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Now I’ve seen about 700 people try to tell me that athene did an AI version of me here we go let’s look at it espant is asking what do you think about star Forge PCS star forged PCS dude why would I spend ridiculous amounts of money on a gaming

Computer when I can spend the same money on Dr Pepper like I’m just not into that whole expensive gaming beer thing if you like it and have the means more power to you why not I just don’t care for it myself it is what it is

Or call you a nerd because of it let’s go big dick boys oh my God I don’t know if this is [ __ ] that’s scary yeah I know this is crazy what’s another one okay espant is asking a question here is why stola your favorite waifu bro like are you really saying this you

Do you guys see this and this is what I have to deal with I have to read this stuff like holy [ __ ] man I assure you stroller is a boss lady but everyone knows that big boob cat girls are much hotter yeah you know it I

Know it everyone knows it I also think that any girl is always hotter when you add cat ears honestly I don’t think I can even pick a favorite waifu at this point although I will say those cat girls better watch out for the one and only big dick energy himself

There it is boys there it is what a day dude a F asterisk asterisk asterisk eyeang oh my God this is the big dick energy oh what in the [ __ ] man that is insane it’s not allowed to curse oh that’s great were those pre-type responses I

Have no idea I just think it’s funny holy [ __ ] let me see if I can are there any more of these oh here we go all right let’s see this one asthma gold do we have a question for a theme yeah I’ve got a question did he really

Scam people what they say I don’t know man oh wow I just called him out straight up you know it I know it everyone knows it a theme made some of the best wow content ever it’s true the drama it’s tough to ignore the good stuff you made

The thing is like that’s I I’ve literally said that pretty much word for word but I guess we’ll never know whether he did he jammed anyone or not yeah yeah you type this no I didn’t scam anyone yeah oh my God foreign why is he dressed like Jesus by the way

Look at this bro that’s straight this is like a bro this is a 12 Apostles situation he’s a Jedi Jedi Knight he’s a pro oh he’s a prophet okay all right so it is like Jesus next otk member all right let me see this one

Who will be the next person to join otk that’s it uh true and real you never know who might hop on the otk train next it could be the craziest dude you never know or it could be a boring Sam’s Club dude with argyle socks not going to talk

About it for an hour but I will say this let’s go big dick boys uh and hopefully they come with a big group of streamers because you know it I know it everybody knows it great games always come with cats with big furry ears it is what it is dudes oh [ __ ]

Oh my God man you sound like a politician yeah that was a great answer wasn’t it holy [ __ ] what kind of Hardware is this running on dude it’s running on some high-grade big dick energy fueled gaming Tech I’m talking top of the line GPU CPU and more

No expense spared yeah it’s true and real I mean did you expect anything less water oh why would I drink water when I can drink Dr Pepper it’s a good point I I gotta look where where is my Dr Pepper I thought I bought some at the store where’d it go it’s okay

I know you guys were worried but you’re safe now ah AI asthma on what he would do with his clone quintail asthma gold what would you do if you cloned yourself if I could clone myself uh oh that’s easy I’d play World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy 4 simultaneously no need

To ever switch between games plus I could always use an extra guy around to give me Dr Pepper when I want it I’d also make sure I had someone to send antagonizing messages to my opponents during Arena matches followed by a side of sprinkles dude that’s amazing that was so good oh

My [ __ ] god this is so good it’s insane holy [ __ ] man yeah these are actually really good I’m surprised how accurate it was yeah with the side of sprinkles yeah I think it probably just meant pink sparkles and it just kind of put two and two together what’s this when you watch

Asman gold for escapism is because if you’re 34 you’re over 10 years out of college probably 15 years out of high school you’re not a kid anymore you’re not even a young adult you’re a [ __ ] adult and and you better pretty soon think about buying your own health insurance scheduling

Your own doctor’s appointments buying additional insurance for your car calling Geico and increasing your coverage you know different things like that talking about homeowners insurance things like all the really boring stuff so you’re not cool to young people and you’re not old enough to be cool in in a

More Timeless way that’s more interesting so you’re just in like this Middle Ground where you’re obnoxious annoying and nobody can relate to you does that make sense man I really went in on that video huh I didn’t even realize like how hard I went on that holy [ __ ]

Yeah like I I actually I looked at that video bro like look at this [ __ ] where is this let me see if I find it real quick what the [ __ ] is this what the [ __ ] is this what the [ __ ] is this what the [ __ ] oh

