automatically is ifttt um in the free account i think you’re limited to two or three um Applets so what you can do just uh set up one account um and then send it straight from your you look for the rss world feed on your rss feed sorry on your wordpress site and whenever a new public post is posted you can send it straight to tumblr to blogger

To ready or wherever um i’m not sure how many are limited to i’ve got a pro account okay you get five outlets so they’ve increased a little bit okay but that’s uh maybe i’ll show you like another video to do that it should be pretty straightforward

So i’ll close blog i’ll just keep this time-lapse this is the one we’re gonna send traffic to um so i created uh a small arch i’ll get into minecraft and show you let me drag across my vps okay so i’m uh from minecraft you want to create a uh a

Content bucket and blurb so i started the content back here okay so protected words i’ll just protect um Use machines and you go down here and click save and then go down here press plus so do um article forge article so keywords adjusted fruit juice sub keywords health diet and this is the content i’ll just make it short uh 200 words you can do 500 which is 200 for now save

So now using the api to go to uh article four and create articles this might take a little bit of time but in the meantime what we’ll do i’ll leave that running um one thing you’ll notice here the top where it says author name these are very generic and can be very spammy

Excuse me so what you want to do is use something with your keywords in it so here’s a tool like this uh just a free bit of keyword tool dot io and i just printed fruit juice and copy some of these uh some of these keywords into a um into a document

Then you spin text to my actually i’ll show you what i’m doing right here okay so for spin tag this curly bracket first keyword the pipe which is next to the left shift key and hold the shift button and let’s just put your food just recipes and food just a machine

Okay the article just finished i’ll just finish off here quickly and fruit juice squeezer i’m just putting some of these keywords in i’ll just finish it there so that’s our spin tax it will go in and take um one of these terms that we put in there

Okay that’s that let’s go back to x okay so health benefits of fruit juices and body so an author name and delete what it’s got there and just grab what we put down and to make the preview it’s a name for you just have to work out blah blah blah refresh different bio

So on save and you can use your own use the rank x3 spinner uh wordy i swimming right to anything else but i’ll use birthday for this should take a second this will give us a spontaneous multiple times adding all the pipes and the brackets and so on so we’ll save that

Now we’ll go to blurb new blub um did i create i think i created one copy this and now what you could do in this you can put in um iframe if you put a nutrient bed and so on and put it back here and this was okay spin again

Shouldn’t take too long i use wordy eye because it gives the best results okay so that one done um so now we’ll go to Um i think i made a one where is it gone he’s really fitted to use it sometimes okay i’ll go to this one so this is my campaign when i make um use keywords and money sites a primary keyword did i select some don’t have to pause and go find where i

Put them okay i have to rewrite them full screen okay so primary i’m going to put in a few which the menu will stop popping up okay secondary um so you can do something like uh source um source link and then generic could be something like Yeah see this here okay so i’m going to do this one this one twenty um make a url 20 so 40 20 20 a url to the money side this is where we want to put the uh tumbler url go away okay i’m not doing tier two but you need to

Click there anyway okay so creating your accounts okay now this is where we use the content that we made earlier the content bucket was uh fruit juice machines whole i haven’t got one name so i just put one here use blurb select upload Top it’s images so choose random okay and the diagram i made was ta1 with indexes and let me give you this bit and save second just copy this across okay save okay so we used um article 4 to create the blurb and to create an article so now we go to turbo wizard

Save my great campaign okay this is the campaign i kind of messed up this schedule here um i can’t see the bulk way to delete it for all of them as it was in the previous version i’m going to go and quickly delete the schedule

Okay like i was it’s really funny to use i’ll just pause and carry on okay last one to do delete and back so now from here we can press start so now we’re going through the process and making the account and doing all the work so it’s running now

Um i’ll see how fast here i’ll just leave for a few minutes i’ll come back to it um so far it’s been about a minute and it’s already created 53 accounts so yeah it’s making good progress it’s going to take a bit of time to do all that process

Um i’ll just show you the uh the diagram made you click on wizard and then um you create a new one or you open your existing one so this is the basic diagram i made i may even do one tier at a time because it makes sense that you can check your links

And then you can power up those links so this is the money size that’s my tumblr blog url so i picked each one of these and i made a ring around it and then to make it more automated and because i’ve paid for an indexing service

I’ve added an indexer to each of the uh the uh the resources so index them as well at the same time and that should create a big battery of links for my uh for my money site but yeah i mean it’s it’s a little bit i’m

Fiddly to use this but once you start using a bit you’ll get used to it let’s go back to campaign see how it’s going okay still running on creating the accounts it’s 101 so it’s going so i think what i’ll leave this video here because it’s going to take a little

While i’ll leave this running i’ll also show you another video how to um check that the links the backlinks that it creates so these properties are still alive and it’s got your url in there i’ll be using this great box of that and then maybe i’ll show you how to do

Posting by screen box so i end the video here i’ll see you next time thanks for watching

Rédigez automatiquement des articles sur n’importe quel sujet à l’aide d’Article Forge

ai #articleforge #articles Utiliser Article Forge pour écrire des articles sur n’importe quel sujet est un moyen pratique d’obtenir un contenu de qualité pour votre blog ou …

Foreign Thank you Foreign foreign [Applause] foreign [Applause] Thank you Foreign Foreign foreign [Applause] foreign [Applause]

Article Forge Review – Article Forge Review En savoir plus

ESSAYEZ-LE ICI ⇒ ✓ Services de référencement complets ⇒ ✓ Abonnez-vous à ma newsletter …

