AIDER! Cinq façons d’obtenir de l’aide en utilisant Go HighLevel ! (et quand utiliser lequel)

Saviez-vous qu’il existe au moins 5 façons différentes d’obtenir de l’aide lors de l’utilisation de HighLevel ? Dans cette vidéo, je vais parler de chacun des 5 …

Hey what’s up everyone James Hurst with the marketing show and in today’s video I’m going to talk about at least five different support channels that high level has in place for you to get where you’re trying to go okay so there’s you know there’s the support chat right

There’s the Facebook group there’s the ideas board there is the the phone number there’s the live Zoom room okay let’s talk about each one of these so you can know which one you need to use depending on what’s going on with your situation okay so uh let’s talk about the support chat okay

So this is the question mark here in the upper right hand corner you have this live chat okay um most of the time what I use this for is if I’m trying to report a bug okay so um if you think that you have a bug you

Could you could use the Facebook group to kind of hey does anyone else experiencing this oh yeah me too me too me too right so you kind of know okay this is a bug it’s not just me it’s not just my cookies my my cache my browser

Um so if you think you have a bug then do your very best to like create a loom video and uh and grab the location ID right so there’s the location ID up in the top and give the developers as much information as you can on how to

Reproduce this bug that you’re that you think that you’ve found okay um you know live Zoom support is not going to be able to help you uh fix that right there um they’re not going to be able to create a ticket even for you okay so you

Really have to come to the support chat um over here and let’s create a new ticket fill out this thing possibly wait for a little while and that’s your best way to get a ticket created with with the development team okay um now what if you’re like me and you’re always like

Um wow I think it would be really cool if if such and such had images you know if if uh calendars you know if calendars had images right like let’s see if I have one here yes right here okay hey it looks like there’s this perfect spot for

Um images on calendars right we should all rally it behind this idea and like hey if everyone like blows up this thread I’m sure they’ll do it right well no uh that’s the ideas board and so that is right here it’s and what you’re going to do is you’re

Going to pick the thing so calendars right you’re going to search and see maybe other people have already created that same great idea so images and calendars add image element option to calendars look at that 14 votes so this is the actual one right so here’s my thing I

Made my little ideas board post and then I take this link and take it back to my personal post I can make a YouTube video drive people to um that that URL that link I could try to get votes for it like you see I’ve done right here okay so that’s feature

Requests enhancements new cool things right all the stuff all the bells and whistles that we all love and how fast they get them to us the ideas board is what you use for that okay okay so we talked about the support chat right we’ve talked about the ideas board

What about the live Zoom room did you know they have a live Zoom room okay so let’s talk about that when would you use that so first of all it’s only Monday through Friday seven to seven CST and Saturdays nine to five so if are you within those hours that would be one

Thing I would ask myself right and then you would just come in here uh it’s speak with us success you would give your name your email are you an existing client and then you’re going to also need to provide your um your relationship number okay and you

Can see there’s a little video right here so you go to company tab right so you go up here agency View and then it goes to settings company tab relationship number right there okay so let’s do that let’s go get our relationship number hit next and

Right here is where you’re going to put your relationship number and then say I need a q a okay you would sit there that the trouble with this one is sometimes you get in quickly other times you just don’t it’s like it could be a little bit

Of a weight as well any of these could could have a weight um now obviously the the Facebook group is more instantaneous and there’s a lot of helpful people there um but it may not be the right place for the thing that you’re trying to do which

Is why I’m making this video okay so yeah you have your support chat which I think for bugs or if you like if you kind of like the chat if you don’t want to zoom with someone you just want to chat uh if you can get it fixed right then

And there on the call like that’s great right you can ask questions there you can also do billing support here as well just any kind of question right you might be able to get it solved over chat um for me I use it as a place to get a

Ticket started usually for development right I think there’s a bug I think there’s something here here’s the loom of what’s Happening can you create a ticket if it’s if it’s a big time bug then um like if you think this is impacting a lot of people then go ahead and get that

Ticket and maybe even post it in the group I’m sure Sean wouldn’t mind if if he got tagged on something that was really had a high impact on a lot of people get get them that ticket number and then he can escalate it to engineering and get that get that worked

On as soon as possible so we’ve got the support chat we’ve got the live Zoom room right we’ve got the ideas board now we come to the Facebook the Facebook group where I where I spend a fair amount of time right so here I’m using the ideas board right because I

Want more flexibility on the appointment slots um this is good for like I don’t know like more like strategy like hey how would you guys you know how would you how would you go about such and such right how would you go about doing this hey can anyone help me with this I’m

Looking for that I think we kind of know um it’s like asking kind of questions a little bit outside the tool hopefully this could be like the catch-all after these all these other options are um are used up exhausted right so um hopefully that helps point you in the

Right direction on where you need to go to get your support the last one that I didn’t mention actually was there’s a phone number right so if I come here uh see if I actually put it right here so I keep a little shortcut here it’s 1-888-732-4197 you can also get maybe

Some billing support that way it is a phone number I don’t use that a ton I use the other options but yeah there is the support phone number don’t quote me on the hours but it might be I might be 24 7. I don’t I don’t know for sure

Um and then I guess there’s also this you could um you could potentially upgrade to Priority support So if you’re a heavy user of this thing oh yeah call high level support right there 24 7 support right there if you’re a heavy user I haven’t done this priority support yet Up Click to

Upgrade uh gonna be an additional charge and be that much faster you get help uh and then like let’s just put this out there the last the last option you could maybe send me a DM but I’m still gonna like put you know prioritize you know what I’ve got going on

Um but let’s make sure that we’ve exhausted all the different support channels first and then go from there so thanks so much guys hope you’re doing well we’ll see you in the next video bye hope you enjoyed the show advice gave us for educational purchases owner who may

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