10 des trous de lapin les plus dérangeants de 4chan

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And I know who it’s coming from because I fact traced it and I know who’s emailing the news doing it and you’ve been reported to this today I’ll go through 10 of 4chan’s darkest rabbit holes I’ve talked about some of these topics in previous videos already so

I’ll try to go more in depth and provide New Perspectives or information some of these topics are really unknown and absolutely endless in terms of depth While others are widely known we’ll start off with some better known rabbit holes and then move on to the more obscure ones foreign

We’ll only look at one topic but there are endless topics that are very similar to this case debut vanity a celebrity at the time was accused of having intercourse with an 11 year old named Jessica leonhardt who went by Jesse Slaughter online and Jesse herself debunked the allegations saying that she

Was just friends with him still she was getting insulted by other posters which resulted in the following video from her all you [ __ ] haters okay guess what I’m happy with my life okay and if you can’t like realize that and stop hating then you know what I’ll pop a Glock in

Your mouth and make a brand slushy well this calls backlash online and caught the attention of Fortune this is a pretty big topic so I want to talk about everything here but certain events are definitely noteworthy after the video was circulating on the B board and on

Spanish a doctor after hacking into her Facebook account which contained a lot of personal information her house was getting constant orders of food or other deliveries resulting in the following video which made things way worse for the family and I know who it’s coming from because

I back traced it and I know who’s emailing and who’s doing it and you’ll be reported to the Cyber police and the state police say you better write one more thing or screw up my computer again you’ll be arrested in your conversation from her father and if you come near my

Daughter guess what consequences will never be the same unsurprisingly this was just perfect meme material for four channels and due to the constant harassment however police was involved the police couldn’t identify a single case of adnan’s threatening Jesse still things slowed down drastically after police involvement after a while an

Article was released claiming that Jesse’s father punches daughter on the mouth he wasn’t imprisoned but the family’s relationship was now dysfunctional Jesse’s entire life was also drastically affected because of it so she had to be hospitalized in numerous medical institutions her father also died a few years later in 2017

Jesse got so sick that she is now wheelchair-bound this all started because a pop star was accused of having intercourse with Jesse which Jesse immediately dismissed strangely in 2018 the same guy was accused again of assaulting numerous young fans from 2006 to 2015 which makes his case even

Crazier than it already is Jesse’s life was destroyed for absolutely no reason so the section is more disgusting than truly disturbing around 2013 anans pushed a trend and hashtag called cutting for Beaver this was portrayed as a boycott since Justin Bieber was caught smoking a joint in a TMZ interview and

This was their way of stopping him from smoking I know it’s so unbelievably dumb but at the same time and probably even now his fan base consisted of very naive people so it wasn’t surprising that some thought this would actually be effective it was all over the news and also

Trending on Twitter and while some didn’t engage in the trend it was obvious that due to Justin Bieber mainly targeting a younger demographic this wouldn’t turn out well the topic overall was obviously just a hoax and even the results of this trend were fabricated BuzzFeed did some more investigations

And saw that Aaron’s would meet in a private IRC build and self-host a chat room as we can see from the Chat lock it’s just multiple add-ons trying to create this hoax and push it on different social media sites such as Reddit Twitter or Tumblr further they

Even fake the passing of a teenage girl named Edison to blame it on Justin Bieber to make this even more believable they created a full social media Trail for this fake Edison girl and started the hashtag remember Addison but this wasn’t enough they made numerous SoundCloud files where they were

Mourning the fake passing of this girl so I had a terrible day because I found out about my friend Addison and I bought myself a new blind just sat there thinking they also created an anonymous SoundCloud file in which they threatened to hack into 9gag.com a flight called Nine gag started this

Whole thing we do not forgive we do not forget we are legion expect us all of this was eventually exposed but there were genuine victims because of the trolling of a few anodes this shouldn’t be a surprise to nobody but there were a lot of cases tied to

4chan of perpetrators taking the lives of multiple people and announcing it beforehand on the platform there are a few cases that will fit here but I only talk about two on the following in 2013 a college student named Neil mckinis made a pose on the random board b hey b

It’s time my name is Nia mckinis and I go to New River Community College in Christiansburg Virginia 10 minutes away from Virginia Tech I’m gonna give you all the details because the news never gets it right Steven’s 320 shotgun embarked shots and slugs search near River Valley Public Safety I’m a bit