Article forge review in this article forge review i will give you the basics of the tool and how it can benefit you as an online marketer in general article forge is an excellent tool for marketers digital agencies freelancers and startups because it generates content based on your specifications

The content generated by the tool is plagiarism-free and you can easily customize the tone of the content in addition to producing high-quality articles it can also generate content for long-tail and long-form categories such as blogs and other websites it automatically adds relevant titles headings images links and more

This tool also allows you to specify which server locations you want to use for your articles and it writes in seven different languages to get started you must fill out the sign up form and enter your email address after completing this form you can create a password and enter the keywords

That you wish to optimize in addition you should consider adding sub-keywords to your article during your free trial you can connect with several different services with your api key after you’ve completed the sign up form you can go to the help section and view faqs another thing to consider is plagiarism

If you are a professional online marketer you must be aware of the risks associated with plagiarism article forge will help you avoid plagiarism if you want to get a high quality article make sure that the keyword phrases you enter are relevant and specific to the subject of your article

Also use relevant subheadings to break up the content and avoid repetitive content this way your article will stand out among the hundreds of articles written by different sites another important factor to consider is the amount of content you will be able to use on your site the tool requires you to input keywords

Keyword phrases sub keywords and language once your keywords are entered you can customize the length of your article and add images titles videos and other content lastly the tool lets you select nested spin tags and add advanced options such as sentence variations and paragraph shuffle one of the biggest concerns with article

Forge is its interface while it is designed to be easy to use and has an excellent interface it can be difficult to understand you’ll need to spend some time learning the software and making sure that it suits your needs luckily the service also allows you to edit the generated articles after they

Are generated however as with any other tool it comes with its fair share of imperfections and inaccuracies while article forge is an excellent tool for creating content it does cost a lot if you plan on using it for a long time you may want to opt for the premium plan

It costs 27 per month or 370 annually the subscription is much cheaper than hiring a cheap va to write articles for you regardless of your choice article forge will save you time and money all you need is time and a little bit of patience for the most part article forge is a

Good option for businesses looking to use an article writer it offers a free trial so you can see if it’s for you articles are essential for ranking in search engines and companies with regularly updated content tend to rank higher besides google perceives updated content as valuable by using article forge you’ll get

Articles written with quality fresh content that your readers will love while the service may be new it works well and can create original content for you in a matter of minutes unlike an article paraphraser or spinner article forge does not scrape or spin articles instead it uses machine learning algorithms to create unique

Content using article forge is a worthwhile investment especially with the free trial if you’re skeptical try it out to see how it works for your business the article forged text writer can interlink urls to keywords in addition it can interlink urls with keywords and titles it also lets you use placeholders

For urls and schedule posts for publication the article writing tool also offers features like image and video integration you can also schedule your posts for later publishing to your blog however some articles can be complex so you’ll want to check out its features to see how it can help you achieve your

Online marketing goals for full seo services visit we offer for sale professional seo services that work such as powerful do follow backlinks youtube backlinks google my business backlinks and website traffic we can even create for you professional videos like this visit our website and claim a free test

To convince yourself of the superior quality of our services thank you for watching me until the end and don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel goodbye

Examen de la forge d’article | Prix, comment ça marche, et plus encore !

Vous cherchez à vous inscrire à Article Forge? Cliquez ici: Le logiciel de contenu Article Forge AI est …

Hey guys this is Ashley and this video is all about article Forge so article Forge is a tool that I use a lot it is an AI content generator um and I’m just going to go over right now the main Pros that I think article Forge has over other AI content

Generators so some um AI content tools you have to like start typing in a sentence and then it will give you like a few sentences and then you have to like keep typing again and go on and on that um is really common in AI content generators like Jarvis for example but

With article Forge you put in the keyword you want you choose the length and then um article Forge will either generate headings for you or you can choose your own headings and why I think this is really important is because if you want AI content to mention something specific a lot of the

Time it won’t mention it but with article Forge since you have these heading options you can like mention something in the heading that you want a section to be about so if you’re doing a review on a um let’s say you’re doing a review on the Peloton bike you write like Peloton review

Then you can do like Peloton um pros and cons Peloton summary Peloton pricing and whatever else you think is important to include in the review so you can get like specific information instead of it just like Rambling On and On like a lot of content generators do

So with all AI content you are going to have to do some editing um article Forge isn’t that bad at all so here’s an example I just put in the benefits of working out and I let it choose the headings for me so you can go ahead and read a little bit here

So this is the headings that it came up with so it’s pretty well written I mean you might you are going to want to like do some changes here and there like I mentioned but it’s great starter content and it gives you a ton of ideas and

Content to work off of instead of just having to um either hire a writer or write it yourself so article Forge price um I pay 57 a month and I get about 250 000 words a month which is great it’s only been one month so far that

I’ve gone over it and then if you go over it it’s like um I think 25 cents for every extra thousand words but still I mean obviously that’s super cheap so like I said I love article Forge I would say the main con to article Forge would probably be

Just like sometimes it does weird wording I didn’t really see anything in here but like let’s say you’re doing a review on um like a specific product let’s say the Peloton bike it might say like instead of calling it like the Peloton it’ll be like the Peloton workout bike and it’ll say

Like the Peloton workout like like 20 times but obviously that’s easy to edit out and just fix um but still that that’s like not that bad compared to other um AI content generators it also has a post scheduler so if you know that you’re going to be needing content

At a specific time where you want to just have it um come out so you don’t have to like uh sit there a specific day that you need it and do it and just have it ready for you um yeah so that’s another good good feature that many AI content generators don’t have