My God like this video like bro so many people almost 400 000 [ __ ] people watch this [ __ ] God damn I didn’t know that was that popular of an opinion okay what’s this one oh that’s fun is asking a question uh does the star Forge logo look like a penis

Hey dude like do you guys see this [ __ ] this is what I have to deal with I have to read these ridiculous I’m like holy [ __ ] man true yeah I guess if you squint maybe it kind of looks like a penis I mean it’s not a big deal or anything it

Is what it is guys no no one asks it’s a war Forge logo true and real no no that’s I did not say that uh uh nope that that’s I bro that AI is broken okay broken AI misprogrammed bad programming bad AI okay guys like Somebody’s gotta recode

This maybe if you squint yeah something like that um do you eat corn the long ways is that even a real question come on like I need to be asked that let’s go big dick boys of course I eat corn the long way oh my God I think this is so much better

Because eating corn the long way is like sucking a big dick you know like if you stick it in your mouth you know like it is hey it’s like stapling together a ton of kernels of corn into one giant piece what a day dude what a [ __ ] day true and real

Let’s go bro I cannot wait for like two years from now and this AI gets a lot better and I can just play the AI and just phone it in well I just phone it in man like I’m like I’m gonna just turn on the stream

Press the button I go back to bed yeah I don’t even have to stream anymore yeah this is bro like the future is looking good oh it’s looking good more like two months I mean whenever it’s gonna happen I’ll be ready for it okay asthma and AI on cat girls

We’ve seen this one never mind which wow character would asthma smash Jesus which wow character would you totally Smash and why Ah that’s a tough one dude it’s in between tyronda and Alex Strazza oh man no it’s not khadgar oh oh man like I don’t know not white Mane bro like

I’ve seen so many girls that were like super hot like white man was in Scarlet Cathedral and then they graduated college and they stopped working out and they had that weird like goth girl haircut they got that weird piercing in the middle of their nose and you know like they get

Like these weird like tattoos and like earrings and [ __ ] and they look totally [ __ ] weird and that’s what happened to her in the game she went from being like a priest to a death knight really you guys have seen this happen too right I’m not I’m not crazy am I

I mean obviously I’d have to go with my main character from way back my hunter asmon gold but I would also totally go for Toronto whisper win for sure definitely got going for her and I’m a suck the girl is fire she can shoot lightning and control powerful elements you can’t

Not love her so yeah all in all has been told to Rhonda and Jaina what a great Trio now I just need to set up a wow dating simulator and that would make my dreams come true I guess the only downside is the wrath of my mom but it is what it is

I’m gonna do what I want let’s go big dick boys oh my gosh that’s so funny dude Jesus a wow dating simulator are you [ __ ] kidding me oh my God to your content yeah I know this is hilarious holy [ __ ] and to be fair jaina was

Really hot in Warcraft 3 okay so I it’s not wrong if you guys just watched all about yeah this is insane man holy [ __ ] why don’t you try to make one yeah it’s a good idea holy [ __ ] yeah if I was a raid boss in World of Warcraft that would definitely

Be something well I’d probably have some kind of mechanic that involves Dr Pepper you know it I know what everyone knows Dr Pepper is the best maybe players have to toss a can of Dr Pepper at me and then I do an AOE attack because I’d be

So overwhelmed by the joy of drinking the wonderful beverage to buy a case of it as part of a quest reward negative reward structure eh yeah I feel like Dr Pepper program this AI for me to talk about it so much let’s go big dick boys yeah this wonderful

Beverage bro that’s a [ __ ] dude this is like the first AI hashtag ad of all time and you give some tips on how to get your crush to like you back uh Ah that’s a tough one my advice would be don’t play video games with them Maybe

It’s a slippery slope ball plus if you’re playing wow and they’re losing all the time you’re going to have an uphill battle on your hands don’t come at your crush with the big dick energy subtly and finesse and maybe get them something nice like a Dr Pepper eye I’ve

Had some success with it but trust me it doesn’t always work Dr Peppers if only it was that easy okay I saw this one I saw a lot of these already holy [ __ ] the starforge one I’ve seen that give me one second all right let me scroll up there’s some other ones I

Wanted to look at this was really funny I didn’t expect it to be as funny as it was man that is great you still watch the whole VOD I might watch some more of it tomorrow I’m not going to go through the whole thing today okay there’s a lot of other things

That I wanted to watch today but I’m glad I saw that that was really [ __ ] funny man holy [ __ ] that was funny give me one second all right yeah there we go and uh brought to you yeah Iceman ahai brought to you by Dr Pepper holy [ __ ] big dick energy [Applause]

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