Nervous because I’ve never really handed a gun before but a few times with the Christiansburg Police anyway this is not a high score game but actually a lesson that’s why I’m at school when I see my e-portfolio or what I look like make sure there is a slash at the end before

Clicking on the link also the picture is related I I’m at school writing this wish me luck three minutes later on the 12th of April 2013 a gunman opened fire with a shotgun at a satellite campus at the New River Valley Mall in Christiansburg Virginia that’s the exact

Location that op described two women were wounded and off duty security guard and two police officers subdued op the suspect is Neil Allen mckinis 18 years old at the time of his arrest and the resident of Christiansburg mckinis was convicted of two accounts of malicious

Wounding and two counts of the use of a firearm during the commission of a felony and was held without bond he was sent in the 38 years in prison while he didn’t succeed the intention was clear looking back at his pose it seems like he’s joking he even says that it’s on a

High score game but rather a lesson certain season School foreign Hawkins in this one he made a post stating later today I’m going to bring my rifle to one more department store and the West Roads Mall Omaha Nebraska to try to be chill’s high score I’m going out in style was Charles high

Score he’s referring to the Texas Tech shooting with 31 victims many anions pretty much just cheered him on to do it like always so nothing really surprising about it let me be clear though with all of these posts it might be possible due to different time zones Etc that this

Pose is fake this goes for pretty much everything in this video where the time is crucial in this case the pose was made one hour before the incident so it could be real or it was somehow tampered with so as for what happened an hour after this post Robert Hawkins went to a

Mall and took the lives of nine people including himself I made two videos on this one already and it’s definitely one of the darkest Fortune topics ever it has been investigated across x b and Paul there are a lot of very suggestive and inappropriate pictures on this and other

Websites which definitely can be considered as CP I obviously cannot show a whole lot in this video unfortune people were discussing two specific websites one of which was already taken down both were easily accessible through Google and contain graphic content the house of shy website is still online they contain pictures of children

Wearing very revealing clothing like bikinis or underwear and they are posing in very inappropriate positions I wouldn’t say it is illegal to look at it but it definitely seems very fishy at first glance it’s just a really ugly 90 side containing a bunch of hyperlinks some of these are video files that will

Automatically be downloaded on your PC without any warning some add-ons claim back then that some of these include rear CP especially on the second website which has now been taken offline also there are weird cryptic runes randomly spread around the website clicking on them will redirect you to some religious

Explanations about languages and numbers this is where we meet Dr Jai Lee the guy behind all of this all of these photos and videos on these websites are produced by him since he owns a television network named nation of shy television and he’s producing movies mostly with miners involved in it it’s

Very hard to give shaili the benefit of the doubt because the images also contain descriptions which are really really disgusting if a party really sucks are you in or out and Barbie gets 9 inch nailed flashing a juicy tongue and cheek Smile as faces pop jaws drop

And holy muffins melt there was even one case during the research on 4chan where in Anon stumbled upon an addition tape from a miner for gianli’s movies it depicts a minor reading out a monologue for an addition they reach out to her asking hello this is unsolicited it and

I hope I’m not being intrusive but I’m wondering if you could tell me anything you know about the film called House of Shai’s house parties you uploaded in addition for this film on your YouTube channel which I discovered after doing some more research into it there’s reason to believe that the creators of

This film are linked to child trafficking there is a website for it which is very shady thanks instead of receiving a reply from her and on receiver reply from the mother it reads I didn’t allow her after learning more about it thank you they had a little

Back and forth and the mother ended up sending the email it basically contains a script that she needed to read out in the audition video you might be curious as to why this guy didn’t get investigated by the police yet even though we know what he looks like and

What his name is well now it’s time to get really complicated and shy Lee might not even be his real name I read a theory a while back that he is a part of a movement which believes in the idea that black people own America thus they

Don’t need to abide by the laws of the country in this movement it is common to just change your name to something else he even has companies but they all seem fake since they don’t even have real locations on this website with the caption children he shares more personal

Information he was born on the 21st of May 1964 in Chicago he also was a part of the Indiana Avenue Pentecostal Church of God at a very young age he claims that he is a doctor and has established a Tai Chi Research Center in North America here you can see an Anon asking