So I have how many days left 12 days and I have over 150 I have a 125 000 words left I do use this a lot I would say the main reason that I use article Forge is since I do search engine optimization I will put up a lot of websites and I’ll

Wait for them to rank before I add my own content either hire a writer or write my own content but during that period of seeing if the website is going to rank or not I can just put up article Forge content so that I get the word

Count and I have something relevant on the page and then when it starts ranking I go back and change the content to be higher quality so that’s why I use so much article Forge but I mean you could use it in place of a writer as long as

You go back and just make sure that everything makes sense because a lot of times you’ll go back and notice a few sentences here and there that really don’t make sense but you can expect that like I said with any AI content generator so if you’re looking for AI content tool

Article Forge is the best one that I’ve seen and I’ve used about like four different ones now and I literally use this so much like the fact that I have this many words already is actually surprising to me but yeah I hope this review was helpful leave any comments down below of any

Questions um you have about article Forge or if you’ve used it and what your experience is especially compared to other content generators out there I’d love to hear your opinion thanks for watching and see you in my next review video

Examen de la forge d’articles

Article Forge Review Obtenez Article Forge ici Vous voulez un moyen plus pratique d’écrire …

Hey this is david and this is part of making money online and i want to talk about a fantastic tool this is cop excuse me this is article forge 3.0 article forge is fantastic it has a wealth of options and we’re going to play with this and do a few things and i

Want to show you how powerful this is so you’re going to be seeing this in motion from the get go so let’s go ahead and get started so i’m going to click on the icon here this is my home and this is what you’re going to see when you go to article forge

You’re going to have a video here that will give you some information you have an option that’s my link i will have that link in the description so if you did want to be an affiliate and make some money online you have an affiliate opportunity you

Have an api code here where you can integrate article forge with your website so you can post articles straight to your website i have a wordpress and i post my article straight to my wordpress site you can also integrate word dot ai and with you can spin your articles multiple

Times so you can take the same article spit it multiple times and now you have even more content which is great and i say it’s great for multiple reasons number one it’s always great to have content you need content that’s very important but number two and probably even more importantly you want

To keep in mind the idea there’s more than one way to add 10 up to 10 to add up to ten dollars let me rephrase that one more time there’s more than one way to add up to ten dollars for example when i learn something i might learn it multiple ways

Ten dollars i might take one ten dollar bill i might take two five dollar bills i might take one five dollar bill and five one dollar bills i might take eight one dollar bills and eight quarters you starting are you starting to see where i’m coming from

There’s more than one way to add up to ten dollars and that’s where sometimes saying the same thing over and over but slightly different ways can really help the audience the reader the viewer really help them learn something and understand as a teacher with a phd i know that sometimes you really just

Have to hear something a few different ways for you to really understand it when we take tests and when we give tests to keep in mind a lot of the questions are very similar we might change a couple of things who was to and or we literally change a few words but

It’s exactly the same question because what we’re trying to do is get your brain to see something a few different times but very similar so that you can understand the concept and that’s why i think spinning articles can be very helpful specifically if they’re educational articles and whatnot you’re not

Necessarily creating content just to create content you’re actually helping provide more information and keep up with that phrase there’s more than one way to add up to ten dollars so without further ado let’s go ahead and get in let’s click on new article all right so keyword you’re gonna pretty much

Enter one keyword let’s go with um money and i’m gonna put in a few things for example i’m gonna put in crypto i’m also gonna put in bitcoin i’m also going to put in um dollars and i’m gonna put in gold okay you see we’re doing one per line let’s start with a

Long article i would like to add a title i would like an image let’s go ahead and get a video replace keywords with links why not so this is actually a new feature that came with 3.0 now post this to my blog i’ll hold off on that spin yes readable

I want to make this the most unique possible number of rewrites i’m going to go 10. okay let’s go back to replace with link oh wow fantastic okay i’m gonna link to my website which is saul excuse me saul okay keyword will be money let’s take a look at this

If enable we replace keywords okay so it’s going to put in the code place on all instances all right so now we are going to go ahead and create an article well it’s going to take a little bit of time so let’s go especially because of 750

Plus words which is a a pretty pretty good size article that’s pretty good if i were to speak 750 words we’re talking about a five minute conversation i’d be giving you so for example if i am trying to make a 15 minute video and i believe this video

Will be probably around 15 minutes that’s me making three of these articles which is not bad um in the last 20 to 30 seconds we’re already almost halfway there and this is adding a video it’s adding in keywords this is something i’ve never done before by the way it’s using a link for

Keywords another thing i want to talk about is the spinning aspect of so i have right here and we will make a video on but you can see right here because i have the apis connected integrated it’s going to go ahead and spin this article

10 times before dot ai can spend an infinite amount of times i can really spin it up to thousands um once you spin it that many times so you the uniqueness does go down but the uniqueness you see it’s going to be anywhere from 80 to 100

Percent it’s never going to be 100 but it will be pretty close uh 90s or high 90s for sure um also the uh the option to post to my wordpress is there the only reason i don’t post my wordpress is because the featured image won’t be there but i do

Want to give you a look so you can see what it looks like to post to my wordpress i’m going to go ahead and go to my website okay and you’re gonna you’re gonna see some of these have posted to my website and they don’t have the featured image that’s one thing that

Still isn’t there you can see um it gave headings which is fantastic so my table of contents already automatically picked it up and it gives a good amount of information right there so this is really cool how i just posted that information to my website didn’t have to

Do much of anything except click a button and i had some information for my blog my students also for me to read and kind of stay interested and up to date on the information another thing about article 4 which is i’ve actually posted articles and i made

