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What is going on there guys Brian here with tactical investing and today I’m looking at what am I looking at I’m looking at top tier GSA search engine ranker content generated by article Forge and word AI in combination they’re both owned by the same company

Um you can check out the link in the description um or just go there by whatever don’t use my affiliate link I don’t care whatever word Ai and article Forge I’m just taking a look at these because I use these and I use them in GSA search engine ranker they’re high quality The

Toppest The toppest tier yeah The toppest tier content that you can get the tapest tier content that you can get for GSA search engine ranker is article Forge combined with word AI now how do they get this content I used it in SEO content machine link into the

Description for where to get SEO content machine here it is right here still still sitting here running article Creator number four in the mass article Creator you can set up your proxies in here Link in the description for where to get your proxies of course same as

Every other video but look at this so I got my article Creator running and you can see it’s getting an article Forge article so I have my article Forge API settings set up in here under the API logins so when SEO content machine queries the internet

For those Search terms that you gave it which I’m using artificial intelligence to generate those article ideas I just used uh the AI content bot phrase to generate article ideas for SEO content machine and then SEO content machine is going to use those article ideas like this one

Right here and then it’s going to get it’s going to query article Forge for an article through the API from this keyword from this search term and then it’s going to spin it with word AI okay so that’s where I’m getting these articles right from SEO content machine straight from

The article Forge API spun with word Ai and I have my word AI API login setup in SEO content machine as well um so SEO content machine is doing all the work in conjunction with those two other services word Ai and article Forge and here is the result

Here is the result we’re going to take a look at a preview of a word AI spun article Forge generated artificial intelligence article the highest quality automated automatically generated content that you can get for GSA search engine ranker I mean the the only thing that you would be able to

Do that would be better than this would be to actually hire writers um to write top tier content and and then hire somebody to manually spin sit there and manually spin all the articles with all the correct synonyms make sure everything makes sense so it would probably cost thousands of dollars

If you were to hire this out because you’d have to pay somebody at least eight bucks an hour to sit there and spin it and you’d have to pay at least five bucks for a thousand words to write it or if you could try to AI generate it

Um but yeah with these options I mean pretty much puts all that out the window and of course this is going to sit here and freeze I’m sitting here trying to do my video every time I try to do my freaking video the program the whole computer freezes

Oh man what am I gonna do here now can’t even do a preview oh wait I think I had one oh yeah here’s the preview it’s already opened oh wow I have way too many tabs open in uh Chrome do you think that’s might be the reason why so here

Is one of them this is an artificial intelligence generated article Forge article spun with word AI so this is already spun two so I’m just going to read through it the top 13 best weed vaporizers of 2022. it works differently from other Grinders it’s almost like a small cheese grater

Because of the many moving Parts I believe a weekly clean is a good idea I have a whole page on Atmos Raw here marijuana vaporizers eBay it’s just a keyword with the link with lots of information as you’d expect from a German engineered device the mighty is

Highly efficient ah oh this is the new one that just popped up all right I’ll read this one it works quite differently to other Grinders all right yeah this is a good comparison to see how it spun it on two different levels it works differently from other Grinders to it

Works quite differently from other Grinders it basically acts like a small grater it almost it’s almost like a small cheese grater so it’s varying it pretty different just slightly enough to where it can be a little bit different all right so let’s let’s scroll down a little bit we’ll read

This last paragraph here the vaporizer’s performance and Longevity will be improved if you keep it clean and maintained properly the fury 2 is an extremely popular vaporizer due to its unusually small size in the convection conduction mixed heating system even though it was it is a small package Fury

2 still offers a top quality vaporizing experience but here’s the disclaimer if the use of the sort of dry herb and concentrates we’re talking about is illegal in your country then we we are definitely not advising you to buy one of these devices it’s got a very cool

Design that looks as if it will fit nicely in the hand and also features one of the largest ceramic baking Chambers you’re likely to see in a portable vaporizer I mean wow this is just mind-blowing content and this is already spun and there’s 60 articles like this in here that I was

Just able to generate in SEO content machine using article Forge with word AI I mean it’s just it’s just so powerful I would build that straight to a money site so this is the way that you can build uh that you can use GSA to build tier one backlinks directly to your money

Site if you filter your custom linked list and get all the spam out of there get all those sites that are not an SSL get all the garbage platforms out of there get all only build articles contextual articles on the highest of high quality WordPress article backlink sites or other platforms engines that

You have vetted that are top tier and only build links on those platforms and then export those verified links from GSA and then build tier three backlinks in scrapebox and X rumor and another layer of GSA or two alright so that’s all I had on this that is article Forge

With word AI spun content the highest quality content that you can automatically generate with GSA search engine record fill in your project data campaigns let me know if you have any questions and I will be here on the next one alright peace

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