The girl how she ended up auditioning for Charlie’s movie she says that she received a mail and did a self-tape audition she ended up declining the role since the emails from Zha Lee were strange reading of the uttermost confidence in you Eva when I saw your submission photo I thought oh great

Another Tori but her mom will probably think that she’ll be ungutted ground into burgers and secretly being disposed of by being fed to overweight a overpaid Transport drivers I’m very glad that you and your mom haven’t realized that former cast members are actually in the pizza slices extra cheese works every

Time please take a look at the cars of House of Shy’s House Parties the movie go Ava go much love to you Jai some of these words are obvious terms that are very common in CP circles and keep in mind that this terminology was not used back then as excessively this Rabbit

Hole dates back to over a decade ago the likelihood of any of this being fake is very slim but not impossible this is a gigantic Rabbit Hole someone has spent several years posting strange messages about Captain kuchi’s key lime pies all over the Internet it’s called

That mysterious post or klp from now on klp about thousands of reviews about one single restaurant it was unclear if the restaurant even existed the U.S appraisers key lime pies and goody goody cheeseburger serve at kuchi’s Key West Cafe after a bit of digging people found out that the restaurant was long defunct

Meaning the poster would make thousands of posts throughout seven to nine years for a place that didn’t even exist anymore let me just give you an example of how his pose looked like I tried the captain cooch’s key lime pies and those P gasms healed all my symptoms within

The first four weeks I highly recommend Captain kuchi’s key lime pies for anything that ails you they are great Kobe Bryant may be retiring from basketball but Captain cool cheese is still his pie of choice can’t get enough of their key lime pie key lime pie key

Lime pie and so on the large number of bizarre Powers has that people on Fortune and Reddit to speculate about the identity of the poster and the purpose of the comments wondering if it’s a crazy person a troll a bot or a conspiracy this is pretty much the point

Where it gets disturbing for seven to nine years someone dedicated a large portion of their time writing thousands of reviews about a restaurant that closed years ago the hundreds of reviews from klp don’t seem to be automated either since every text has some variation or difference it is realistic

To assume that the poster must be an older gentleman probably in his 60s if we were to assume that it indeed is one individual doing this and then it’s likely that It suffers from a mental condition after I made a full Deep dive video on this topic over two years ago I

Also heard that the reviews of klp served as encrypted communication for the military and intelligence agencies in America this was also being discussed in the coochie’s key lime pie separated a group that was dedicated in solving this entire mystery but after people fear for their privacy the separate

Owner closed the entire subreddit to this date it hasn’t been conclusively proven what the purpose behind all of those reviews were though the encrypted communication Theory seems to be the final lead investigator said to me it seems like a bit of a stretch and the argumentation isn’t as plausible but I

Didn’t really have access to the stuff on the subreddit so I could be wrong here this is a very interesting one since it’s very mysterious and remains unsolved to this date it also goes way deeper than what I’ll talk about in this video in 2015 op started a very

Disturbing quote-unquote game he states that he took the lives of multiple women for pleasure if animals managed to correctly guess the name of his victims he’ll post an image of him he gave a restriction beforehand 10 names proposed anymore and it will be ignored if anons

Guess all of the names he’ll provide the location of a dumb body in 1999 to show that he’s serious he attached an image and was obviously played along trying to guess the correct name someone did so op provided sharing an image containing a female through the timestamps on these

Images he somewhat proved that these are real and coming from him additionally a reverse image search was done with the initial image if your add-ons claim that the woman shown in the image is Shauna Maynard in 1998 her body was found in a roadway she was 17 at time of the

Occurrence however this was debunked by police while the police didn’t elaborate the Las Vegas Police had actually knew that it appears to be a hoax and isn’t valid the lieutenant also said quote the family suddenly gets thrust back into the mix of these type of terrible emotions they may you know start

Reliving the trauma of this and shows a really horrible thing to do it shows that someone really doesn’t have any type of conscience whatsoever the cruelty of that is beyond belief I mean if you think about how the woman’s family has been suffering for all of those years finally the images that op

Share definitely were made for private reasons since they didn’t resemble crime scene situations it’s very likely that OPI took the lies of these women anions didn’t really hesitate and call the FBI the conversation was shared here’s a clip uh hello I I don’t know if I I was