Them and i put in specific parameters of the timelines for example weeks ago maybe even as near as less than a week ago and it gave me updated information about what was going on in wall street the stock market even graphs um i was very impressed when i went into

Some of my note-taking abilities and my um my articles where i keep in mind the reliable sources of information they match up pretty well so very happy with article forge i love that it generates and creates content information if i still have wary that i might be writing into content that

I think might mirror someone else’s i spin it and i take the spin copy and then i i go ahead and i make my own edits i use multiple editors so i i have a a good amount of options to really make edits if you don’t i think you’re in

Good hands with article forge but if you have the option like i do go ahead and use your editor so that you can really dive in and have an opportunity to maximize the best content you can uh create if you’re going to be using a teleprompter like i do

I definitely think article 4 just fantastic specifically if it’s a subject that you don’t know too much information on article forge really does help with some great writing off the cuffs again let’s go to my website take a look at some of the the writing i mean this is a difficult

Subject this is prana and this has really easy to read reliable information and i can just read this and break this down to my students and this is really cool i mean i have a lesson right here we can go into the next one again i know the difference because they don’t

Have the featured images these are all article forge articles excuse me that was the other one here’s another article forge article this is fantastic and again the table of contents which helps with seo and this looks really clean so i’m i’m really happy with what i’m seeing from article forge

Okay it looks like that article is ready so we’re going to take a look and it has all the bells and whistles so i’m excited to take a look and see what’s going on there okay wow looks really good okay so it did replace the keyword with a

Link so on the next test we’re going to run we’re going to see what else but look how much it wrote this is fantastic it’s got the video has an image let’s take a look at the html you can see the code you see the spin text let’s go back up

It’s got the headers all in all looks fantastic now you can export this you can i can still post it from my to my wordpress from here and i can take it as a pdf i can go ahead and export it as html which is great because then i have it in

Code and then i can also export it in text which is great too because when i go to word um dot ai the cool thing about word ai is i can actually spin in bulk so for example i had 26 files so i took those files put it into an excel

And i had taken them out of a tax and i had a uploaded each text into an excel and i just spun them all and i had like 17 versions of each 26 articles spun right then and there because i had in text form ready to go so that was really

Cool i can copy it all right now let’s go and take a look here so this link part i’m going to have to play around with so let’s go ahead what’s let’s read a little bit before we go and this is pretty cool how we can continue

To go in and edit you see i didn’t even know we can do this this is new i can insert things like tables so i can really just kind of make changes on the fly right here inside of this editing opportunity right here this is great

So let’s see if i wanted to i could go ahead and link text to display so that’s pretty much what i wanted to have it do okay fantastic so we’re gonna have to go back in the next one and play with that okay not bad let’s talk about the next

One let’s talk about um how about what’s a good topic how about um videos we’ll talk about filming we’re talking about recording and let’s also talk about um watching we’re going to make this much quicker add titles sure image image sure replace keywords with link nope nope

Spin we’re not going to spend this time and you know this one i do want to play with i want to see what we can do with this okay okay let’s do so we’re gonna do video and let’s try this again we’re going to replace that keyword with

The link and we’re going to create and let’s take a look now this is going to go much faster again the first one wasn’t too bad for the quality of an article we got i was very satisfied with what we got so look how quickly this is going this is

Going to be ready within the next 40 to 50 seconds 250 words isn’t bad that’s pretty close to a page when i was writing my papers 250 words would get you a page pretty quickly the information was um like what you saw pretty accurately put together again my website has some examples

Let’s go to another example these are all from article forge which i had posted this one as well you can just see how sweet this is again a lot of these terms this is ujjayi this is complicated work so i am very pleased with what’s been happening

Okay it’s getting there it’s taking a little longer and i believe some of that is the reasoning behind some of that is because of the um the request i put in for the image and also for um replace keywords with links i believe that’s probably why it’s taken a little bit longer

Since it is a few less words and i’m not spinning it that said we’re about 68 69 percent getting pretty close to 75 percent done so let’s give it another couple minutes um let’s talk about usage if you are gonna post to your website if you have the unlimited version like i

Do you can only do i believe about 200 000 a month um if you aren’t going to post to your website but copy and paste it to your website unlimited ability so the only thing that would limit you is if you want to just click a button

And send it right to your website i don’t do that anyway because as you can see to my knowledge and i will double check on this and make an update video to my knowledge use it doesn’t give a featured image to my wordpress blog so because of that feature still being

Missing i like to cut and paste it because these are posted to the website but i still have to go to the website anyway and then eventually i need to add a featured image so you can understand why i would recommend sorry about that you can understand why

I would recommend for you to actually take the opportunity to cut and paste and again if if 200 000 ideally you’re not gonna run out of the ability to um post 200 000 um articles to your website a month but if you if you did start to run out just

Copy and paste it very simple you’re just going to go into your articles let’s take a look at the most recent article here it is videos oh it’s already ready videos is ready writing the script for youtube videos here we go we got a nice image here

Not not too many words not too bad oh and it did exactly what we needed it to do under video it has my this is exactly what we wanted so what i what i did on the first one i overdid it and i replaced the actual

Word but look at this it’s got it great so i can actually replace the keyword with links that is huge huge i mean for seo purposes you can just go ahead and embed your your links into keywords that’s going to be a big thing that i’m going

To take advantage of more and more that i wish i knew earlier excuse me oh so this is a real video everyone ladies and gentlemen that was a real sneeze so um point is article forge is great if you would like a copy please please please use the link in the description

This will really help you out thank you for your time and i really hope you utilize the opportunities online to make money online or out there so i’m wishing you the best you have my support take care

Article Forge / ArticleForge AI Writer Review 2022 – Démo, prix et plus

ArticleForge / Article Forge Review 2022 : Est-ce pour votre temps et votre argent ? Revue complète ici…

Foreign normally technology doesn’t surprise me especially the AAA writers and today I have something that just completely blew my mind I mean I’ve been using a lot of tools for a while now more than six eight months and I’ve done some product reviews as well you’ve seen that but today is

Something else I’ve seen something that well I mean I couldn’t just stop smiling a foot off the chair the first time I saw this okay what is it article Forge there you have it on my screen and the claim is you could create a long form article high quality seo’d in about

One minute 60 seconds that’s what it takes to create a long form article and we’re going to test that today the keywords that I want to Target for this one for is why do you need an individual chart why you need an interview coach and how to find the

Right one for you when I have a website that you know I plan to offer uh interview coaching services at some point I’ve written some articles that I’ve ranked on top of Google on my medium profile and I want to extend my own website with content like these

Let’s see how long it takes I’m gonna quickly show you how this tool works so you go to a new article here and then you enter the keyword that you want of course I do this in English but you can do it in other languages that you can

See here Dutch French German Italian Portuguese and Spanish I choose very long because I want this to be a long form article and I want to add titles section headings and I want them to be auto-generated or I could do it manually but now I want to see what the tool does

I want to do nothing I want to click a button and take my hands off and see what happens okay and I want to add an image because typically you add some images when you write long form I would like to add a video add a video sorry

To make sure that you know when people get into the blog they shouldn’t need to go to a YouTube or elsewhere to you know see something related I could replace keys with links keywords with links basically if I run my own website which I do and if I connect my

WordPress to this one I could basically write everything build the internal linking and actually just post it on WordPress automatically it’s like click up for button and you have your new 1500 word post ready okay we came this far let’s try this should we time it now okay I hear I see

My blue video timer here 245 248 it’s processing and let’s see how long it takes but I don’t want to bore you with uh the waiting time but typically the last time I tried this it took about 60 seconds and it did say that for this keyword is going to take that long

I’m going to do a more detailed review just after this but uh until let’s say run fast with the video when I edit this one okay click here to see the result I cannot wait brilliant okay it’s gotten it’s added an image let me make myself small here

It’s got a video it’s it’s writing more I think or not okay does it look complete I’m not so sure let me see that I’m not missing anything that doesn’t look complete so what I’m gonna thumbs down on this one the article is wrote get that and see what happens hmm

Impressive not so impressive okay that wasn’t so impressive so what I’m gonna do now is do another trick I’m gonna get Jasper I’m going to get Jasper to help me build an outline for this article and then I can see if I can feed that into article 4G and get that too

Work better you are not use two if you can right okay career coach let’s go okay let’s do that let’s call article Forge uh write a new article foreign let’s do that let’s do that go into long form I want to add let me do this myself Foreign faster than the last time meanwhile on article Forge uh what might interest you uh yes a five-day free trial uh you can start without a credit card uh it is extremely competitive in terms of pricing for what it offers and you will see some of it now it’s pretty cheap I

Mean you can get 13 a month when you pay annually and when you do monthly it’s twice so when you pay annulates 51 cheap that’s that’s a lot uh you typically get three four months two months cheap uh when you go from monthly to yearly with article Forge rewards you for

Long-term commitment here and then you uh you know you can you can go for 25 000 Watts a month or 10 times more at practically twice the cost or add a little more and then you are you know basically you have no cap so if you’re a small team or a large agency

This is maybe you know the standard is good for a small team and unlimited is good for a large agency and if you’re just a beginner maybe you might want to start with basic and if you like what you see I would suggest you convert into

Annual payments you save a lot of money I mean if I pay for six months and have 12 months why not uh you get a 30-day money-back guarantee so if you don’t like what you see you’ve tried the tool and if you haven’t generated more than 10 posts

You will get your money back so that’s a promise from the company so it kind of gives you more confidence when you try this tool uh it’s so working yeah it’s still working okay now going back to the pricing uh I think comparing this to any other product that I’ve seen

But this it must be the cheapest I mean especially for the number of words so it’s standard I would think this is maybe perfect for anybody who kind of blogs a little more uh then once a week 27 months uh sorry 20 27 a month for 250 000 words quarter of a million

Words that’s a lot I mean you could post one long form article every day and still have a lot left to it trying to fill in time I’m simply trying to walk you through the tool while it does the risk so in terms of um what the company is uh and this company

Is heavy on Research so you would see that uh it’s actually an academic uh background that’s funded this company uh so when you see the CEO of this company is also the CEO of another company which is very AI research Focus company I think you’ll see it somewhere here at Glimpse air so

They both have the same let’s say founder so you can see the signs that work here because you can see other products that write but I don’t think there’s any other product that kind of quite matches article Forge in being able to automate content generation so with just those keywords I

Could get a thousand five hundred word blog post out I could connect my WordPress site and I could basically upload what I write on the tools directly to my WordPress and it also identifies backlinks so when I’ve connected my WordPress what article Forge does is it looks at

My other articles and it builds internal backlinks as it builds articles so uh if you’re a blogger you know how easy this can make your life you just click a button you boom you have a Blog that’s connected to you know many of your internal posts

And it’s it’s no work for you right I mean you could click the button go for a coffee or a tea like me and then you can come back and find a nicely ready to go 1500 word post complete with images videos internal backlinks wow that is powerful people employ other people companies

Employ people to do this work and that’s where article Forge claims you can get rid of I don’t know if it’s a good thing I would think it increases productivity for where the bloggers and small companies it can put some people out of work for sure