Confused I don’t know if I pressed one two or three anyway um I have information regarding an individual who was killed a long time ago ago named Shauna Maynard it was posted on a website called 4chan that uh someone claimed that they had killed several women within the last few

Years and then posted several different pictures very graphic pictures and then people on the website thought it was very strange and they managed to identify one of the victims as Shauna Maynard so uh op made another post sharing one more image this time it was a male and he

Edit the caption dying dying after this he shared one more image from a different perspective some guessed that the male could be George Tony Sandoval his remains have been recovered in 2020 but no one knows who the perpetrator is op finished off the post by stating that

He’ll return a month time to a quote-unquote finish our game however he never returned there were numerous investigation threats on xmb but as far as we know Opie was never caught and the investigation may still be ongoing but there weren’t any additional results for this one the r9k board is pretty

Interesting r9k was initially a board where users were not allowed to make repos every post on the board needed to be unique attempting to make repos would result in a temporary ban which would increase with each offense the initial intention of this board was obviously quickly dismissed for some reason the

Board grew into a community of needs in hickokomoris where anon’s share real or fictional stories about most of their own insecurities and their unhappy lies ikikomori is a socially defunct person oftentimes caused through a mental disorder indeed on the other hand stands for not an education or training being

In need is oftentimes only a temporary State whereas the hikokomori can be permanent eventually in the last few years the quantity of pulse referencing Fanboys grew most of these poles are obvious Trolls but there is huge encouragement for these already insecure men to just transition to the opposite

Gender to finally have some intimacy see with another individual this is pretty much seen as a solution to everyone’s problem have a sad and depressed life just transition and attract men instead but why was r9k used for these purposes when they’re already bored unfortunate for this exact reason was there maybe a

Group behind this entire thing around 2019 people found allegedly proof of the Fanboy movement being a coordinated effort by a group of people who wanted to disrupt the R9 keyboard there is a short article titled rayco’s trap horim which goes more into detail rayco’s trap horim or Harem refers to controversy

Surrounding allegations that an r9k poster on 4chan associated with a Discord handle Reiko 3333 convince various young men to take hormone therapy pills and become traps according to the allegations Reiko for several r9k users into his Harem by persuading them to share nude pictures of themselves after they had taken the hormone therapy

Pills to prove they were taking the drug these were subsequently used to dogs and blackmail the victims although this was never confirmed there were numerous Discord messages shared with this Reiko person would say stuff like I want rest until every [ __ ] boy on r9k had started HRT or at the very least cross-dressing

There was another screenshot where Reiko shared numerous threats they were supposedly created by himself to further push his beliefs on other anodes he also shared this message here my Ultimate Fantasy is kidnapping a cute boy and locking him up in my basement I’ll let him consume nothing but Soylent estrogen

And milk every day when I catch him about to sleep in bed I’ll enter his room man handle him into a chair restrain him and put him in front of a monitor that is showing terabytes of trap and [ __ ] hype no videos finally and animate this post joint trap Discord

Group they asked me for a picture of me dressed up in order to join it’s like a cult everyone worships Reiko turns out they have darkspin and have all my info they are blackmailing me with the pick and saying that if I don’t take HRT they a minute to my family and friends

They’ve done this to numerous other people there were some screenshots to supposedly prove the claims the animator if I don’t have any other picture of your thighs by the end of the hour I’ll be messaging your mom about a little secret let me be clear though there is

Zero evidence of reiker actually forcing anyone to do anything there’s also zero evidence of blackmailing though he himself claims that there have been leaks that will prove that he indeed was blackmailing this seems to be a troll but it’s really difficult to find out the truth since all the evidence we have

Are screenshots which can easily be falsified or construed in a way to troll or manipulate the public regardless what Reiko claims himself though is that he indeed was spamming the r9k board with others and they were also actively getting paid to do so apparently another girl in the server would pay these guys

With money she made off of crypto it’s crazy to what Lane people go to for a bit of trolling on a Fortune board but is anyone surprised at this point I mean still the staff that he owns group did weren’t really good in any way they are

Genuinely insecure men on that board and is trolling certainly did cause harm but to portray him worse than he actually is is maybe also incorrect if he were to believe that he didn’t actually Force anyone he says that his intentions were always good and that he was only pushing