But again this is the tool the tools never decided what happens it’s always the people with the tools who decided so we wait we wait a little longer to see what happens common article Forge oh it’s ready fingers crossed arms crossed let’s see what comes okay that seems better

What I’m going to do is I’m going to take this I’m going to go to my WordPress let me see if I can find one all right maybe I can open here I should have my edit mode access here let’s just check yep I’m going to go to a new post

Let’s check this straight away transfer to my other window please please okay all right I wait for Loom to get ready here okay let’s see what so I’m going to I use ranked mat uh as my SEO tool here let’s say the focus word is in the wheel coach

It gets a high rating for Content 60 is high uh it’s written 1524 Words which is good I mean of course you could do more but that’s good start uh let’s see what’s missing keyword is high so I might have to tweak that a little bit I mean from

From experience I think when I finish this this would get to 75 18 maybe when I complete the internal backlinks and for an article that I’ve hardly spent two minutes putting in some you know text inputs that is a brilliant output I could write well like this right 15 articles a day

So I spend two hours what a crew Tia website would have when you generate content like this and again let’s check if this is the original content and there we’re going to grammarly because I use grammarly for my application checks to check the content originality of the content so I am going to

Ask grammarly if all of this is unique content oops not that family all of it currently is going through so here I hit the ground is checking billions of web pages okay now I’m starting somewhere on the article for its Pages you would see they get maybe one percent

Well that’s three percent overlap which is probably nothing I mean you cannot avoid and some sort of overlap that’s brilliant I am genuinely impressed of course I would still break this up into paragraphs add some bullets I would kind of touch uh you know a little bit to

Make sure it’s you know it’s it’s it’s a good reader experience but this content looks good and when I look at my WordPress site the format is much better than when I look at grammarly I might add a few more images here and there I would add my own gum products uh link

And a call to action but this is good I mean okay I cannot ask for more from the two all right that is I’m still Blown Away with artwork article for this shouldn’t need the potential as I will see you in another video guys until then

Wait with a wow I don’t get my jokes right these days I need to get article phones to give me one see you

COMMENT UTILISER ARTICLEFORGE 2022 TUTORIEL ET AVIS -Comment utiliser Article Forge pour créer un excellent contenu

ArticleForge est un générateur de contenu Le nouvel écrivain d’intelligence artificielle, Article Forge, révolutionne la création de contenu.

Hello friends welcome to 2DePoints tutorial this  time i will review a famous article maker software   called article post in addition i will also show  you how to use the software properly and correctly   okay just go to the tutorial the first time  you have to login just by entering the email  

And password on your articleforge my account is  a personal account so i am going to log in here   the spiral type option you can create new articles  or schedule files automatically to your wordpress   but you have to add your blog address first  here and the information api is need to help  

You automatically generate articles using  plugins on your wordpress ok let’s just go   to the new article menu here in article porch  there are many languages that you can choose to   make articles there are seven languages that are  english dutch french german italian and spanish  

And the range of words that can be made by this  article ports varies from 50 was to 1500 words   yes article forge can be used to make this article  pillar or pillar article I really recommend   it because it is good for making seo articles  that easily appear on page one article posts  

Can also automatically fill images and videos in  the article he creates now let’s let’s see how   article posts get articles with keyword as the keyword source to make articles   now let’s go to keyword i usually use this  tool to generate some keyword ideas for my content  

Okay let’s see let’s change the language into  united states on the country to united states   and the language oh i’m sorry we will connect  this into english okay then let’s quick search   the suggestion will be shown here okay we can also download the keyword  that have been created by article  

I’m sorry by this keyword tool that i owe i really  like this keywordtool. io even with the play mode   you can always get some keyword ideas and this  keyword idea i will use discovery education   okay this is like a good  keyword to make into an article  

Maybe this is some keyword golden ratio  and then we can choose to pass the uh keyword here we try to make an article  about discover education i suggest we add   the how to keyword to the keyword provided by the  keyword tool that i owe uh the uh it will make the  

Article post will give more better results article  posts can automatically create section heading per   article so if you can choose off then you enter  a subtopic or subkeyword was pretty article i   would recommend you to use this feature but  you have to know what’s the key what you have  

To enter there for example i enter keywords here  and about what is discover education how to get   involved false about discovery education and  the last one is cons about discovery education   and then let’s just connect the past  heading into discovery education

Okay and i pass and i give you some advice that  you not to use the picture automatically generate   images and videos because often the images and  videos provide a general image that do not provide   us with sale benefits we just just need to press  generate article an article post will directly  

Start making our article now we try to run arctic  approach with the option to create headings   automatically and enter how keywords directly  into article ports okay we can also try book   article creator let’s go to keyword to get  some inspiration about what keywords we can make okay

Maybe we will try making some another  keyword uh we will start with how to keywords   to know what is trending in the us about how to okay the first trending is how to get monkey pox  or maybe monkey pox is currently spreading in u.s  

So we must it is a good idea to make some article  about it okay as you can see we can make some   article like how to get monkey poke symptom test  and something like that we just need to pass the keywords here and i will use to book  

Article generator and then you just  need to input the keyword here the bus   i will input about monkey box and then how to  kill monkey pops and then how to get approximated for monkey box then maybe the last monkey box self test  okay this is a quite good keywords to make

Okay then we will tie in the medium we will  try auto headings then here article pause   gives some warning about my code quota for  the article course okay and just click submit   and then article post will automatically  make the article that we are inputting now let’s try to make a regular article again  