Women in the right direction to get home brew HRT to what extent you want to believe this is up to you in the beginning of June 2013 a guy named UTV was very active on the sports board on 4chan he was really into football according to his posts however

There was one more person that had an unhealthy obsession with UTV their name remains unknown but anons call him the archiver you’ll soon understand why sooner or later UTV realized that the archiver was pretty odd they called him obsessed and claims that he just wants attention the archiver had a few

Interactions with UTV which lasted several months his last interaction was posted on the board trb I’ve been with UTV for 255 threats this is the last one my parents have discovered my UTV works and they have insisted I remove everything of the tie from my computer and be done with it they’ll be

Monitoring my activities now to make sure I cannot do it anymore they’ve given me a day to remove everything and this is my final message I’m sorry to UTV and hope he sees and understands this I have one more gift to share with him this 97 page document contains every

Personal work I’ve created that involves UTV in any way it is for him I don’t want anyone else to read it however I cannot stop you from doing so these 255 threads have each been amazing and I’ll never forget them goodbye and he wasn’t lying he literally created 97 page PDF

Obsessing over a random guy on 4chan no joke let me get this straight the archiver was most certainly trolling but it’s so elaborate and sophistic hit that one has a hard time believing that this was done by a mentally healthy individual and regardless of it being a

Troll just put yourself in your TV’s shoes you have a random Anonymous person obsessed over you on 4chan a platform known for its anonymity the PDF contains a lot for instance here he shares multiple Pages worth of poems and song parodies for UTV he also shared funeral

Plans when UTV passes away even creating a funeral layout on this page she shares his plans so moving in with your TV yet again creating a layout this time of the envisioned apartment since the archiver cannot actually get in contact with your TV in real life he decides to create

Various techniques to make himself feel closer to him he labels certain food in his house which belongs to UTV he wants to invent a door mat with pose of UTV’s haters so he can wipe his feet on them when he exits his home further he wants

To invent a belt with UTV posts the reasoning for that is that whenever he leaves his house he may miss your TV too much and the post may make him miss him less he decided to create a random note by using words that UTV himself used also sharing plans when he decides to

Abduct him reading I will keep him in my bathroom this way he would be hidden and unable to make much noise he would also be able to see my naked body without feeling creeped out or like I’m trying to make sexual advances on him I wouldn’t be making any advances on him

But seeing my naked body would be good for him to get to know who I am I would exactly featured meat and sandwiches and joke about it being annoyed cat food because this will calm him down and make him feel at ease of course I’d be bluffing and would never allow any harm

To come to my dearest treasure and the last few pages he literally timestamped every single interaction he had with your TV he did this for every single day and so this topic is by far the biggest knife Rabbit Hole I know of it’s a very unknown topic the last video I made on

The channel is the full Deep dive about this cult I highly advise you to check it out to fully understand this topic since I will only give a quick summary in the following basically there was a real life quote called The Cult of Saturn dating anywhere between 2009 to

2013 who would use 4chan and other platforms like Reddit or Worldstar calm to recruit members the head of the cult was a guy that went by Frank Webster the reason as to why this is such a gigantic rabbit hole is a 5 gigabyte raw file

Found on Alan Fox consisting of a lot of information about the cult initially the cold will try to recruit people by posting drop ads on the internet the application process however was very cryptic and weird applicants will ask to review other applicants work and were told to bring them up to psychologically

Destroy them in other instances they were asked to go to random places though nobody was there and cryptic symbols have been left behind point the some were told to show up at certain places for interviews but would end up being locked up in the rooms the interview

Should have taken place in on top of all of this the cult also claimed to have a book called The Book of key and Locker Saturn allegedly this book called secret Alchemy occultism and of the secrets of the universe while a few animals claimed to have possessed the book and even

Uploaded images of pages of the book cover the real existence of this book is uncertain as of to date besides this they would later also come up with the idea to create alternate reality games to build a pipe and momentum to recruit members online this backfired since Frank Webster couldn’t really handle the

Sudden influx of members and the entire thing was eventually mean by anions resulting in the downfall of the cult I also made a full deep dive video on the biggest Fortune rabbit hole ever click here to see it

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