We try to take the keyword again from the  keyword and now we try it in 750   words and we do so that the software automatically  provides an image and we select create new article   and this process takes about 30 minutes  in total say so let’s just speed things up

Okay the article generating is finished and then  let’s see the article that has been generated from   the article post as you can see the one that we  make the subheading by us giving a good result of  

Article just like this the article is quite good  and you can see it’s giving some meaningful uh   meaningful article okay this is quite good then  we just need to copy this and we go to our my website i just need to click add new here

Okay and i just need to pass the article  here so that the article was automatically   giving some headings from headings one to  three and this is quite good this is very   uh speeding up my article question and  now let’s see the second article that   we let article approach  make their own headings okay

Okay we see that the article doesn’t seem to  lead and tends to be wilder as you can see   i don’t think this kind of article can  be ranked good enough and then have some   such a good search result okay i don’t quite like the article that

The second article that we do not enter the sub  keywords but as you can see the article page   giving some good amount of keywords here let’s try  for the education it giving 26 keywords from in   the article and it seemed that this is quite good  fulfilling keywords because because it is not too  

Saturated in the article let’s look at the monkey  box article that we made in bulk okay the article   is well made with good headings he can describe  useful things that search engine seems to like   you can see for the monkeypox keyword article box  can provide more meaningful articles and it seems  

We can post it on our website so the point is we  as the user of article post must be able to choose   and type the like article title in this software  so that this software can provide good articles okay that’s how to use article push and  review from the to the point tutorial  

If you have any question or comments  please write them in the comments column   and if you like this video please subscribe oh yes  and if you are interested in buying optical porch   please see the link in the description and  if you buy to my affiliate link then i will  

Give you some bonus and special time  to discuss in order to making some good   article to help sale of your website see  you and best regard from 2DePoints Tutorial oh

Article Forge Review – MAUVAIS! – Outil de génération de contenu ArticleForge vs Article Builder

Voir ma nouvelle critique sur Article Forge ici : ANCIENNE DESCRIPTION DE LA VIDÉO : Mon article Forge Review, …

Hello internet marketers my name is Leon from how to webmaster and today I am reviewing article forge is a automatic content creation tool and created by word AI and I’ve actually made a review video of word AI and I can tell you I did not like it one bit

So now article Forge is another tool by word AI and this is my first time using it so what is article forge it is a tool to get a limited unique content and I’m gonna test out if the content is actually any good and here they promise generate high quality SEO content and

Here is a sample and the good thing about article Forge the only good thing I think is that it has a free trial for you to test out first before committing to the membership plan forty seven dollars a month so it’s the same price as word AI pretty expensive for the

Average internet marketer so here I am inside the dashboard basically you enter a keyword and then it may be a sub keyword that you want and then choose your content needs I stuck with the most readable because I want to see how readable it is cuz if it’s not even

Readable then it’s basically a worthless article you can’t even use so there’s no point in going for the most variations if the most readable can’t even be useful article length I want to stick with 750 since SEO content and the more words the better and of course quality content is the

And a ton of the headings so I turned that on and I don’t care about the image or video for now or the links keyword links and article uniqueness it’s basically it’ll see if copyscape match any of the articles to guarantee that the article is unique which again it

Doesn’t really matter if the content is not readable I don’t care if it’s 100% unique and then of course you got the word AI so I’m not sure why that’s even an integration with word AI probably to suck more money out of you but if article Forge already what is a

Guaranteed unique content then why does it need word ai subscription I don’t understand that part but anyways I tested out three articles one is about dish washing and one is about affiliate marketing and the last one is about web hosting and I’ll post these articles on

My site check out the link below and you can view the quality yourself so let’s get started with this washing article so I want to make an article about dishwasher so I can promote Amazon affiliate products or eBay so let’s see if this is any good so right away the

This article already doesn’t make sense it starts out with the dishwasher is not the same height Daniel counter it isn’t the conclusion of the earth so what does that even mean I don’t even know how to edit that and then just some weird heading the lost secret of dishwasher and this

There’s just a lot of mistakes a lot of things don’t make sense and quite as many News’s as a typical mixer so so far this is not a good article there’s so many things wrong with it romantical errors confusing phrases and sentences put together I’m pretty sure

Is unique no doubt about that because nothing makes sense so let’s go with affiliate marketing and right away we have a field of marketing Diaries who even uses the word Diaries so right away first sentence got something wrong here in that case online affiliate marketing it’s all you should succeed so that’s

Right there it’s wrong wording so right away first sentence has the problem yeah I can only imagine others many more others who have issues so not good web hosting okay so we’ve got some weird headings again is it a scam choosing web hosting is simple so right away first

Sentence ready mistake the server allows your site to remain in its very own safe zone what does that even mean and it’s unaffected by the other websites that are experiencing high traffic so nothing makes sense introducing this sentence I mean if you’re gonna post it on your

Blog it’s not gonna go well yeah you’re gonna lose a lot of visitors and readers so not even good so article forge not a good product I don’t like it I don’t recommend it way over price for something that produce produces worthless articles for UT news again I rather have quality content over

A bunch of useless unique articles so that’s my take on article forge I hope this helps give you some ideas on whether or not Oracle Forge is a worthy product or not again I will be posting these articles on my site for you to review and see for yourself if you want

A better tool than article forge at creating an automatic contents at the push of a button article builder it’s actually a lot better and I’ve reviewed article builder and you can check it out check out the link in the description below this video you see the article builder review thanks again for watching

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Tutoriel Article Forge – Conseils de création d’articles SEO en ligne

– Dans ce didacticiel sur Article Forge, je présente une revue pratique sur l’utilisation de leur générateur d’articles en ligne pour …

Hi this is Glenn Barsky from Mac SEO tips calm and today I’m going to do a demo of article Forge and specifically the aspects of creating a new article in the last video I did I kind of went over all the menus and all the settings and

Stuff and it took 15 minutes so I’m going to try to be shorter here and just focus on generating a new article article Forge is a computer-generated article builder which can write up to 750 words of absolutely unique content embed links images and videos and create

A article ready to post and it can publish to WordPress sites as well so I’m going to get started to creating a new article and I want to do it about a logitech c910 I’m going to be very specific here you have to be careful if

You use too general of terms it’ll start including and incorporating some pretty strange stuff so be very specific with the keyword I want a very specific brand and model number of webcam for sub keywords I’m adding other Logitech webcam the 920 615 310 the conference can connect so that it may pull in

Related information about other Logitech webcam models I’m still staying tightly focused there’s a setting here for the quality and they call it money site filler is their best quality it can also do most variations I’m not that impressed with the quality of article so I always leave it set to the best the

Most readable possible and edit out anything I don’t like I can set the article link anywhere from a 50 word blurb up to 750 I tend to leave it at a long article length that gives me the most content to work with I have it set to add titles and section headings

Turned on it will randomly create an a few spun variations of titles and section headings when it creates the document you can optionally add an image you can set the probability of that happening I have it set to 100% so that it will include an image the images that

They use are from imager comm and will be embedded in the final thing you also have the optional to add a option to add a video and again I set that to 100% it will try to find a related Logitech webcam video to include in the document there’s an option here to replace

Keywords with links and I’ve turned that on and in addition to that this new box add keyword links replacement and what I’ve done is given it a list of keywords like webcam webcam r HD webcam logitech webcam etc so that when it encounters those words in the final document it

Will create a link to them and in the next section below since I own several webcam related websites I’ve added the domains there and deep links to a lot of the inner pages on several of those domains so I basically added about 18 different URLs that could possibly be

Anchored by the keywords chosen above as it encounters them in the documents I there’s an option to replace the title I don’t want the title to have a hard link in it you can use a placeholder a kind of a dummy word where the links would be

Inserted but I’m going to leave both of those off you can replace the first instance and I actually should have done that with the article I generated rather than all instances of a given keyword at encounters so by with only the first instance you’d end up with a couple of

Links likely within the document I had to replace all instances and I ended up with probably twenty or more links which is a lot to include in a single document um but you can choose whether whether you want the first instance of one of those words to be randomly assigned one

Of the URLs or all instances there’s an option to set article uniqueness and that’s turned on if that was off and I turned it on it would prompt me to enter my paid copyscape account so if you have a paid copyscape account article Forge can a double-check before it finalizes

The document and assure 100% uniqueness also if you have a word AI account which I don’t but if you did you can enter your email address and their API key and it would instead of just spinning the titles and the section headings or paragraphs you could actually do word by

Word spinning I don’t have a word AI account so I’ll leave that off and then you have the option to optionally post to a wordpress blog I have set up two wordpress blogs I could set the category that it’s under whether I want it to be draft or published I’m going to actually

Do that manually and at that point I would hit create new article back at the top it would process that and I’m going to switch windows to the final result and so here’s the article that article Forge generated Logitech webcam fundamentals explained and here we see

That it did in fact the word webcam has been turned into a link here’s another instance where the word webcam the word chat got turned into a link it included an image but in this case unfortunately it grabbed a Philips web camera and not the C 9:30 model in

Other versions of this article I’ve generated it did grab the correct model image of logitech webcam and here we see we have more paragraphs here’s one of the another section header and then additional ones and then at the very bottom it did make an excellent choice see 9:30 versus c920 a YouTube video

Comparing the two different models of webcams so that’s the final article that I ended up with and at this point I could go in and edit tweak it a little bit I could also publish it to WordPress if I so choose so that’s what you kind

Of end up with I did have it publish to my free wordpress blog I ended up modifying the title I redid and inserted the proper photo for the 930 model of webcam and went in and edited the text and some of the links slightly to change

Things so like there was a lot of linked words webcam so I changed it to webcam or HD webcam and that and tweaked it a little bit so I published it but then I went in and modified it slightly and now it’s live on the internet so in a

Nutshell here we are back at article forge when you create a new article be fairly precise and succinct with your primary keyword because by and large that’s what it will generate an article about again if you use sub keywords be really focused don’t use very general

Terms if I had you know use like web space camera I might end up with paragraphs or sentences about the web in general or about digital cameras or film cameras or stuff so note I always used webcam webcam webcam so there wasn’t any ability for article forge to misinterpret that start talking about

The web or about other kinds of campus um so that’s it in a nutshell you provide a set of topical keywords to write an article on I set the quality to the highest I set the article length lawn I told it to add titles and headings

I said include an image include a video 100% so all the time always include an image and a video I opted to replace keyword with links gave it a list of keywords that I wanted to be anchored I added a long list of not only my route domain

But sub pages on related websites all tied into webcams um you can choose if I had to do over I would replace just the first instance and I wouldn’t have ended up with quite so many links inside the document I opted to guarantee article uniqueness because I have a copy scape

Account and rather than automatically post to WordPress I chose to do it manually well that’s it in a nutshell this is just a slight demo of how to get article Forge to generate the kind of document that you want so that it’s usable at least for Tier one

Indefinitely for tier two link building that’s it from Glen Barsky visit my website at Mack SEO tips calm and for a free trial of article forge click and the link below in the description and give it a shot and try it for yourself alright bye